tagSci-Fi & FantasySisters of the Cohort Ch. 02

Sisters of the Cohort Ch. 02


Mikael awoke to the gentle slosh of water, his groggy lids opening slowly in the firelight. He had slept very well, and very comfortably, his energy replenished despite his utter exhaustion the night before. The soft rug yielded luxuriously beneath him, and he lay there a moment to enjoy its touch.

After a short while, he reached up and rubbed his eyes with his fists. The fog of sleep still clouding his morning vision slowly dissipated, and he wondered why it was taking him so long to wake up. He was normally alert in an instant, perpetually ready for battle. Could he truly be so relaxed that he was enjoying his laziness? With a small shrug, he lifted his head, attempting to locate the beautiful woman with whom he had spent the night.

Lucinda was bathing. She stood in the sanctuary's warm spring, splashing water over her gorgeous naked form and seemingly enjoying its heat. The firelight glistened off her skin, its incandescence catching the droplets that clung to her, and she appeared to Mikael to be sparkling. She hummed softly to herself and settled down into the pool, starting to half-float in the waist-deep water and clearly soaking in its warmth.

Mikael watched intently as the small waves that rippled through the spring lapped at her large breasts. Her long, black hair floated behind her, spreading across the surface like an obsidian water lily, and her hands slowly drifted to her chest. He felt a familiar stirring in his loins as her right hand began to trace its way down her body, before gently settling between her thighs. Now he was awake.

He silently rose, noting with pleasure that Lucinda failed to detect him doing so, and crept towards the water's edge. Her breathing had become slightly erratic, and her skin was flushed; clearly her fingers were working their magic. Her left hand fluttered outwards to grasp the stone edge of the pool, and a faint moan, barely audible over the crackling fire, left her lips.

Mikael gently lowered himself to a crouch behind Lucinda, far enough away that she would not notice the ripples his entry would create. In one silent movement, he slipped into the pool, and edged towards the stunning rogue. She did not notice him, but he did not expect her to; he was quite the expert in moving silently, and she was far too caught up with the furious workings of her hand between her thighs.

He approached her cautiously as she started to shudder, careful not to alert her to his presence. Her moans had grown more insistent, and his cock, half-ready as it usually was when he awoke, was now fully erect as he watched the incredibly erotic display before him. Lucinda's left hand had turned white at the knuckles from gripping the stone of the pool's edge, and her breaths were heavy as her fingers plunged in and out of her silky depths.

All of a sudden she froze, her body becoming rigid and her whispered moans becoming little more than staccato gasps. Her muscles appeared to twitch, though through the water it was hard to tell, and Mikael knew she was coming. He grinned, knowing he would have to act now or she would become aware of him as her mind focused.

Lucinda hunched forwards in the aftermath of her masturbation, standing more upright in the pool, her black hair plastered to her back. Mikael was no more than three feet away from her now. He prepared to reach out his hand and touch his new companion's shoulder, and his arm slowly extended.

"Morning, lover," she said, opening her green eyes as she turned her face to him. "Good of you to finally join me."

Mikael was startled by the sudden sound of her voice, jumping backwards in uncontrollable shock. It had been him attempting to surprise her! How had things been turned around so easily?

She grinned at him. "You didn't think I'd noticed you? You must remember, Mikael, I've been tracking since before you were born. You were very good, but you must do better."

Mikael drew his lips into a line. He would normally have been aghast at his failure to remain concealed, but in this instance primal urges were overriding his despair.

"If you knew I was there," he replied slowly, reaching out with his palm once more and stroking it down her smooth back. "And were so desperate for... that, then why not ask for my assistance?" With the last word his hand reached her ass, and he gave the supple flesh a gentle squeeze. Lucinda did not seem to mind.

She smiled mischievously before replying. "I was hoping you might show some initiative. That you might see a woman in distress, and step in to help."

"Help?" Mikael laughed, stepping towards her. He smiled cheekily as his left hand dropped to grasp his cock, subtly angling his member with her snatch as he moved closer. He was truly unsure as to whether she had noticed, distracted as she was by his right hand, which had now moved to grasp her right breast. He started to lightly thumb her nipple, and she moaned, a wicked glint in her eyes.

"What you needed was not help."

