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Heather looked at the line in front of her. Three people. She turned around and looked behind her. One person. And for this, they said 'Allow three hours to go through security'?

To be fair, she was leaving on a Saturday morning flight. The lines probably looked worse than this during the week, when they had loads of business travelers to deal with. And it wasn't like Heather really minded. She'd much rather zip through security quickly and spend a little quality time with her mp3 player than stand around in a long line while people stepped back and forth through the metal detector.

Only two people in front of her now. Heather handed her boarding pass and driver's license to the security guard to be checked. In just nine hours, now, that same driver's license would be getting her served in a hotel bar in Puerto Vallarta. Sun, sand, surf, and perhaps a cute boy or three.

One person left. Heather pulled her headphones and put her mp3 player in her carry-on, then flicked her fingers through her short blonde hair to fix the slight mussing that the action had caused. The terminal beckoned, complete with restaurants, overpriced gadgets, and magazines for people who hadn't brought anything to do. It was a place designed to kill time, and as soon as she passed through security, Heather would have quite a bit of time to kill.

She put her carry-on bag and her purse on the conveyor belt, and emptied her pockets into the tiny bin. After a moment's effort, she added her watch and her sandals to the small pile of stuff. Holding onto her boarding pass, she waited for the guard to beckon her through the metal detector. After a moment, the bored-looking black woman on the other side of the gate did just that.

When she stepped through, Heather was actually shocked to hear the buzzer go off and a bright light flash on the side of the device, stabbing into her bright blue eyes and forcing the pupils to contract. She tried to think of exactly what it was she'd forgotten. "I, um..."

The woman looked like she didn't care why the buzzer had gone off. "Step back," she said, "and then try stepping through again." Heather did so, and even as she was stepping backwards through the gateway, the buzzer sounded and the light flashed red in her eyes. "OK, ma'am," the guard said, "empty out your pockets before you come back through."

"They are empty," Heather said, turning them inside out and trying not to let any irritation show in her voice. She'd heard horror stories about dealing with airport security, how they would take any kind of perceived rudeness as an excuse to drag you out of the line and spend hours going through your stuff. That was not how she wanted to spend the time before her flight left. She stepped back through, and the buzzer and light both went off again. Heather blinked. Did they really have to put that thing right at eye level?

"OK, ma'am," the woman said, "try taking off your belt and stepping back through." Heather felt more than a little embarrassed as she pulled her belt through the loops and handed it to the guard. There were now three people behind her, and all of them looked at her with varying degrees of annoyance. But Heather knew that when you were in the security line, you were pretty much completely at the mercy of the people running the show.

She stepped back through, and sure enough, she got another buzz and flash. When it subsided, Heather blinked a few times. They'd certainly made that thing hard to miss, hadn't they? It felt like it was jabbing straight into her optic nerve. "OK, ma'am," the guard said, "if you'd like to step back through and come over here?" She gestured to a chair. "We're going to need to do some additional security procedures." The guard reached over to the radio clipped to her collar. "Frankie, this is Keisha. We've got a bit of a situation, here, and I need you to take over for me for a bit."

Heather heard Frankie respond in a staticky tone as she stepped through the metal detector again. The flash caught her even more off-guard this time, as she hadn't really been thinking of this last trip through as part of a screening. She was too worried about the sound of the phrase 'additional security procedures' to think about screwing up her eyes to avoid the light.

Half-blinded, she wandered over to the chair in a daze. The other passengers, of course, were just glad to get her out of the way so that they could get through security and get on with their own trips. Heather had never been more jealous of a collection of random strangers in her life.

After a few moments of sending luckier travelers on their way, Keisha let the new arrival, Frankie, take over. She walked up to Heather and said, "If you could please step over here, ma'am?"

Heather followed Keisha. She knew right now she didn't have a choice. It was stupid and pointless, but her only hope for getting to her plane, her vacation, and everything that went with it was to do what Keisha said and convince her that she was a good little airline traveler like everyone else. It sucked, but that was the way the world worked.

Keisha took out a small wand-like device with two blinking lights on the tip and began running it over Heather's body, starting with her bare feet. She could actually feel goosebumps where it passed, and worries about harmful radiation danced through her head. How exactly did these things detect metal, anyway? By the time Keisha ran it over her thighs, Heather was actually shivering.

When it got up to her breasts, the wand beeped, and Keisha gave a nod. The bored expression on her face didn't change, but she sounded a bit more serious as she said, "Alright, ma'am, if you'd like to step back into this office with me? I'm afraid we have a few more additional security procedures to go through." She took Heather's boarding pass from her unresisting hand. "Don't worry, ma'am," she said, checking the time on the boarding pass, "we'll still get you to your flight on time."

