tagTransgender & CrossdressersSisters In Arms... A Wish Too Far?

Sisters In Arms... A Wish Too Far?


I was so excited! I was on my way to Stansted Airport to pick up one of my best and oldest friends the lovely Caroline Brooks. We had been really close for over two years now but this was going to be the first time we had ever actually met face to face!

When Caroline and I met online all that time ago we hit it off straight away and over the years we had became as close as two people could possibly be, being there for each other through the highs and lows that life threw in our paths...

Today though I was actually going to meet her for the first time and I was bursting at the seams to see my 'sister' and give her a hug for real!

She had flown all the way down from Aberdeen to see me and we had timed it so we could also go to the 'Big Night Out' at the Pink Punters night club while she was here, that way she could get to say hello to some of her other on-line friends who would be there as well. We were going to go straight to the Campanile hotel from the airport so I had a bag packed and ready in the boot.

I knew Caroline was straight and that had never had any bearing on our friendship, even though she knew I fancied the pants off her and for two pins I would have corrupted her in a heartbeat! But I was not going to ruin everything we had by letting my lust for her get the better of me, so I swore to myself that I'd be on my best behaviour this Weekend.

Even so, I knew she admired my legs so I couldn't resist wearing quite a short skirt, nothing indecent mind, but enough to let her be very aware of my legs as my skirt rode up while I was driving... Hehe... But then I knew she was used to me gently trying to tease and tempt her, so I was sure she wouldn't expect anything else?

I pulled into the pick up point and scanned the area to see if she had arrived and then I spotted her, standing there like a lost angel up against the tinted glass panels near the entrance.

As ever Caroline looked stunning! She looked every inch the sexy business woman in an obviously expensive black two piece suit, the skirt resting just above her knee and a smartly tailored jacket over a beautiful lemon blouse. Her legs were long and slender in her 4" stiletto heels and she held onto a black leather handbag that rested casually over her shoulder.

She recognised me and waved a smile as I stopped by the kerb in front of her, then forgetting all thoughts of decorum I rushed over to her like a schoolgirl and flung my arms around her almost bouncing with delight at finally meeting my oldest and dearest friend!

Caroline laughed at my enthusiasm and through a face full of my hair said, "Hello to you too Sarah." In the most delightful soft Aberdonian accent.

I untangled myself from her and took Caroline's hands in mine looking straight into her eyes.

"Oh Caroline... I can't tell you how good it is to see you!" And with that I promptly burst into tears and laughter at the same time!

Dabbing at my eyes with a tissue I smiled... "Come on sis, let me get your bag for you..."

Caroline was immaculate as ever... Her soft dark hair fell casually across her dusky brown eyes and her make-up was perfect, light enough for the day but still as sexy as hell! With her full red lips and matching nail varnish.

She wore a pretty pearl necklace with matching dangly earrings that made me want to kiss her delicate neck, but I restrained the impulse and ushered her into the car instead.

We set off for the Campanile laughing and chatting all the way there and when we arrived I went straight to the reception and got the key to our room while Caroline collected our things from the car.

Walking back out to her I looked a bit sheepish...

"I'm afraid I could only get a double room Caroline... I did ask for a twin, but this is all they had. Is it going to be alright with you hun?"

Laughing she said, "You little minx, you planned this all along didn't you?"

I honestly hadn't, but my face went bright red anyway and before I could stutter out any defence she said, "Hehe, don't worry Sarah, it's not a problem."

I still couldn't help feeling guilty but I picked up my case and showed Caroline up to the room.

Once inside we dropped our bags and gave each other the biggest hug ever, a hug that was long overdue... and as we stood there holding each other so closely my mind went into free fall! The intoxicating aroma of Channel no5 filled my senses and the softness of Caroline's body pressing against mine was almost more than I could cope with!

Oh God I wanted her so badly right at that moment! I wanted to pull my head away from her shoulder and kiss those pouting lips of hers... fully and with a passion born of longing, kiss her like she had never been kissed before!

Instead I pulled away from her with a sigh and almost whispered... "Don't worry Caroline. I swear to you darling that I will not try anything on with you while you're here... Ok?"

