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Cat hated to fly. Rather unusual for a former space flight engineer. Flight simulators were okay, but she just didn't trust the commercial airline industry. Probably a result of listening to disgruntled aeronautical engineers and mechanics complaining about how much they hated their employers. Oh and lets not forget the pilots who sit in airport lounges drinking scotch on the rocks with beer chasers, trying to charm flight attendants into a quickie before they're next run. Cat didn't want to think about it anymore.

She was trying to write the next installment of her Cat Tales series, and was typing away on the laptop, but the 20-something year old sitting in the roomy first class seat next to her wanted to chat. The kid was an up and coming Stanford graduate working for a big wireless communications firm in San Francisco. He was all full of piss and vinegar, ready to take on the corporate world, and was going to be a CEO before he turned 35. Or so he thought. He was making an awkward attempt to flirt with Cat, which doesn't normally bother her, but she really wanted to get going on her new story. She now knew that Paul liked to hike and race cars.

"So what do you do Cat? Is it alright if I call you Cat? Is that your nickname?"

"I work for the space agency. I do public relations and VIP liaison work."

"Wow! You work for NASA? Cool! Did you ever fly in the Space Shuttle? Have you met any famous astronauts? Have you ever had sex while you were weightless? Ha ha ha, that was just a joke. Unless you really have?"

Always the same questions, Cat thought to herself.

"No I've never flown in the Shuttle, only in simulators. I am quite close to a former Apollo astronaut, and I've met more than half of the Shuttle crews. And no, sorry, never had weightless sex. Its on my 'to do' list before I die though."

"Wow, that's pretty cool. Uh, what's Apollo? Was that the name of one of the early Shuttles?"

Cat had to control the nearly overwhelming urge to choke the little shit. He's probably never heard of the Beatles either, she fumed.

"No, that was the name of the space program from the mid 60's until about 1972. The commander of Apollo 17 was the last person to stand on the moon. Way before your time, I'm sure."

"Boy I'll say. I wasn't even born until 1980. So what are you going to be doing in San Francisco?"

"I'm giving a presentation on the next two Shuttle missions to the employees at the Ames Research Facility. I don't normally come out this way, I usually only go to Huntsville and Cape Canaveral."

"Cool. So where are you staying? Maybe I could show you around San Francisco. I know it like the back of my hand. Maybe I could take you to dinner or something."

"I'm staying at the Fairmont in downtown San Jose but I'm only going to be here for two days, I'll be leaving Saturday afternoon. Maybe next time I'm out this way. Thanks for the offer though, you're sweet."

"Hey no problem. If you change your mind, here's my card. Call me on my cell phone anytime, day or night. I really have a thing for older women by the way. So is that what you're working on right now? Preparing your speech on the laptop?"

Older women? I'm gonna throw the little turd out the hatch any minute now, Cat fumed to herself.

"No actually I'm writing a short story. Its my hobby, I'm an amateur author."

"Really? What are you writing, a space adventure? Alien invasion? Amazon Women from Venus? Ha ha ha."

"No actually its an erotic adventure."

"Whoa, really? You write erotic stuff? What's it about?"

"Well, it's a sexy action adventure involving a female hero I modeled after myself. She gets into and out of trouble all the time, and has lots and lots of sex. In this story, she's taken captive by terrorists from Ireland who need her DNA for evil purposes. She has sex with both good guys and bad guys, lots of bondage stuff, forced sex, cum splatter everywhere, she even has sex with a mythical animal. There's CIA, martial arts, violence, love, sex, dream sequences, lesbianism, incest, evil geniuses wanting to take over the world, good versus evil, all that good stuff."

Paul was just staring at Cat as if mesmerized. That same look I'm so familiar with, she thought. The male seizure syndrome.

"Oh man! When will you be done? When does it get published? I've got to read it."

"Here's the website where I have the first chapter published. You can read it for free. This chapter won't be done for a few weeks, but it'll be posted in the same place. Why don't you read Chapter 1 now? I think they have wireless internet on the plane."

Paul scrambled to open his own laptop and access the internet. That should keep him busy for awhile, Cat thought. She went back to writing her story in peace. About two hours later, they landed at San Jose Mineta International Airport. As they were gathering up their possessions, Cat noticed Paul standing in the aisle slack-jawed, just staring at her, having another seizure. Smiling to herself, Cat mused, I guess he read my stories.

* * * * *

"That fucking bitch!"

