tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSisters of Upper Priam College

Sisters of Upper Priam College


Chapter 1: A College Girl

Kilee Olenowski stood in front of the dormitory and waved goodbye to her foster mother as she drove away from the school and out of Kilee's life forever. She was a 18-year-old girl, she was just beginning her enrollment at Upper Priam Women's College, and she was completely alone in the world. She had run away from home when she was 13 and ended up in Hawaii when she was 15. There she had ended up in the foster system and now that she was out, she was in college and ready to begin her life as an adult with no ties to her past.

She was simply running to a new place. It was not as though it had always been her dream to go to Upper Priam (or UP as it was called), it was simply a million miles away from everyone she had ever known and it was the only school that had offered her a full academic scholarship. She had never even heard of the school before and had not even thought about going to college when a letter had arrived in the mail at her foster mother's home in Hawaii. She looked around at her options in the islands and realized that UP in Maine was a better place for her. She realized that the only way for her to gain the sort of independence she desperately wanted was to become an educated woman and make some money.

UP was a small school in an even smaller town. The school had only 2000 female students. It was a liberal arts school which was renowned for its psychology department and for its history of philosophy courses. Kilee didn't know what she planned on doing, but being in a new place made her feel fresh in a way she hadn't felt since she climbed out of her bedroom window at the age of 13.

So as she turned around from her foster mother and looked at the three story brick dorm room and where many of the students saw a dank and unfriendly place far from those who loved them, Kilee saw possibility. She walked into the lobby of the dorm with her two suitcases in her hand and tried to check into her room.

The security guard looked up from her crossword puzzle and saw a goddess. Kilee Olenowski was gorgeous enough to be a movie star or a model. She was 5'9 and weighed no more than 115lbs. She had long, straight black hair. Her skin was creamy and white. She had the face of a pixie with a tiny upturned nose, thick pink lips, long eye lashes and big glassy emerald eyes. She considered herself a bit of a punk, but on her own terms. She liked to wear green eyes shadow to accentuate her eyes. She often wore a short, red plaid skirt a black bra underneath of a white, bellybutton exposing tank top and knee high boots, occasionally even with fishnet stalking. Her fingernails were always panted the same color as her eyes. Her breasts were small A-cups but she was proud of their perkiness. Her stomach was flat, which she was also very proud of. She had a bit of an ass for a girl her slim size that went surprisingly well with her slender hips. It was also known for being toned. However, her best feature was her slim, muscular, and perfectly formed legs. She rarely wore pants in an effort to expose these endowments. She had both of her ears pierced as well as her nose (A small diamond stud), her left eyebrow, her lip on the right side, her nipples had small rings, her bellybutton had a two inch, diamond bellybutton ring, and finally she had a ring between her legs. She sort of looked like an angel from hell sent to the earth to entice people.

However, despite her somewhat aggressively sexual exterior she was generally a shy girl and a virgin. She liked to put on a bristly exterior, especially when meeting people so that she could try to avoid getting to know them. She never felt like she was at home or close to anyone and with time she began to think that this meant that she preferred it. She was a bit vain and so she refused to make herself unattractive to repel people. Instead she made herself as beautiful as possible but played the ice queen at times to avoid being hurt.

The security guard checked her in and gave her the key to her room. The woman couldn't keep her eyes off of Kilee as she walked to the elevator and pushed the button. Kilee could tell that the woman was watching her and it made her uncomfortable. She turned around to the woman and winked at her. The security guard quickly went back to her crossword puzzle and left Kilee alone. Kilee smiled to herself as the doors closed in front of her.

She got off on the third floor and fumbled around for a while, looking for her room. Eventually, she walked past the shower and laundry rooms, took a left at the bathroom and then followed the carpet all the way to the emergency exit and took a left. There at the end of a long hallway she saw her room, which was a corner room she could see from the outside. She looked to her right and laughed to herself. There was the elevator, she had walked all over the building to come back almost exactly to the point she had gotten off. She shook her head at herself and then walked to her door. She inserted her key and took a deep breath. When the door opened, she would be a college girl.

