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Sisters Lust


Susan looked at her brother stretched out on the sofa. At 18 he was 10 years younger than her and in his last year at school. She had watched him grow up, maturing through his teenage years into the attractive, toned form that lay before her now. Guiltily she admitted to herself that she found him sexy, that she wanted to fuck him.

She had been married for 8 years. Her husband was a good man who worked hard to give them a good lifestyle. Unfortunately his hard work meant he didn't have much time for sex and Susan had needs. It was these needs that were making her pussy tingle now as she imagined Chris, her brother, doing things to her that she really shouldn't be thinking.

Chris had come to stay with them for a week but Jeff, her husband, had been called away on business at the last minute. He had spent the weekend at home but had left this morning for a 3 day trip abroad. He had rung from his hotel just an hour ago to let her know he had arrived safely.

After dinner Chris had gone upstairs to shower. He had come down just wearing a robe and, as he sprawled on the sofa, it fell open to reveal his firm, muscular chest. Opposite him, in the chair, Susan sat wondering what else lay beneath the robe and how she could get to explore his body. Her pussy was on fire – she was filled with illicit lust. She wanted his young body close to hers, his firm cock pushing deep into her.

Susan stood up. "I think I'll go and shower now" she said.

"OK" replied Chris. "Maybe we can go out for a drink or something".

"I won't be long" said Susan.

Upstairs Susan enjoyed the warm water running over her sexed up body. Her hands roamed over her 36-24-35 figure and up through her long raven black hair. Her fingers probed her pussy, trying to find some relief from the pent up feeling of desire that she felt for her brother. It was no good – it wouldn't go away. She wouldn't be truly satisfied until she had his tool in her cunt. She stepped out of the shower, dried herself and went to her wardrobe. Her mind was set on seduction and she needed to choose her clothes carefully.

Susan normally wore conservative outfits that would be described as smart rather than sexy. She had met some of Chris's past girlfriends and she knew he went for the obvious, tarty type. Going through her underwear drawer she found a bra and brief set that her husband had given her for Christmas. She had worn it a couple of times but it wasn't really her style. Jeff had obviously bought it for his benefit rather than hers. Susan put it on and studied herself in the mirror. The lacy black bra pushed her tits up and together, giving her a magnificent cleavage. The matching panties barely covered her bush, which she always kept neatly trimmed.

Searching through her wardrobe, Susan tried to find something suitable. To have the desired effect Chris would need to be able to see the sexy underwear, so she needed something see through. Unfortunately she didn't possess anything transparent so she selected the next best thing. It was a white blouse that had a tailored fit. It wasn't exactly see through but, as she looked in the mirror, the outline of her black bra was clearly visible. Because it was a tailored fit she could leave the top buttons undone to reveal her ample cleavage. Below it she slipped on tight white trousers. Again, her black underwear was clearly visible but then he thought trousers would be difficult to get off quickly. Once she had Chris going she didn't want him changing his mind. Even he might draw the line at incest! Susan changed the trousers for white skirt that buttoned down the front. She fastened only the top three buttons and sat down on the bed. The skirt fell open so that it barely covered her pussy which was, by now, wet again. Her complexion was dark and tanned so she didn't need tights or stockings. Susan finished the outfit with black high-heeled shoes and went downstairs.

Chris was still in his robe on the sofa. He looked up as she entered. "Christ" he exclaimed. "I can't take you out like that!"

Susan pouted. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Are you worried that I'm too old for you?"

"It's not that" said her brother. "You may be dressed in virginal white but I'll spend all night fighting the blokes off you. Doesn't Jeff mind you looking like that?"

"Like what, exactly?" asked Susan.

"Well!" replied Chris. "You look so…HOT!"

Susan smiled. "Firstly, I'm dressed how I feel – HOT as you put it. Secondly, this is just for you. I don't dress like this when I go out with my husband".

Her brother shifted uncomfortably. He was having trouble concealing the boner that was struggling to escape from his robe.

Susan continued. "It's OK, we don't have to go out. We can have a quiet drink at home. Fancy a beer?"

"OK" mumbled Chris.

Susan went to get the drinks. She was certain that he fancied more than a beer!

As she came back into the room she caught him with his hand under his robe. She hoped he hadn't already cum – she wanted that for herself. She leaned forward as she put his drink down in front of him and saw his eyes drawn to her tits which were almost spilling out of her blouse. She sat next to him on the sofa and saw his gaze shift to the expanse of tanned thigh that was now on display. His robe looked like a tent in his lap.

"So! What now, little brother" she asked.

Chris could barely speak. "I don't mind. It's up to you".

Susan knew what he wanted but he obviously dare not suggest it. She leaned towards him and put her hand behind his head. Her tits pushed hard against his arm.

