tagLoving WivesSis-in-law Incentives Ch. 09

Sis-in-law Incentives Ch. 09

byTx Tall Tales©

Hot tub for five, no holes barred. Plus a late surprise


JT and I pulled up to my house, parking out front. We didn't want to announce our presence quite yet. We could see Dawn's suburban, and Holly's van parked in the driveway, which was a pretty good indication the girls were back from their fun.

Entering from the front of the house, we made our way to the Master Bedroom, and peeked out the window, without turning on any lights. Sure enough, the spa heater was on and at temperature, and there were three women reclining in the hot tub.

"Shall we check in on them?" I asked.

"Got a beer?"

"We'll go to the garage, hit the beer fridge, and see how they're doing." I told him.

"Now that sounds like a plan," JT answered with a smile. On our way into the garage he pulled out a little yellow pill. "Want one?"

"What is it?"

"Cialis. If you're going to party like a rock-star, why not use the same pharmaceuticals." He passed the pill to me, and passed me a beer. After cracking his own, we toasted and downed our little helpers.

We walked out to the back yard, brew in hand, and approached the raucous threesome.

"So what do we have here?" I asked.

"Just your wildest dreams come true," Dawn laughed. "Three beautiful naked drunk horny women in your hot-tub."

"So did y'all have a wild time tonight?" JT asked, one foot up on the edge of the spa, looking down into the dark spa, trying to see the forbidden.

"Nuh-uh." Holly interjected. "We're not talking until you boys are in here with us."

"Naked," Dawn added for effect.

I laughed, and looked at Beth to see if she was a party to this madness. "What do you think?" I asked her.

"Naked," she said with a salacious grin.

I wasn't about to argue and stripped down, folding my clothes and leaving them on a nearby table. I left my boxers on until I got back to the hot-tub, then took them off, and slid into the hot water. JT was already ahead of me.

"Is that better?" He asked.

"Much," Holly admitted, with a silly grin.

"So how was your evening?" I asked again.

All the girls started to speak, but Dawn gained the floor. "It was the wildest time. We had a contest going to see who could get four phone-numbers first." She had sidled up next to me, at the far end of the line. Beth was between JT and I, and Holly was on the far side of JT. It was cozy.

Holly added her two cents. "Dawn was out of control, she was just walking up to strangers and asking for their phone numbers, it didn't take a genius to figure out that this contest wasn't going to last long."

"Yeah," Beth chirped in, "but then Holly went over to a table of business men and returned with 5 phone numbers in like 1 minute."

"She cheated!" Dawn fumed, "Go ahead, tell them."

"I just said it was a contest, and that if they gave me their numbers, once I had four I'd show 'em my tits." Holly admitted.

"And..." JT had to ask.

"Well, of course I did, but only for a second."

"And Beth may have only gotten one number, but that guy picked up our whole tab, and then put us on his." Misty laughed, "She saved y'all a lot of money, cause we're not cheap drunks."

"So what was the contest for?" I had to ask.

The girls looked at each other and finally quiet Beth took up the challenge. "Well, you see, Holly and Dawn kind of explained that they expected you two to show up tonight, and that things might get a little wild. They asked if I minded and would I stay. So I thought, well, Hell Yeah! and told them they couldn't make me leave. Then we were stuck with an odd number of us, like two men and three of us, so the contest was who got to choose who would get the one-on-one attention, and who would have to share."

"So I won," Holly announced cuddling up to JT.

"And you have to share us," Dawn explained.

Wow, now that was some contest!

"Do you girls need more drinks?" I asked, a little stunned by the whole way things had played out.

"Just wine now," Beth said, "I've got a nice buzz now, but don't want to ruin things."

"Let's move to the pool," Dawn said, "It's too warm out to take too much of this spa thing." She stood, her entire naked body inches away, and stepped out of the hot-tub, walked to the steps and down into the pool.

Beth followed suit, and I jumped up to follow as well. I gave one last look back at my wife and friend. Holly looked up, gave me a wave then whispered in JT's ear.

The pool was well lit, and when I moved to where the girls were, I could see their bodies clearly through the crystal clear water. I walked with them toward the deeper end, a little over 5 feet deep. I could stand easily enough, but it was over their heads, and they had to cling to me to keep from sinking or drifting off.

"I've gotta tell you both, I wasn't really expecting this," I told them.

