tagNonHumanSIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 11

SIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 11


Chapter Eleven : Hidden Showdown.

Here we are with a new chapter. I'm working hard on the next one and doing my very best to have it ready in time but don't be alarmed if it may take a week longer. It got come crucial parts the round up a lot of things and I want them perfect, or at least as close to perfect as I can get it. As usual many thanks go to Mikothebaby for her awesome editing skill. Mazuri, you're my lifeline these days, thank from the bottom of my heart. Same goes for Nulli and Snoman for their to the point feedback. I'll let you get on with reading now as I got back to chapter twelve.


"Get a cleaning crew in here and get rid of these remains. I don't want any traces of her left. Is that clear?" Derrick directed Chasey.


Derrick licked his lips. It may not have been a worthy fight but she had tasted so damn good. He felt a minute of regret but that lasted about two heartbeats. Now he wondered where he would have to look to get a similar tasting replacement. Only this time, he wouldn't make the mistake of letting the little bitch get the upper hand, ever.

He opened a hidden door and walked straight into his private rooms at the club. In need of a shower, he also needed a change of clothes since the little slut had torn his old ones. As he stood under the searing hot water, he glanced down at his arm. She nearly had ripped it off. That was the main reason he had drained her dry, he needed to be in tip top shape for the possible meeting that could happen tonight.

Thinking about it, his doubts resurfaced and he reminded himself that he hadn't had a chance to question Chasey about it all. He'd give the man one last shot at proving himself, if he still felt that Chasey was about to double cross, him he'd take care of him personally.

+ + + +

Adam arrived with Dave and Merlin as their trusted shadow. He knocked on the side entrance just like Chasey told him to do. A bulky guard opened the door and gave him a dirty look which was meant to intimidate him. Adam smirked as he said, "Chasey told me to come this way if I needed to talk to him tonight. Mind telling him we, my Alpha and myself, have arrived?"

It was like the name alone put the fear in everyone. The guard stepped aside and gestured for them to come inside. Dave went first, slipping into the role of arrogant Alpha without a care in the world. Adam followed, scouting the hallway slowly. He was Beta to Dave but tonight he took on the role as bodyguard too. He stalled a bit, giving Merlin time to slip past them.

The guard mumbled a few hushed words into a tiny microphone attached to his black t-shirt.

"I'm to take you to one of our VIP rooms. It seems the boss and Mister DiSarbonne are unexpectedly preoccupied. They will join you in a few moments," he said in a strong voice.

"I hope the wait won't be too long," Dave said sarcastically, slipping into the role of a dictator Alpha, "I've got more on my plate than to wait on a few bloodsuckers."

Dave sensed Adam's surprise and wanted him to relax. Relax, we got a role to play, can't let them see or notice anything. You know I'm only going along with the situation. You called me to help you out, I came. Remember, I'm your friend but I'm also your Alpha. Have some faith, I know what I'm doing, I just want this little dip shit knowing we don't beat around the bush.

Adam relaxed again, Dave was right. Yet for both, it was an unnatural treat so it caught Adam a bit off guard hearing him talk like this. Mostly it was Adam being the big tough guy and Dave the reasonable one. It seems the roles really were reversed for tonight. They both scanned the club as the guard cleared a path towards the VIP area and escorted them further to one of the more private boots.

"Someone will be right here to take your order."

"Don't bother," Dave cut it, "I'm not planning on socializing tonight, just talking shop. Just get it through to your boss that I'm an impatient man, this isn't scoring points in my book."

The guard look startled at the insolent tone the Alpha used. Without so much as another word he turned and left them alone.

Both men put a bored look on their face as they went back to scouting the room in front of them. Adam saw Ed at the other side of the room but didn't let his look linger as not to give away any clues. From his peripheral view he saw the small nod Ed made before he blended in with the crowd again. Adam fought a smile as he realized that Ed had simply showed himself because he wanted Adam to see him. Well played, my friend.

"Wonder what's taking so long for that douche to show himself? I'm getting bored looking this bored..." Dave droned on next to him.

"You'll just have to suck it up, Alpha," Adam replied with a hint of amusement unbefitting the moment, "I wish this was over already too."

