tagIncest/TabooSister To Sister

Sister To Sister

bySkyler Marie©

Sandy had just stepped out of the shower and started to dry off when Lynn, her sister, came pounding on the door.

"Sandy, hurry up, I gotta go." Lynn yelled through the closed door.

"I'll be right out"

Sandy wrapped the towel around her wet body and opened the bathroom door. Lynn ran past her and hurried her out by closing the door. Sandy looked at the closed door and said

“Shouldn't have waited so long."

She chuckled as she proceeded down the hall and into her bedroom.

She dropped her towel to the floor as soon as she got into her doorway, leaving her milky white ass flapping in the wind. Sandy had always been the type that hated clothes and anything to do with them. Her mother would constantly tell her that she belonged in a nudist colony or something. Sandy clicked her fan on lay across her bed. The cool air felt wonderful on her still wet body. She reached up and grabbed her smokes and her lighter. Before she lay back she was sure to light her lilac candle. She loved the smell of candles burning and she especially loved lilac.

She lay back down and lit a cigarette. She sprawled all out, naked as the day she was born, enjoying the sweet smell of her candle and savoring her cigarette when Lynn walked in.

“For God's Sakes Sandy why don't ya put some freaking clothes on." Lynn exclaimed in a nasty tone.

“Why should I Sis, I don't have anything to be ashamed of and farther more it is none of your business whether I have clothes on or not, If you don't like it don't look!"

Lynn just glared at her older sister and then walked back out the door. She then yelled from the hallway...

"What would you do if I didn't come home alone one of these times?"

Hummmmmmm, she thought, what would I do?... She then heard the door close and Lynn getting into her car. She got up and watched as Lynn pulled out of the driveway. She debated the idea of getting dressed and finally decided that a long T-shirt would be enough. She walked out to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. She was so thankful that Lynn had gotten a coffee pot with a built in timer. She sat and thought of how nice it was going to be to just lounge all day long and how great it would be to have the house all to herself

She walked into the living room and popped a CD into the player. She sat her cup down on the table and got her notebook out of her bag. She then flopped onto the couch and began to write.

She had only three days left of spring break and she knew she had better get busy on her short story for her writing class.

As she sat on the couch she propped one leg on the table and the other on the back of the couch. Her pussy was in full sight. Sandy had thought back to earlier and to what Lynn had said and chuckled. She said out loud, "Well guess if she was to bring someone home then they would have one hell of a nice cunt shot."

She tried to concentrate but wasn't having much luck. She couldn't seem to think of anything except her sister.

Lynn had moved into Sandy's apartment only three months ago, and Sandy was enjoying having her stay with her, she enjoyed the company and the help with bills.

Sandy finished her coffee and slouched lower into the couch cushion. She listened to the soothing sounds of the music and soon was drifting off to sleep.

Lynn pulled into the driveway and shut off her car. She grabbed her purse and headed for the front door. She thought it was strange for Sandy not to have the front door open to let in the sunlight. She walked up the sidewalk and reached for her keys to unlock the door. She unlocked the door and walked inside.

Lynn gasped as her eyes fixed on her sister's fully exposed beautiful cunt. She slowly eased her way over to the couch where Sandy lay. She stood there and watched her sister sleep, her eyes glanced back toward Sandy's pussy. It was almost as if her pussy was screaming out to Lynn's eyes, begging them to glance or maybe even stare at it for a while. Lynn's own pussy became moist as she stared motionless at her own sister's wet inviting cunt.

Lynn shifted her weight to relieve her own uneasiness. She felt herself blushing as she wished she could taste her sister's cunt just once. She fought with her own thoughts as she eased her own hand down the front of her shorts.

Lynn went to work on her own cunt. She knew right where to rub and it felt great. She wondered if Sandy also played with her own pussy. As her thoughts raced she diddled and played with her own cunt even more. She leaned over and softly brushed her hand along Sandy's cunt. Sandy stirred but never woke from her dreamland. Lynn grew hotter and hotter, she stripped out of her clothes, slowly letting them fall to the floor. She pinched her already hard nipples, she felt like her cunt was on fire. She knew that she needed release from all this sexual build-up.