"Shut up and kiss us," Dawn said, so I did, exchanging kisses with both of them, holding their incredible bodies against mine, their arms around my neck and each other. The each had one leg wrapped around me, clinging tight. I was hard as a rock within moments, and it didn't take Dawn long to notice.

"Look Beth, I think he likes us," she teased.

Beth, to my shock and delight, reached down and grasped my hard cock with her small hand. "Oh! I think you're right! At least he likes one of us."

"I'm crazy about both of you; I just can't believe this." I confessed.

"So what are you going to do with us," Dawn asked coquettishly.

"Do?" I answered a little slowly.

"Do. As in do with us whatever you want," Dawn explained.

I looked over to Beth, who blushed, nodded, and then kissed me.

Dawn slid sideways, moving behind me, and Beth followed, moving in front of me. I reached down and grabbed her ass cheek and lifted her higher in the water. With my other hand, I cupped her breast and lifted it to my lips. I sucked on her hard little nipple. "Is this Ok?" I asked.

"More than Ok," she answered softly.

"What are the limits?" I asked her softly.

"Just your imagination," she told me, then she let go, slid down my body, and sucked on my cock underwater for just a second, to make sure I understood.

As if they had rehearsed, she slid behind me, and Dawn moved to my front. "Fuck me, here now, just for a moment." She told me clinging to me tightly and whispering in my ear. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, her arms around my neck. "I need to feel you in me."

I held her ass cheeks and lifted her to the head of my cock. She reached down in the water and opened herself for me, bouncing down until she managed to get my cock lodged in her tight slit. It took a little negotiating, and some careful nudging and pushing but after a few seconds, she was seated on my cock, floating in the water. I had full access to her full breasts, while her legs wrapped around my ass, kept her lodged on my pole.

"Now that's naughty," Beth said hanging on to me, and watching the action. She whispered in my ear, "You're going to fuck me too, aren't you?"

"God, you know it," I told her, turning and kissing her while I reached down and screwed Dawn with short little strokes.

Dawn leaned upright, arms around my neck. "Let's move this inside. Can you walk with me like this? That would be so wild."

"I don't see a problem with that." She probably weighed barely 100 lbs. It was only about 20 feet or so once we left the pool. So I walked with her to the steps, and climbed out of the pool carefully. My only fear was slipping, and once we got out of the pool, it was a short trip. Each step jolted her a little, bouncing her body on my stiff cock. Beth held the door open for us, and even threw a towel down on the bed, which I placed Dawn on. Then I tilted her legs back and pumped her for a minute or so, while Beth dried herself off, then me, and finally Dawn. Beth climbed onto the bed, and asked for a bit of attention. "I'm getting lonely," she said.

"I'd hate to hear that," I told her, and eased out of Dawn, who seemed Ok with it. "What did you have in mind?" I asked her.

"Make me come again?" She asked almost plaintively, blushing, her hands placed suggestively between her legs.

I crawled between her legs, which she opened for me, and I once again licked and sucked her. She smelled like chlorine again, I was wondering if I'd think about her tight pink pussy every time I smelled chlorine. I loved licking her, and fingering her, but after a couple of minutes Dawn interjected.

"This is a waste," she said.


She pulled me away from Beth and told me to roll over, I started to see where this was going. "Go ahead Beth, sit on his face." Dawn explained, while she proceeded to go down on me, restoring my cock to its full hardness.

Beth didn't need any more encouragement, and offered her pussy to me again. I had a little less control now, but did my best to nibble away at her. Just as I finally got her going, Dawn changed things up again by climbing aboard and riding my cock. I wasn't going to let that distract me and forged ahead, finally hearing the squeal I'd been hoping for as my pretty little Beth came for me.

Beth rolled off, and we both watched while Dawn rode me. "I love your fat cock," Dawn told me, as she rocked back and forth.

She looked over at Beth, and slowed down. "God, I'm hogging him, aren't I?" she said, then she got off of me and moved next to Beth.

I moved between Beth's legs, and she asked softly, "How do you want me?"

"Just like this," I told her, lifting her legs high, and placing my cock at the entrance to her inviting pussy. Dawn, ever the helper, got up on her knees, and helped guide me into her best friend. It was just amazing.

I tilted Beth's legs back and fucked her at a nice leisurely pace for a couple of minutes. I just loved being inside her, loved seeing her body responding to my thrusts, loved watching the emotions playing across her face. I let go of her legs and leaned over her, my face over hers, and then kissed her deeply while I stroked in and out. She kissed me wildly, then turned her face away.