Their relationship had always been special. Dave being Alpha never did much to it but strengthen their bond as friends and blood brothers. It hadn't surprised Adam one bit that Dave was giving him full reign in getting his revenge. What did surprise him was how fast Dave had agreed to leave the pack and come help him out. He knew the pack would be in good hands but he also knew how much of a planner Dave normally is.

He never went anywhere unless he knew everything there was to know; now Dave sat here next to him, as blind as he ever was, in a situation he didn't know against people he knew would make the Devil seem like your BFF.

As time passed, more women started to notice their presence, a few hoping they would notice them. Deliberately, Dave inspected his nails, making it very clear he wasn't interested. Adam snickered which earned him an angry glare.

We're here for other things and you and me both know we don't want some random pussy anymore, Dave shared in a mocking tone, So cut the crap and focus.

With effort Adam controlled his mirth, actually chastising himself that at this time he could tease Dave, too much was at stake to lose focus now. Nonetheless this little intermezzo broke the tension that was building in both of them.

Focusing back on the crowed he looked for the hidden doors he knew were there. It was a little something Sue had told them. It's mainly Derrick using them when he's here and Chasey only used them when he wanted a quick exit, though that didn't happen often with the exhibitionistic affinities he seemed to display often enough.

+ + + +

Ed faded back into the darkness after showing himself for a short second, immediately seeing Adam quickly zoning into him. Contact made, he went back in search for his particular target. The beast inside of him was pacing patiently as if he knew he would have his share of fun tonight. For once he made little effort reining in his beast. The taste he had a short while ago had tipped him over and he knew it would only be days before his beast would grow too antsy and he wouldn't be able to control him.

With a few mind tricks Merlin had shown him what Rupert looked like, so he wouldn't have much trouble finding the little douche bag. Here and there he thought he saw someone that looked like him. Slowly he stalked his way closer and grinned when the person he was trailing was the right one. Making sure to keep his distance, he never lost sight of him.

He saw Rupert making moves on a tiny redhead. He growled inwardly, he didn't know many details of what was done to Bron, but seeing that this creep had a thing for redheads just irked him the wrong way. Ed didn't want this girl to be made into another victim and he decided to move in, fast.

Swiftly he made his way over and made it look like he accidentally bumped into them.

"Watch where you going, stupid dog," Rupert hissed at Ed.

"Hey, it's crowed here, I didn't mean too," Ed said but was cut off by the vampire.

"I don't fucking care if you meant to or not. I decide who I touch and it certainly won't be such a dirty dog like you!" Rupert insulted Ed even more.

Those words did just want Ed feared a little, they pushed his beast to the forefront.

"Is that a fact, you dirty, lousy excuse of a bloodsucker?" he taunted him.

"Let's take this somewhere else. I don't take to insults from a puny werewolf!"

"Oh by all means, lead the way. Then I'll tone you down a few notches," Ed agrees with a dark smile, his eyes already turning slightly red as his beast wanted out.

Ed, you have to control yourself my friend. You know he's Adam's to take care off. Just get him outside into the alley or somewhere lower. There are empty floors. Adam and Dave are still waiting, so if you're fast, I can already take care of the two of you. Remember: control! Ed heard Merlin say into his mind. It did bring him around a little. Sensing their connection was still open he replied I'll just play a little bit, I promise.

His wolf was wandering restlessly as Ed followed Rupert through a few dark corridors than down a flight of stairs. He almost cheered when Rupert thought to have him cornered in a dark empty room. With a thud the door closed behind them and the two paced around each other.

Rupert's eyes had gained a red glow, his fangs extending past his lower lip.

Ed's eyes matched him as his wolf was gaining the upper hand, the wild beast hiding behind them both eager for a rumble and tumble with this pitiful excuse of a vampire.

With a soft roar Ed changed, his wolf's black coat helping him blend in even better in this dark room. He knew only the vampire was there because he hadn't sensed any heartbeat. Silently, he padded next to the walls, tracking the red vampire eyes. He almost smiled as he saw them going into another direction. Did someone teach this vampire to even hunt?

