tagIncest/TabooSister's Revelation

Sister's Revelation


All persons in this story are and were over eighteen at the time.


A few days ago my sister June, younger than I by two years, was at my youngest sister Ann's house for a wedding of my niece. She lives in the Southwest and I live in the Northwest. My youngest sister lives in Ohio. She texted me a message about me not being there for my niece's wedding. I texted back saying I was sorry that I could not be there. I could tell she was disappointed one more time. We rarely get to see each other due to so many reasons, lack of money, being deployed overseas, you know... life.

She said she was not used to the time difference So she said she was going to bed. I texted back, "Sweet dreams, in my mind, I am tucking you in."

She texted me back, "Do you Love me?"

I texted her back, "Of course, I love you!"

A moment later, another text message, "Is tucking me in all you are doing, in your mind?"

I texted back, "No, but that's not all I'd like to do!"

Again, after a longer pause, another text message, "If you could, what would you be doing?"

I was puzzled, what was she asking here? I decided to see if I could talk to her and find out just where this was leading, why all of a sudden this playfulness. So I texted back, "Can I call you? I think we need to talk!"

Almost immediately she texted back, "Yes"

I dialed her number, she picked up right away, she didn't say a word, but I knew she was there, it was if I could hear her breathing. I said, "Are you you alone?"

"Yes, I am in bed." Her voice was the same, except there was something else there, an inflection, a sound that I have never heard from her before, I have always known she loved me, in a sisterly way, but this time, there was something else in her voice. Was she being flirty?

Tom.. "So....what are you doing?"

June.. "What do you mean?"

Tom.. "You know what I mean, are you playing with me?"

She.. "Well you started it!"

He.. "How did I start it?"

She.. "Well it was your comment about tucking me in, and besides, over the years, you have said other things, always in such a way that your true meanings were hidden. Recently for some reason, it could have been something you said, I started remembering things you said over the years, I had some time to think about our conversations and it hit me..sigh..., I realized you were flirting with me, weren't you?"

He.. "Yes I guess I was, and I have waited for years for you to finally realize it!"

June.. "Well...I do, and I don't know quite what to say, why are you flirting with me, I am your sister, not that I am not flattered, but what brought this on?"

Tom.. "I don't think it was one single thing, although I remember one event which made me look at you quite differently, not as a sister but a very desirable woman. But you remember back when we were younger, I used to see you naked a lot and at the time I could only admire your beautiful figure, I really didn't look at you sexually, more like one would admire a work of art. Everything about you was so fetching, I think you influenced my choice in women, it was like I was picking women that looked like you, so I could have the woman of my dreams. Your long dark hair, your pretty face, your hour glass figure, your character!"

June.. "I didn't know this is how you felt, you sure didn't show it, this is quite a shock to me."

Tom.. "How could I show it, I was so afraid you would hate me and turn against me, disown me, tell everyone what a pervert I was, and I would loose the one true love who has always been there for me. I have wanted to tell you for so long that I have lusted for you, you have been the subject of many of my fantasies, my thoughts and I have even had naughty dreams about you!"

June.. "Tom, this is going to take some time to digest. I am not sorry I came on to you, but after thinking about what you have been saying to me all these years, I had to draw you out. I need to think about all of this, sleep on it. I call you back tomorrow night when I am alone, bye, I do love you!"

I did not sleep well that night, so much going on in my head, the next day waiting for her to call was one of the longest hardest days of my life, I was living in torment, expecting the worst, hoping for the best.

When the phone rang, I nearly jumped out of my skin, but it hadn't stop ringing when I picked up the phone.

Tom.. "Is that you June?"

June.. "Yes!"

Neither one of us said anything at first, she was the first one to break the silence.

June.. "I have been thinking about what you said all night and today, I had an awful time sleeping and my day has been hell, I want you to tell me about that one event that made you look at me as a desirable woman and not your sister?"

Tom.. "You really want to know, are you sure you want to hear what I have to say, will it help you to make up your mind about me?"

June.. "Well, I already come to several conclusions, first let me say I will always love you, I will never reveal to anyone what you have told me. I still want to hear what it was that made you lust after me."

Tom.. "OK, here goes, do you remember when Mom passed away, I came home for her funeral? That night you picked me up at the airport and you took me home. I was so tired from the flight and you took me straight to my old bedroom. It had been turned into a storage room, but you had laid out my old mattress on the floor, you asked me if it was going to be alright, I told you I had slept on much worse and I would be fine, I just needed to crash. You handed me some bed clothes and a pillow, you said you would be back in to check on me later. I made up the bed and I was getting undressed as you came back into the room, I hesitated and you said "Don't let me stop you" I looked at you and I guess you had gotten undressed for bed, all you were wearing was a pair of hip hugger panties and a sleeveless tee shirt with a quit a scoop front.

I shrugged and striped to my briefs and crawled under the covers, good thing I did. You moved close to the mattress and stood above me. I looked up at you starting with you legs and I could not help but look at your crotch, those panties were well worn and I could see the darkness of you pussy hair and even could make out individual hairs pushing against the thin material, I tore my eyes away and made my way up the rest of your body to your face.

I could tell you were not wearing a bra, you beautiful big firm tits were jutting out against the material of the tee shirt, I could just make out the darkness of your hard nipples. You squatted down and as you did you spread your legs, your panties were pulled taunt against you pussy and my dick jumped to attention as I couldn't keep my eyes off your pussy. Then you bent forward, to kiss me good night, I could not help but look down you tee shirt, your delicious tits were reviled to me, I sorry but I couldn't help myself, in my present state all I could think about was pulling you in the bed with me and loving you, I needed your tenderness and body so badly at that moment. That's why I asked you to leave so I could sleep."

