tagFetishSissy Amy Loves Mummy Belinda Ch. 02

Sissy Amy Loves Mummy Belinda Ch. 02

bySissy Adele Howells©

Mummy Belinda Beynon was now in complete control, as she pushed my pram down the road. I snuggled against my satin sheets and was very content. Mummy Belinda removed my dummy every five minutes, wetting it with her saliva, before putting it back into my mouth. Staring up into Mummy Belinda's pretty face, was a dream come true. She would tease me, by blowing her cute nose in her small, white paper hanky.

"What a lovely surprise for you sissy Amy, you are about to meet a sexy friend of yours," said Belinda in a teasing voice.

"Mummy Belinda Im feeling very shy now," I replied.

Belinda let out a squeaky laugh and stopped the pram, to wipe my nose and mouth, with her snotty hanky. A women in a sexy, blue, nurses uniform stopped to chat to Belinda. To my horror I recognised her, as Sue George. She was very attractive and was about thirty eight years of age. Sue had brown, curly, permed hair and her rosy cheeks shone like a beacon into my face.

"Hi! Belinda,just on my way to the surgery. Who is this pretty little pervert?"

"Hi! Sue, this is my new, little, sissy girl called Amy Beynon. Smile at Auntie Sue George kinky Amy,"

Sue George recognised me straight away and made funny faces at me. Then she lifted me out of the pram and cuddled me against her uniform. I felt such a fool, but also very feminine.

"Hi! Amy Beynon, Hieeeeee! sissy Amy Beynon. You are a pretty little girl for your age. Still, its better being humiliated like this than being in your forties with nobody to love you."

"You seem to know my daughter very well," said Belinda in childish voice.

"Well! Belinda this dirty, little bastard is my husband's cousin. I have plenty of girls, baby clothes you can have. I will drop them off at your mother's house. My Katy has grown out of them now. You are going to look so pretty in your nieces's baby clothes. I'm your kinky Auntie Sue George and your going to look so cute in Katy George's frilly panties."

Sue George laughed and cuddled me tight against her breasts. Then she kissed me hard on the lips and our noses rubbed together. She then put be back in my pram. Sue chatted to Belinda for a little while and told her that they could meet at the local club for lunch. Belinda said she would look forward to that. Sue waved me goodbye and blew me a kiss. Her bum wriggled through her tight, nurse's uniform as she walked down the road.

We soon arrived at the hairdressers. Belinda pushed my pram inside the salon. Lina Sparkes looked so sexy in her white uniform. She was in her late forties and had a similar hairstyle to Belinda. She had put some weight on around her waist and bum. Her assistant was Lynne Hopkins. A small women, about thirty five, wearing sexy glasses. Lynne was married with two kids and was a smoker which sometimes made her look like a cheap tart. Despite this Lynne Hopkins was a very sexy women and I'd had always had a kinky crush on her.

Lina wanted to see to Belinda's hair, so she suggested that Lynne took me in to the back room to fit my blonde wig. Lynne picked me up and gave me a sloppy, wet kiss on my lips. She carried me into another room and put me in a baby high chair. A large bowl of cold, baby, porridge was put in front of me, next to Lynne's dirty ashtray. Lynne shaved my head, then applied a sticky glue to it. She took a "Shirley Temple" styled wig and fixed it on to my head. I felt so girlish, as Lynne stroked my blonde, curly wig and attached pink ribbons. Lynne lit a cigarette, keeping it in her mouth, as she coughed all over my porridge.

"You are a pretty little sissy Amy Beynon. Auntie Lynne Hopkins loves you so much," said Lynne in a husky voice.

Lynne's cigarrete dropped into my porridge, as she gave me another wet kiss. Her red lipstick tasted so fresh and sticky.

"It's about time I fed you your disgusting porridge. Lets make it even more horrible by emptying my ashtray in it. There we are, just mix it in with my hand and it will taste nice and horrible for you to eat," laughed Lynne.

