tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSissy Dreams Ch. 02

Sissy Dreams Ch. 02


I'm floating though I don't remember being asleep. Everything is a soft pink light but I can't see anything. I try to move and find that I cannot, bound by ankle and wrist off into the nothingness. This doesn't scare me but rather excites me a little.

I feel her touch first, the long fingernails trailing up my legs which I realize are perfectly smooth and shaved. They move over my bottom, teasing me with aching thoughts of penetration. Up my smooth back and across my lips. I kiss the tips of the fingers and suck on one momentarily before she moves away from me.

There is a tickle over my toes and I realize that a silk stocking is being drawn up my leg. I feel its firm caress on my skin and then it goes taut at just the right spot on my thighs. I feel the lace grip me there. Soon another covers my other leg and I squirm my legs in them, luxuriating in the sensuality of the stockings.

Her fingers move to my chest, teasing my nipples and rubbing my pecs. The rubbing starts to warm up my skin and she rubs more until I feel hot. A quick press of something cool and then the sensation of weight makes me realize that she has affixed expensive breast forms to my chest giving me a gloriously natural-looking pair of firm D-cup breasts. I ache to touch them and feel their softness when she kisses one of the nipples. I gasp as the sensation is transferred directly to my own nipple as if the breasts were real.

Next the feel of stiff satin brushes my back and sides. A corset slides around me, settling into the right spot so the satin cups contain my new breasts. Feeling the satin caressing my breasts makes me moan again and realize how rock hard my cock is in the pink light of nothingness. I feel big and throbbing there as the corset begins to be tightened. I feel her working the strings in back like an expert, shaping my body to a slight hourglass with flare at my hips. The constriction is erotic to me and the corset is gripping my breasts tightly before she is done.

Garters dangle from the corset and she snaps each one to the top of my stockings.

My feet are pointed and I feel the telltale stiff, angle soles of high heels being placed on my feet. A slender, fashionable ankle strap is tightened around my ankles and buckled into place.

Her naked skin brushes my body more often now and I feel her breasts against my arm then for a moment pressed to my lips. It is so wonderful I'm amazed I haven't cum yet. My balls feel heavy with cum.

There is a heavy rustle and then I feel a party dress made of layered bridal satin being brought over my head. The dress is tight but the corset makes it fit like a dream. My cock is swaddled in layers of rich satin as I feel her pull the zipper up and closed on the back of the dress.

The fantasy was getting so intense, I needed release, relief. The soft press of lipstick against my lips was almost the final piece. Then I felt the panties.

It was like I could see them clearly, pink satin g-string panties in my size with a rose made of ribbon on the very front of the waist band and ribbon ties on the side. They slide over my high heels and up my stockings... they slid over my garters to cover my throbbing cock.

I was perfectly sissified and bound, waiting for her to use me. I felt her hand fondle my cock through the dress and panties and I moaned in deep pleasure. Satin is electric to me and the touch of it to my skin or cock drives me wild.

Her hand slipped under my dress and into my panties to grasp my cock. She started moving it around and suddenly I felt a cock pressing against my mouth. I opened eagerly and felt the bizarre sensation of a mouth going down on my cock just like I was going down on the one in my mouth.

Fascinated, I licked the underside of the cock and felt the tongue on mine do the same thing. A few more experiments and I knew that somehow, I was sucking my own cock. I thrust forward with my hips and felt the cock in my mouth push back to my throat. I began to suck it and shivered at the pleasure my cock felt.

Her hands were now moving around my body, teasing me and toying with me. Her fingers teased my rosebud, pushing the satin of my panties between my asscheeks before flittering up to stroke and tweak the nipples of my heavy breasts.

It was all so much erotic sensation, that I had to cum soon or explode from the pressure. I began to go all out on sucking my cock and even started to deep-throat it again and again. It all became a blur until I felt her somehow give me permission to cum and I did. Each pump of my balls became a splash of cum in my mouth which I swallowed eagerly. My orgasm went on and on as I drank the cum and sucked the throbbing, ejaculating cock in my mouth.

What bliss...

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by cdCindy101/08/18

fantastic better than chapter 1

This was fantastic. I too have a Mistress who dresses me up in sexy clothes and makes me feel so feminine. I haven't sucked my own cock (I really wish I could) but I have put my legs over my head whilemore...

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