Keisha took her through a door into a small, windowless room with a series of cabinets on the wall, and a row of hooks on the door. The thick carpeting on the floor felt good under Heather's bare feet, and the soft lighting felt good after so many bright flashes. Beyond that, she felt a sort of numb terror overlaying all her other emotions. Somehow, she'd made some sort of huge mistake, she knew that much, but she couldn't tell what it was or why it was screwing up her trip. Getting angry wouldn't help, either. It'd just make things worse. All Heather could do right now was be polite, helpful, and do what she was told, and hopefully these people would understand.

Keisha was reaching for her radio again. "Ms. Samson?" she said. "I think we have something of a situation here. Could you join me in Security Room Three?" There was a staticky response. "I'll go ahead and start without you, then." Keisha looked up from her radio and over at Heather. "I'm going to need you to take your shirt off, ma'am."

Heather blushed. Part of her felt deeply awkward about taking her clothes off in front of a strange woman--not that she had anything to be ashamed about, of course. Heather was quite proud of her slim, lithe body and everything that went with it. But she didn't know Keisha at all. The other woman could be some sort of pervert.

Still, if it was the only way to get out of this...Heather pulled her T-shirt over her shoulders, revealing a set of pert breasts kept hidden by a pink brassiere. She hung the T-shirt up on the hooks. "Um," she said. She realized she hadn't said anything at all in some time. She'd just been going along with the flow and doing what she was told. Reasserting herself at all, even by the tiny act of speaking, seemed suddenly hard. "How...how much longer is this going to take?"

"That depends on you, ma'am," Keisha said, taking the wand back out. "If you do what you're told, it'll go a lot smoother and quicker." She began to wave the wand over her, from the top down this time. She scanned it over the back of Heather's head, and Heather felt a distinct sensation of dizziness wherever it passed. She was really starting to get worried about exactly what this thing was doing to her, now, but Keisha's words echoed through her brain as the other woman worked the wand around to Heather's face. 'Do what you're told. It'll go a lot smoother and quicker.'

Keisha waved the wand back and forth in front of Heather's face several times. Heather actually lost count. The woozy feeling was so strong, now, and it was all Heather could to to focus on the little blinking lights on the tip and keep her eyes open. She hoped Keisha would be done soon. She was really starting to feel fuzzy. The lights were making trails in the air, and her eyes were having difficulty tracking the wand now.

Just then, the door opened and another woman slipped into the room. Heather started to look over at her, but the sudden motion of her eyes produced a near-sickening headrush, and so she kept her gaze focused on the wand. "Ah, Ms. Samson," Keisha said, as the door closed. "Glad you could get here so quickly. We have what you might call a situation."

"Not a problem," Ms. Samson said, looking over at Heather. "Have you finished wanding her yet?"

"Just about to," Keisha said, waving the wand down now over Heather's body. Heather followed the lights down with her eyes, her head drooping as the wand skimmed over her skin. It seemed to cause dizzy tingles the whole way down, but again, it beeped when it got to her breasts.

"I see," Ms. Samson said firmly. "Yes, you were quite right to call me. What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?"

Heather wanted to look up at Ms. Samson, wanted to defend herself, but she just remembered what Keisha said. 'Do what you're told. It'll go a lot smoother and quicker.' So she just kept staring at the floor, and contritely said, "I...don't know, ma'am. I'm very sorry for all this trouble. I wish I knew what was going on."

Ms. Samson sighed. "I've heard all that before," she said. "The fact remains, we need to put you through a few more security procedures. Go ahead and take off all your clothes."

Heather blanched. Strip naked in front of two strange women, in a public building? But she kept hearing Keisha's voice. 'Do what you're told,' it said. 'Do what you're told.'

Keisha rested a hand on Heather's bare shoulder. "Look," she said. "I know it's a little embarrassing, but it's just a normal security procedure. Here, I'll go ahead and take my clothes off, too." She unbuckled her belt and took her pants off, letting them slide to the floor. "It's nothing to be ashamed of, ma'am." She unbuttoned her blouse, sliding it over her shoulders to reveal a pair of heavy, voluptuous tits. Her body was thicker and curvier than Heather's, but still pretty in an 'Earth Goddess' sort of way. "Even Ms. Samson's going to take off her clothes," she said, unsnapping her bra.

Ms. Samson let out an irritated sigh at that, but said, "Oh, very well. If I must." She pulled her own business skirt off, revealing sea-blue panties, dark stockings on her legs and a garter belt. The panties quickly followed. "I trust I can leave my heels and stockings on?" she asked as she took her blouse off and removed her hairpins, shaking her ash-blonde hair out of its bun.

"I don't think Heather will mind," Keisha said, slipping her own panties down onto the floor. "Will you, Heather?"

Heather felt overwhelmed. None of this felt particularly fair to her; she knew she was no crazy terrorist, and to put her through all these extra security procedures seemed downright silly. But she knew that protesting wouldn't do any good, and that she had to 'do what you're told, and it'll go a lot smoother and quicker', and these two women had gone to a lot of trouble to make her comfortable, and she knew she had to 'do what you're told,' and she was feeling too woozy to really make a complaint, and she had to 'do what you're told', and...