Lynne lit another cigarette and blew smoke into my hair and face. With her other hand, she forced fed me my disgusting porridge. I was nearly sick, but was soon enjoying myself. Lynne kissed me all over my face. Lynne was now chewing gum, as she chain smoked. She then kissed me on the lips and her gum was transfered into my mouth. I soon finished my meal and Lynne put me over her shoulder to burp me. She then carried me back into the salon. Mummy Belinda looked very pretty with her hair permed. Lynne passed me into Lina Sparke's arms.

"Amy Beynon you look so pretty with your new hairstyle. You love Auntie Lina don't you my kinky little pervert," Said Lina showering me with wet kisses.

"I love you Auntie Lina Sparkes," I replied in a childish voice.

Lina Sparkes was now snogging me heavily and we both ended up on the floor, Lina on top of me. Her wet, red lipstick, was just one big smudge and my mouth was caked with Lina's sticky red lipstick.

Lina was soon replaced by Lynne and she was forcing her tongue into my mouth. I sucked at Lynne's red lips and knew that I loved her very much. Lina sat on Belinda's lap and stroked her hair in a provocative way. Belinda responded by snogging Lina. Belinda's hands were fondling Lina's breasts, through her uniform. This got me aroused. I started to pick Lynne's nose and ate an enormous green bogie from her right nostril. A feeling of kinky, sexy love was alive in that salon. Lina Sparkes was an Italian dish you could not refuse. I was now soaking my pampas in excitement.

Belinda picked me up and was ready to put me back in my pram. She could tell that my pampas were leaking, as a damp patch had developed in the front of my baby grow. My pampas had now burst under the pressure and now my plastic and frilly panties were soaking wet.

"I will have to get you changed Amy Beynon. You are so pretty and sweet, yes you are Amy. My forty eight year old kinky pervert, who just loves being humiliated," squealed Belinda.

"Mummy Belinda,please breast me," I cried into Belinda's blouse.

"Pass her over here Belinda, My breasts are bursting with milk," said Lynne.

Lynne lit another cigarette and unbuttoned the buttons on her white blouse. Lina helped Lynne off with her bra. Lynne's large breasts were very inviting. Lynne kept her cigarette in her mouth as I was passed over into her arms.

"Just suck my nipples Kinky Amy Beynon. Have a lovely drink of my breast milk and fill your tummy up for me," said Lynne puffing smoke all over me.

Belinda watched in delight as I gulped down Lynne's creamy milk. Lina Sparkes stroked my bum through my baby grow. I wet myself again in excitement. I had now switched to Lynne's other breast and her milk was overflowing down my cheek. My pampas were now a disgusting soggy mess.

"It's ok Lina, I will drop off Amy at my Mum's house and get her changed there. Sue George has text me, to say that she has left a bag of her daughters clothes there. You will be looking even prettier in Katy George's pretty, baby clothes,my kinky Amy Beynon.

Lynne Hopkins groaned with pleasure as I sucked hard on her nipple. Lynne was now chain smoking and was loving every minute. She laughed as I farted and burped. Finally I had drank Lynne Hopkins dry and she put her bra back on.

"Your a greedy little pervert, let Auntie Lynne wipe your mouth. Taste my filthy, paper hanky against your sweet lips," said Lynne laughing.

I kissed Lynne on her nose and picked two more green bogies out of her nostrils and ate them in front of her. Lina Sparkes removed her pink, satin panties and put them over the bottom of my baby grow to try and keep me dry. Belinda had to force me away from Lynne, as I was sucking her lips and Lynne was gasping for breath. Belinda stuffed Lynne's paper hanky into my mouth and put me back in my pram. Lina Sparkes bent over me and gave a me a lovely wet kiss. Belinda laughed and pushed my pram outside. As we went along the road I realised that Nanny Pat Beynon was alive and well in this fantasy world. My life was getting so kinky it was getting out of control. We soon arrived at Nanny Pat's house.

"Mummy dear, it's me Belinda. Come and meet your sissy grandaughter. Amy Beynon is dying to see you," Said Belinda.

"I'm in the bathroom Belinda,will be down in ten minutes," replied Pat.