"Well, there's just the two of us so I guess we'll have to make our own amusement" she whispered in his ear. She nibbled at his lobe and brought her other hand up to caress his chest.

Chris turned his face towards her and they exchanged a lingering look. Their lips met gently and suddenly his tongue forced it's way into her mouth. Susan returned her brothers kiss passionately and felt his hand on her waist. It slowly moved up until it cupped her breast, his fingers closing on her hard nipples.

Susan slid her hand down his chest and into his lap. She felt the raging hardness of his cock. Chris unbuttoned her blouse and slid his hand inside her bra. The bra was very skimpy and her tits easily fell out. He dropped his head and eagerly started sucking on her rock hard nipples, first one then the other. His tongue darted over them, licking and flicking.

Susan dragged at the tie holding her brothers robe and pulled it open. For the first time her fingers closed round his hardness and she slowly started to wank him. She looked down, seeing his big hard cock for the first time. For a second she felt a touch of guilt as she noticed the wedding ring on her finger. The wedding ring finger that was now on another mans cock! Her brothers cock! With the hand that was still behind his head she pulled him down so that they were lying side by side. His hand was now forcing it's way between her legs. Susan parted them slightly and felt his fingers rubbing her pussy through her panties. Then she felt his hand go down inside her panties and a finger slipped into her dripping cunt

Susan pulled his hand away. "No!" she said.

Chris looked confused, but she smiled. "First I want to taste you".

She wriggled down until her head was level with his cock. Slowly she took him into her mouth, her tongue licking softly round the head as she tasted his pre-cum. Her long dark hair cascaded over his lap as she licked and sucked on his dick, her hand gently squeezing his balls.

Susan felt her brothers hands on her head, guiding her tempo as he fucked her face. Suddenly, almost without warning, his hips thrust up at her and she felt the first spurt of spunk hit the roof of her mouth. Chris bucked under her as more cum jetted into her mouth. She continued to milk him until he was completely spent. When she lifted her head to look at him some of the cum dribbled from the edge of her mouth and down her chin. She took some of her hair and wiped it away.

Chris smiled at her. "Hey, big sister! That was fantastic, but now it's your turn".

He rolled off the sofa and pushed her back down. Pulling her legs apart he buried his face against her panty covered bush and blew warm air over it. As his fingers pulled her panties to one side his tongue slipped into her fuck-hole. Susan closed her eyes, took his head in her hands and pulled him into her. His tongue was playing with her, dancing in and out of her cunt and all around her clit. Her body was on fire. She had never dreamed that her young brother would be so good at eating pussy. Her breathing was quick, panting. Her orgasm was building and suddenly she went over the edge. As she bucked and screamed her juices flowed over her brothers tongue.

Chris slowed the motion as she came down from her high. This had been a real turn on for him, feeling his sister cum over his face. He was getting hard again. He lifted his head and looked at her.

Susan opened her eyes and saw her brother looking down at her. His face was dripping with her love juice. Her hair was still matted with the cum she had wiped from her chin but she took it and cleaned his face. As she did so she again noticed her wedding ring – no guilt this time – just more lust!

"Kiss me" she said.

Chris leaned forward and their lips met. The lips that had just explored each others most intimate parts were now joined again. As they kissed Susan felt her brothers cock push against her pussy lips. She jumped.

"Sorry!" said Chris. "Are you still tender?"

Susan smiled. "Not so tender that I don't want that inside me" she whispered.

Chris pushed gently forward. Her cunt lips parted easily and he slipped inside her. Slowly he pushed deep into his sister, until his balls were touching her hot flesh.

"Oooh! Sis! You feel so good" said Chris.

Susan wrapped her legs around him and closed her eyes. She seemed to outside of her body, looking down on the carnal scene. Such was the intensity of the lust between brother and sister that she hadn't even had time to undress. Her tits were hanging free from her bra, her skirt was up around her waist, her panties were pushed to one side and her brothers cock was buried in her twitching cunt.

"Fuck me, Chris" she panted. "Fuck your big sister".

Chris started to pump in and out of her.

"Ooh! Sis, Sis!"

"Yes, little brother, yes! Fuck me! Cum inside me! Fill me with your babies!"

Chris thrust deep into her and Susan pushed her hips up at him. He took her legs and put them up over his shoulders, making the penetration even deeper. They were both sweating hard, and their bodies stuck together. Susan had never experienced fucking like it, the feelings inside her were so intense.

"I'm cumming!" she screamed. "Cum inside me, now!"

Chris thrust once more hard and his jism shot into his sisters cunt. Susan came at the same time, her orgasm started by the feeling of her brother shooting his load inside her.

They lay together for a while, spent. Susan stroked her brothers hair. When she had set out to seduce him this evening she had never imagined the sex would be this good.

"Chris" she said softly. "I think we ought to go to bed. We've only got another two days together!"

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