tagSci-Fi & FantasySisterhood Ch. 03

Sisterhood Ch. 03


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2010

This story is continued.


As before, time passed in the candle chamber though I was more tense this time as I continually expected someone or something to touch me again from behind.

I should have known the voice would come from right in front of me.

"Look up. Now."

The voice was male. Fully Drow, this time.

When I did look up, I could see nothing; I could smell him, though, feel the heat seeping off invisible flesh. Then I felt a hand seize my hair and painfully jerk me up straight. I almost shouted at him, immediately enraged—how dare he?!

...but then I felt the familiar, soft texture of an engorged glans being pressed against my mouth and I pursed my lips shut by reflex.

I still couldn't see anything that my other senses told me was there. I suppose it didn't bother me, that's often how it was in the Underdark, but it was a little surreal in the candlelight.

"Suck me, Noble," the disembodied voice hissed at me, both bitter and lyrical. "Open that privileged mouth and gag while I clog your throat. If you bite me, you fail, and the Red Sisters will come back at my word to finish you."

Briefly I felt cold. He sounded so confident and so very hateful. Would they come back as he said? Did he actually know enough magic to make himself unseen, yet still able to strike out without disrupting that spell? It could have been another Drow who had cast the invisibility spell on him, but...my gut told me it was him, his own magic. It was the surety in his voice, the anger and resentment blatantly obvious, and the satisfaction of knowing he would best me on his terms.

Borrowing another Drow's spell wouldn't make it all ring so true...

He had to be one of the wizards in the Tower, one who chafed at being born his gender, at being so powerful and valuable yet still possessing a lower status than the most incompetent Priestess.

All that rage was pent up and held in check only for fear of pain and death... and his intelligence and pride railing against the injustice. This one couldn't be swayed to hand over his control as Kerse had been; he would probably rather die.

By Lolth, I even remembered watching some of the punishments of a wizard who had overstepped his boundaries. He'd no doubt learned well, and the others would have heard, too. I could only imagine what this wizard might like to do when given permission to let his rage loose on a naked and solitary female...

An eye for an eye?

I had to decide in an instant, and I did: whatever it took to delay that rage. I squashed down my pride and arrogance for now. Whatever it took to gain the upper hand, eventually.

He'd barely finished threatening me when I took a breath and opened my mouth willingly to let the invisible flesh pass between my lips. He pressed in with a laugh and jammed my windpipe; it was just as well that I was holding my breath. I closed my eyes so that the fact that I could feel everything but couldn't see it wouldn't be so distracting. It was important that I be able to sense his body language, to read him without his face.

I swallowed his shaft with the enthusiasm of a novice Priestess at her first sacrifice. I swirled my tongue, reached up to massage his scrotum and sucked him as if I could pull his brains out through his penis. Likely what I was trying to do.

His grip on my hair tightened and he started guiding my rhythm, moaning and cooing at me. Every so often he would flick the edges of my pointed ears with his fingers; it was a sharp, disruptive pain that did no damage at all. Drow hate having their ears flicked.

He gasped, "Good...that's it...ah, young slit...ah...Yes, you'll do this until I say to stop. Then you'll turn around...spread open wide for me."

I hummed in acknowledgement, my mouth still full but able to breathe now and then, and I put my left hand between my legs, slipping a finger into my sex that was still wet from my union with Kerse. The wizard groaned, seeming to see it as he encouraged me to greater speed and abandon.

"You like this. Ha! ...always thought you control-addict Nobles really wanted to be forced at times... Make yourself hot...that's it...let me hear it, that squelching, drooling slit..."

In time I could tell he was trying to convince himself that it was time to pull out of my mouth and order me to turn around. It was in the way his breath would draw in as if to speak, but then I'd do something different and inventive with my mouth, and he'd sigh and let me go on for a few more strokes.

And a few more.

He was close now. It was now or never.

I pulled my well-lubed finger from my sex and quickly brought my hand up to slide it between the wizard's buttocks even as I distracted him by continuing to grope his sack. It only took a second to find the ring of flesh I sought.

"What—?" he gasped, flinching as I pressed my finger smoothly inside him.