For a moment I thought I saw a brief flicker of disappointment in her eyes, then she tenderly placed her cool hand on my cheek and said, "You don't have to say that Sarah... I know you're being good... thank you..."

We stood there for a brief moment longer, enjoying the intimate closeness of our friendship and then we pulled away from each other and started to empty our cases.

After we had hung up our clothes for the evening and dug out our make-up and so on I thought a drink might be in order.

Turning to Caroline I said, "Would you like to freshen up now sweetheart? Or shall we go and have a drink in the bar and say hello to people as they arrive?"

"I thought you would never ask?" Caroline laughed, and with that we headed back down to the lobby...

It was still early afternoon when we walked into the bar area and I spotted a few old friends who had also arrived early so I introduced Caroline around. Her sparking personality very quickly won them over and soon she was chatting and laughing like she had known them for years. As other people I knew turned up and joined us for a drink I introduced her to them as well and I was pleased to see how relaxed and comfortable she felt as she regaled us all with some of her tall tales.

Caroline is very tactile, as am I, and it felt really nice as she rested her hand on my arm or leg while she was chatting... I know she didn't realise she was doing it, but every time she did I felt a small tingle of excitement rush through me.

I was pacing myself with the drinks as I knew what a long night we had in store and I wanted to have my wits about me to make sure Caroline would have the best night ever. But Caroline had other ideas and she was downing drinks like a true Scottish lass! She was by no means drunk of course, but she was getting slightly tipsy and I was silently elated when she sought out my hand under the table and held on to me...

After a couple of hours I thought we had better ease up a little so I pried her reluctantly away from the bar and we went back up to our room to shower and change before dinner.

Getting ready with Caroline was so nice, we chatted about clothes and different make-up techniques, we spoke about our families and gossiped about people we knew... just two girlfriends relaxed in each others company and having a good old natter.

Caroline got changed first and being a little shy, she changed in the bathroom while I was finishing off my make-up, and to keep things above board I decided to do the same afterwards so as not to embarrass her.

I heard the bathroom door open and turning round I saw standing in the doorway this vision of loveliness! Caroline looked an absolute knock out!

She wore a stunning black lace mini dress that really flattered and accentuated her feminine curves, her evening make-up was slightly heavier but beautifully done and it drew you into her sparkling eyes like a magnet! Her long silky hair flowed over her shoulders and part of the fringe fell across one of her eyes in such a sexy way...

Her legs were long and slender encased in nearly-black sheer stockings as I could just make out the subtle line of a suspender belt on her thigh, she wore pretty black open toed sandals with a 4" heel, that fastened around her delicate ankle and made her legs look even longer!

"Oh Caroline darling you look stunning!" I gasped! "Goodness girl you are going to be fighting them off with a stick tonight looking like that!"

Caroline smiled and gave me a little curtsy by way of thank you.

"Do you really think so Sarah? I mean you don't think it's too... well... too short? The dress?" She subconsciously smoothed her dress down and my heart missed a beat at such an innocent but evocative gesture.

"No, no sweetheart," I rushed in, trying to ignore the spark that was zapping me in the pit of my stomach. "You look lovely! And it's no shorter than the skirt I'll be wearing... Besides, you wait until you see what some of the girls wear over there... Not much more than a piece of string and a handkerchief on some of them!"

We both laughed and Caroline walked towards me and to my shock and most pleasant surprise gave me a peck on the lips...!

"That's for the complement and for being such a wonderful friend." She said softly...

I could feel my face burning bright red, not from embarrassment, but from the sheer desire that was bubbling just below the surface, so I quickly stood up and smiled a coy little smile at her.

"Why don't you open that wine now and pour us both a drink while I get changed? I think it's about time our evening got started..."

I knew Caroline had only meant that kiss as a friendly gesture... I knew she was straight... I knew she was out of bounds for me... I knew all this... But God she was turning me on!

I did have a sneaking suspicion that she was flirting with me a little bit though, I knew how Caroline's sense of humour worked and I had never made a secret of the fact that I fancied her like crazy!