He quickly lashed out, ripping the left leg from top to bottom. He howled in victory as he heard the snarls of the vampire fading as he moved to another corner in the room. He sat there for a while, smelling the blood Rupert was losing, before trailing back up and ripping open his right leg. Another victorious howl followed as he retreated.

"Is that all you can do, little doggie," Rupert spoke softly, unease clear in his voice.

Ed scoffed, the words were like oil on fire. His wolf got more agitated and wanted to show this piece of shit that they meant business. Retreating a bit more, the inner, darker beast came forth. Ed willingly gave up control and let out the rogue in him.

A loud roar erupted from the beast as he grew a few more sizes. He didn't even try to hide from the vampire; he simply walked up to him and slashed his face, catching the vampire by surprise.

Only now did Rupert realize he wasn't just fighting a simple doggie, he was against a powerful werewolf with enough control to let out not just his wolf but also his rogue wolf. He never heard of it being possible but seeing he already had two legs ripped to shreds he had to concede more was a possibility. He managed to call in his vampiric speed and avoided the next attack but only just. He'd felt him passing by several times, not once touching him.

The rogue wolf was enjoying this game of tag. Apart from disfiguring his face he hadn't drawn anymore blood from the bloodsucker. He wanted to chase him, rip him apart but the vampire wasn't doing much. Then he heard a whoosh and he grinned. The vampire had finally woken up and realized playtime was over.

Patiently he bided his time until the vampire would move again. He could sense the slightest of air movement and pick up the most silenced noise. He would pin him down and shred him to bits. The thought of having some free flowing blood running down his mouth made him salivate.

There it was, a soft scrape on the ground. Not waiting a second longer, he started off in the same direction, colliding with the vampire. He slashed out at his face again and tried to pin him down with his weight. He growled with frustration at the feeble attempt the vampire made. He tried to hit him but didn't even come close, within seconds he had both arms trapped under his huge paws.

Tauntingly he licked some of the blood of the vamps face, making a whole show of it. He felt a nagging in the back of his mind but ignored it, he wanted a snack now that the vampire was trembling with fear under him. He showed his teeth before snapping him in the face.

Much to Rupert's surprise the wolf let him go. With as much speed as his torn body could muster, he crawled to the other side of the room. His legs hurt, not to mention his face. He felt the blood trailing down, soaking his clothes. He cursed inwardly, weren't vampires supposed to be the strongest! He felt humiliated at how this wolf was toying with him.

Huddled in a corner he tried to assess his wounds as best as he could, knowing that only a good feed would help him heal instantly. He focused on his surroundings and could barely detect any sound. He concentrated harder. There it was, a heartbeat! He could hear the wolf now. The revelation that the heartbeat was slow and steady was proof that he hadn't made much of an effort yet.

Rupert thought hard about this and something told him that he wouldn't leave this room alive. So be it, but if I go out, I won't go willingly! He tried pin pointing the wolf's whereabouts again and launched himself into his direction. Right away he realized the error of his move.

The wolf had been waiting for him, or rather baiting him even.

With a loud growl the roguish wolf butted the vampire in the stomach, making him fly back the way he came. Swiftly the wolf pursued and jumped the vampire. He could feel the talons the vampire had grown trying to tear up his belly. It annoyed the wolf immensely that his opponent was so weak and outright dumb. He knew his belly was a soft spot, but the effort the vampire was making almost had him sit down on his haunches and laugh at him.

With a snap of his powerful mouth he stopped the feeble attempt. The anguished scream that came forth was music to his ears. He heard the pain laced through that scream. He reveled in it. After he heard the bone snap, he dropped the motionless limb and stared straight into the eyes of the vampire.

The wolf chuffed in a derisive manner. This was far from what he considered a good fight. This was a weakling. You only did one thing with weaklings and that was getting rid of them!

A second later he dug into the vampire's throat, howling with joy as the blood poured into his awaiting mouth.

The vampire started struggling again and he wanted to rip out his throat to stop the distracting movements. Before he could even complete that thought, it all turned black for him and he landed on top of the squirming vampire.

A shimmer appeared next to them.

The vampire was still scared shitless but seeing someone who had put the raging wolf on top of him out, he considered them a friend for life. With a pleading look he stared up at the tall blond man.