He couldn't really complain; I had made it much more comfortable than the eldest Red Sister had done to me.

I immediately found the nut-like gland inside; the next second I massaged it and the wizard cried out, his control completely faltering. He started spurting down my throat. He was trying to pull my mouth off him by his fistful of hair, probably to mark my face if he couldn't do more to me, but I held tightly to his hips with my other hand and kept massaging his gland, swallowing his seed until he was done.

He tasted healthy; like an underground hot spring infused with my favorite spiced mushroom delicacy.

I sensed his body flinch when I removed my finger and pulled my mouth off him at last. He was gasping, finished and completely flaccid for the moment from the rate at which he'd shriveled in my mouth.

He slapped me. "You think you're so clever, do you?"

The wounded pride in his voice was palatable. I was glad I couldn't see his rage; it allowed me to look up at nothing and keep a calm, straight face.

"Why hide your identity, wizard?" I asked. "Are you afraid of retribution?"

"Retribution? From you?" He laughed, his disembodied voice echoing in the chamber. It was louder and angrier than it would have been if he'd been in control. "You're helpless here, Sirana. Your body belongs to us until the Red Sisters come to claim you. If they come to claim you."

Us, he'd said. That's right, I recalled there was at least one other, just as the eldest had promised. "If my body belongs to you, then yours belongs to me," I said baldly.

He laughed harshly. "Oh? Who is on her knees before me?"

"Who chose your moment of climax?" I smirked.

His voice spat hatred. "Try that while flanked on both sides, Noble."

Arms wrapped around me from behind; they were arms I could actually see this time, black and well-formed, the hands rougher and scarred.

Like the hands of a soldier.

Those hands slid from my hips up my belly and cupped my breasts as teeth bit hard into my shoulder. I leaned into him, getting a sense of his size and ability as my back and buttocks aligned with his front. He was certainly stronger than the wizard, but no taller, and I was still somewhat taller than each of them.

Out of my periphery, I caught a glimpse of a reasonably handsome face leering with eagerness. His erection settled comfortably lengthwise in the cleft of my backside and he pressed hard. I smiled as he pinched my nipples, twisted them roughly.

A wizard and a fighter.

The two really didn't mix that well; their methodology was too different even if they both wanted power over my body. Better for me; they would fight each other.

"So give it to me already, solider," I hissed in excitement over my shoulder, reaching back to dig my nails into naked flanks and well-sculpted buttocks. "What are you waiting for? Fuck me."

"When I decide, slit-sucker," he growled back, squeezing my breasts hard and grinding into me.

The problem with that statement was that he was even more excited than I was; his voice had quavered at the end. He managed to tease me for another thirty seconds or so, pawing without the best technique at the tuft of white hair at my crotch, but finally he just pushed me down flat onto my stomach, forcing my legs wide apart with his own before ramming his phallus inside me.

The soldier held me down with his weight; I cried out and struggled against him in order to egg him on, reaching out and digging my fingers into the garnet border as if trying to pull myself free of him.

He hardly needed the encouragement. He wallowed and slammed between my legs as though he were trying to fit his entire body inside.

"This...is how you control them, wizard," my soldier gasped, jarring me with every furious lunge, air forced out of me with each one. "Don't even...give them an opportunity to...fuck you back."

"Sooner or later you have the let her get up, grunt," my invisible magician retorted sourly. "What then?"

My fighter pulled out prematurely, just as Kerse, had and I grunted in displeasure. Then I felt him reposition his erection at my other hole and my eyes widened a bit.

He replied, "You make her too sore to be able to run after you."

"Stop that!," my wizard protested, "We agreed I would—"

"And she outsmarted you. It's my turn."

The soldier was pressing in hard, dilating my back sphincter very quickly. Even though I relaxed to allow it, even though he was slicked up from stroking inside my sex, the entry definitely hurt.

That didn't really matter so much to me, though; what was a little pain? I knew I'd cause much more than I was taking in my lifetime. I would see it stay that way.

I could handle this and I would get mine in return.