"Semantics..." she whispered, placing her right hand over Mikael's as he fondled her breast.

"Yet you wanted some initiative, Lucinda? You wanted me to be pro-active?"

Lucinda nodded, enjoying the attentions of his kneading hand, her demeanour radiating lust.

"Then how about this?" he said with a grin, thrusting forwards. His cock parted her pussy lips and slid easily into her hot tunnel. Lucinda cried out, her eyes wide in pleasurable surprise, and her left hand once again grasped a sudden hold of the pool's edge.

With a breathless laugh she pushed her pelvis down onto Mikael's, drawing in his cock as far as it would go. Her right hand moved to join her left.

"Now that one I didn't see coming. Perhaps I underestimated you."

He leant backwards, his hands moving to her hips, and began to pump rhythmically in and out of her eager snatch. The warm water splashed around them as he thrust, and the pleasant sound of its lapping was joined by Lucinda's moans. She could clearly masturbate in silence, but sex was another matter entirely.

She reached behind her, sliding her hand beneath the wet mane of obsidian hair stuck to her back, and tossed her head. Her sodden black hair caught the firelight beautifully as she threw her head sideways, and Mikael was showered with droplets of wonderful perfume-water. Yet the water was not perfumed, Mikael realised; it was his companion's natural scent that filled his nostrils so pleasantly.

He looked down upon her eagerly, enjoying the sight as she rippled beneath him, her back bending and extending to meet each of Mikael's thrusts, her hair scattered messily. Her large breasts were just visible either side of her chest, and her long legs tapered luxuriously down to the smooth rock floor of the pool.

He hunched forwards, his rhythm remaining the same as he bent his head to lightly kiss Lucinda's bare shoulders. His hands slid upwards at the same time, eventually wrapping round the front of his companion's body and grasping her large breasts, which swayed with the force of their sex. Once again he thumbed her nipples, and once again she voiced her approval.

Mikael had always been a fan of fucking someone from behind. To him it always had its certain erotic connotations that other positions, whilst also extremely pleasurable in their own ways, struggled to match. He enjoyed this immensely; his chest pressed to Lucinda's back; his arms curled around her front, fondling her breasts; his head nestled in the crook of her neck, kissing lightly; and Lucinda herself, quivering beneath him, staring straight ahead with her face contorted in pleasure.

"This is fantastic..." Mikael groaned as his companion's pussy twitched. "I love morning sex."

Lucinda moaned insistently. "The morning part... is unimportant... just the... ooooohhh... sex."

He quickened his pace as he felt his orgasm drawing near, noticing with glee that his lover's was not far off, either. He had come to use her gasps as a gauge for her impending climax, and the rapidity of her moans signalled that it was not very far away.

Slapping and splashing filled the air as his hips became a blur, her large breasts jiggling wonderfully in his hands at the force of his thrusts. The gorgeous rogue cried out, her back arching, and Mikael knew she was moments away. His cock plunged into her depths, his balls tightening. He would come, too.

"I'm... going to... come..." she cried out. "I'm... I'm... COOMMIIIIING!"

The word was torn from her lungs as a scream, her pussy seizing hold of his cock as her climax detonated in her core. Her mouth hung open uselessly, her emerald eyes wide, and Mikael could see the pleasure that tore at her soul. Her ecstasy was intense, and heartbeats later he joined her, groaning loudly as his own orgasm hit.

His cock spasmed as he came, spurting his seed deep into her snatch, which shuddered and undulated with her immense release. Her rippling walls milked his member, his cum spattering against them and coating her depths, and they stood together in rapture as their climaxes overtook them.

Eventually their orgasms faded, and with a long sigh Lucinda turned her face to Mikael. He stepped away, kissing down her smooth back, before she stood upright. She faced him, her glorious body wet and illuminated, and grinned widely. With one graceful movement, she climbed from the pool.

"You should wash yourself," she said with a laugh. "That was quite exceptional, and I would hate for you to go the rest of the day smelling of myself."

Mikael grinned. "Oh, I think I'd quite enjoy that."

She giggled at him, running her hands down the front of her amazing body, brushing the water from her skin. "Either way, you should hurry. That delay was worth every second, but my Sisters will be waiting for us. The sun is up, and we must press on."

Mikael nodded, and happily submerged himself in the warm water.


