tagIncest/TabooSis and I

Sis and I


I still can't believe it. It seems like something out of a bad letter to a fetish porn magazine. Especially how it started.

I'll start in the beginning. I was living at home with my parents and my 22-year-old sister. We get along pretty well, and always have. I'd always thought she was cute, but that was pretty much it. She's four years older than me, and I talked to her often about things. My girlfriend and I broke up that year. She left me. The day it happened, I came home rather sad, and Dana noticed it. She came into my room and sat down. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Jane left me," I said, crying.

"Oh, honey, I'm so sorry," she said, coming over and sitting next to me on the bed. She put an arm around me and held me to her. "It's ok. What happened?"

"She was seeing someone else," I said. "They'd been seeing each other for the past year, almost. They were even fucking!"

"Oh, God." She held me tighter. "I'm so sorry."

"I couldn't believe it. She came up and told me we need to talk. She tells me she can't do this anymore, and she's seeing this other guy. She even told me they'd been fucking. It's like she wanted to hurt me even more. I mean, shit, we'd never done it, cause she says she isn't ready, but apparently, it was different for this other asshole!" I put my head on her shoulder and cried.

"You guys never had sex?"

"No. She said she wasn't ready."

"You guys were going out for a while."

"Yeah. Four years."

"And you guys never did anything?"

"No," I said. "Why's it matter?"

"Nothing. I just didn't know you were still a virgin. I'd just assumed..."

"Well, I am, and thanks for rubbing salt in it."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

"I think I'm gonna lay down. Can you..." I pointed to the door.

"Yeah. I'm sorry." She got up and walked to the door. She turned around and looked at me. "You know there's a lot of other women out there. You should look around." She left. I lay down and fell asleep.

Four hours later, I felt the bed move. I awoke, scared. I looked over and saw Dana sitting on the bed in her robe. "Dana? What's up?"

"Shh," she said, putting her finger on my lips. She opened her robe. She was totally nude.

"Dana!" I whispered harshly. "What the hell?"

"Shhh," she said, again. She dropped her robe to the floor and got under the covers with me. "I need to do this." I felt her hands slip down my side. She pulled down my shorts. I was now completely naked. Her soft hands began rubbing my groin. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy. I was completely shocked. I was even more shocked when I felt myself getting hard.

She noticed immediately and her hand slowly encircled my penis. She began to stroke. I moaned. The fight was gone. It felt too good. Besides, what's wrong with getting a hand job from your sister? It's not incest, I thought to myself. She started to stroke a little faster. "So you've never had sex?"

"No," I whispered.

"Not even head?"

"No," I replied. She gave me a kiss on the lips, and then slid under the covers. Suddenly, I felt her suck my cock into her mouth. I jumped, completely surprised. She began to suck, sliding every inch into her mouth. Licking my balls. Ok, well, getting a blowjob isn't that bad, either, I thought. As long as I'm not fucking her, it's cool.

I was really getting into it. It felt amazing. And to be completely honest, knowing it was my sister sucking on me got me even hornier. She continued to suck my cock for about five minutes, then suddenly stopped. She threw back the blanket and came face to face with me. She gave me a kiss. I noticed she was playing with my cock. Suddenly she whispered "I love you" and pushed my cock to her pussy. She took my cock into her. I tried to stop her, but it was pointless. I was already inside her. She began to ride me. It felt amazing. I knew it was beyond wrong, but it couldn't stop it, even if I wanted to. She was so wet, and that got me so horny. She put her mouth to my ear. "Don't cum in me. Ok?" I nodded. "Tell me when you're gonna cum."

"Ok," I said. She kept riding me. Soon, I felt my orgasm build, very quickly. Too quickly. "Shit, Dana—" I said, pushing her. But that was all I could get out. I came deep in her. She could have gotten off of me when she felt the first couple spurts. But she didn't. I guess she knew it was too late. Instead, she rode me a little harder, letting me fill her with my seed. Soon after my orgasm stopped, she started to buck against me. Soon, she came, trying to be as quiet as possible. She slid me out of her and lay down next to me.

"God, Dana, I'm sorry. I tried to stop it—"

"Shh. It's ok. I know you couldn't stop. Most guys can't really help it the first time or two."

"Why? Why did you do this?"

"I wanted to. I wanted to show you there are plenty of other girls out there. But I'm telling you one thing right now. This isn't something we're gonna keep doing. We can do it one or two more times, but that's it. And you can't cum in me again."

"You mean you want to have sex again?"

"We can if you want to. But only once or twice. Do you want to?"

"Um...I don't know." I looked at her. "Kinda...but this is wrong."

"That's why it's only going to be a couple times. And either you wear a condom or you make God damned sure you pull out." She smiled coyly. "But that doesn't mean we can't just have fun." I looked at her.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I'll only let you fuck me one or two more times. But...I can do this..." she put her hand around my dick "and this..." she slid down and sucked on my cock a little.

"What do you mean? Like as much as I want?"

"Well, yeah. But you gotta do something for me..."

For the next hour, I ate out my sister, making her cum twice.

We had intercourse four more times over the next few months. But none was as special as that first night. Despite how short it was. I pulled out those times, and she usually had me cum in her mouth. The last time, though, I couldn't hold it and blew on her face before she could get it in her mouth. She didn't mind, and I found it really hot, seeing her like that. We had oral sex many times, though. Usually once a week. She always let me cum in her mouth, and she swallowed it every time. This went on for the next two years. When she graduated college, she moved downstate to take a job. But she visited every so often, and usually we'd do oral at least once while she was up. She never did it if she was seeing someone, though. I had slightly less morals. By that time, I was involved with another girl, but I figured what the hell. Dana was much better at it, anyway.

About two years ago, Dana began seeing someone. It turned very serious, and last year, he asked her to marry him. She said yes, and they picked a date for about six months ago.

The night before the wedding, she came to my hotel room. The whole family had come down, and since she was living in a small apartment, we all got rooms at a hotel. That night, Dana and I had sex again.

Even though it wasn't as special as the first night, it was sweeter, and I can truly say we didn't just "fuck" or "have sex." We made love. We loved each other more deeply than we'd ever loved another. We were so close in every way. I honestly wish she and I could be together. But I'm happy for her. She spent the whole night with me, and we made love several times. Each time she told me not to pull out. She said it was ok, cause she was on the pill. She wanted to have me inside her as long as she could, since we could never do anything again. The next morning, I brought her home to get ready. No one thought it suspicious. I mean who would think about a brother and sister doing such things?

She looked beautiful at the wedding, and I was happy for her. But I got very horny thinking about the fact that my sperm were swimming around in her as she took the walk, said her vows, and kissed her new husband. So much so that I had to excuse myself shortly after and go jerk off in the bathroom.

We haven't seen each other much since then. I've moved on, and am with another girl, but I still think about Dana often. I'm glad she's happy, though.

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