tagNonHumanSIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 13

SIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 13


Dear readers, I know, it's been a while but times are hectic here and seem to stay that way for a while longer. This chapter isn't as long as normal but it felt right to "break it off" at this point. We're getting back on track with getting these two really together now.

Muchos gracias for Mikothebaby for her ace edit skills, Evilsnoman for providing nice poetry (won't be long until you all can read the full poem as it was meant to be). Another huge thank you for Mazuri, my partner in crime, surprised we're walking free to this day!! and not to forget Nulli. All of the afore mentioned people contribute to the progress of this story, proofreading, kicking my butt. If it weren't for them ... *smiles*

I'll stop my babbling now and let you get on with reading the chapter, stay tuned for the next, I AM working on it just NO ETA for it as of yet, check the bio page for progress!

Chapter Thirteen : Homebound.

They all sat in the living room, cradling a drink of some sort. Gabriella sat curled up on John's lap. It's was clear she was still shaken up by Derrick's attempt to control her. Dave sat on the ground in front of the fire. He was playing with little Rosie, closely guarded by her mom. Sue was watching them like a momma bear from the love seat behind them.

She still appeared puzzled and surprised by all that had happened in the last forty eight hours. It was difficult to comprehend. What she did understand, was that the gang was no longer. Dave told her she didn't need to worry any longer about Chasey and any of the others. He hadn't really shared much details, not that she really wanted to know.

As she looked at the other two, it was clear that Adam was feeling restless and Ed appeared to be very calm and relaxed. The first time she met him, he was silent but he had a dark mood around him. The only one missing was Merlin. When she asked Dave about him, he had replied that Merlin was taking care of things at the club to make sure it stayed closed. Their conversation drifted from one general topic to another but at some point, Dave didn't want to stall anymore.

Looking at Rosie, it became evident she was battling Mister Sandman and was losing the fight. Looking up at Dave, he surprised her with asking her if it was all right for him to put the little girl to bed. She watched how he very carefully scooped up her sweet little girl and waited for her to accompany him, knowing already how much her bedtime routine meant to her.

Dave watched her put Rosie to bed and plant a tender kiss on her temple. Sue turned on the baby monitor Merlin had conjured up for her.

"Care to take a stroll around the pond?" He smiled as he held out his arm for Sue. "Can't call it a lake really but it does give a lovely view."

Dave returned the smile Sue was giving him as she accepted his arm.

They toured the tiny pond before settling at the nearby bench, Sue seated on it, Dave sitting on the ground in front of her. They just looked at each other for a while before Dave started talking.

"What are Rosie and you going to do?" He didn't sound like the confident man Sue knew him to be.

"I'm not sure. I'll probably try and get my life back in order. Take care of Rosie mainly, find a job..."

"And where do you want to do that?" Dave sounded even more unsure of himself.

"Don't know. I know things here but in a way it would remind me too much of what happened here too. I really don't know."

Dave had scooted up to her, his shoulder touching her legs, as if he craved touching her in some way or another.

He looked up to her and in a hopeful tone asked, "You think you could restart where I live? I would really hate to leave you here, it would tear me up inside, not to mention the dent in my bank account from all the flights back and forth."

Sue just observed him, her silence making him uneasy now, but Dave just didn't want to give her up, not now that he found her.

"I'm not asking you to move in with me, just that you move with me. The pack has a few apartments for rent. Babysitting wouldn't be much of an issue if Rosie doesn't mind being with the pack children. I'm also sure that we have an opening here or there to get you a job."

Sue just watched him, dumbfounded that he just comes up with something that sounds like a perfect solution. She was aware of the mating call but Dave surprised her. The stories she heard weren't all that flattering. Most turned out to be forced turnings if the female was human.

Dave took her silence as a cue to convince her even more.

"I don't want to rush you or anything, I promise that. I can only imagine what you've been privy to over here, but with us a mating is sacred. We cherish our mates and the ground they walk on. I don't think you want me to take over your life so I suggested what I hope sounds the best solution for both. I'll woo and court you, so you get to know me in my natural surroundings. You get settled in, get to know the rest and you decide if and when things move forward."

