tagIncest/TabooSister-In-Law Affection Ch. 06

Sister-In-Law Affection Ch. 06


This story is continued from a previous chapter.

I wasn't allowed to sleep for very long. Apparently, the sisters, particularly Ashley, had other plans for me. I was pretty exhausted from the plane ride & a day of drinking at the beach followed by two of the biggest orgasms of my life. My girlfriend Kay had blown me ferociously and I'd just pumped her sister's pussy to fruition.

I was tired, still a tad drunk and sexually spent. Yet stirring a bit as Ashley gently played with my junk. As bushed as I was, it still felt good and somewhere in my groggy brain was the realization that there were two lesbian sisters in the bed with me. Millions of years of genetic programming telling me to fuck everything within reach kicked in and started rousing the rest of me.

It was dark; the sun had finished setting completely, perhaps some time ago. Just waking up from an intense power nap, I couldn't figure how long I'd been sleeping. Maybe half an hour. Maybe less.

I'd figured out where Ashley was: laying on my left with her right hand tugging my cock. I flopped my arm over a bit and confirmed it was her by her somewhat thinner body. Kay wasn't fat, not the slightest, she was just normal. Ashley was underweight and one touch I could tell it was her. Now that I knew for sure it was her, I felt my dick rouse even more. A surge of excitement and the pure thrill of a new lover's touch coursed up my arm to my brain.

I ran my hand up her belly as far as the awkward angle allowed it go, which was just far enough to detect she still had her bikini top on her tiny mounds. I rubbed over them once and then back down over her belly to her waist. She had her knees up and legs open; airing out her freshly fucked nether perhaps. I ran my hand up her inclined leg a bit and then back down. Leg wasn't what I wanted to touch. I proceeded slowly down into the valley, intending to probe her wetness with a finger or four.

Kay kissed my hand and my arm recoiled. That woke me fully and my head popped off the pillow. Kay's pretty brown eyes peered up at me from between her sister's thighs.

"Hi Top", she quipped nonchalantly. The two girls giggled, breaking the ice in what otherwise might have been awkward. How often do you wake up and find your girlfriend licking her sister's snatch? For me, the count was at a definitive one. It's not that I objected, but more so that this was still so new to me.

I exhaled a "Haah" and dropped my head back down onto the pillow.

Ashley reached over with her free hand and grabbed me by the wrist. She forced it back where it was and guided it down further. My fingertips slid into the midst of the oral action going on in her crotch.

"You had a little accident before, Top. Shot a bit of semen into me. I could get pregnant. Kay's cleaning that up for you."

I was a bit perturbed at the prospect of impregnating Ash, but honestly I regretted pulling out. It would have been so much better if I'd unloaded my balls deep inside her; consequences be damned. I was secretly pleased to hear that my seed went in her.

Kay engulfed my fingertips in her warm mouth, sucking on them and enhancing my arousal even further. I withdrew them from between her lips and stuck them between Ashley's. I continued to finger Ash gently while Kay went back to work on her clit with her tongue.

Ashley started stroking my hard on faster. It felt great, but having just shot two life changing loads no less than an hour before, I was no where near cumming yet. Besides, no handjob was going to suffice tonight. I was going to trounce Ashley's quasi-virgin pussy with everything I had left in me.

"Wow, you're pretty hard for having just cum all over me half an hour ago", she said echoing my thoughts. "Glad to see you're still with us. I would have been a little disappointed seeing as this is my first time with a man. I want more than 5 minutes out of you this round, OK?"

Not that I needed any more encouragement, but now I was spurred to action. I scrambled off my back and onto my knees on the bed. I paused for a moment to enjoy the topside view of my girlfriend eating out her sister. Kay had put her long, brown hair into a French braid to keep it tidy as she licked and slurped. Ashley was moaning, tastefully not obnoxiously, and eyes engaging me as I took in the show. It was a bit of theatre perhaps, but well done and having the desired effect on me. I made eye contact with her. As fantastic as the lesbian scene playing out before me was, I could delay no more.

"Move", I commanded and gave Kay a tap with the back of my hand.

She backed out from between Ashley's spread legs. A slick pussy beckoned to me in the low light. "All yours, Top", she whispered in my ear as she gave way. Her hand lingered, tracing up the slit and over a shaved mons. Kay made her way around to Ash's side, rubbing the sopping wet cunt that awaited me below. Her fingers penetrated one last time.

I grabbed Ashley by her slender hips and rammed my cock home. I intended to hurt her some and I did. I wasn't endowed with anything special, average I guess, so it was the force of entry alone that brought a yelp from my tiny, little Ashley fuck doll. I slammed her again and again as she groaned "Uuuhhuuuuhhuuuhh"

I looked straight at Kay who was a bit shocked at the pounding I was giving her sister. I could see the concern in her eyes, I just didn't care. I stared my girlfriend down for a few more seconds - Ashley taking it hard the whole time; her moaning pitched up and down with every thrust.

"Don't break her, Top. It's her first time." It had no effect on me. "You wanna fuck me like that instead?" she offered.

