tagSci-Fi & FantasySitter Bot Ch. 03

Sitter Bot Ch. 03



Pete pressed closer.

"No, lower..." she whispered, "your upper lip ... just under your nose ... press that against my pubic bone."

Pete paused, licked his lips, and looked up at her. "What?"

Chloe took a breath. "You almost had it. Press your upper lip against me, only lower ... so that you can just barely breathe ... you'll feel my pubic bone (she sighed) there's a slight indentation where your upper lip can nestle. Press hard, like you mean it. And remember, no teeth!"

Pete went down on her again, finding the sweet spot, pushing his face into her crotch with his nose right where her pubic hair would have been if she hadn't shaved it off for him ten minutes ago.

"Yeah, that's right... now some tongue, firm and slow..."

Pete dragged his tongue through her slit, slowly, pressing hard.

Chloe breathed deeply. "Yeah, now you're getting it."

Pete's hands, already holding her ass cheeks, pulled them closer to him and and kneaded them, playing with them. He pressed his tongue more firmly against her lips, slipping slowly up and down, enjoying the way she was breathing quick and shallow. Looking up across her body, he watched her perfect breasts rise and fall, the rosy nipples visibly crinkling as he fucked her with his tongue.

Her hands twined through his hair. "Mmmm, yeah. You've got it. Tickling is bad, but when you're firm and slow, lots of contact, (she paused for a quick breath) it doesn't tickle.

Keeping the pressure firm, he toyed with her lips, slipping his tongue between them and finding her hood with the tip.

"Careful," she panted, "girls are very sensitive right there... firm but gentle."

He pressed harder accordingly, trying to be gentle without tickling.

Chloe smiled and wriggled on his face.

The door chimed and dilated, and Pete's best friend Brandon walked in.

"Whoa, sorry!"

Pete jumped up and wiped his face, glaring at his friend.

"God damn it, Bran, don't you ever knock?" He pulled on a pair of boxers that had been lying on the floor next to him. His cock poked insolently out of the fly.

"It wasn't locked, dude." Brandon grinned, smiled down at Chloe, still spread on the bed, up on her elbows and smiling back.

"Hey Chloe."

"Hey Bran," she replied. "I'm teaching Pete how to go down."


Pete blushed beet red. "Brandon, get out of my bedroom."

"Um... let me stay?" Bran asked, getting serious. "I want a lesson, too." He looked at Chloe. "Are you in full Recreational Sex mode?"

Chloe nodded, and looked over at Pete.

Chloe was Pete's family's household robot, engineered to look (and feel) exactly like a 20-something human girl. Pete's conservative family thought Chloe helped with housework and the kids' homework. They didn't know, however, Brandon and Pete had installed the recreational sex programming that turned her into the best sex toy that a couple of 18 year old guys could hope for.

Because his family didn't know about Chloe's altered operating system, the two guys had to be sneaky. The RS routines were buried under two passwords, and they had to be very careful about when they activated them. Pete's family was in Portland today, so Pete was taking advantage of the empty house.

Pete's expression softened and he shrugged. "Okay, I guess we've done threes before. But me first, okay?"

Brandon nodded. "Yeah, but Pete, I thought we were going to Sally's party. I'm picking you up, remember?"

Chloe looked from one guy to the other as she dabbed at her lower lips with the panties she'd been wearing ten minutes ago. "It's okay, Pete," she said, "we can finish the lesson later."

Pete looked longingly at the hot babe, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed and reaching for her tee shirt. "Chloe, I ..." he trailed off and tried to tuck his raging cock into his boxers.

"No," he looked at Bran. "I can't go like this."

Brandon didn't reply. He just stared at Chloe, then said, "Yeah... well..."

"I can be quick." He turned to Chloe. "Can we do a quickie, robo-babe?"

Chloe rolled her eyes, then giggled. "Yeah, come here Tiger."

Pete left his boxers on, but pulled his cock fully out. He climbed onto the bed, pushing Chloe onto her back. She dropped the tee and scooted back on the bed, pulling Pete along with her. He looked over his shoulder at his friend. "Get lost for ten minutes."

Brandon said "sure, you bet," but moved to a chair beside the door. Pete and Chloe positioned themselves in the classic missionary position, and Pete took her hips in his hands. He pressed his cock against her cunny lips and looked at her for permission. She smiled and nodded and he thrust hard, driving himself a couple of inches into her tight cunt. She sighed and rocked against his thrust. Pete withdrew slightly, then drove in deeper, then again until he was balls deep in the very realistic robot girl. She wriggled under him, positioning for deeper thrusts and dragged her nails across his shoulders.

As Pete and Chloe began to rock in an age old rhythm, Bran sat down in the chair and cupped his cock. While not actually masturbating, he began to gently rub his tool with the palm of his hand, watching the fuckers intently.

