tagFetishSix Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 04

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 04


Steven answered the door and I could hear him talking to the distinctive voice of Maria as they walked towards the kitchen. As they entered I almost burst into tears I was such a nervous wreck. To make matters worse, Maria was different than I had imagined from her voice. I had visions of her being the old school-ma'am type in her 50's. But instead she was tall, attractive, and looked to only be in her late 20's or early 30's.

Steven had confessed to me last night, after being continuously bombarded by questions from me, that Maria was in fact a professional dominatrix who had been recommended to him by an acquaintance who was involved in the S&M scene. Seeing her in the flesh, I could definitely see how she fitted the mould. She had a definite air of authority about her, which was reinforced by her height and broad shoulders. She had the sort of build you see on top performing swimmers.

Maria smiled courteously as she was introduced to me, and then began to discuss the latest Dixie Chicks CD that was playing on the stereo. It seemed we both shared a love of Country and Western music. Maria was clearly a lot more use to this situation than I was and was doing her best to try and make me relax a little.

After I had fetched Steven and Maria a glass of wine the three of us sat down in the lounge, and were shortly joined by the three boys who helped themselves to a beer at Steven's invitation. I was so nervous I gulped down my wine before the others had barely taken a sip.

Maria looked over at me with her beautiful blue eyes. Her short cropped red hair added to her striking looks. "Let's not prolong this, Angela. You are going to be punished so I suggest we get on with it. Agreed?" She smiled professionally, totally at ease in this environment.

"I guess," I mumbled.

"Good girl. Now I suggest you get undressed."

Nervously I stood up. "Can I go into my bedroom to undress?" My own voice sounded to me like a school girl.

"No dear. We are all going to see you totally naked, so I want you to undress right here in front of us."

I could see out the corner of my eye that Henrik and his two friends were riveted to the edge of their seats. Steven was not much better.

As difficult as it was, I somehow managed to strip down to my underwear. I looked across to Maria, somehow hoping this was sufficient.

"All of it, Angela. Be a good girl or you will only increase your punishment." There was a slight impatient edge to Maria's voice. She was clearly a woman you did not keep waiting.

I took a deep breath, and quickly discarded both my bra and panties. The humiliation of being totally naked in front of this room full of people was unimaginable.

Embarrassed by my nudity I stupidly tried to cover myself with my hands, which brought a strong rebuke from Maria. Quickly I dropped my hands to my side.

"Turn around and give me a good look at you. Keep turning around until I tell you to stop." Maria commanded and I did as was asked.

The only problem was I was also giving the young males a good look at my breasts and pubic region. Around and around I turned. Alternatively giving everyone in the room a good view of my buttocks, followed by the sight of my swaying breasts and blond pubic hair. She left me turning in circles for so long I began to feel giddy, before finally commanding me to stop.

"You have a very nice body." Maria seemed genuine in her comment. "Don't you boys agree Mrs. Baker has a very nice body?"

All three young men chorused their agreement enthusiastically, causing Maria to laugh. Somehow I did not feel like laughing also.

Maria was all business again. She slid forward in her seat and patted her knee, before reaching out and guiding me over her thigh. I could not believe that as a 41 year old mature woman I was going to let myself be punished with a good old-fashioned hand spanking on the bare backside. It was the type of ridiculous fantasy one reads about on the websites I had visited. Surely it doesn't happen in real life. I was about to find out.

Maria adjusted my buttocks until she was satisfied I was positioned to her satisfaction.

"Open your legs," she commanded, leaving no room for negotiation.

I was mortified, as opening my legs would mean the three young men in the room could get a clear view of my vagina. This would undoubtedly strip away any last vestiges of dignity I had been able to preserve.

"Hurry up girl," Maria was angry at my inability to follow simple commands, and reinforced the point by smacking me hard on the left buttock.

I screamed out in surprise, and could hear the boys sniggering in delight at my predicament. Reluctantly I splayed my legs open wide.

What followed was a prolonged assault on my poor buttocks. Maria was very professional. She would spank hard, then when she sensed I could not take much more she would back off the severity until I had recovered slightly. By doing it this way the duration of my punishment was increased considerably. For much of the spanking I was sobbing like a baby. I tried to kick my legs but she held them firmly in place.

To my immense relief she finally stopped and I slid off her knee onto the carpet. I felt totally wasted.

"Stand up," Maria directed

Gingerly I got to my feet.

"Turn around."

I obeyed.

"Bend over and let me get a good view of those lovely reddened buttocks of yours."

I hesitated for only a moment before bending over. I could not believe how exposed I felt. And as much as I hated to admit it to myself, I felt excited.

Maria's soft hand touched the burning flesh of my tender buttocks. She stroked both sides several times. Just as she was removing her hands she allowed one of her fingers to stroke my labia. I knew that she knew I was wet, but fortunately being the true professional she said nothing.

"Why don't you waddle over to the boys and show them what a punished backside looks like. I am sure it will encourage them to behave better in the future,' Maria smiled.

Feeling like a very naughty little girl I shuffled over to where the three young men were seated, and then turned so they could see my reddened buttocks.