By now, Dave had turned around and was sitting on his knees before her, his fingers woven together with Sue's.

"Please, will you give us a chance? Please, will you consider moving with me? Give me the chance of achieving perfect happiness, giving me the opportunity to make you the happiest woman in my life." He looked next to Sue; where the baby monitor stood silently; for a second, smiling as the silence greeted them, telling them Rosie was sound asleep. "Well maybe I'd have to rephrase that and let me make you both the happiest persons in my life."

By now, Sue's face was covered in tears, biting her lip anxiously. She knew she wanted to take things slow. She didn't want to upset Rosie too much, but she also knew she couldn't deny herself from being happy again.


"What, ok?"

"Ok, I'll make the move. I'll take up the offer for the apartment and the job. Just give me a few days to settle in with Rosie before I start working."

Dave had to try his hardest not to drag her close and kiss her senseless. Slowly and tenderly, he cupped her face and brushed his lips over hers. He felt the passion ignite within his heart and fuel his whole being with love for the beautiful young woman in front of him. One kiss led to another, only coming apart for a fresh gulp of air before their attraction led to more kisses and more gentle caresses.

+ + + +

Adam stood in front of the window and smiled seeing his Alpha on his knees for his future mate. This was one little detail he'd keep private but was sure to tease him with later on. Seeing the loving scene, he yearned for home. He wanted to touch Bronwille and have her close. He wanted all their secrets out in the open so she could accept him for who and what he was.

He put his hands in his pockets and let his mind drift, thinking about how he was going to tell her she was truly safe now, that her attacker couldn't do those things ever again, that the whole gang was cleaned up. There was one thing he knew he had to do and that was call the police contact of the local wolf pack and let them know one of their "problems" had been "taken care off".

Turning his head from left to right, he stretched the muscles in his neck. Even though a huge load was lifted of his shoulders, he still felt he carried half the world with him. It was time to head home and come clean with the one person who now meant the world to him.

Just as he went to turn around, a large hand landed on his shoulder.

"I hope this closes a few things for Bronwille. I'm glad I could be part of this, we did good. I still can't remember it all, but my wolf is at peace for a change, so thank you for letting him have free reign."

"You don't have to thank me for that, Ed, it was all Merlin. Wolfboy didn't like being put to sleep, so you had some build up when your wolf woke up and saw the vampire. Seeing in which state you were in, there wasn't much left of the bad guy to clean up."

"All the same, I guess I needed it. Lately I'm becoming more and more restless and I can't pin point why. At least now I'm levelheaded for a while." The gratitude was clear in Ed's voice as he once more gave Adam a firm pat on the shoulder. "Merlin is offering to port us back home, you game?"

"Yeah, just gimme a few minutes to get my things together and I'll meet you back here."


Adam saw Ed going back to Merlin to inform he'd be joining them on the quick trip back home.

Alpha, friend, sorry to disturb you but I wanted to let you know Ed and I will be going back home, Merlin offered us a fast trip. I can assume you'll be going by plane so you're with Sue and Rosie?

He only had to wait a few second before he heard his Alpha's response.

It's ok and yes, you thought right. I'll be traveling with them. I'm not leaving them out of my sight until I'm sure they're settled in and safe. I count on you to inform the pack I'll be a few days behind. Don't tell them why. Just tell Tony to make sure the apartment next to mine is cleared, cleaned and in top condition and filled with food and things for Rosie.

Consider it done. We'll talk again once you get back. Thanks again my friend for coming over and helping.

It's what friends do, we help each other.

With those words, Dave broke their mental connection and Adam went up to his room to hastily pack his pack his bag. He wanted to get home now.

+ + + +

Merlin slowly swirled the dark amber drink in his glass as he gazed into the crackling fire. It still amazed him that both Gabriella and John preferred to have a real fire in their house, especially since it was one of the things that had the potential to shorten their lifespan considerably. He didn't mind, he actually favored it too. The warmth and glow from a real, sizzling fire still had a hundred times more charm then all those new electrical heating devices they invented, or claimed to be so green.