Bob was sitting at his desk in front of the computer, reading his email. Just as he blurted out the expletive, his friend Derek walked past the open door to his office. Derek stopped suddenly and stared in at Bob.

"Hey Bob, what's up? Doing personal business on company time? Don't tell me its that internet slut again. Do you still keep in touch with that prick teaser?"

"To answer your barrage of questions: nothing, yes, yes, and yes. She's not a slut, but she is a damn fine tease. You saw that letter she wrote to the three of us. She's hot, but I can never figure out when she's telling the truth and when she's just teasing me. Just when I think I've got her figured out, she throws me for a loop. I just can't help myself, I really like her a lot."

"She's fucking with you man, she gets off having guys chase her around, even on the net. Like you said, she's a fucking bitch. Forget about her man. What did she say this time?"

"She just got finished telling me she's gonna surprise me one day by showing up unannounced. She said she's gonna be on her cell phone, standing outside my office window, telling me to look down in the parking lot at the blonde chick with the big tits waving up at me. It'd be just like her to do that."

"HA HA HA!!!! No way Bob. That broad is never gonna show up here. She's just messing with your head. Both of them."

"Very funny. You're probably right. She told me one time she never meets with anyone from the internet. Said I might be the next Ted Bundy. But I wonder; she's full of surprises."

"She's full of herself. She's the type that loves having guys wrapped around her little pinky, always at her beck and call, slobbering all over her. She probably gets old farts to buy her jewelry and cars and shit, then maybe gives them a blow job in return. Nothing but a shallow gold digger. I will never understand how a guy can fall head over heels for a chick. You won't see that happen to me, ever."

"Yeah sure Derek. That's probably why you've been married and divorced three times. You've got to let women think they're in charge, even though they're not."

"No broad is ever gonna run my life. That cunt has got you seriously fucked up, you need a reality check man. Let's go out this weekend, isn't your wife going to be out of town with the kids? Going to Disneyland or something?"

"Yeah, she's going to see her sister in Anaheim. What do you want to do?"

"We could go to the Brass Rail, I hear they have some new dancers. Wait, I know! Let's go to the O'Farrell Theater. Saturday night is amateur night, its supposed to be pretty wild. At least we can watch some decent-looking women do one of the few things they're actually good for: dancing naked for us men, hahahaha. I mean, the only other thing they're good for is fucking. What do you say?"

"Yeah I guess so. Let's take Kevin, he needs a little loosening up."


* * * * *

On the way to the hotel, Cat started thinking about her internet friend Bob. He lives and works around here somewhere, I wonder what would happen if I called him up. Normally Cat would never do that, she made a strict policy for herself a long time ago, never ever meet with strangers from the internet. No matter how nice they seem, the world is full of stalkers and worse. I don't need that crap in my life, she thought. But the more she thought about it, the more she imagined what a surprise visit would do to the poor guy. He doesn't believe I'd ever do it, she thought. What was the name of that company he said he worked for? Oh yeah, now I remember! Pulling out her cell phone, Cat dialed information.

"Yes, I need the address and phone number of _ _ _ _ _ _ . Thank you."

After writing it down, Cat handed the slip of paper to the cab driver.

"Take me to this address first please."

En route to the office building, Cat dialed Bob's phone number.


"Hi Bob, guess who?"

"I'm sorry I don't . . . OH NO!"

"Oh yes, its me Cat. Guess where I am?"

Bob's heart skipped a beat. "Don't tell me you're in the parking lot of my building. I just looked out the window, no blondes with big tits waving. You're teasing me again."

"Oh you're right, you caught me. I was on my way to Cape Canaveral and I thought I'd trick you. Guess you're too smart for me."

"Goddamn it Cat, you are such a fucking bitch! I almost had a heart attack thinking you were here in San Francisco. How could you do this to me? The guys were right, you're such a fucking prick teasing cunt. I don't know why I put up with you."

"The guys said that? Which guys? Let me talk to them."

"Oh no you don't. That's all they need to hear. I'll never live this down if they find out I almost fell for one of your stupid games. No way. Have a nice time at the Cape. Bye!"

Bob slammed the phone down and stomped out of his office. He had to get some stuff together for his afternoon meeting with the sales people. Of all the nerve, he thought to himself. But a few minutes later, Bob regretted being so mean to Cat. Shit, at least she called me on the phone. I didn't even think she'd ever do that. Damn, I wonder if I can track that number down.

When the cabbie dropped Cat off at the front door of the office building, she debated whether or not to call Bob back or just show up. After verifying she had the right business, Cat entered the lobby and stopped at the reception desk.