"Oh come on Angela. Give the boys a good view. Bend over at the waist." Maria was not going to miss an opportunity to humiliate me further.

I bent over and all three boys audible gasped at the sight that confronted them. I wanted my degradation to be complete, so I actually opened my legs to afford them a much clearer view.

With that my night of punishment was over. Maria departed, and the three boys disappeared into Henrik's room. I could just imagine all three of them jerking off as they recounted the events of the evening.

Needless to say, Steven and I were quickly between the sheets of our bed. He took me from behind, and the feeling of his rough body rubbing against my tender buttocks brought me to the most intense orgasm I think I have ever felt.

The next day, Friday, my buttocks were not as bruised as I had expected, but they were very tender. I knew I would have trouble sitting at work all day, and this proved to be the case. Every time I sat down the tenderness reminded me of my punishment, and I could not help blushing. But I also had something else on my mind that was ensuring I did not relax. Tonight I was going to have to somehow masturbate myself in front of Steven and Henrik, and goodness knows who else.

When I arrived home from work I could hear Henrik talking in his room. I cringed as this almost certainly meant he had invited someone along to watch my perverted show tonight. Again I had a thorough shower before dressing and busying myself making dinner. If anything, I was more nervous than the previous night. I sneaked a couple of nips of gin in a bid to settle my nerves. Steven finally arrived home just as dinner was ready. I called out to Henrik that it was meal time. He had not been out of his room since I arrived home, which was unusual.

When he walked into the kitchen I saw the reason he had not left his room. His companion was a very pretty young woman. Henrik had not previously mentioned any girls in his life so the appearance of the young lady was a surprise to both Steven and I. Henrik sheepishly introduced her as Kate. They were classmates but clearly a relationship was blossoming between the two.

Although I tried to hide it, I was mortified by the appearance of the young lady, given what was supposedly going to happen tonight. I prayed she was only staying for dinner and then going home. However half way through dinner Henrik lent over closer to me and announced that he had told Kate what I was going to be doing tonight and she was very keen to stay and watch. My jaw dropped open in horror, but before I could utter a word Steven informed Kate we would be delighted if she stayed.

Needless to say my appetite disappeared from that moment. I sulked for the rest of the meal, and was even too embarrassed to look anyone in the eye so I kept my head down and pushed my food around my plate with my fork. Steven, meanwhile, engaged Kate in animated conversation. She seemed a very pleasant young lady, but so young and innocent, which only served to make me feel worse, if that was possible.

With the meal finished I fluffed around in the kitchen for an eternity, dragging out the ritual of making cups of coffee. Wholesome, pure Kate of course only wanted a glass of water.

Finally the drinks were consumed, and Steven looked across at me hunched nervously in my chair. As if by some silent signal, the conversation stopped.

"I think it is time we got Task 4 out of the way, Angela." Steven made it sound like it was time to wash the dishes.

The young, alert eyes of Henrik and Kate were now glued on me. I silently pleaded with Steven, but I already knew it would be to know avail. But even in this moment of extreme humiliation I could also feel something akin to excitement coursing through my veins. A part of me wanted to be debased in this manner.

Mustering my courage I stood, and in front of my three wide-eyed onlookers, I shed my clothing. Even when I got to my underwear I did not stop. In truth, I was worried if I hesitated I would not find the resolve to continue. When I was totally naked I stood with my arms at my side, and remembering Maria's treatment of me the previous evening, I began to slowly rotate around so all three onlookers could soak up every aspect of my nude body. I stole a quick glance at 'Miss Innocence', and she was clearly spellbound.

Taking in a deep breath I sat on the carpet, locating myself so I knew all three could get a clear view of me. For a long moment I sat there, knees together, with the room in breathless silence. My legs felt like jelly, but in a moment of extreme determination I splayed them wide open, giving Steven, Henrik and Kate a full, unhindered, view of my vagina. The looks on their faces, even including my husband, told me they were in awe of the sight before them. And even as humiliated as I was at that moment, I also felt a type of release from my sexual inhibitions. I was determined to press on.

I bent my legs and allowed my knees to spread wide apart. As I touched my own pussy I was not at all surprised to find I was already at an advanced stage of arousal.

As I began to stroke my labia up and down I forced myself to keep my eyes open and focused on my onlookers. It increased my degradation by witnessing the incredulous looks on their faces, especially young Kate and Henrik.

I forced several fingers in and out of my vulva, stretching my cavity as wide as I could so my fleshy pink interior was on view to my audience. I quickly felt my orgasm building, but I did not want it to be all over so soon. I stopped stimulating myself, and instead used both hands to prize my vagina wide open, stretching my lips until it hurt. I also rolled onto my back and brought my legs up so my anus was on display. I wanted them all to see everything I had to offer as a woman.

I alternated between masturbation and displaying myself for what must have been close on an hour. Finally I ached so bad I had to come. Using my thumb to furiously rub my clit, I drove the fingers of my other hand noisily into my very wet cunt. I came in convulsions that were so strong I just about fainted.

Steven eventually helped me to my feet and we retired to our bedroom where we both found further release through some good, old fashioned, sex.

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