Nipping from his drink, he savored the rich, warm taste and enjoyed the slight burn it left behind as the liquor made its way through his system.

He heard the door open and close and soft footsteps making their way towards him. Just as he wanted to stand up to greet the other person, he was halted by the tiny hand on his shoulder.

"Please, stay seated, old friend. Mind if I join you?" Gabriella held up her own glass that held the same liquor as Merlin's.

"I don't mind at all. Great minds think alike."

He held up his own glass and Gabriella touched it lightly with her own before taking a seat on the chaise lounge that stood across from the large men's chair Merlin was sitting in.

They sat together in silence for a bit, both savoring their drink occasionally.

"Tell me, how are John and you coping?"

"Just as you put it, we're coping. We told our two other children what has happened and they are deeply saddened too, but they understood it was needed. I can't really explain our connection to our children, it's different with those we sire alone. The five of us always felt the others, now there is a void we'll have to learn to live with. Maybe over time, that gaping hole will get smaller but at the moment it's huge and affecting us all. That is why I called the girls. I couldn't bear opening our mental connection, not right away. It's like some part of his essence is still with us though we know he is gone."

Merlin leaned forward and gently covered her hand and squeezed.

"Every bond that gets broken leaves a void. It's cliché but yeah, give it time and it will get better. May I suggest getting your daughters to visit and explore your bonds. This way you all do it in a safe environment and you don't have to be prepared for what could happen."

"John suggested the same but I need a few days to get myself together. I want to figure out how he was able to take over my mind. I almost hurt you." She sounded a bit pained now and she raised her brow questionably as Merlin held back a laugh.

"That is what he tried and yes, he took over your mind. Tell me from what little you know of me, in hindsight, do you really think I would have let him get away with hurting anyone, really bodily harming anyone? I admit, he outwitted me there but still I was on top of things." Merlin's demeanor changed to a more serious one. "That is the only part I hated, him getting inside of your mind. Is it all better now, or still a bit clouded?"

"It's better now, a few more days of rest and feeding and I'll be a hundred percent again."

"Good to hear. What do you say to us exchanging our own stories now? Dwelling in the past may ease the pain of the last few days or at least let us mind-travel a bit?"

"Your devious, Merlin, but I admit, I like the idea. Question now is who starts?"

"As the saying goes: ladies first."

With a slight bow of his head, he held up his glass, as a silent salute and starting sign for Gabriella to start her story.

+ + + +

It was close to dawn when John entered the room and saw his Queen listening intently to Merlin. Through their connection, he felt her curiosity, her sympathy as more of Merlin's past was revealed to her. There were moments she felt surprised. He could only conclude that Merlin, just like them, was really old and had his share of events to deal with.

"I hate to interrupt this little tête à tête but I do believe Gabriella needs some rest now. I know how she gets when she gets sucked into story telling time." John couldn't and didn't even try to hide the amusement in his voice. It had only been the calmness in their bond that had prevented him from intruding at an earlier time but he knew his Queen needed her rest.

"John dear, you're a real killjoy, you know?" Gabriella pouted but couldn't hide the twinkle in her eyes.

Merlin watched their loving interactions and had to admit that he too, had lost track of time. Gabriella's story had been so interesting to hear that in turn he had told everything as well. He hadn't elaborated so much on the gruesome things he did but he told of them nonetheless. He knew that he had found new friends in Gabriella and John and thus he held nothing back.

"I have to agree with John though. It's nearly dawn and even us oldies need some rest. I promise to continue my tale later on when we all have rested."

"I'll hold you to that!"

Merlin smiled as he was privy to John picking up Gabriella, who protested loudly yet snuggled up comfortably, and walking out of the room.

"Goodnight Merlin, we'll talk more later," John said as he closed the door.

Merlin checked the fire and made sure it was out before he zip zapped himself to his own room upstairs. He felt somewhat relieved now he had told his own story to someone who understood the hard choices he once had to make.

+ + + +

Gabriella lovingly caressed the locket normally hidden under her clothing. She knew all the intricate carvings on it by heart. The perfectly cut gem in the middle was warm to the touch ever since it started whizzing about. In all these centuries, it never hummed but she could no longer ignore the persistence it was now displaying.