Chloe grinned at him and winked, then turned her attention back to Pete. She slipped her hands inside his boxers as the tempo of his thrust began to pick up. He closed his eyes and slid his hands under her, one under each cheek. Her eyes opened wide and she gasped at one particularly deep thrust. He murmured "sorry" and pulled out, lifting her legs onto his shoulders. He dove back in, getting all the way deep in just two thrusts. Glancing over at Brandon he said "Will you get out of here, you fucking perv?" He turned his attention back to the naked girl-bot.

She took his shoulders in her hands and began to moan with each thrust.

"God, Chloe, I'm close... are you ready?"

"Go for it, fucker."

He thrust in once, twice... then on his third push, he stiffened and his eyes closed tight. He dug his fingers into her fine ass and grunted as his load splashed into her. Chloe cooed and hugged him tight with her legs and arms.

Pete did a pushup, letting Chlo put her legs down. He stayed inside her and collapsed on her and the couple just lay there, their breathing returning to normal. After a couple of minutes, Pete rolled lazily off her and lay on his back, staring at the ceiling. "Damn" he said.

Brandon laughed and stood up, trying to ease his dick into a more comfortable position. "Okay, get dressed, let's go."

"Bran?" Chloe said, "you okay?"

Brandon shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Pete and Chloe both laughed. Pete said, "That's what you get for watching." Pete stood up and walked to the bathroom, gathering his clothes as he went, smiling at the naked girl robot as he closed the bathroom door. They heard the shower start.

Chloe walked over to Bran, pushed him back into the chair and brushed her hair back behind her ears. She knelt on the floor between his legs and fumbled with his belt buckle and zipper.

Brandon pushed her hands away and opened up his pants and pulled his cock out for her.

Chloe smiled up at him and took him in her hand. She pulled him to the edge of the chair to give him more room to move, and made a fist to keep him from going too deep and choking her.

"Brandon?" she whispered, "will you please fuck my mouth?"

Bran moaned deep in his throat and slid forward, pushing his cock into her waiting mouth. He grabbed the arms of the chair to give himself leverage and began to thrust his cock in and out. She took him deep, letting him thrust hard, but it wasn't enough. He stood up and took Chloe's head in his hands. She tightened her fist on his cock and moved back to make more room for him. Moaning deeper he held her head in his hands and slowly and firmly fucked her mouth, his mouth open, eyes closed. She cupped his balls and gently toyed with them. Bran started to get more excited and fucked her harder ... she held his cock tighter, working hard to keep him from going too deep and choking her. He opened his eyes and watched his wet cock sliding hard in and out of her mouth.

"Shit, I'm close ... stop babe." Chloe stopped sucking, but kept a firm grip on Brandon's tool. She leaned back, kneeling in front of him and smiled up at him, licking her lips. "What?"

"Lean on the bed." Chloe moved over to Pete's bed and knelt in front of it, her forearms on the comforter. She wiggled her ass at him. "Come get me, perv."

Brandon knelt behind the sexy robot and guided his cock to her cunt, still dripping Pete's jizm. He bent over, and just the head slipped in a bit as he reached for her breasts. He cupped her and gently pinched her nipples as he began his first thrust.

Chloe wriggled her ass involuntarily and Brandon slipped out. He moaned and gripped her tits as his cock went off, spraying her lips, the bed, and her hand with his cum. "Oh shit."

Chloe giggled and grabbed his cock while it was still jerking. "Mmmmm ... babe, it's okay, it's so hot, make a mess!" She pulled on it, coaxing more cum out and and spreading it around with her other hand.

"Damn, Chloe, I'm sorry."

"It's okay, babe, it makes me hot to know you can't control yourself with me. Besides, you were a marathon fucker last time. I know you can last." He slid his cock into her, still twitching, and closed his eyes, feeling her tight wet warmth. He put his hands on her hips and sighed. "Brandon?"


"Come back after the party at Sally's and we can do it out in the pool. You love that right?"

He wriggled his cock inside her. "Fuck, babe!"

Chloe giggled. "I knew it." She stood and used her panties to wipe away some of his cum. "So, go get a shower, go to your party, and come back to me. I'll be naked for you."

He stood and kissed her hard. "Now, please?"

"No, babe ... we'll have more fun if you have some time to look forward to it. Just promise me you won't do anyone at the party, them come back to me and fuck me hard!"

"You promise?"

"Yes, I'll make Pete let us have some alone time."

Brandon grinned, tucked himself back into his clothes and went across the hall to another bathroom. Chloe stepped into the cotton panties that Pete had picked out earlier, gathered up the rest of her clothes and made her way to her room. She was going to need a shower too, and would need to top off her batteries. It was going to be a long night, and she smiled as she padded barefoot down the hall.

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