"Oh god, oh god, I'm going to come, I'm going to come again." She moaned.

It was all the encouragement I needed and I stroked her firmly and rapidly, pounding her, until she cried out, throwing her arms around me and clinging to me fiercely.

When I eased off her body, Dawn was waiting eagerly. "That's two for her, and none for me." She reminded me, "You owe me."

I put her on her hands and knees and went back after her hot hole with my mouth and tongue. I spread her wide, diddling both her holes, while I nibbled on her clit. With a little work I went from a using a finger on each hole to two at once, and eventually two fingers in each hole at the same time. The image of Spock's vulcan greeting came to mind as I sawed my hand back and forth aggressively in her two clutching holes. It took a while, but eventually I had her crying out. Just as she came, I climbed behind her and buried my cock in that warm slit, fucking her for all I was worth. She was losing it and started to fall to the side, but I wasn't allowing any of that. I followed her down, pushing her top leg over, and fucked her on her side. I slowly shifted her onto her back, maneuvering her legs at my pleasure, until I placed her flat on her back, and bent her in half, calves against her ears, while I pounded her like a piece of cheap meat. I was getting closer and closer and I told her so.

"You're going to make me come, Dawn, I'm going to come for you. All over you, you are so fucking hot, Dawn." I gasped it out between strokes.

"Make me come again, do it, pound my pussy, make me come for you," Dawn moaned.

Beth surprised me by intervening then, leaning in from the side and tweaking Dawn's breasts. Her friend lurched on the bed, groaning and pulled away from Beth's relentless grasping fingers. It was useless, she wasn't going anywhere and Beth sat up and put both hands to work, grasping, squeezing and teasing Dawns huge, store bought fun-bags.

I did my best to hold out long enough to get her off again, and just as I couldn't stretch it out any longer she screamed out for me. I sprayed her insides with my cum, and she came explosively, crying out as I finished coming by spraying her down with a half dozen ropes, reaching almost to her chin. Then I was back inside her, easy fucking her with what was left of my erection.

Naughty Beth was scooping up the cum from Dawn's body and feeding it to her, putting two and three fingers deep inside her mouth. Again, I had to recalibrate my ideas about this one. She may have spent her entire life with one a-hole, but clearly she was not the innocent little church-mouse she displayed on a day-to-day basis.

When she'd done what she could to feed my seed to her well-fucked friend, Beth finished up by using her tongue to cleanse any last traces of my effort off of Dawn's delicious body. She worked her way down from Dawn's face and upper chest, down her breasts and abs, and in one of the hottest things I'd ever seen licked all around Dawn's almost bare pussy, where I was pushing in and out of her, with my emerging hard-on. Beth looked up at me and opened her mouth in invitation, while her cheek rested on Dawn's crotch. I slid my sticky cock out and fed it to her. She sucked me clean, and back to semi-hardness.

"Damn, I love making you hard, feeling you change in my mouth, feeling that soft tube thicken and harden, completely filling and stretching my mouth." Beth told me, sitting back to look down at the results of her oral exploits.

Dawn moaned from underneath us. "Jesus, that was incredible. I feel like I've died and gone to heaven."

"Pool break?" Beth asked.

"Sounds like a plan to me." I laughed. I figured my hard-on wasn't going to go to waste with these two MILFs around.

* * *

We jumped in the pool for a second, and then I pulled myself out of the pool, and peeked into the hot-tub. JT and Holly were tangled but looking pretty pleased with themselves.

"Intermission?" I asked.

"Just a short timeout," JT laughed.

The other two were right behind me, and slid into the warm waters.

"How's it going?" Holly asked her friends.

"Amazing", "Incredible" was the answering chorus.

"I hope you took your vitamins, Alex," my darling wife teased.

"I'm thinking he's taking something," Dawn laughed.

"I know; it's the work out supplements. As soon as I start taking that Nitric Oxide, and those protein shakes and supplements, I get harder, stay harder, and come a ton. I'm not sure what it is, but I have no doubt it's something in those damn supplements." I explained. It was true as far as it went. The only question was how the Cialis was going to add to the mixture.

"Blessed supplements, I think you mean," Beth corrected me, reaching down and giving me a rub.

JT got up and refilled refreshments all around, and we cranked up the bubbles in the hot-tub. I was personally waiting to see if JT and Holly wanted to take advantage of the bedroom a bit. If not, I was willing enough to take my two back in there for another go. With the bubbles hiding the action, Dawn and Beth were naughtily playing with me, and had me hard once again. Or maybe I should say, still.