Nut, the Queen Mother of their race, had bestowed this rare gift to her. It contained the spirit of one of her offspring. Back when she was still mortal and reigned over her kingdom, Gabriella, then known as Queen Kasaqa, stepped up to protect her priestesses from grave bodily harm when neighboring kingdoms tried to overtake them.

In those battles, she had lost her husband, King Alara. He was killed right in front of her. As quickly as she could, she gathered her ladies and other servants and hid in the secret passageways. It was then she discovered the secret of her priestesses, why they stayed so young. Realistic by nature, she wanted to survive and accepted their deal. That deal ensured all their survival and when the siege was over, the Queen Mother Nut had appeared before her.

Knowing the secret, she was given the choice to live her life or get eternity. The Queen Mother explained as much as she could and what she couldn't tell she showed. Kasaqa/Gabriella didn't need much convincing and chose immortality.

During the battle, one of the priestesses had met her match but the Queen Mother had captured her spirit in a locket which she then presented to Kasaqa/Gabriella and told her that when the time was right for the locket to change ownership, she would know.

That day had finally come. The moment she met Merlin the locket had begun humming constantly. So much so, that she had taken it of during all the prior events and had remembered it the evening before when Merlin and she traded life stories.

Merlin and John were trading a few stories of their own and the laughter coming from both of them lifted her spirit more than she cared to admit. She'd miss the tall wizard but also knew she'd see more of him in the future. With regret, she interrupted the men and pulled Merlin to the side.

"I need to give you something. I can't tell much about it but this was given to me for safekeeping by the Queen Mother. She said that when the time is right I'd know I'd have to pass it on and to who." She sported a small smile. "It seems the locket wants to go with you. I don't know what it will do but I know it contains the spirit of one of her daughters. She seems to think it's better to continue her journey with you."

With that said she gently dropped the locket in Merlin's hand and closed his fingers over it. She could see by his reaction that he was surprised but also that he picked up the humming. As if the spirit knew it had a new owner, it calmed down and went back to rest.

"How is this possible?" Merlin asked.

"Who knows? It's from the Queen Mother. I don't question her actions, she's the mother to our kind. Know that when you feel the humming again it's time to give it some attention and try to listen to what she wants. That's all the advice I can give you."

"It's mysterious, I'll grant you that. I'll take care of her."

A few more pleasantries were exchanged and finally the goodbyes were said and Merlin went back to his own little part of the world.

+ + + +

In just a pair of white boxers and a white damp towel around his neck, Adam let out a loud sigh when he was done showering. How he had longed for his own familiar cubicle, built to suit his height and size. He couldn't really believe with all the wealth John and Gabriella must have that they didn't spend some of it on larger showers.

Though he would much rather go over to Bronwille's, he knew it was too late to knock on her door. Instead, he strolled over to his laptop and booted it up before making a detour to the kitchen for a beer.

His mind more at peace now, he felt he had one story left to tell Bronwille and now was as good a time to start it. Placing his bottle of beer next to the laptop, he sat down and took a few minutes thinking of ways to tell as much as he could without really freaking her out. Once his fingers started to travel over his keyboard he lost track of time. Only when he hit save one last time, did he notice he typed away half the night.

Content that the story was as complete as he could get it without really revealing his big secret, he closed the file and went to bed. He tossed and turned for a short while before sleep overtook him and his dreams got better when a certain redhead made an appearance.

+ + + +

Bronwille stretched her sore muscles, she probably slept in a wrong position and now her back was killing her. With loads of effort she got up and drug herself to the shower. Turning on the hot water, she hoped the heat on her back could ease some of the pain. And if that wouldn't help, she could still turn to painkillers though she preferred not to use any at any given time.

Slowly she dried herself and got on some easy and comfy clothes before she made her now daily trip to Adam's tavern for breakfast. She smiled a little thinking of the big bear man. She missed him and the longer he was gone the harder she wished he was back. Katie hadn't said anything as to when he may be back. She wasn't worried but just wanted to be near him, have his calming influence around her and the secure feelings he let her have.

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