Mikael tread lightly behind Lucinda as they made their way quietly through the forest. They were climbing now; the air getting thinner and colder as they ascended. Mikael blinked away from the bright sunlight, low on the horizon due to the season, and looked ahead of himself once more. He refocused on Lucinda's lovely ass in her tight leather armour, and appreciated that he no longer had to grab subtle glances as she walked ahead of him. Now he just enjoyed the view.

At length they came to a stop. Mikael tore his gaze from his companion's shapely behind and looked grudgingly outwards, but was not prepared for what he saw. Lucinda tugged back on the foliage at the end of their trail, and he gasped.

They were stood on the edge of a vast, crystalline lake. A faint wind stirred its surface, and the forest trees whispered quietly in its caressing breeze. Birdsong filled the air, and a group of skittish deer braved the cold to graze on the far side. The mountain they had been climbing continued to his right, and at the edge of the lake stood a sheer cliff face, complete with one of the most magnificent waterfalls Mikael had ever seen.

"It is stunning, no? We are very, very lucky to live here," Lucinda said, staring across the lake.

Mikael was shocked. He could certainly see the attraction - the lake was absolutely magnificent, after all - but he could see no signs of habitation.

"This is where you live?"

"Yes," she responded, before pausing. A small smile crept across her face. "Behind this waterfall."

"Behind the waterfall?"

Lucinda laughed at his surprise, a lovely smile on her face. "Yes."

"How do you avoid getting soaked, or even crushed?"

"Those who belong in this Sanctuary are not touched by its waters," she said. She motioned towards the torrent of water. "We can move in and out of this entrance with ease."

Mikael was astounded. He had seen and heard a lot of strange things recently, from warriors of the Gods to secret sanctuaries hidden in caves, but the thought of being able to travel through a wall of water without getting wet was something he struggled to wrap his mind around.

After a while Lucinda spoke again. "Before we enter, perhaps we should talk. My Sisters will be kind to you, Mikael, for they will quickly come to understand everything I know. You are meant to be with us, of that I am sure, and they will accept my judgement, but it will nevertheless put you in good stead if you make a decent first impression. Tell me what you remember about us."

Mikael looked at Lucinda. "You are a secretive band of warriors, hundreds of years old; the Cohort of the Gods. You eliminate evil at the Gods' behest, swiftly and silently. I am the sixth member, for whom you have been searching for over a hundred years, who will finally complete the warband... that's about it."

She nodded at him, seemingly pleased. "That is all you can be expected to know. You impress me with your mental acuity, though I should not be surprised. Let us go then, to meet my Sisters." She turned away, and made for the entrance.

"Oh, I forgot one thing," Mikael quickly said.

"Yes?" Lucinda turned to him as she reached the waterfall, clearly intrigued.

"You like to be fucked... a lot."

Lucinda grinned, and stepped into the cascade.


Ice cold water battered down on top of Mikael, his skin seemingly punctured by a thousand frozen needles. He staggered through the torrent, fighting desperately to reach the other side. The sheer weight of water pressed him ever-downwards, and he grasped forwards blindly, willing his hands to touch solid rock and guide him across the painful threshold.

A wave of relief flooded through him as his fingers pierced the far edge, cool air rushing over them. The rest of his body soon followed, and he staggered forwards into a dark room, shuddering violently with cold as all heat was sucked from him. The waterfall continued unabated behind his back, and he sloshed through the deep pool he now found himself in, his muscles numb as he strove for the other side.

He was in an entranceway of some sort. Made of stone, it was lined with yet more furs and rugs, and lanterns hung lit from the walls. Their incandescence danced on the surface of the pool, and though the room was certainly dark compared to the outside world, his eyes soon adjusted. His mouth twisted into a grimace as he became aware of Lucinda stood on the far side, her face creased in amusement.

"I thought those who belonged here did not feel the water!" Mikael cried, bitterly cold and now utterly exhausted.

"They do not," Lucinda said with a smile, happier than Mikael would have liked. "But you do not yet belong here. Remember, Mikael, you are yet to be initiated. Be thankful that the Sanctuary did not see you as an enemy, however. If it had, you would now be dead."