"Oh, Goddess!!" I shrieked as he rushed to bury his meat inside me, stretching me tight around him. Even I couldn't really tell if it had been a cry of pleasure or pain; "excitable agony" was the phrase that came to my mind. Still, I forced myself to refocus and relax the muscles of my pelvis again.

"Do it, ground-pounder!" I shouted impatiently at him. "Enough babble with the wizard! You weren't made to talk!"

He snarled, grabbed my hair fiercely and held my head to the floor, my right cheek pressed hard to the polished surface. He drew out part way and thrust back in between my buttocks, beginning his increasingly vicious tempo. It didn't take long for the nerves of my clutching ring to go mostly numb first, then finally begin to heat up in a way that was actually pleasant.

It was only then I could finally make very convincing sounds of pleasure. I was partly acting, true, but then again, the mind was a powerful stimulant by itself. Something I had learned long ago as a result of Juarinia's torture: how can you be an effective sadist if you don't know what the masochist is feeling?

"She's not going to break that way," the snide voice of the wizard commented as he watched the soldier plow into my backside.

The thrusting slowed, hesitated, but didn't stop entirely. He still wanted to finish, to climax, even if his purpose was something else.

"Keep going," I whispered, panting. "Don't stop."

His pace quickened again.

"Pull out, you meathead, you're doing exactly as she says!"

"Go squat on your wand, book boy! I'm going to glaze inside her innards because I can! Damn what she says!"

I heard my unseen magician blow out a breath in frustration. "Then roll her over at least, hold her on top of you and we'll double her."

After a beat, the warrior obeyed the wizard. He hooked his forearms at my underarms and locked his fingers together at the nape of my neck, clutched me tight to him, and rolled both of us. It was in my best interest to roll with him and make sure he didn't slip out.

I was layered in sweat where I'd been pressed to the floor, and my skin broke out into goosebumps as the cool air of the chamber washed over my front. The fighter was making it so I couldn't do much with my arms, and I was still impaled between my buttocks so at most I could kick at the unseen magician. But I didn't really want to kick at him; I kept my legs open, a mocking, challenging smirk touching my lips.

"Think you'll be able to control yourself this time, wizard?"

"You know, Sirana, perhaps I should return the favor," the wizard told me contemplatively and I felt him touch my inner thighs gently with both hands.

I admit I was surprised; his tone sounded a lot different than when I'd been kneeling before him. Perhaps he was catching on to how I was playing the two against each other, so they'd fight over me like two scavengers? If their mission was to "break" me through sexual misuse, they were doomed to fail miserably as they strove to out-do each other.

Could the wizard actually have let go of his domineering act long enough to stop and think for a minute? I might be in a bit of trouble if he could....

I still couldn't see him, not even a vague outline, but I could see the depressions his fingers caused on my flesh. I gasped when what had to be his entire mouth covered my sex and he started feasting. I'd have been willing to bet this bitter, angry, scholarly Drow could never show much enthusiasm for this particular chore, perhaps not even much skill, but I quickly discovered I would have lost that bet.

He had learned an extraordinary technique in his years.

"By Lolth...keep doing whatever you're doing, wizard," the solider almost wheezed near my ear, still holding me immobile. "She keeps clutching me hard! I think she likes it."

I did like it; very much, I did. One of his fingers had slipped inside my sex to press on a similar pressure point, much as my finger had been stroking his gland. His other hand was caressing and teasing my crown of fur, the thumb rubbing in gentle circles, stretching and stimulating the folds of skin cradling my center of sensation. Meanwhile, his mouth explored every point in between and around his hands... I could hardly keep track of each touch he made, inside and out; it varied smoothly and infinitely...

And with the fighter's prick up my ass at the same time, holding me open as it was...? Oh, I was in trouble.

I couldn't keep from writhing as they did this to me, and when he lifted his mouth off me three separate times, barely preventing me from climaxing, I actually whimpered.

"Just ask me, Sirana," he said softly, his breath a puff of hot air in the short, white hairs adorning my mound. He kissed my nether lips softly and I flinched just as he had with me. "Ask for it. Beg for release."

I wondered if I might actually beg him to let me over the edge? It was so tempting; the lust was strong enough to make all else seem exceedingly small.

