tagFetishSix Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 03

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 03


Come the following Monday I was full of anticipation, mixed with dread, as to what my fourth task might be. I well knew that my husband, Steven, was planning the tasks so each of them was increasingly humiliating, causing me to submit my body in a manner I thought would always remain in my fantasies only.

As I nervously joined Steven in the lounge after dinner he handed me the folded piece of paper. I opened it, and read the contents. 'Well done my darling. This week you will masturbate yourself to orgasm in front of Henrik and I. You will, of course, be totally naked. Love you, Steven XXX

I stared at the piece of paper in absolute horror. Up until know I had not indulged in any overt sexual behaviour in front of Henrik For me, masturbation is a very private act carried out when one is alone. It had been bad enough playing with myself while in the bedroom of a sleeping Henrik. But I knew masturbating myself, and bringing myself to orgasm, while naked in front of Henrik and Steven, was a mission far too impossible. I doubted if I could have done it even if I was performing for Steven alone.

I desperately tried to persuade Steven to come up with an alternative fourth task, but he remained doggedly firm. Even when I began crying he was unmoved. In the end I stormed out in frustration, and I could hardly bring myself to talk to him over the next few days.

I desperately tried to get the courage to go through with the task. I even resorted to sneaking home one lunch hour, undressing, and lying prone on my bed. I then visualized Steven and Henrik watching me as I began to play with myself. But it was no good. I hardly made myself damp, let alone get anywhere near close to orgasm.

Friday came around too soon, and Henrik announced he was going away for a long weekend with friends. I knew I would not be able to fulfil the task before the end of the week. I was relieved, but also nervous at the possible consequences. Steven said nothing the whole weekend, and I began to wonder if he was going to take pity on me, and perhaps set another task I was capable of achieving.

Come Monday I was more nervous than normal as I joined Steven for our coffee.

Silently he handed me the piece of folded paper. I opened it, and read. 'I am disappointed you have not performed Task 4. For this you will be punished by a person other than myself, or Henrik. The details of the person you are to contact are noted below.

Additionally, you will complete Task 4 as required. Both the punishment and the task are to be completed this week. Love you, Steven XXX'

At the bottom of the page there was a woman's name, Maria, followed by a phone number.

I looked at Steven as if he was insane. Was he seriously contemplating punishing his wife like a young child, and somehow expecting me to also complete Task 4? I pleaded with him to discuss options for me that were more palatable, but again he was totally unmoved.

All he would say was, "I know you have it in you, and if you let your inhibitions go you will let the real you come to the surface. Trust me. Maria will be waiting for your call"

I just about threw something at him, I was so frustrated. And who the hell was Maria.

Despite my incredible fear of what I had been asked to do, over the next 24 hours I began to develop a quiet resolve I was going to prove to Steven, and myself, that I could let go of all the inhibitions that had been instilled in me through a lifetime of conservative upbringing.

I waited for a quiet moment at work on Wednesday morning. When I was sure no one was around I picked up the phone and dialled the number at the bottom of the note.

The phone was answered with a curt, "Maria."

Suddenly I was tongue tied and could not think what to say.

"Are you there?" the voice asked impatiently.

"This is Angela," I finally managed to mumble. "My husband, Steven, said you were expecting me to ring."

"Ahhh. The naughty little housewife who wants to be punished."

"It is not that I want to be punished." I stupidly tried to defend my dignity.

"Oh well. The net result to your poor backside will be the same." Maria laughed, and I shuddered. "Shall we say tomorrow night at 8.00 pm? I have your address." With that she hung up before I could respond.

I looked down at my hands. I was shaking. But I was also proud of my courage. That night I nervously informed Steven of the arranged time with Maria.

Steven smiled. "And when will task 4 be completed."

"Friday night," I blurted, even though I had not given it any thought as I was so apprehensive about the upcoming punishment.

"Good girl. Make sure Henrik is aware as I want him present on both nights."

I pouted, but nodded.

"And tell him he can bring a friend."

My mouth opened in horror. "No," I pleaded. "Please, no, not that."

"Yes, both nights if he wishes." Steven smiled as I squirmed in my seat.

Shame-faced I wandered down the hallway to where Henrik was studiously doing his homework. I politely knocked on his door before entering. I stood before him, totally embarrassed at what I had to say.

"What is it, Mrs. Baker? Have I done something wrong?" he enquired politely.

"Not at all, Henrik. If fact, quite the contrary. It is I who has done something wrong, and I am rightly going to be punished." Again I blushed with embarrassment.

Henrik suddenly sat up, excitement registering in his eyes. "Like last time? Are you going to be naked again?"

"Well, yes I am," I confessed. "But this time being naked is not going to be enough."

Henrik could not wait for me to continue. His young hormones were already running amuck.

I hung my head. "A woman is going to come to the house tomorrow night and she is going to punish me."

Henrik's eyes were wide as saucers.

"And I am afraid there is more. On Friday night I want you to stay home so I can show you how a woman masturbates herself." I felt so incredibly perverted

I think Henrik just about came in his trousers.

"And one last thing, Henrik. Mr. Baker says it is alright if you want to bring a friend along to watch, on both nights."

My face was burning with shame as I raced out of his room and into the solitude of my bathroom. My heart was racing. I could not believe what I had just said to this young man. But I also knew there was now no turning back.

Thursday I was as nervous as hell. I struggled to get through my workday, and when I got home I showered and took extra care over my personal hygiene. I knew my naked body was going to be exposed to several sets of eyes. I had the house to myself and I tried to busy myself preparing the evening meal, but I could not shake the thoughts of what was going to happen to me over the next two days. At times it made me feel physically sick just thinking about.

Steven was picking up Henrik from hockey practice, and I heard them pull up on the driveway. I could not resist peeking through the curtains. To my horror Henrik had two of his friends with him in the car, one of whom I recognized as his good mate, Mike.

All four chattered jovially as they entered the house. When Henrik and his two companions saw me they were immediately quiet, and even looked a little embarrassed. I was introduced to the youth I had not met before; who it turns out was Mike's 16 year old younger brother, Peter. Their parents were going out for the evening so Steven very kindly offered to let both of them stay the night. I glared at Steven, who shrugged, as if to say 'what could I do'. Bastard. He knew he was only making my humiliation worse.

Somehow I managed to serve dinner to Steven and the three youths without vomiting from extreme nervousness. Everyone tried to act normal, but it was clear tonight was going to be anything but normal. It was obvious Mike and his younger brother knew what was going to happen. After the meal I shuffled around the kitchen trying to keep occupied.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and I just about jumped out of my skin. I glanced at the clock. 8.00 pm. 'Oh, no,' I murmured to myself. 'What have I let myself in for?'

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