Chapter 2: The Wrong Foot

When she opened the door, Kilee found that half of the room was already occupied. She looked around but didn't see anyone in the room. However, the bed on the left side of the room had pink pillows and a pink comforter. The room was strewn with stuffed animals and posters of beefcake movie stars. Kilee rolled her eyes and threw her bags down on the floor. She set about setting up her side of the room. She decorated it in green and blue and put up posters of her favorite band. She admired her side of the room and how it was the exact opposite of her roommate. She sat down on her bed and realized that she had absolutely no idea as to what she was supposed to do next.

Just as she was considering this, a girl whirled into her room with wet hair and a white towel wrapped around her body. The girl didn't initially realize that Kilee was there and she was singing to herself and skipping through the room. Kilee was shocked at the girl's beauty. She was tall like Kilee, 5'10 and thin, probably 120lbs. She had short blonde hair, blue eyes and a severe, angular face which was nonetheless beautiful. Her breasts were small, although a bit larger than Kilee's and she had somewhat wider hips and a smaller butt. Her body was toned and she had slim legs. Kilee was impressed by her new roommate and hoped that they would get along.

"Hey," she said the girl, who jumped a foot and turned around. She looked terrified for a moment and then realized that the other half of the room was decorated and that Kilee was her roommate. She laughed a bit, secured her towel with her left hand and then extended her right.

"Hi, my name is Sarah Whitmore, nice to meet you," the girl said, smiling a cheerleader smile and shaking Kilee's hand vigorously.

"My name is Kilee Olenowski, nice to meet you too," she replied. They settled into a few minutes of awkward silence and then they tried to get to know one another. Kilee learned that Sarah was from Maine and that every woman in her family had gone to UP since the school had opened in 1896. She was a high school cheerleader and she planned to be a vet. Kilee found her to be a bit stuck up and more than a bit overwhelming. Sarah learned about Kilee as well and came out feeling as though Kilee was a bit of cold, distant and more than a bit sarcastic. By the time Sarah stepped into her closet to get dressed, they already disliked one another.

Classes were the next day and so they quickly got prepared for the day, growing more nervous and thereby more irritable. Sarah wanted to go to bed early, but Kilee liked staying up late and watching TV. Sarah liked to keep a night light on, but Kilee preferred to close the blinds and have absolute darkness. Kilee wanted to wake up just before classes began but Sarah wanted to set her alarm early so that she could look her best for the first day of classes. Each little debate added to their animosity.

The first week of classes passed without any major problems. In most of Kilee's classes the professors simply handed out the syllabi and then sent them out again. She usually ate lunch on her own, occasionally in the library and she tried to stay away from her room as much as possible. She was beginning to find Sarah unbearable. On the bright side, she found the wooded campus to be beautiful and went on long walks around the columned, brick buildings on campus and the delightful, century-old homes in town. She especially liked main street, which had quaint little stores and surprisingly good restaurants. She briefly considered getting a job as a waitress for some extra spending money but decided to wait and see if she could handle the work load of classes before doing anything rash.

On Thursday evening of the first week, Kilee came back from one of her walks and was in a particularly good mood. She opened her door with a smile and sat down at her desk to look over her schedule for the next day. She noticed that Sarah was looking at her with a strained smile on her face, as though she felt compelled to smile despite some gnawing internal problem. Kilee had long since given up on being polite to her roommate.

"What's your problem?" she asked and she noticed that the smile faltered for a moment and then rose back onto her face.

"Oh nothing," Sarah said and then got up from her bed and looked around the room a bit. Kilee shrugged her shoulders and then went back to her desk. She turned on her computer and started to play around on the internet. She completely forgot about Sarah.

"Kilee?" Sarah asked. Kilee turned to her roommate, who was still smiling her odd little smile. Kilee raised her eyebrows inquisitively. "Nothing, never mind." Kilee rolled her eyes and turned back and continued to flipped through her e-mail. She was about to power down her computer when she heard Sarah sigh.

"What the fuck do you want," Kilee said, seriously angry now that her roommate seemed intent on ruining her good mood.

"Have you seen my stuffed turtle?" Sarah asked. Kilee found it hard not to laugh.

"Um... I haven't" Kilee replied with a snort.