Dawn couldn't bare the idea of my hard cock staying uncovered for very long, and without an ounce of shame in her hot little body, she straddled me, and eased my hard shaft home in her delightfully tight twat. Once settled down, she offered me her delightful tits for play. Of course I accepted.

Beth was cuddled up next to me, and teasing her friend. "Fine, it's yours for now, but don't you dare make him come until I get a turn."

JT and Holly were teasing Dawn as well when the backyard gate opened and Jenny appeared in a bikini and a towel.

A hush fell over the spa, as we all wondered how to address this new twist.

"Wow, a full house," Jenny laughed as she approached the spa. As she got close enough I think she finally realized that she was overdressed. "Ohmigod! Are you ALL naked?"

Leave it to Jenny.

Dawn answered for us. "Completely. No Bathing suits allowed." She had stopped moving but was still obviously sitting in my lap, straddling me, naked as the day she was born. Her full breasts were only inches from my face.

The bubbles may have hidden what was happening under the water, but what was showing above the waterline was as incriminating as hell. Holly was sitting sideways in JT's lap, her hands out of sight between them.

"Sis?" Jenny asked.

Holly just gave a little smile, and then blurted, "Ok, you caught us."

Things got quiet for a second, and then JT answered her. "We, uh-mm, kind of left our inhibitions with our clothing."

Dawn leaned over my shoulder toward Jenny and whispered, "C'mon in. It's incredible." Coincidentally, that put her breast in my mouth, where it stayed while I nibbled her hard nipple.

Jenny looked around a bit, then dropped her bikini top and slid into the hot tub, near her sister, between JT and me. A few moments later she had tossed her bikini bottoms out of the spa.

"Oh my God! Who would ever have thought that my big sister, the always behaved, always obedient, disgustingly honest, would be the wild one!" Jenny eased off the seat and stood up, then reached out to the side controller and turned off the bubbles, and turned on the spa light. Suddenly, there were no more secrets in the hot-tub.

"But you're married!" Jenny said, looking around between Holly and I, then realizing the full extent of it, looked at JT and Dawn. "Oh my God! Is this an orgy?"

Beth giggled. "I hadn't thought about it, but I guess you can call it that."

Jenny moved just a little closer to her sister, and reached out to rub JT's arm, then asked hesitantly, "Can I play?"

Holly seemed slow to react, which I could understand. This was a pretty big step for her, one it seems like she hadn't considered when planning for this evening.

Jenny didn't push it. She just waited on her big sister's decision.

Holly finally just gave a strange little laugh. "What the fuck. Why not?"

Jenny gave a cry of delight, jumped forward and planted a huge kiss on her sister.

"Damn, Jen! Him, not me!" Holly cried out, getting a laugh out of all of us.

Jen got on her knees and kissed JT instead, who responded eagerly.

Dawn was back at work on my submerged missile, sliding up and down its length. "God, he's getting so spoiled, I don't know how I'll put up with him after this," she sighed, watching my wife and sister-in-law both using their hands on her husband.

That love trio didn't look overly interested in making the move to the bedroom, so I encouraged my own two lovelies to move our party back to the bed, and they came along easily enough.

Five minutes later, I was leisurely enjoying an indescribable duel blow-job, when the other threesome made their way into the room. We moved around a bit and were grateful we had a California King, with a padded chest at the foot of it. Six of us on that bed was awfully crowded, but a beautiful thing to see. JT seemed to like what he was seeing, and parked himself next to me. A little close for normal circumstances, but then again, these circumstances were anything but normal. Jenny and her sister gave him the same sort of attention I was receiving.

JT and I looked at each other and smiled. He put his hand up for a high five, and I had to smack it. "God, does it get any better than this?" he asked.

I looked down at the sea of fabulous feminine flesh working diligently to pleasure us. To my right was Dawn, then Beth between my legs. Jenny was between JT's legs, and Holly was to his left. Their mouths were taking turns engulfing us, but they all were sharing beautifully.

Holly broke me out of my reverie, when she slid off the bed. "Girls, everyone shift over one." Then she walked around the bed and waited for Dawn to crawl between my legs. JT was now being service by Beth and Jenny, and Beth seemed determined to put on a show for him. I realized this was probably the first time she'd touched him. Good for her.

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