Mikael scowled and Lucinda laughed, the twin emeralds of her eyes twinkling with friendly mirth. She waited as Mikael hauled his sodden body from the pool, and then turned, pacing quickly down the stone corridor that stretched out before them. Mikael hurried after her, bedraggled and cold, though not before rescuing his pack from the tumultuous surface of the pool.

After a minute or so they came to a large wooden door, and Lucinda turned to him as she reached for the handle. "Wait here, Mikael. I must gather my Sisters, and notify them of your presence. I will explain to them all that I know."

"And they will accept me?"

"They will trust my judgement. And I accept you," she responded, stepping towards him and planting a lingering kiss on his lips. Her tongue entered his mouth, and Mikael pulled her close, his hands running lightly down her back. Even through her armour she was slender and smooth, and he was vaguely irritated to notice that she had not a drop of water upon her.

After a short moment, the rogue broke the kiss and smiled at him. A heartbeat later she had opened the door, and was gone.

Mikael sat there awhile, shuddering with cold as he fought to stop his teeth from chattering. Such an obvious sign of weakness would not leave a good impression on his new companions, and he focused his mind to control his spasming jaw. He thought of warm things; of fire, of summer, of the hot, sticky sex he had enjoyed with Lucinda twice in the previous day.

It did not help warm him, though he felt a familiar -- and currently unwelcome -- stirring in his loins as he remembered Lucinda's gasps and moans. He altered his thoughts, and decided he had but one option. Standing up, he yanked off his sopping wet armour, each piece joining the previous on the floor. Soon he stood naked, and he searched through his pack for something drier.

"I think perhaps you should meet your new companions before you undress, Mikael," Lucinda said suddenly. Evidently she had come back through the door, and he turned to regard her. She continued. "I would suggest you at least put on some pants."

Mikael shot her a glare, and she laughed. He hurriedly pulled his cloth pants from his pack, which had, mercifully, remained dry. Climbing into them, he left the rest of his gear on the stone floor, and strode towards Lucinda. Her eyes roved over his chest.

"Though," she started, a glint in her eyes, "your choice of attire may not be such a bad idea. You are, after all, trying to give a good impression... and I can assure you, that is a very good impression."

He grinned, and she opened the door for him, ushering him through. He felt nauseous. It was an unfamiliar feeling - he had not been filled with such trepidation for years. With one last look at Lucinda, he took a deep breath, closing his eyes and stepping through the doorway...

... straight into the intense scrutiny of four of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen. A faint gasp seemed to sound as he strode through, though he was certain that was merely in his mind, and four sets of eyes regarded him strongly. Though, he noted with relief, without malice.

His mind could barely take it all in. Four sets of ample bosoms, flowing locks and flawless faces gazed upon him in a powerful but friendly manner. It seemed to Mikael to be an age before Lucinda, who now stood to his right, finally spoke.

"Say hello to your new Sisters, Mikael," she smiled, gesturing at the four gorgeous women before him. "Allow me to introduce them; they already know about you, since I told them everything I knew. Which is rather a lot, actually." She winked, and Mikael heard a giggle sound from one of the Sisters.

"Firstly, meet Kristine. She is our paladin, most blessed by the holy Gods of Strength."

The girl on the farthest left stood up, her amazing figure encased in a suit of mithril armour. Like Lucinda's leather, it seemed form-fitting yet effective, and though Mikael was sure it was incredibly strong it also left very little to the imagination. Its silvery surface was near-dazzling as it reflected the dancing flames of the lanterns on the walls, and Mikael was overawed; evidently the Sisters had dressed for the occasion.

Long and straight blonde hair tumbled from her head, past her shoulders to the top of her ass. It was, apart from colour, nearly identical to Lucinda's, and the similarities did not end with her hair. She appeared to be of comparable height, and as Mikael's eyes travelled down her body they came to rest on her bosom. Her large breasts seemed -- at least through the armour -- to be of similar size to Lucinda's, too, and her slim body and long legs held identical appeal. Eventually, his gaze returned to settle on her piercing blue eyes, which regarded him warmly. She smiled pleasantly at Mikael, the action lighting up her stunning face, and curtsied.

"We are Sisters in name only, Mikael, despite what I know you are thinking," Lucinda said as Kristine settled back down. "We have similar figures, it is true, yet our likeness is mere coincidence.

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