tagErotic CouplingsSister's Best Friend

Sister's Best Friend

byJ.Q. Hack©

Johnny sat down on his parent’s couch to watch a show he videotaped the night before. Just two weeks earlier he had graduated from high school and in the fall he would be headed off to college to study engineering. Just as his show started the doorbell interrupted his program. Getting up we went over to the door to find his sister’s friend, Becky, at the door.

“Hi Johnny, how are you? Is your sister home?”

“Hi Becky, Amy isn’t home yet but she told me to tell you that she’d be back in about an hour and you can wait here if you’d like.” Becky was one of his sister’s hottest friends, but to Johnny all of his sister’s friends were hot. Becky’s long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. That day she was wearing a tight pink t-shirt and a pair of white shorts. Johnny noticed her toenails, peering from under her sandals, were the same bright pink as her fingernails. Becky walked into the living room and tossed her bags onto the floor by the front door. Johnny couldn’t help but stare at her butt, wondering for the thousandth time what kind of panties she was wearing.

Johnny turned a bright shade of red as he found Becky sitting on the couch he had just left. “You can sit on the couch too, I don’t bite” Becky said as she patted the cushion on the far end of couch. Johnny sat down and started to watch his show.

After a few minutes Becky chimed in “So Johnny how are things going?”

“Everything is going good, I’m still working at the movie theater until the summer is over and then I’m going to State to study engineering, … so how are you Becky?” said Johnny.

Becky tossed her pony tail to her other shoulder as she swiveled in her seat to look at Johnny. “Oh … I’m doing pretty good, I got a 3.4 this semester, and this summer I’m working as a waitress at Anthony’s restaurant, the tips are really good there, so I can’t complain” she let out a little giggle and crossed her long tan legs over the seat on the couch.

Johnny had fantasized about many of his sister’s friends, but Becky was constantly reoccurring in his dreams. He especially liked it when all of his sister’s friends would come over for a pool party and spend the day running around in the skimpiest bikinis he ever saw. Not wanting the conversation to die out while this gorgeous woman was there he stammered for something else to talk about.

“Becky, how is your boyfriend Brett doing?

Becky laughed in a matter of fact way, “Well I haven’t seen him for a month, he seems to have a problem keeping his cock in his pants when I’m not around.”

Johnny suddenly feeling embarrassed muttered an apology, “oh, that’s ok Johnny, I have my eye on somebody else already!” giggled Becky.

“So do you have girlfriend Johnny,” Becky politely asked knowing the answer already since Johnny, while a nice looking guy, couldn’t get any dates. In high school Johnny participated in a lot of the uncool clubs, like math, chess and chemistry and many saw him as a nerd. He was also horribly shy around people and women in particular. Around Becky he lost some of his nervousness since he knew her for years but at times he could still get choked up.

“Um no, I don’t have one” Johnny muttered as he squirmed in his seat.

“When was the last time you had one?” asked Becky, thinking there may have been one in the past.

“Um, I’ve never really had one,” Johnny was turning red and feeling a little uncomfortable.

Becky slid across the couch and touched his arm. Johnny looked into Becky’s deep blue eyes and managed a faint smile. One of Becky’s quirky traits was she didn’t know always when to stop, but Johnny knew it and expected several more questions.

“Sorry Johnny, when’s the last time you dated a girl?”

“I’ve been out with girls to get pizza and stuff, but never really a date!” Johnny answered.

“Have you kissed any of them?” Becky asked out of sincerity, but she began to realize how nervous women made him and what a catch they were missing out on.

“Yes, I have kissed a girl,” Johnny felt a little vindicated to finally say yes to one of her questions, but he didn’t want to tell her that it had been a cruel dare that one of the cheerleaders had accepted from her friends.

“Did the kissing go any further?” asked Becky, letting a little devilish grin play across her face.

“No, it was just once for a second and I never spoke to her again.” Becky then realized she had hit a strong chord in Johnny. She knew what Johnny thought about her, Amy told all of her friends that Johnny thought they were all hot and that he watched them when they swam and sunbathed. But for Becky, Johnny found her the sexiest not to mention the smartest and most down to earth of all of Amy’s friends. Becky thought that if Johnny had a little sincere reinforcement from a beautiful girl he would come out of his shell and it would do wonders for his self esteem.

“So you’re still a virgin then?” Becky asked, anxious to see if she could seduce her friend’s brother and hopefully it would help him get over his shyness.

“Well all those no’s mean yes I’m still a virgin” Johnny shot back, just a little annoyed that the questioning was leading here, still one of his sore spots in life.

“Have you ever felt a girl up at all?” Becky purposely asked the question hoping she could parlay it even further.

“Of course not” Johnny turned beet red but he was intrigued by Becky’s questioning now and his dick started to twinge in his shorts.

Taking a deep breath and rubbing her flat stomach, feeling her navel ring, Becky blurted out “Johnny, would you like to feel my tits?” Becky felt immediately stupid and embarrassed seeing the shocked look of surprise on Johnny’s face. Becky’s face turned red, which doesn’t happen often to her, but she noticed that after she asked the question her pussy dampened noticeably.

