Sisters of the Cohort Ch. 03


He spun quickly, pressing Ria'torr against the solid wall and pinning her in place. They were out of sight of the street, though the moonlight still streamed in through the windows, giving the scene a pleasant white glow. At length their kiss broke, and Mikael pulled his head away, drinking in the beauty of the elf who giggled in his arms.

"Choices, choices..." Mikael muttered, his hands still on the elf's firm ass.

"Oh?" she smiled back playfully, her pale green eyes staring into his.

He smiled wickedly. "Well, I only have to bring you to one climax in order to complete my task. Perhaps I should make certain, and use my tongue..."

Ria'torr bit her lower lip and shook her head. "Oh, don't do that. That's cheating; it's too easy. The Gods would prefer you to fuck me."

"They would?"

"Probably," she grinned. "But I know I would."

Mikael's lips twisted into a mischievous smile, his right hand remaining curled underneath the stunning elf whilst the other moved to his belt buckle. Ria'torr's arms remained wrapped around his neck as her pale green eyes stared lustfully into his, and a carnal need radiated from her that Mikael was only too willing to satisfy. With his free hand he unclasped his belt, tugging it free and allowing his pants to fall down to his knees.

He paused, a thought suddenly entering his mind. Ria'torr was small, perhaps not overly so, but she was also an elf. Mikael wondered as to the elven anatomy; could she actually, for lack of a better phrase, take him?

Ria'torr's smile broadened and she giggled, almost seeming to read his mind.

"We elves may be smaller than your kind, Mikael, but we are not tiny. Indeed, many a human lover has been surprised about how well we... mesh, otherwise there would be no half-elves. Do not worry about hurting me - you will not. I think you will find that I fit you like a glove."

Mikael gazed at her, his mind filled with animalistic desire. He grasped her knees, keeping her pressed against the wall with his waist, his erect cock jutting uncomfortably into her ass. Slowly, he stroked his hands down her thighs, feeling her skirt bunching as he did so. Soon he had reached her waist, her long shapely legs fully exposed. Her pussy glistened in the moonlight that pierced the building's gloom, and the fingers of his right hand crept towards it.

With a slight smile the digits reached it, and Ria'torr moaned musically, her eyelids fluttering as he did so. He ran his fingertips along her folds, eventually coming to her clit and gently rubbing the sensitive bud.

His Sister's hands tightened on his neck, joy sparking through her as his fingers played with her snatch. Mikael grinned, pleased to see that elven women were no more difficult to pleasure, and pressed harder on Ria'torr's clit.

She cried out softly, and Mikael could tell she was trying not to be too loud. They were, after all, in the middle of an abandoned building where anyone could potentially find them. Nevertheless, Ria'torr seemed to be enjoying herself, and Mikael wondered if she would be able to maintain the effort needed to be quiet.

He gazed into Ria'torr's green eyes, smiling mischievously as he slowly pushed one finger inside her. Her pretence of silence was ended as she cried out, her pussy welcoming in his probing digit. Instantly, Mikael started to move it, leaving his thumb on her clit as his finger pumped into her depths. Soon, it was joined by a second, and Mikael could see from Ria'torr's face that she appreciated it.

She moaned, the sound wonderful, and Mikael enjoyed the noise. Her legs were now trembling around his waist, and her arms hugged his neck tightly. Her eyes burned into his, and he leant forwards swiftly to kiss her. She responded eagerly, pushing her tongue into his mouth, her moans growing more insistent as his digits continued to move into her snatch.

She pulled her head away, her grip digging into his back, and cried out. Her mouth hung open, and her walls were tightening on Mikael's fingers, the pitch of her voice rising steadily.

"Oh, fuck..." she gasped, her pointed ears bouncing as she threw her head back. "I'm... going... to..."

He did not relent, his wrist moving rapidly as her snatch began to spasm. Her cries were long now, and the moment had arrived.

"Come!" she screamed, the cry reflecting the pleasure that suddenly coursed through her. Her pussy clamped down on his two digits, quivering around their length, and she shook slightly in his grasp. Her eyes were wide, staring straight into his, and her mouth hung open as the beautiful shriek was torn from her lungs.

She breathed out with a giggle as the orgasm passed, leaning forwards and resting her head on Mikael's shoulder. Her body shook with mirth.

"You cheated," she said, the sound muffled as she spoke into his armour. "You said you were going to fuck me." With that, she looked up, a wicked glimmer in her eye.

"I suppose I did say that," he smiled back, withdrawing his fingers from the elf's snatch.

"But now your task is completed, so you have no incentive to finish the job," she mock-pouted, her small pointed nose scrunching up.

Mikael laughed, grasping his cock with his right hand, his left returning to hold Ria'torr's ass. "None. No incentive whatsoever. So consider this a favour, to you."