Her hands made the decision for her, pulling down her shorts and panties in one smooth motion. She stepped out of them, and reached behind her to unsnap her bra.

The moment her bra hit the ground, Ms. Samson let out an angry "A-ha!" She stepped over to Heather and grabbed her left breast. "And what do we have here?"

Heather was so confused now. She didn't even know what Ms. Samson was looking at, but the other woman seemed so angry, and Heather knew it must all be her fault. She was so worried that she wouldn't be able to board her plane, and all she wanted to do was make Ms. Samson happy so that she would believe that Heather was a nice person and let her go on with her vacation. Tears practically ran down her cheeks as she said, "i'm sorry," not even knowing what she was apologizing for.

"A nipple ring!" Ms. Samson said, grabbing the tiny piece of jewelry and twisting it back and forth. Heather moaned and whimpered, the whirling blend of pain and pleasure overwhelming her confused and exhausted mind. "What were you thinking, girl?"

"i...i..." Heather's mind felt like it was coming apart now, none of this made any sense anymore and she just wished it would stop. The only hope she had, the only chance of making it all stop was to do as she was told. She clung to that like a lifeline.

"Were you even thinking at all?" Ms. Samson pinched Heather's other nipple, as if to show her the proper piercing-free way to present her breasts for air travel.

"i...i...no...sorry...no..." Heather actually felt her brain shut down, then. The air just went out of her lungs in a sudden rush, and she knew that trying to think about any of this, trying to worry about any of this, trying to understand any of this would just get her in more trouble. She just needed to do what she was told and all her troubles would go away.

"I can tell." Ms. Samson let out an almost theatrically angry sigh. "We'd better make sure she doesn't have anything else on her," she said, lowering Heather gently to the floor as the girl's knees went out from under her. "Keisha, would you like to do a body cavity search?"

Keisha went over to the cabinets. "With pleasure, Ms. Samson," she said, opening the cabinet to reveal an array of sex toys. She pulled out a thick, long, double-ended dildo and took it over to the other women. "You'll need to help me, though."

"I think I can arrange that." Ms. Samson laid Heather on her back, and the girl mewled slightly in confusion as she felt the soft carpet against her body. She looked up at the ceiling for a moment as Ms. Samson went to the desk and got out a tube of lubricant.

Ms. Samson returned and began to liberally lube up the dildo. "Let's see what we find in there, young lady," she said as she pressed the fake cock at the entrance to Heather's cunt. Heather let out a gasp as the woman relentlessly pushed the massive sex toy into her pussy; the lubricant helped a lot, but it still felt bigger than the toys she normally used on herself. But that was probably because this was a security procedure, she realized. They needed to search every cranny of her snatch.

Heather felt Keisha now, impaling herself on the other end of the dildo. Keisha pushed herself at Heather, and Ms. Samson helped make sure that the double dong just slid in deeper and deeper, filling her so completely. Heather just moaned. She was so glad that they weren't angry with her anymore, it felt so...so...

She felt Keisha's body against her own now, the dildo all the way in. Their cunts were barely a hand's with apart, and Ms. Samson took full advantage of that, diddling both of their clits as they rocked back and forth on the carpet. Heather gasped again. She felt the dildo in her, searching her out completely, finding every nerve and sensitive spot, running over them again and again and again until... When her orgasm hit, Heather was so lost in pleasure that barely even realized it.

After a while, Heather felt Ms. Samson straddle her face, tasted sweat and musk as the other woman pressed her ready twat against Heather's mouth. Heather couldn't even remember the reason for this security procedure, but she didn't worry. There was a perfectly good reason for everything they did in this room, and she didn't always need to remember it. She just needed to do as she was told. Ms. Samson was telling her that right now, and even if those words sometimes dissolved into incoherent grunts of, "oh, ohyeslickmeyes," Heather knew it was important to listen and do what she was told.

It felt like hours before Keisha finally pulled the dildo out of her slick, oozing pussy and Ms. Samson rolled off of her cum-covered face. "Now then, young lady, do you understand exactly how serious this whole situation is?"

"yes, ma'am," Heather responded, her breath still coming in gasps.

"And do you understand how important it is to follow the instructions of Transportation Security personnel?"

"yes, ma'am," Heather said, her voice thick and muzzy.

"Good," Ms. Samson said, her tone somewhat mollified. "I suppose we can let you board the plane today, but when you return from Mexico, I think you're going to need to come back and clear up this whole situation more definitively. It might take several visits, but I think you'd much prefer that to the alternative, right?"

Heather had no idea what the alternative was, but she said, "yes, ma'am," anyway.

"Very good. Keisha, how long before this young lady's flight leaves?"

"Another two hours," Keisha said, pulling her clothes back on.

"Plenty of time, then."

"Oh, yes." Keisha finished dressing. "In fact..." She opened the door just enough to slip out, and as she did so, Heather heard her say, "Frankie, could you come in here? I think we have a situation."


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