"Noo" Ash interjected. "Just hold me, sis".

Kay lay down next to her lover, wrapping her arm around behind Ashley's head and caressed her face as I hammered away. "It's OK Ash. It's OK. Just tell him if he's hurting you too much"

Ashley pulled Kay closer and they kissed passionately while I fucked. My thrusts jiggled Ash back and forth, making their lips sloppily dance while they tongued away. The sound of it was driving me faster.

Kay was naked and her crotch was in reach, so I snuck my fingers into her snatch while she was engaged with her lesbian sister. She was wet and excited, so despite her apprehension, she was definitely into this. The girls kept kissing and whispering things to each other.

I'd begun to wear myself out at such a frantic pace; I slowed down the thrusting a bit, but was still putting it to her pretty good.

"No! Don't stop, I'm gonna cum."

I obliged her with renewed vigor. After resuming the pounding for another minute or so, she half screamed, half moaned into her sister's mouth as she orgasmed. "Aaaahhh!" I drilled her properly throughout her climax and continued until she went limp.

Having had her fill, she broke her embrace with Kay and backed me off her now thoroughly non-virgin twat.

"Oww" she half laughed and half cried as she rubbed her groin.

"You OK, Ash?" Kay asked.

"Yeah, no wonder you switched over to the other side little sister. That was, um, much better than I thought it would be. Although it hurt some..." She grit her teeth for emphasis.

I was happy I'd just pleasured Ashley and at the same time rammed her ferociously. Her proximity and allure had been sexually tormenting me for two years while we lived together with Kay. Taking out those frustrations by pounding her sore was just what I needed. Now that the girls had confessed the whole truth of it, she'd obviously been leading me on. Extremely subtly, but still deliberately enticing me. I guess we always knew we were hot for each other, but I'd always assumed it was forbidden. Her sister was my girlfriend and future wife. How was I to know they'd been plotting all along to make it a ménage o trios. Why would I ever suspect that? They were sisters.

They were incestuous, lesbian sisters more importantly - which brought me back to the present situation. My dick was still throbbing and ready to conquer more Ashley. I knew I'd just fucked her painfully, but I wasn't about to miss out on another run inside her. I inched forward on my knees back between her legs and went in to mount her again.

"I'm done, Top", she said with trepidation as I positioned myself for penetration. She squeezed her legs together to block access to her recently destroyed snatch.

"That was only five minutes, Ash." my girlfriend teased. "You specifically said you wanted more than five minutes this time." I couldn't believe my good fortune as she continued to persuade her sister to let me have my way with her. "That's kinda the deal we have with them. Men. Even after we orgasm, they still get to use our bodies, you know, until they satisfy themselves."

"I'm so sore."

"You could blow him."

It was hot listening to them discuss pleasing me as if I weren't there. I held my ground between her clenched legs, my presence there forcing the issue.

"No, I'm not doing that. We talked about that, I'm not into it."

Damn it I thought.

"Yeah, he'd probably rip your head off anyway as aggressive as he is tonight"

Since the conversation had taken a turn for the worse, I pried apart her legs and forced myself into her – as the saying goes: gently but firmly.

"Oooowww" she whimpered as I entered, clearly not accustomed to being a fuck doll pinned below me solely for my enjoyment.

Seeing Ashley's discomfort, her sister came to her rescue. Kay straddled over Ashley's slender frame, belly down and ass toward me. She rocked back and forced me to withdraw from the tender meat below; at the same time offering up her pussy in lieu.

"Give her a break, Top. Fuck me hard, I want you to." She'd never uttered such a thing before and I could tell this was a diversion meant to shock me into compliance. Well, if she wanted to take one for her sister, I'd figured she'd have to pay dearly for it. I had the high ground, both figuratively and literally, and I put it to use.

"OK, lean down." I instructed as I put my hand on the back of her neck and pushed downward. "On your elbows. Mash those big tits all over her."

I grabbed her waist and sunk myself into my girlfriend. I'd been in her a hundred times before, it just wasn't as gratifying as nailing Ashley but it was what I had at the moment so I made the best of it.

I began rhythmically screwing her, holding her by the waist doggie style. The girls played along. Kay reached back and encouraged my jabbing by pulling me in closer. Ashley placed her hands over mine and together we gripped Kay by the waist as I pumped in and out. After a bit she slid down the bed a bit further into better position. She began sucking her sisters nipples as they swayed with my steady cadence. Her right hand disappeared between them. A second later I felt her grasp my shaft as it slid into Kay. This was getting good.

"Let's make her cum, Top." she encouraged from between her sister's dangling mounds of tit. I reached around and grabbed a hold of one. I always loved grasping a heavy handful of boob as she was bent over. This time it was even better as Ashley began alternating sucking fingertips and nipples; sometimes both at once. The sounds of her slurping started edging me toward shooting my load.

I was pulling my cock completely out and Ashley's hand would guide it back in to the soaking wet cunt I'd just vacated. Not long after we established that motion, Kay took her hand and made an adjustment. She showed Ashley how to alternate my dick back and forth between ramming home and running over her clit. Kay let go and let Ash do the honors. One thrust up the cunt, one thrust to the clit, cunt, clit, cunt, clit.