"Don't even start hoping. We need you alive, for now," Merlin said in a dark, emotionless tone. "I just didn't want this one to have all the fun."

With a snap of his fingers the three of them were gone.

+ + + +

John and Gabriella had been pacing back and forth, knowing the plan but deep down having a small hint of fear that things would go wrong. Suddenly, Merlin appeared in front of him with a huge wolf trapping a struggling vampire.

"This is one part done. Can you make sure this little shit gets put away? I'll clean up his skin but that's all I'll do, how much he heals until Adam gets a hold of him is up to him. I'll secure Ed, I'm not sure in which state he'll wake up but he gave himself up to his rogue wolf," Merlin explained.

"John, will you take that heap of flesh out of here? I'll help Merlin settle in Ed. Merlin, are you sure he'll revert back? I never heard of a rogue wolf backing down, they keep going until they get killed in some way," Gabriella asked.

"I was surprised to when I was told, but he's done it before. It's not known outside of his pack and they know not to mess with him. I think all in all it works for them. He just had a taste for the hunt when they went after the rogues and Adam knew he would want more. Guess he got a bit more now, but he wasn't sated, I hate to admit it but I think once he wakes up he'll want more blood, a kill even. Not sure how we'll do that. We might be running out of people to punish to let him have one of them," he said in a stern voice.

"It puts us in an awkward position, but we'll work something out. We'll patch up the vamp you brought with you, no need for you to stress over him. Now it's another waiting game. I really do hope that Derrick doesn't suspect anything. I don't know how he does it but every attempt we made to come close to just even talk he diverted. He knew somehow!"

"He won't this time around. Whatever power it is he uses I'll block it, he'll just have the normal vampire speed and strength that would be normal if just one of you two sired him. Think you'll be able to handle him in that case," Merlin told.

Gabriella walked up to him and hugged him tight, as tight as she dared at least.

"For only just knowing you, Merlin, you are going way beyond friendship with what you are doing for us."

He hugged her back gently. "Think nothing of it, I'm glad to put a few wrongs right. I just want to make sure Adam gets his own revenge and closure so he can move on too and make a pass at his mate. He ain't seen nothing yet with her, she's a little firecracker if you ask me," he said, trying to lighten the mood a little.

"I'd love to meet them one day. Seeing who is all here and how John always spoke with much respect about the people Adam was friendly with, I just want to get to know them. Beside it never hurts being in your good book," she added with a smile.

"I'm sure that will happen. Besides we still owe each other some history," Merlin smiled, "So don't worry, you're already in my good book."

Stepping back, Gabriella brushed some invisible dust bunnies from his clothes.

"Thanks, Merlin, really, for everything," she said one final time.

"I better get back now and see how Adam and Dave are doing. The last I saw of them was them being surrounded by a lot of the female party goers and Dave didn't like it."

"I bet he didn't. You'll knock on my door when you come over with Derrick?" Gabriella asked as she tapped her temple.

"I will. I'll keep him completely bounded no worries and I'll redo his powers a bit so he can't pull a white rabbit out of his hat."

"Wait with his powers, control them or bind them, but I want to try one of my own on him, to see which one he really has. Maybe that way I can put some things in order for myself as to how he managed to elude us this long. After that, be my guest."

"Consider it done."

With a small nod he vanished in front of her. She turned around and went looking for her Prince. There was a very emotional and hard moment in the works for both her and John, not one she was looking forward to but one that was needed to prevent more bad things from happening.

Like a little hummingbird she followed the invisible path that led her straight to her mate, she gave him a sad smile as he knew what was ahead of them. John just closed and locked the door and simply held open his arms. Gabriella hugged him tight, luxuriating in their bond, amazed that after all this time it still had the same effect on her as it did when they met a millennia ago.

"I cleaned up this pitiful creature. I can't call him a vampire knowing what he has done to become one. I've shackled him up with silver covered titanium, I'm sure this dip shit doesn't know what the titanium will do, or rather prevent. Are the Masters these days so stupid they can't teach their fledglings what they're supposed to know?" he pondered, gently stroking her soft curls.

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