tagIncest/TabooSisters Do Double Anal

Sisters Do Double Anal


Sisters Ann and Amy did everything together. Ann was two years the senior. At twenty and eighteen years old respectively, they lived in the same flat together, partied together and were totally open about their love lives. Ann had a regular boyfriend in Pete, but Amy had been unlucky in love , just recently splitting up from her boyfriend Ray, and had been moping terribly. The solution was obvious, a girls night out and so they prepared for a night of fun, flirting , and maybe more.

Ann was slightly taller at 5 ft 8in, with bleached blonde long hair flowing down her back. She wore a distressed denim mini skirt and silk sleeveless halter neck top, the natural lace top hold up stockings were barely noticeable, her pink painted toenails standing out from her white strappy high heeled sandals. Her 36c breasts held firm without a bra. Amy was only 5 ft 4in and brunette and prided herself on a vampish look. A black miniskirt, sheer black hold ups and black high heeled courts, white mini skirt and white vest top combined with heavy make up made her seem older than she really was.

"Legends" night club was as packed as ever on a Saturday night. Very quickly Amy left her cares behind her, shaking her "booty" for all it was worth as admirers swarmed around. Ann's boyfriend Pete had met them at the club and looked on amused at all the attention Amy was getting. But his friend Leroy was not simply amused, he was turned on by the sight of this mini sex bomb strutting her stuff:

"Boy, I'd like to poke that ass," he sighed, "and when I say that ass, I mean that ass."

"Well if she takes it like her sister does, she should be quite an ass-fuck," smirked Pete.

Leroy smiled, if there was one thing which got him hot ,, it was the thought of tail-gunning pretty little white girls, and here was the perfect opportunity. Quickly, and quietly, the two friends conferred. Leroy would be introduced to Amy and would then offer them all a lift home at the end of the evening at which point he would let that old black magic work its stuff.

The four of them returned to the flat, all except Leroy a little drunk. Pete stood behind Ann and untied her halter neck top allowing the flimsy material to collapse around her hips, and her ripe breasts to spill out. She moaned as Pete's firm hands grazed her stiffening nipples and kneaded their fullness. She stepped towards the settee, kneeled on the cushions resting her arms on the back and looked towards Pete: " What are you waiting for? Do me!"

Pete needed no further invitation, and stepped forwards. He flipped up her denim skirt and eased down the flimsy white lace panties which coated her soft buttocks. He could not help but notice the damp patch in the gusset. Then purposefully unbuckling his belt, he dropped his trousers and took out his rapidly stiffening cock. Amy stared intently as Pete brushed it against her sister's pussy lips, lubricating it with her seeping juices and then, in one movement, slid it up and eased the head into her puckered starfish. "Hold my hand , sis," Ann moaned, as she struggled to take the pulsing head.

"Go on, fuck me you bastard" yelled Ann, as she squeezed Amy's hand and waited for that painful, exhilarating surge as her boyfriend sank his full length into her ass. Amy had never done anal before and was fearful of the pain that she felt sure her sister was enduring as Pete started to loosen her up with short stabbing strokes. But then Ann loosened her grip on her sister's hand as waves of pleasure started to overtake her.

"Kneel beside your sister" whispered a deep voice into Amy's ear. At first she couldn't believe what she heard, then it came again. "Kneel beside your sister I said."

Intoxicated by the erotic spell cast by her sister squealing as Pete skewered her ass, Amy obeyed , bowing her shoulders but thrusting her hips high into the air. Leroy could hardly believe his luck as he pushed her T shirt and skirt up, yanking her skimpy thong from her hips. "Spread them," he commanded , Amy splayed her legs as wide apart as she could and Leroy salivated at the sight of her black lace top stockings and light wispy pubic hair, delightfully colour co-ordinated. Her body jolted as though it had been electrocuted when Leroy darted his drooling tongue into her virgin tight asshole.

"No!" protested Amy as Leroy's tongue started a circling motion in her holiest of holy's. "I've never taken cock up there before"

"Well it's about time you did" rasped an increasingly battered Ann, who then yelped with joy as Pete gave her a full eight inch stroke as if to emphasise the point.

"You heard your sister," drooled Leroy, as he withdrew his tongue then unzipped his aching black cock, oozing pre cum.

Amy closed her eyes tightly, as if not seeing, would mean this was not happening. But it was, her sister was now begging for Pete's thrusts next to her and she was about to lose her anal cherry. Now it was her turn to clasp her sister's hand. She felt the flared, engorged, rose tipped lance press at her opening.

"Come on baby, you can do this," coaxed Leroy. Saliva from Leroy's earlier tongue probing dribbled out of her anus as the pre cum smeared rod prised open her young virgin opening. "That's it, Daddy's coming home," he added as her tender sphincter gave up all resistance and let Leroy's eager black meat slide in and fill her. "Good girl," congratulated Leroy as he completed his thrust.

Amy's eyes swam as she came to terms, first with the pain, and then the sheer pleasure of what she was doing .She turned to her sister whose eyes were starting to bulge as Pete set up a determined, rhythmic assault on her ass with his cock.

"Oh my God," gasped Amy, "We're both doing anal together" as she squeezed her sisters hand.

"Let's fuck these bitches like they have never been fucked before," spat Leroy as he tried to match the pace Pete was setting on Ann's ass. Quickly they synchronised their thrusts as their heavy balls slapped against both sisters' tender, aching, pussy lips, the noise echoing crudely, dirtily and erotically around the room. Amy sub consciously started to push back to meet Leroy's thrusts, eager to eke out every possible erotic sensation.

Leroy knew that he had Amy at his mercy now: "Come on baby, you can make it, looks as though I've found me a dirty white ass whore desperate for black cock."

That sent her over, then she felt it coming, that familiar pulsing sensation that foretold a shattering climax. All thoughts of her previous boyfriend were gone. Here she was, on her knees, giving backdoor to a big black cock, to a man she hardly knew, and she was loving it! She began to jerk her hips back onto Leroy's cock like the bitch on heat that she was. She started to moan, then became aware that the air was full not just of her moans, but of Ann's too. And the sharp slaps as balls smacked pussy were just as loud next to her. She snaked her tongue out in sordid lust to find it met by Ann's as she too rose to climax. Fiercely their lips and tongues locked and danced a crazed dance as both girls surrendered to nature. Amy felt Ann's body shudder as Pete pumped her ass full of spunk, then it was Amy's turn as Leroy gripped her hips and drove himself to a glorious ejaculation, heightened impossibly by the knowledge that this girl had given him first crack at her virgin ass.

Both girls lay there in post coital exhaustion, spunk seeping out of their aching but grateful asses. The fine lace of their stocking tops soaking up the gooey mess.

"You tart," playfully chided Ann to her sister as they both tried to catch their breath. "You took that cock like a pro, AND I've never taken black."

"Maybe next time?" mused Amy.

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