"Well, it's just that it is my favorite and when I left for class this morning it was sitting on my pillow and you were the only person here. I came back this afternoon and it was gone," Sarah explained, squirming while she made the accusation.

"What exactly are you implying?" Kilee asked indignantly.

"Well I don't know," Sarah said.

"I think you think I stole your damned stuffed animal. Look at me Sarah. Look at my room and look at my stuff. Do I seem like the kind of stupid bimbo who wants to have a stuffed turtle or anything else stuffed shoved under my bed?" Kilee asked, standing up now and staring down her roommate. Now it was Sarah's turn to get indignant.

"Hey, don't call me a bimbo you stupid slut. I am not saying that you want it to hold or anything. God knows you are such a bitch you would probably pop its head off. I just know that you hate me and that you seem like the kind of person who would throw it away just to be a jerk to me," Sarah explained. Kilee was more than a little hurt. She knew that she came off as icy, but she wasn't a bad person and she definitely never stole anything from anyone.

"You listen to me," Kilee said, leaning over Sarah and pointing her finger at her, "I might not be mommy's little rich girl like you and I might not have a fake smile plastered on my face all of the time, but I am not a thief and I don't act like a bitch just for fun. I think you owe me an apology." Sarah stood up as well and gave Kilee a little shove.

"I don't know who you think you are, taking my things, but I am going to tell the R.A. first thing tomorrow and you are going to be out on your ass so fast it will make your head spin," the cheerleader explained. Kilee snorted a little laugh and then shoved Sarah hard so that she fall back on her bed.

"I hope that you do, because I didn't do anything wrong and I will let her know that you shoved me for no reason," Kilee explained and then she lay down on her bed and turned on the TV and ignored Sarah until she fell asleep.

She woke up the next morning and rolled over. She saw that Sarah was still sitting on her bed and then she was clutching a green, stuffed turtle to her chest. She laughed to herself and then sat up. Sarah looked over at her and Kilee pointed at the turtle.

"Uh, yeah I guess Frank got stuck down between my bed and the wall," Sarah said and smiled. She looked very nervous.

"So you were the one being a bitch I guess?" Kilee asked. She was loving every minute of her vindication.

"I guess so," Sarah said, then she sighed, "I know. I am really sorry. I know now that you didn't steal any of my stuff and it was pretty mean of me to accuse you of something that you didn't do. Please don't tell on me." Kilee rolled her eyes.

"Is that all you care about?"

"Oh no!" Sarah said, "No listen, if you want to tell on me, you would be within your rights. It's just... I think we got off on a bad foot."

"Yeah and you put us there," Kilee said, still fuming.

"I guess it was probably mostly me, I don't know. Can we just put this in the past? I want to be friends. Listen, its Friday night and I don't really know anyone here yet except for you. Some guys from town invited me to their house for a party. I want to go but I don't want to go by myself. Let's go out together and have fun and try to be friends," Sarah pleaded. Kilee considered it for a few moments. She didn't want to be mean anymore, Sarah was obviously trying. She figured that she was going to regret her decision, but she decided to go out.

"Sure," She finally said, and the smile returned to Sarah's face.

"Okay, let's go out at like ten," Sarah said, "This is going to be great." Kilee took a deep breath and then got ready for her day.

Chapter 3: The Party

"You're still just going to wear that?" Sarah asked, looking over at Kilee who was wearing her skirt, tank top, and boot combination. She had a little bit of guarded disgust in her voice as though Kilee was somehow demeaning the concept of the college party.

"Yeah, you going out in that," Kilee said, pointing and Sarah. Sarah looked down at herself and shrugged. She was wearing a loose fitting blouse and tight black pants and flats. She looked like she might be going to a club and she felt that she was quite attractive. There was a lot about Kilee that Sarah just didn't understand. She sighed and finished putting on her make-up. Kilee did the same and when they were finished, they locked the door and left.

The party was only a few blocks from the dorm room and they got there without further incident, a minor miracle by Kilee's measure.

The house was an old, white clapboard house and they could hear the music thumping in the basement. Sarah looked excited, but Kilee thought for the first time that she hated parties and briefly considered running away. But by that time the door was open and bright lights and the smell of beer wafted out at her.