Lynn then eased her body to the floor until Sandy's cunt was right at her face. She breathed deep trying to catch a nose full of her sister's scent.

She eased forward a little and slowly licked her lips. She wanted to taste Sandy's cunt so bad, BUT.. what if she woke? What would she say? What would she think?

Lynn wasn't sure if she really cared. She needed that cunt and she needed it now. Lynn gently stuck her tongue out and tenderly licked her sister's wetness

"Oh My God, You taste so good" She said in a whispering voice.

She started to lick more and more, tickling Sandy's cunt with her tongue. Sandy jumped, startled and confused.

"What the hell are you doing Lynn?" Sandy asked in a firm voice.

"Sis, I am sorry but when I got home you were laying here and your pussy and showing and.........”

Lynn started to get up. She was so embarrassed and she felt like she was the worse person alive. Sandy took her sisters hand and said

"So, my little sister wanted to taste my cunt, ummm what to do what to do?” She chuckled almost a dare ya to do it chuckle.

"Sandy, Please forgive me I feel bad enough for what I have done, please don't make jokes about it too."

"Who in the hell is making jokes, I liked it, So what does that say about me?" Lynn blushed

"You mean you liked the feel of my tongue?"

Sandy looked deep into her sister's eyes. She knew she was indeed speaking the truth and by her sisters reaction she knew she wanted her to eat her cunt long and hard.

Sandy eased herself back a little propping herself onto some pillows. She wanted to watch her sister eat her cunt. Sandy moaned with pleasure. Her little sister was a pro at eating pussy.

“Lynn, that feels great, but I want to taste you too."

Lynn looked up from Sandy's soaked pussy "Are you sure?"

"Hell yes I am sure, I love cunt and I always have wondered if your cunt juices as sweet as mine." Lynn blushed

"Let's go to my room OK, I have a video camera set up all the time we can tape ourselves if you want."

"Damn Lynn you are turning me on more and more.” Sandy said in a breathless tone.

The two sisters eased themselves up and began walking toward the bedroom Both of them cuddling and fondling and kissing each other as they walked.

Lynn lay upon the bed, Sandy eased herself over top of her sister and straddled Lynn's face with her cunt. She rammed her cunt into Lynn's face as she rammed her own face into her little sister's cunt.

Sandy thought to herself MMMMMM my baby Sis tastes sweet, I want to drink her pussy juices. Lynn arched her back as Sandy ate her pussy, she moaned with pleasure.

"Oh Sandy, you are great, make me cum Sis, make me cum”

Lynn’s comment only aroused Sandy more and more. She started to grind her own cunt onto her sisters waiting, wanting tongue. Sandy slowly slide two fingers inside Lynn's wet hole as she flicked her tongue across her clit. Lynn's breathing intensified, as she bucked her cunt onto her sister's fingers. Lynn gasp for air as she grew closer and closer to climax.

"Sandy, Have you ever rubbed cunts with another woman?" Lynn asked in a panting voice.

"No honey but I would love to"

Sandy eased herself off of Lynn and straddled her crotch. She could feel the warmth from Lynn’s hot pussy as well as the heat from her own. She sat on Lynn's hot cunt and began to rock back and forth.

Both women were moaning and groaning as their hot wet pussy glided together. They rubbed and bucked until both were gushing pussy juices.

Sandy got off of Lynn's soaked cunt and began to lick all of her sweet juice. Lynn did the same. They stayed in the 69 position for what seemed to be hours. Licking and sucking each other dry. As they neared exhaustion they broke the position and just lay in each others arms, tickling each others nipples as well as their clits. Lynn gazed deep into her sister's eyes.

"Thank you Sis, I really enjoyed you and what you did for me."

Sandy caressed Lynn's face

"Sweety, I did it out of love for my little sister."

The two spoke little after those words as they lay together basking in the afterglow of the previous events. After about a half hour, Sandy sat up and said "We are not done love, we have much more pleasing to do tonight."

Lynn looked at Sandy “You know I really like the sound of that."

Sandy never did get her paper done that night but she knew what the topic would be

"The Power of Sisterly Love"

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