'Well two can play that game!' I thought to myself and decided to get changed right there if front of her...

I had decided to wear a long silver/grey wrap-over top... it was in a light cashmere that felt so soft against my skin and it hugged my figure beautifully, it had fur trimming around the collar and it tied at the waist giving me a nice shape. I was wearing a short grey skirt with it and my black 4" court shoes.

I had already put on my matching black bra and thong, and everything was tucked away where it should be, so untying my silk dressing gown I shrugged it off of my shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

I knew I had quite a good figure as I had been working out and looking after myself lately, so I wasn't shy about my body being on show and walking around the room in just my underwear. I did smile to myself though as I could tell Caroline was trying not to stare at me as she concentrated on pouring the wine.

I acted as though it was the most natural thing in the world and to be honest in any other circumstance it would have been, but this wasn't quite like that... Caroline was straight and I was supposed to be behaving myself! But she started it, and I was just getting a little revenge by acting as sexy and alluring as I could without overstepping the mark...

I reached into my bag for the pretty lace top hold-ups I was going to wear with my outfit and then sauntered over to Caroline with them in my hand.

"Now how about that wine?" I asked huskily, standing semi naked right in front of her.

"Oh yes Sarah, sorry, here it is..."

Caroline handed me the glass and I took it from her slowly, touching her hand seductively as I did so, I then sipped my wine and with my other hand reached forward and touched one of her earrings with my finger, making sure I brushed her neck in the process.

"These are pretty sweetheart..." I innocently murmured, "They really suit you."

I was in no rush to take my hand away and Caroline and I stood face to face, both of us very aware of the closeness and intimacy of the situation. But after a moment she broke the spell and went to sit in a chair by the window.

Not finished with teasing her yet I sat on the bed in front of her and opening the packet of stockings I proceeded to very slowly pull one up my leg.

For the first time since I had known her Caroline was totally silent as she watched me in rapt fascination...

I pulled on the other stocking in the same seductive manner and when I was done I stood in front of her to adjust the lace tops. Turning round I asked Caroline to check if they were straight at the back, knowing full well that my naked bottom was staring her straight in the face...

I could almost feel her hot breath on my back but I had no intention of taking things any further, although I was thoroughly enjoying teasing her like this and it was a very erotic moment.

"Thanks hun." I said nonchalantly after a few seconds and moved away to get my clothes from the wardrobe.

I slipped into my skirt and pulled on my top, tying it around my waist, then stepping into my shoes I straightened myself out and gave Caroline a little curtsy.

"Da Daaaaa... All done. Do I look ok sis?"

Caroline was sitting there like a rabbit caught in the headlights, but she shook herself out of it and smiled at me.

"You look good enough to eat Sarah."

I giggled... "Be careful what you wish for gorgeous!" I cheekily replied.

I finished up by putting in my earrings and the rest of my jewellery then dabbing on some perfume and I was finally ready to go.

We ate in the hotel and then downed a few more drinks at the bar before heading over to the Pink Punters night club across the road.

Caroline was so excited to be going to her first 'Big Night Out', the 'BNO' is a once monthly TG night for girls and guys who are members of the TvChix website, and many of the people she had spoken to online were going to be there.

Once we were inside I showed her around... starting with the basement disco and then up to the main bar/dance area before going up to the top floor where most of the 'Chixters' hung out or eventually gravitated back to.

The 'BNO' was as always a great atmosphere and the guys and girls that came were friendly and welcoming, so Caroline was on a real high as she recognised friends from TvChix and made new ones with people she had seen but had never or rarely spoken to. It warmed my heart to see her looking so radiant and happy, although she rarely left my side and she would often hold my hand or put her arm casually around my waist. Something that I found most agreeable...

As usually happens at the 'BNO' though the night whizzed by in a blur, Caroline and I chatted to people interspersed with frequent trips down to the dance floor to strut our stuff, until eventually our feet could take no more and we simply sat among friends having a good time. As the evening started to slow down and draw to a close I took her hand.

"I hate to be a party pooper sweetheart, but its gone 3.30 so I think we should be thinking of making a move soon?"