"Holy shit, check out these two," a tall guy with a scruffy beard and a backwards hat said.

"Hi, Colin said it would be cool if we dropped by," Sarah said and walked into the living room. Kilee sighed, crossed her arms in front of her chest and then walked in.

"I say it's cool too," the hat guy said and then introduced himself as Rob. There were a good deal of people sitting and drinking on the first floor and most of the guys were staring at the two new arrivals. Sarah seemed to come alive with it, but it made Kilee feel cheap and uncomfortable. She was handed a shot of vodka and took it and asked for another. She then walked over to the keg.

"Can I get a beer," she said to the guy holding the tap.

"Anything you want," he said and winked at her. She rolled her eyes and took the beer. She could feel his eyes on her ass as she walked back to the living room. Sarah was taking shots like they were going to run out and Kilee decided to get away from the exhibition.

She made her way down the stairs and got into the dancing room in the basement. The room was packed with people, some of whom were girls she recognized from her classes. Kilee was not in any mood to dance but she caught sight of a beer pong table in the corner. Just as she arrived, a girl playing splashed her beer in her partners face and stormed off.

"Hey I need a new partner," the guy yelled, laughing and wiping the beer from his face. Kilee walked over towards him and his eyes bugged out of his head.

"I am ready," she said and smiled at him. She was going to try to be friendly, "Just don't pull whatever you did to get your face wet with me."

"I'd never dream of doing anything wet with you," he said and she laughed despite herself. The guy smiled and extended his hand, "Todd."

"Kilee," She said, returning the handshake. Then they started their game. They were an amazing team. They beat the first pair quickly, without losing a cup. They started a run in which they defeated six teams in a row, losing no more than three cups the entire time. Things got a bit tougher after that and they had to win on redemption twice in the next four games, but they won them all. By the time they lost in the 13th straight game, Kilee was more than a little bit drunk. She and Todd were walking away from the table, reminiscing about particularly good shots when Todd took her by the hand. She turned and looked at him and he leaned in for a kiss. She was a bit surprised but she allowed herself to sweep aside any concerns and their lips met. It was the first time she had ever been kissed and it was sloppy and a bit uncomfortable. As her lips broke away, she heard someone yelled towards her.

"Whore!" the voice said and Kilee turned and saw the girl who had splashed beer on Todd's face. She put her hands up in a defensive position and gave a vicious evil eye to Todd. He drunkenly shrugged at her.

"What's up babe?" he asked his girlfriend.

"Oh nothing!" she replied, "Just walking downstairs to say I was sorry and I see my dickhead boyfriend putting his drunken hands all over some fucking cunt. That's all."

"Hey, we just kissed and he never told me he had a girlfriend," Kilee explained.

"Bitch, you don't have a speaking role in this play," the girl said, "Come on Todd. Take me the fuck home," with that she grabbed Todd's hand and took him out a back door and into the yard. Luckily the music had been loud and no one had seemed to notice. Nonetheless, Kilee felt enormously embarrassed and she climbed back up the stairs and into the living room. She heard high pitched laughter and knew that it was Sarah. She turned the corner into the room and saw that Sarah was standing with her shoes off with her arms around a guys neck. Most of the people in the room were watching her. Kilee turned to walk back out, she didn't like to see her cheerleader roommate getting sloppy while she was hammered.

"Oh there she is," Sarah said as Kilee turned her back. Kilee winced and turned back around.

"Hey, what's up?" she asked sheepishly.

"Hey Kilee, this guy Colin said that if I make out with a girl he is going to let me keep this hat," she said and starting giggling. She was holding up a goofy looking cowboy hat.

"Oh, I don't know," Kilee said. She was drunk and so she didn't automatically recoil from the idea, but she was still uncertain as to whether it was a good idea.

"Come on, chick," Colin said.

"Her name is Kilee," Sarah explained, spilling a little bit of beer on the back of her shirt.

"Come on Kilee!" The drunk people in the room began to chant as Kilee's face got red. She felt for a second about bolting from the house entirely but suddenly she thought about the leering glances a bit and it felt good. She liked that everyone wanted to see her.

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