But no...I'd taken control from him a while ago with my finger up his ass; I wouldn't give it back to him so easily!

The soldier was starting to get into the rhythm, too; he was following the wizard's lead, stroking in and out as the other sucked and rubbed and caressed, stopping when the scholar stopped. By the sixth aborted lead-up, the sixth time I was denied a climax, a loud groan of frustrated disappointment slipped out of my mouth.

Somewhere along the way, they had ceased being in such a hurry to subjugate me and decided to take their time humiliating me instead. I realized I still had to rely on the fighter's impatience; it was my only chance. He was fascinated, for the moment, with this new trick the wizard was demonstrating but he was the one who fully penetrated my backside and sooner or later his tender eggs would start hurting fiercely. He would be pining for release right along with me.

"Come on, Sirana," my fighter echoed his partner, and I almost sighed in relief when I heard that same quaver as before. He very well could break before I did.

He had to.

"However you want....to service me, boys," I murmured. "I can take... all the attention you're...willing to give."

At least I hoped so. I was almost floating in an altered state of mind, like when my sister would serve me a draught I didn't know what it was. My tongue was heavy and it took such effort to form words. It was pure practice that kept the same quaver from my voice.

With the comparison, my hated sister's voice came back to me in that haze. *You are so stubborn, Sirana...just let go. Submit.*

The ninth time he stopped me from cumming, I heard him rise up over me and felt something scalding hot graze my thigh. Then his hands grabbed those thighs to keep them open, and I felt his prick settle then squeeze into my other available hole. It forced a gasp from me and my eyes did widen from their half-lidded stupor. I felt his breath flow across my breasts as he gripped my hips and thrust into my sex every bit as hard as the fighter had. At my first serious squirming, in trying to get what I needed to climax, he withdrew and went back to eating me.

The wizard kept alternating like that! He would mouth and finger me for a while, then rise up and penetrate me, stroke in tandem with the fighter for several moments, and then withdraw to put his mouth and fingers back on me.

He wasn't letting me come, and I was hardly given time to catch my breath. Fortunately for me, the lubricant I was liberally producing was being at least partially transferred to my backside; otherwise I would have had much more concern about lasting and keeping the ultimate control of the situation.

I forced myself to think again, slowly wrenching my attention from between my legs. It was a monumental feat.

*Know that if you bite me, you fail.*

The wizard had said that at the beginning.

Fail what? He claimed they were attempting to "break" me, yet there was a lot they hadn't done that might work. They weren't disfiguring me, blinding me, weren't torturing me beyond a rough entry and a rougher fucking. No broken bones or cuts or severe bites... The sex seemed the point, the very grounds for the game of control, and they were holding to it.

Just like with the Draegloth. Just like at Court.

There were rules to this Game, and I'd established the challenge: I had chosen the wizard's moment of completion. Either I chose my own this time, or I prevented it from ever happening.

I'd win this Game; I knew it.

I went physically limp, exhausted, leaning my head back against soldier-boy's shoulder and letting my legs and arms relax to the sides, breathing deeply and still feeling them drive into me. The sudden passivity took some of the sustained tension out of me, but the stimulation was still there. If anything, the relaxation encouraged the blood to flow to the junction of my legs even more. However the physical signals, the ones my magician had been using to control my reactions, were no longer there.

"Awww, giving up, Sirana?" said the scholar with a chuckle, thrusting harder, then slower. "Do you want us to stop?" He felt him bite down on one of my nipples.

I just groaned and gasped. A groan was okay; it could mean anything, whatever the other wanted it to mean. The sounds pleased him, but without the writhing and straining I'd been doing that communicated everything to him, he automatically started thrusting harder to get more reaction out of my limp body. The Drow beneath me followed his lead, humping like a night hound finally being let off his leash.

It was intense, and it was enough...Goddess, it was finally enough!

I stayed as limp as I could until, at last, I drew in breath and cried out as my long-delayed thrills of pleasure racked my body. My fighter was taken off guard and couldn't prevent falling over the edge himself; I could hear him grunt and feel his member throbbing as he spent himself in my bowels.

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