June.. "Wow, did I turn you on that much?"

Tom.. "Yes, I think I was weak at that moment, I forgot you were my sister, you were just a hot, beautiful woman, I wanted in my bed. Since then I can't get that scene out of my mind, it has been in my thoughts and in my dreams you did come into my bed and we made love! I am even picturing the scene in my mind right now. "

June.. "You poor naughty boy, what am I going to do with you?"

Tom.. "Well I know what I want to do, but the question is what are you going to do about our situation?"

June.. "Well, here is my two part answer, as a sister I wanted to tell you are sick and need help. But as a woman I am really turned on by your admission. But then again as your sister, I want you too, because I have demons of my own to confess. Do you remember when we lived in Germany, I saw you walk naked from the bathroom and it surprised me that I said "Tom, you are naked," and you stopped and turned to look at me for a long moment, and you said "So!" then turned and went into your bedroom?"

Tom.. "I do remember, I remember being a bit happy I had shocked you."

June.. " You bastard! You didn't know it but I was so turned on and fantasized about it many times, I even went back in my room and touched myself right after seeing you."

Tom.. "Did you cum?"

June.. "Yes, and many times after that, do you remember when you would take that German girl, Inge to your den in the basement? Do you remember every time you were just about to fuck her your sisters would come and interrupt you?

Tom.. "Yea I do, I got really mad at you two for bothering me, and I never did get to fuck her, I would get right up to her hole and start to push it in and darn, sister interruptus."

June.. "We loved to antagonize you, we knew that you could hear the basement door open, and make you stop and pull you pants back up, that poor girl must have been in terminal heat, but what you didn't know was that we would leave but only one of us would go back up, we took turns peeking at you when you thought the coast was clear, we loved watching you pull your hard dick out to try again. We were jealous and both wanted your cock for ourselves.!"

Tom.. "What, both of you wanted my cock?"

June.. "Yes, both Ann and I wanted to fuck you. You see when I told her I had seen you naked, she told me she had seen you naked too, even seen you hard. She told me my perverted brother had played with her pussy and she saw you get hard when you played with her. Why do you think she always was inviting you over to her apartment, she wasn't just using you for her cooking experiments, like she told you. She wanted you to eat her pussy and suck on her big clit, like she saw you do with Inge, you remember her big clit, it stuck out about an inch, then she wanted to fuck your brains out, but she always chickened out!"

Tom.. "And I thought I was a sick fuck for wanting to make love to you!"

June.. "Now you know we all have secrets, you have brought back those buried memories and to answer you question, right now my pussy is so wet, just thinking about you making love to me, and I do want to see you alone so we can make our dreams come true. Oh and by the way, you fool, if you had not sent me away, I would have been in your bed in a heart beat!"

Tom.. "What, how, when, I had so may questions, but something was happening to me, so much stronger that all my fantasies, I am so hard right now as I realize you want me as much as I want you. I want to jerk off and cum, I think it would only take me a heartbeat to squirt all over my hand, you have make me so happy, of my God, I am cumming so hard!"

June.. "Did you Just cum?"

Tom,, "Yes I did, were you touching yourself, did you cum too?"

June.. "Yes and not yet, you should have waited for me, well it's OK, you didn't know, but now you can listen while I cum thinking of you fucking your sisters pussy, my pussy, Oh Tom, fuck me, fuck my big hairy pussy, fuck you sister, fill my hole with your sperm, Oh God, I'm cuuuuuuuuuuming!"

There was silence on the line for a time, it was so turned on my dick didn't go down I just continued to stroke it while I waited for her to continue our conversation.

June.. " Whew, that was so hot, so good, I am so glad we have finally cleared the air. Tom I want you so much, this is so exciting, so taboo, I am so turned on knowing my brother wants to and will be fucking my pussy soon, so does that answer your questions?"

Tom.. "Yes, all but a few, like when, where , how long to name a few."

June.. "How about this summer, where you live and as long as you want."

Tom.. "I can't wait till summer comes, please don't back out on me, I have one other question, how does Ann feel about this, I know you guys talk about everything?"

June.. "I talked to her about how we were going to going to do it, even though I wasn't sure how you would react. She said I was so lucky, but since she got sick, all her feelings had gone dead and even though she her memory is not as sharp as it once was, she said to let her know how it goes."

Tom.. "So, what are we going to do until I can take you in my arms and love you?"

June.. "I guess we can call each other when we can be alone to talk, and get each other off. I think it could be so much fun!"

Tom.. " Oh yea, we can have phone sex. How about a preview right now, my cock is so hard it needs more relief?"

June.. "You are so bad, OK where do we start?"

Tom.. "How about lets talk about what you want to do to me and I will tell you how I am going to make you my bad girl!?

So it came to pass that we really got so nasty with each other, it was hard to believe my dreams and fantasies were going to come true. My biggest surprise was she was just as twisted as I was. I am such a happy man. It is going to be a long winter and spring waiting for her visit in the summer. I have so much to look forward to and with our phone calls, the wait won't seem so long.

Until summer, by the way, I love my sister, I mean I am in love with my sister, and right now I know she feels the same way and I did sleep well that night.

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