"I'm here to see Mr. Bob Saldic.

"Who may I say is asking for him?"

Hesitating only for a microsecond, Cat said, "Tell him his sister Cathy is here to see him. He wasn't expecting me, I just thought I'd drop in."

"Well how nice to meet you! I didn't know Bob had a sister. Please have a seat, I'll notify him right away."

Momentarily away from his desk, Bob didn't hear his phone ringing. Just as the secretary was about to leave Bob a voice message, Derek and Kevin walked in through the front door of the building.

"Oh, Kevin, Derek, do you know where Bob is?"

At first both men didn't hear the receptionist calling them. They both noticed the woman in the waiting area at the same time. A blonde, green-eyed woman about 35 or so, 5'4", slim with a knockout figure. She was wearing a dark gray pin striped business suit consisting of a jacket over a camisole top, and a short skirt. She had on stockings and heels, and her legs looked strong and muscular. She was sitting on the black leather chair with her legs crossed, and the skirt had risen up above the mid-thigh. The lacy tops of the stockings could just barely be seen. For some odd reason, Derek thought she looked familiar, especially the way she was sitting there.

Trying to get their attention the secretary said, "Kevin, Derek, hello?!"

When they reached the receptionist, she said to them, "Geez you guys, haven't you ever seen a woman before? By the way, that's Bob sister Cathy. She's here to see him, but I don't think Bob knows she was coming. Do you know where he is?"

Kevin said, "No but I'll go find him.

Derek said, "And I'll go say hello to sis. Hellooo sista!"

Kevin took the elevator up to the third floor, and went in search of Bob. Derek walked over to the woman and introduced himself.

"Hi, I understand you're Bob's sister. My name is Derek Payton, I work with Bob. I'm Director of AsiaPac sales. Nice to meet you."

"So you're Derek. Bob has told me so much about you. Funny, you don't look like a sphincter muscle."

"WHAT! Bob said that about me? I'm gonna kick his ass. I'm one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. In fact, just to prove it, I'm gonna take you out for a classy seafood dinner right on the wharf. Nothing but the best for Bob's little sister. How does wine and candlelight sound to you?"

"That sounds great Derek. Is Bob coming too, or is it just you and me?"

"Uh, well, I think Bob has a prior engagement tonight. So I guess its just you and me. How long will you be staying?"

"I was supposed to leave Saturday afternoon, but I think I'll stay until Sunday. After all, I did come here to see my big brother. Maybe we should check with Bob first before we make any plans. Although, I wouldn't mind having a nice romantic dinner alone with such a handsome man like yourself."

"Uh, um, I think maybe you're right. We better check with Bob first."

"Okay then. Shall we go up to his office?"

Cat uncrossed her legs to stand up. As she did, Derek could swear he saw all the way up her skirt, right to her crotch. She was wearing stockings alright, because he saw the lace tops near her upper thighs. And it looked like she was wearing very little else. What he thought he saw was a black lace triangle of cloth barely covering her twat. Cat was looking at him looking at her, and she was smiling.

In the meantime, Kevin was frantically searching for Bob. He found him near the photocopy machine.

"Bob! I'm glad I found you. Your sister is here, she stopped by to see you."

"My sister? Which one?"

"Cathy! She's in the lobby right now talking to Derek. Man, you never told us your sister was a hottie. She's gorgeous! Wow!"

"Cathy's here? I thought she was in Las Vegas. I wonder why she didn't call me."

"I don't know, but you better hurry. Derek's probably trying to pick her up right now."

"Derek's trying to pick up my sister? I doubt it, she's not exactly his type. She's a little on the heavy side for one thing."

"What are you kidding? She's beautiful! Slim and petite and it looks like she works out. She's got really well defined arm and leg muscles. You should see her."

"My sister Cathy? I don't think so. Let's go see."

As Bob and Kevin began walking toward the elevators, the doors suddenly slid open, and out walked Derek and . . . Cat! Holy shit!, Bob thought, its Cat! Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod.

"BOB! How are you?"