Ria'torr's response was a laugh, but it quickly became a loud gasp as Mikael pushed his cock into her snatch. Her folds parted, welcoming in his length, and soon his member had been fully engulfed by her tight pussy.

"I shall make sure to repay you one day," she said breathlessly as he started to move his hips, holding the elf upright with his left hand. Her arms were still tight around his neck, and with his now-free right hand he pulled her close for a kiss. Once more their lips met, and once more their tongues duelled, Ria'torr's moans continuing even as she issued them into Mikael's mouth.

Mikael pulled away, staring at the gorgeous elf as his cock sent sensations coursing through her. Her arms had already gripped him more tightly, and from the rapturous expression that she wore he guessed she was not too far away. Neither, he noticed with surprise, was he, and he supposed that the need for alacrity owing to their exposed position -- and the excitement that came with fucking an elf for the first time -- had sped things along somewhat.

He did not care, though, and neither, it appeared, did Ria'torr. With a groan he dropped his right hand, wrapping it underneath her left leg before grasping her ass, and then repeating the movement with his left. He now held her more firmly, taking the weight from her arms, and the new position allowed him to drive wildly into the diminutive beauty.

"Fuck!" she cried out, overcome by the sudden movement. The noise became a half-moan, half-giggle, and Mikael grinned in response to the stunning elf's pleasure.

Suddenly, Mikael span, his own back now leaning against the wall, Ria'torr still held firmly in his grasp. His thrusts had not slowed, however, and her green ponytail bounced with the force of their sex, sending the delicious scent of wildflowers coursing through his nostrils. Her arms were still wrapped about his neck, though more loosely now that she did not need to support herself, and her head rested on his shoulders. She moaned into his neck, her sweet breath washing over him as her pleasure inexorably grew, and her pussy twitched with every thrust of his hips.

She pulled away slightly, staring into Mikael's eyes with hunger as his cock pistoned into her pussy, and reached out with her right hand. She laid it flat on the wall behind Mikael for support, her other grasping his arm as her eyes drifted shut. She was not far off now.

"Ooohh... ooohh..." she hummed, her body coiling. Any thoughts she'd had of staying quiet had long been forced from her mind, and Mikael realised that he, too, had hardly been keeping the noise down. "Fuck..."

Their loins slapped together forcefully in the moonlight as Ria'torr cried out her euphoria in wordless moans, the sounds of their sex echoing loud in the abandoned building. Mikael grunted as his cock twitched slightly, and he knew the moment was near.

Ria'torr's climax, too, was imminent, and she cried out above him as she began to bounce in his hands. Each of his thrusts was met with a downward push of her own, her impending orgasm driving her passion to fearsome heights, and her moans were reaching crescendo.

"Ooohh... ooohh..." she yelped, her eyes wide. "FUUUUCCCKK!"

Her pussy seized Mikael's thrusting member as her climax hit, the air torn from her lungs in a magnificent shriek of rapture. The hand on his arm gripped tightly, her body freezing up as her muscles trembled, orgasmic bliss cascading through her mind.

Mikael joined her, the wondrous feeling as her snatch gripped hold of his cock all he needed. His balls churned, and his member twitched, his cum bursting forth into her depths, splashing against her spasming walls as it fired into her hot pussy.

His own groans joined Ria'torr's ecstatic cry, his seed filling her womb, the sensation seeming to drive the elf onwards, and her eyes were glazed as she stared into Mikael's. Everything was still, but for the faint shuddering of the diminutive beauty in Mikael's arms, and her ragged breaths as her song slowly faded.

He collapsed back against the wall as his orgasm finally passed, Ria'torr's head slumping onto his shoulders with her own satisfied giggle. There they remained a moment, before she looked at him with a grin and untangled herself from his body. Deftly, the elf set herself back down again, placing her hand on Mikael's chest and giggling.

She crouched, grasping Mikael's pants -- which had fallen to his ankles -- and pulling them back up, giving his sensitive member a playful kiss as she did so. Mikael groaned at the sensation with an amused shake of his head, before buckling his belt and standing once more.

She grinned at him then, still slightly breathless from the sheer power of her orgasm. "That's three tasks done, Mikael. But I shall now head back to the Sanctuary, ours having been one of them. I wish you luck in the remaining tasks, for you must not fail now. We have unfinished... business to attend to."

"We do?" Mikael asked, his eyebrow rising.

She turned back to him as she danced towards the staircase. "I owe you a favour, no?"

"Yes, you do," Mikael remembered, laughing softly as he sank back onto the wall and slid into a sitting position. He was tired, and just needed to sleep. He closed his eyes as Ria'torr darted down the staircase with a final wave, her wonderful giggle fading into the night.

Only three more tasks to go.

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