Belinda decided to change me and put a changing mat on the table.She stripped off my wet clothes and smothered me with baby lotion and powder. I was soon wearing dry pampas and white frilly baby panties. Katy George's lacy, baby tights and short, white, frilly satin dress was soon on me. White ribbons replaced the pink ones in my hair. Mummy Belinda sat me on her lap and wiped my nose with her white, lacy hanky.

The door opened and there stood Pat Beynon, wearing beige trousers and a black jumper. She was petite like her daughter and was about sixty five years of age. She was not the most attractive women in the world, but she was my new, sexy nanny and I fell in love with her straight away.

Pat Beynon picked me up and on her chair put me over her lap. Her hand pulled my dress up. She then pulled down my tights and fondled my white, frilly panties through my pampas. Then pulling them down, she spanked me hard in front of Belinda. Nanny Pat Beynon then held my prick firmly and I had an enormous erection on. Belinda gave me a sexy smile.

"I'm your Nanny Pat, back from the dead, to give my sissy Amy Beynon, the wank of her life." said Pat in a soft voice.

"Wank me off Nanny Pat Beynon."

"You naughty girl Amy Beynon, a dirty slag just like your Mummy Belinda."

"Oh! my god I love you Nanny Pat Beynon and i'm creaming in my kinky, Nanny's hand."

"You disgusting pervert, Your a dirty, kinky cunt sissy Amy Beynon, but Nanny Pat Beynon loves you so much."

As I was pumping my spunk into Nanny Pat's cold hand, we were both having a wet, sloppy snog. Nanny Pat wiped her sticky hand all down my dress. In this fantasy world, it only took a few minutes before an erection came again. Nanny Pat jerked me off again with both hands this time. Belinda laughed and stuck her tongue out at me.

"What a kinky tosser you are sissy Amy Beynon. You forty eight year old kinky pervert. You love Nanny Pat wanking you off, you disgusting slag of a grandaughter," Said Pat in a stern voice.

Pat Beynon was in no mood to mess around and made me pick her nose as she wanked me off for the third time. Pat then brought up green flem and spat it on to my lips. My tongue licked it into my mouth.

"Look Mummy Belinda I'm eating Nanny Pat,s bogies and snot."

"Good girl Amy, Nanny Pat Beynon will soon want you to fuck her. Suck her green snot from her snotty hanky, well done Amy."

Pat Beynon had now removed all her clothes and her naked body made me feel very aroused. Belinda stuffed her mother's sweaty black panties into my mouth and I sucked on the soiled gusset. Pat picked me up and carried me to her bedroom. Belinda watched as I got on top of the bed with Pat and rammed my cock between her legs. Nanny Pat groaned with pleasure and we were snogging, as Belinda clapped her hands.

"Fuck me Amy Beynon, my sissy grandaughter," screamed Pat as my cock pumped her full of spunk.

Belinda laughed as I sucked Nanny Pat's breasts. Then I took her nose in my mouth and sucked her green snot from it. It was all over to soon. I had fucked Nanny Pat Beynon's brains out. Belinda put my clothes tidy and put me back in my pram.

"Well Sissy Amy Beynon, my forty eight year old sissy girl, You don't care who you shag do you," said Belinda in a soft voice.

Belinda decided she was in a disgusting mood and blew loads of snot into her pretty hanky and wiped it into my face and especially over my mouth. Then took a pair of her sisters red panties out of the clothes basket. They were very soiled. Joanne Beynon had left her body juices on the gusset and had farted in them. Joanne Beynon's shit was easily visable. Belinda stuffed them into my mouth and made me suck them clean. I felt totally humiliated.

" You are a dirty, kinky bastard, oh! yes you will meet my sister Joanne and fuck her like you did your Nanny, but first its down the social club to see Sue George again.She is going to love you, dressed in her daughter's clothes," Said Belinda in a kinky voice.

We left Nanny Pat's House and made our way to the club. I was exhausted, but wanted more kinky sex. Sue George in her nurses's uniform was making me very excited and couldn't wait to meet her again. I want to fuck you Auntie Sue George wearing your daughter's baby clothes.

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