Cat ran up to Bob and leaped at him. Without thinking, Bob reached out and caught her, holding her in his arms. Cat wrapped her muscular legs around Bob's waist, her arms around his neck, and kissed him. She planted her lips on his and stuck her tongue deep into Bob's mouth. Bob responded like any healthy man and kissed her back, his tongue intertwining with hers. He instantly had a raging hardon, which Cat could feel pressing against her pussy. Bob wanted to throw her down on the nearest desk and fuck her brains out. He was mad with passion; he almost ripped her clothes off right then and there, when he suddenly became aware of the other people in the office. His mouth still glued to Cat's, Bob looked around and saw the shocked looked on his co-workers faces. He managed to pry himself loose from Cat, releasing his grip on her waist so that she could stand on her own two feet.

'Uh, hey Cathy, nice to see you. Boy we haven't seen each other in a long time huh? Hey everyone, this is my sister Cathy. We've always been very close."

"Yeah I'll say", Kevin snickered.

"Wow, are you guys really brother and sister?" Derek jokingly asked.

"YES! We are. Cathy, this is Kevin Gary and I guess you already met Derek. Soooo Cat...thy, what are you doing here? Why didn't you call first you, you, you sneak you?"

"I did call bro. I tried to tell you I was coming to see you, but you didn't believe me, remember? You thought I was just kidding. I guess its my fault for always playing tricks on you huh? When I tried to call back, there was no answer. So I thought I'd just come by and surprise you. SURPRISE!"

"Well this is a surprise. Unfortunately I have to go to a meeting this afternoon. Where are you staying?"

"The Fairmont. I haven't checked in yet. I need to call a taxi to take me there. I'll be tied up at the Ames Research Facility all day Friday and then Saturday morning, but I'm available tonight, Friday and Saturday nights. Think you and your friends could entertain me? I'd love to see the San Francisco night life."

Before Bob could answer, Derek said, "Sure we can entertain you. We're free this weekend, right Bob?"

"Uh yeah sure, no problem. I'll call a taxi for you so you can check in at the hotel."

"Um, I could take your sister to the hotel", Kevin offered.

"That would be great! Thanks Kevin, I'll get my bag. I'll call ya later, Bobby Boy, maybe we can do dinner. Bye Derek, it was really nice to meet you. Maybe you could join us."

Bob said, "I can't tonight Cathy, but Friday night and the rest of the weekend for sure."

Then Derek chimed in, "I'm free tonight, how about that dinner I offered earlier?"

"Sure, pick me up at the hotel around 7. That okay?"

"Oh yeah, that'll be fine."

Cat walked over to Bob and planted another full mouth kiss on him.

"Its so good to see you Bobby boy! I can't wait to spend an evening with you . . . and your friends."

"Yeah, me too Cathy, this is really quite a shock. A good shock though."

Kevin picked up Cat's bag and she followed him to his car. He drove her to the hotel, which wasn't too far from the office. Kevin just assumed he was going to drop her off and leave, until Cat told him to come up and chat if he wanted. Kevin was not sure what to do, so Cat made up his mind for him.

"Come on Kevin. I've nothing to do until Derek picks me up for dinner, keep me company for a little while."

So Kevin followed her into the hotel, where she checked in and received her key card. Kevin thought it was odd when Cat asked for three extra cards, wondering why she needed so many.

"Here, you take one. I'll give one to Bob and one to Derek. You three are the only people I know in this town, so if I lose my card, I have three people who can help me get back into my room. And that way, you guys can come up anytime too. Come on, lets go."

When they got to the room, Cat opened the door and went inside, followed closely by Kevin. It was a large suite, with a bedroom, separate living room, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Cat told Kevin to throw her bag on the bed and then get himself something to drink from the refrigerator, and to get her a Diet Coke. Cat began rummaging through her bag, coming up with a pair of blue jeans and a yellow tank top. She put the rest of her clothes away in the dresser. Removing the suit jacket, Cat sat in a chair and kicked her heels off.

"I'm gonna need to get this cleaned for tomorrow morning. Could you call the concierge and have him send someone to pick up my suit and have it cleaned and pressed? Thanks Kevin."

While Kevin was on the phone, he happened to glance over at Cat, who had pulled her skirt up above the tops of her stockings, and was in the process of rolling them off her legs. Kevin thought it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. After removing the stockings, Cat stood up and unbuttoned the skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Kevin stared, not saying a word. Cat was standing not six feet away from him, wearing only a thong and a camisole top. She neatly folded the skirt and placed it on top of the jacket. Snapping her fingers to get Kevin's attention, Cat pointed to the suit laying across the arm of the chair. Kevin shook his head and quickly looked away. Bob's sister was standing in front of him, practically naked. As he hung up the phone, Cat turned and walked away, pulling the camisole top up and over her head, throwing it on the chair.

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