The two of us were rather 'merry' by now and I knew that if we saw it out to the end of the night drinking we would both end up totally wasted... A little to my surprise though Caroline actually agreed with me, so we said our goodnights to the remaining few friends who were staying and tottered hand in hand and a little unsteadily back to our hotel.

Once safely back in the room I flopped unceremoniously onto the bed and before I had even stopped moving I felt Caroline flop down next to me.

I opened my eyes and turned towards her as she put her arm around my waist snuggling up close to me.

"Sarah, I just want to say thank you for giving me such a wonderful evening."She breathed.

Then before I even had a chance to reply she leaned forward and kissed me! Not a friendly peck like she did earlier, but fully on the lips this time and with serious intent!

I felt her tongue push its way into my mouth and I responded instinctively rolling her onto her back and straddling her with my legs putting everything into that unexpected kiss!

I felt Caroline's hands slip under my skirt, caressing my upper thigh and bottom, pulling me into her in her passion like a woman possessed.

This beautiful woman, my stunning friend whom I had lusted after for so very long had prised open a door to something that I had kept locked carefully in check and I was acting on impulse as I responded to her helplessly... but then a warning light flashed on in my befuddled brain as I realised what I was doing and my promise not to take advantage!

Breaking our kiss I lifted myself up onto my arms and still sitting across her groin I looked into her bright, fathomless eyes.

For a moment I couldn't find my voice, but then in a low, breathy whisper I stammered out.

"Caroline, oh my goodness sweetheart I, I'm so sorry... I said I wouldn't do this! I don't want to ruin everything..."

I reached out and tenderly stroked her face with the back of my hand.

"You're drunk darling and I'm not going to take advantage of you while you're like this? I would never forgive myself if I messed everything up between us!"

Caroline still had a firm grip on my thighs making sure I didn't roll off her, but then she released one hand and took mine in hers bringing it to her mouth and softly kissing it.

"Sarah, I'm not half as drunk as you think I am... I know exactly what I'm doing and I want this... I truly do."

My heart skipped a beat as I looked down on her immaculate face, her hair fanned out over the pillow like a halo, her mesmerizing eyes pulling me in.

"I am straight Sarah, but not tonight, and not with you... I want you Sarah! I have tried to fight it all night, but the harder I try the more I want you... Please Sarah... Don't push me away now..."

I was breathing rapidly, my heart pounding in my chest as her words tore at my defences, words I never dreamed I would hear! My eyes misted over and a tear ran freely down my face as I realised that Caroline was being totally sincere... I could see in her eyes that she really did want us to make love, and the lump in my throat stopped my breathing for a moment as it all sank in.

My mind was in a vortex of emotion! All my good intentions were washed away by her singular heartfelt plea; I could fight it no more than I could capture the ephemeral reflection of the moon on the deep ocean... A feeling of euphoria and intense release swept through my psyche as I no longer had to hold back the tide of my true affection for this long denied woman of my desire.

I leaned forward to kiss her, more gently this time and one of my tears fell onto her cheek rolling slowly down to her delicate neck and onto the pillow below.

Sitting back up I dabbed at my eyes with a tissue and smiled down at her as I tried to pull myself together.

Once again that deep sincerity in her sparkling eyes and the slight look of anxiety that I would refuse her gave testament to the strength of her desire.

"Darling, Caroline... if this is what you really want I'm not going to refuse you..." And then leaning closer I whispered... "Don't worry beautiful, I'll be very, very gentle..."

With that I rolled off of Caroline and lay beside her, kissing her all the while and exploring her body with my free hand, caressing her back, her bottom, stroking up her legs with my painted fingernails to the soft white flesh of her thighs above her stocking tops.

I still couldn't quite believe this was happening, but I was not going to fight it if this was really what she wanted...

I eased myself back on top of her and kissed her neck just under the ear before working my way further down her body, looking into her eyes the whole time with a look of untold promise. I could feel how tense she was and as I slipped my hands up her dress and went to pull down her panties I whispered. "Relax darling... Just let yourself go..."

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