“Ummm … I don’t want to do that … ummm, no! Were you serious?” Johnny took a deep breath and he just prayed he wasn’t being toyed with again.

In a sultry serious voice she answered “Yes, Johnny I was serious.” Straightening her back up and thrusting her breasts toward Johnny she took both his hands and put them on her waist. Taking a deep breath to steady herself Becky guided his hands over her stomach to her breasts, she could feel her heart pounding under her shirt.

Johnny cautiously squeezed and caressed her tits, not taking his eyes off her chest at all and not wanting to wake up from this dream … but it wasn’t a dream it was real. “Do you like them?” Becky’s voice knocked him out of his trance.

“Ahhh … yeah … um I like them, they’re very nice, uh … umm … they feel great.” Johnny stammered it all out in one breath.

Becky let out a low moan has Johnny continued to rub her breasts as his fingers knew instinctively where her nipples were. She could feel her nipples stiffen as her pussy grew wetter. “They do feel great don’t they; mmmm … that feels so good.”

Johnny’s hands instinctively cupped Becky’s luscious breasts. He had dreamed of this for a very long time, ever since he first saw Becky in a bikini at one of his sister’s numerous pool parties. Becky was very appreciative of what Johnny was doing. She let out soft moans and louder noises when Johnny ran over a particularly sensitive area. Out of nowhere Becky tensed up and sat up a little more than she already was.

“This is all wrong, this isn’t right!” Becky exclaimed. Johnny’s mind tried to grapple with what just happened, he was trying to figure out what went wrong, or perhaps it just hit her she was with her best friend’s brother.

Johnny stammered and tried to apologize, but before he could get more than “I’m” out she chimed in, “How silly of me, I should take my top off … I really want you to like my nipples, we can’t let your first experience be just copping a feel.” Becky pulled off her t-shirt and tossed it on the carpet next to the couch. Johnny eagerly took her firm breasts in his hands and started to rub them more vigorously. His tongue lapped furiously at her hard nipples. Becky’s hand reached for Johnny’s crotch and started to rub him through his jeans.

Becky grabbed Johnny’s hand and said “let me suck your cock!” She pushed him back into the couch and pushed his shirt up over his stomach. In a matter of seconds she expertly undid his zipper and button and pulled his pants down. His dick throbbed in excited anticipation of what was about to happen.

Becky’s tongue expertly lapped at the head of his hard prick. Johnny let out a soft moan as she moved back and forth seamlessly between her mouth and stroking him. Johnny softly said her name and she looked up. “What is it?”

“Rub your tits up against my dick” Johnny said.

Becky grinned wickedly and said “little brother has a bit of kink in him.” Becky was more than happy to oblige her new fuck partner, cupping her tits she enveloped his cock and gently jerked him off.

As he neared orgasm Johnny’s hips jerked almost uncontrollably. Becky took that as her cue and began to vigorously suck his cock while she massaged his balls with her left hand. With a loud exhalation of air and one final jerk of his hips Johnny felt his hot jet of cum blast into Becky’s mouth. Becky didn’t miss a beat. Even with two smaller jets of cum behind Johnny’s first blast she didn’t miss a single drop. After giving his cock a final lick with her tongue Becky looked up at Johnny.

“Are you alright Becky?” asked Johnny.

“Of course I am silly and you were just fine … just fine,” added Becky. Taking her finger Becky wiped off a little drop of cum from her chin. Leaning up to give Johnny a kiss, both were stunned to hear a car pull into the driveway followed by the slamming of a car door.

In a flash Becky grabbed both her shirt and bra and was up the steps. Johnny could hear the thumping of her feet in the hallway and the slamming of the bathroom door. Meanwhile Johnny wrestled with his hard cock to put it back in his pants and get situated before his sister came through the door.

“Becky, where are you!” Amy hollered as she burst through the front door and threw her purse on the floor.

“She’s up in the bathroom. Do you have to yell like that all the time?” Johnny hoped that nothing appeared out of the ordinary and her sister wouldn’t start to ask any strange questions.

“I’m here Amy, just freshening up a little before we went out” Becky answered. Johnny was amazed that not one of Becky’s hairs was out of place, nor was her shirt unduly wrinkled or that her lip gloss wasn’t smudged.

“I hope you didn’t have to spend too much time with my dork of a brother. He didn’t bother you at all did he?” Amy asked Becky.

Grabbing her purse and things Becky replied: “Your brother was no bother at all; he was a perfect gentleman. As a matter of fact he put the ‘Brett question’ into a whole new perspective.”

Rolling her eyes Amy replied: “Whatever, can we just get going? Johnny tell mom and dad I’ll be home by 11:30 tonight.”

“Ok, sis. Bye Becky” Johnny added as calmly as possible.

Becky turned to him as she headed out the door. Blowing him a small kiss and giving him an unmistakable wink: “I’ll definitely see you later Johnny.”

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