I just kept bucking with Ashley deciding as to whether I penetrated or tickled Kay's clit. She was taking confident control now, sometimes switching it up and doing two or three clit runs in a row. Kay was panting and encouraging proper sequences with "Oh yeah"s. She was getting ready to cream all over my dick and her sister's hand.

Kay let out a muffled shriek of joy as she was brought to climax by the two of us in unison. I knew she liked me inside her and motionless when she came, so I penetrated deep and held it in her until she was done. I could feel her walls clench me as she had an intense orgasm.

When she'd finished, she rolled off Ashley and collapsed on the bed.

"Wow" Ashley exclaimed. She still had a grip on my cock, but I knew she was referring to what we'd just done to her sister. "Kay. Wow. None of our toys can match that"

I shared her opinion. I was rather impressed myself, having just pleasured two women to complete satisfaction. All that was missing now was a gigantic load splattered all over their faces.

Kay was recovering on her back, panting but otherwise silent. I had to reposition around her. I directed Ash to lay down so they had their feet in opposite directions and head to head. I adjusted them slightly so they were cheek to cheek.

Ashley was getting a perverse look on her face as she realized I intended to cum on them both. Kay was indifferent, I knew she didn't particularly care to get facialed but she usually let me do it anyway. In contrast, her sister didn't seem to mind at all.

I knelt nearer to Ash with my erection pointing at my target, their girls' eyes. I was going to unleash every drop I had left in me and blindfold them with semen. Kay knew what was about to unfold and shut her eyes.

Lovely, sexy Ashley was a pleaser though; she locked her gaze with mine and began stroking me.

"You gonna cum all over us?" She knew exactly what she was doing as a torrent of dirty talked poured from her filthy mouth. "I loved it when you came all over my face the first time. I loved watching you fill my sister's mouth with cum on the beach this afternoon." She continued jacking me off, now with both hands. "Cum all over us. Spit it all out on our faces. I want to sleep with it in my hair again and wake up in the morning smelling like your stale jizz."

At this point, I had no idea why I hadn't let it fly two minutes ago. I was ridiculously turned on. The saucy little slut beneath me was begging for me to coat her face and recounting my recent sexual exploits in graphic detail. The mental replay of our previous encounters stoked me even further.

"C'mon, cum for us. Cum all over us. Cum on our faces, Top. I want you to rain cum down on us. I love your cum. I loved that you put some in me a earlier. I want to you to cover me in it again."

But I'd just heard exactly what it was that I wanted. I knocked her hands off my shaft putting my impending explosion on hold, if just for a moment. She looked confused. I grabbed her legs and pulled them to where I was kneeling. Now we were both perpendicular to Kay who was still just laying there, eyes closed. I lifted her lithe body and put her head resting against her sister's belly. I got between her legs and was about to shove my cock back inside her.

"Nooo Top!" she protested.

"Roll over, Ash" Kay suggested. "It won't hurt if you let him take you from behind. Like you did before." Ashley scrambled to roll over. I shoved her down so she flopped over her younger sister. She was propped up perfectly, her belly crossing over on top of Kay's hips. Her puss was presented for another pounding, although this wasn't going to take long.

I leapt upon her, mounting her swiftly. I jammed it inside her without much protest and began to ride her from behind.

I could feel my load welling up inside me. She could tell too.

"Pull out this time!" she told me.


"Are you crazy? I could get pregnant. Don't cum in me" she begged. Kay remained quiet, complacent in the potential insemination that was about to happen right on top of her.

"Kay, make him stop. He's gonna cum in me." She started to wriggle but I had her trapped. I pumped away without regard and then it started.

I felt the first gush of semen flood into my little Ashley fuck doll. The gratification was immense. A second ejaculation filled her snatch with creamy white cum. I buried my cock as deep as I could get it and let my third shot loose. I could feel the liquid pooling inside her around the tip of my dick. I was completely fulfilling my purpose as a man and the elation was complete.

"Oooh" I heard her exclaim as she knew she was getting totally filled with baby batter.

I reached down and grabbed a fistful of her hair as I pumped even more cum into her. I forced her to come back and kiss me as I finished dumping my sperm. There was no revulsion or resentment in her kiss; there was nothing but love and affection.

She was almost perfectly upright. I still had a grip of her hair and was twisting her neck around so we could kiss. I withdrew in a sudden move. Ounces of my seed and her fluids fell out her used pussy in a waterfall, cascading down onto her sister below.

"Look at what you've done, Top"

"Indeed" I replied as I collapsed into sleep next to Kay.

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Sick! Guy

Rape? But she enjoyed it, so it makes it OK. Keep your PC comments for the real world, let this fantasy site stay, well, fantasy. Liked the story Sick Guy. More if you ever come back.

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The guy was a rapist , makes a good story very uncomfortable . Even with willing partners he was only sated by forcing himself on them . A lesbian leaning woman is cue that you should be gentle especiallymore...

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