Size 8 Panties: To Daddy


"You mean you like the sweet taste of hot pussy juice, too, mommy?" Brenda locked her eyes on her mother as her fingertips found the edge of Pam's panties and began working toward her center.

"Yes Brenda I do almost as much as I like being fucked by your father." Brenda's fingers were now on the seam of the panties that runs between her mom's thighs. Leaning in she gave her mother a peck on her lips. That was all it took her mother hadn't eaten pussy in a long time and wanted to taste Brenda's more than anything after having the sample off her panties the previous night.

"Oh mom, hurry sixty-nine with me before daddy comes back." Clothes flew all over the living room as the women got naked, EXCEPT FOR THEIR BRAS, in seconds. Brenda climbed on top of Pam and sank her mouth into her mother's hot pink lips while Pam pulled her daughter's ass cheeks apart and began bathing her daughter's twat with her tongue. Brenda was surprised when her mother jabbed a finger into her asshole.

Hungrily they devoured one another's cunts. Her mother's touch was driving Brenda crazy. She couldn't believe how good her mom's finger felt going in and out of her tiny asshole. Pam was amazed how masterful a cunt lapper her daughter was and knew she wasn't fibbing about her experience with Leslie.

It wasn't long until the incestuous pair was pouring their sweet honey into each other's mouths. They hung tightly onto one another as orgasm after orgasm swept through their bodies. Pam was hotter than she had been in a long time and wanted to experience more of her daughter's body but knew Dale could be home and minutes. Disappointedly Brenda grabbed her panties and used them to clean the excess juices from both of their cunts and faces

Picking up the rest of her clothes Brenda hurried back to her room stopping to lay the super soaked panties on the hamper as she went. Smiling to herself that she had succeeded with one parent she knew her daddy shouldn't be a problem. She put her clothes back on including a pair of red hot bikini panties and joined her mom in the living room. The two ladies looked at each other differently but pretended nothing had happened knowing full well that they would be back together soon.

They had finished their interlude in the nick of time as Dale waltzed in the door carrying in take out food. Pam was happy he had made it back when he did as she had an appointment to get a permanent and was going from there to a makeover party and they only had one vehicle.

As soon as they chowed down Pam rushed out the door and Dale headed back toward his bedroom leaving Brenda all alone. She cleaned up the lunch mess then realized that her dad probably had not actually gone to his bedroom at all. Her pussy tingled as she came to the conclusion that he was probably in the bathroom with her wet undies.

Sure enough, as she walked in the door there was her hunky father with the panties to his nose and his rigid cock in his hand. Dale was enjoyed rubbing his baby girl's panties in his face and at that moment didn't care if she caught him as these damp panties were so fucking sexy.

Brenda walked up behind him and smashed her boobs into his back and her crotch into his ass while pushing his hand away from his prick and as she latched on to it purred, "Daddy, go ahead and use both hands to play with them. I will take care of this for you. Do you still love my panties?"

"Oh God yes, Brenda," Dale whispered huskily to his daughter. He was frozen in place as if in a trance. His senses were overloaded by the erotic smell and taste of the garment and his daughter's little hand pumping his member. He could feel her nipples stabbing him in the back and was in pure ecstasy.

"Oh daddy, please give me a sniff," She pleaded knowing that would both confuse him and turn him on.

"Ok, honey," he said as he timidly brought the undies back to his daughter's nose. Brenda inhaled deeply and then turned her attention back to his prick and began to nuzzle his neck.

"Oh yes daddy, my panties are sexy; come on daddy cum again for me. Your pecker is so big." Dale was now groaning loud as his daughter's masterful hand glided up and down his length. Brenda felt his cock twitch and then a large load of spunk flew out landing on the hamper lid. She wiped his spunk off of her hand and onto his pants and walked away.

Knowing she only had about five more hours until her mom got home and wanting her dad inside of her before then Brenda had to move things along. She also knew that she needed to give her daddy's cock at least some recovery time. So, she went to her room and gently played with herself emerging an hour later with an obvious wet spot in her panties. Now it was time to let her dad see the next pair she was going to give him.

Coming out of the bedroom Brenda found Dale sitting on the couch reading the newspaper as if nothing had happened. She was still wearing the tight fitting blouse and short skirt she had used to seduce her mother in. Boldly she marched over to her dad and took the newspaper from his hand. He looked up at her a bit confused but said nothing.

"Hello daddy, I've got a present for you since you like sniffing my panties so much. I decided to let you sniff and caress them while I am still wearing them but just for a minute and no kissing I don't want wet panties; you can see my ass first." Dale could not believe what he was hearing until his daughter turned and lifted up her skirt showing him her silky red ass. Very tentatively he placed his hands on her twin cheeks afraid that he was about to wake from a dream. Any thoughts of this being wrong had totally left his head.

Planting his nose in her cloth covered ass crack he inhaled deeply as he ran his hands all over the undies. This was the best gift she had ever given him. Just as he was getting into her ass Brenda swirled around and placed her hands on Dale's head as she encouraged him to sniff and hug her sweet triangle.

But, sniffing wasn't enough for Dale as he flicked his tongue onto the material covering her bush. Brenda wasn't stupid and knew before they started that he would lick her. So when he did she wiggled out of his hold and gently pushed his head away and ran out yelling, "I have to take a leak."

It seemed like an eternity that she waited for her dad to follow her to the bathroom. Hearing him walking down the hall she took a seat on the toilet with her underwear still up around her waist but had removed the skirt. Looking at her Dale commented, "You can't take a leak like that."

Pulling her blouse off she softly encouraged, "Do you want a fresh pair of my panties to play with?"

"Oh yes, of course I do," Dale stammered almost unable to speak.

"Well, then you have to take them off of me yourself, daddy." She could see the lust in his eyes and was pretty sure he could see the same in her eyes. As if in some sort of a spell Dale walked over and knelt in front of the toilet. Brenda placed her feet on her father's thighs and could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

Nervously Dale hooked his fingers in the sides of her panties. Brenda lifted first one and then the other cheek off the toilet seat to allow him to slid them off her hips and down her thighs and finally to the floor. The girl spread her legs as her father brought her soiled garment to his nose. He couldn't believe it, her pussy was a carbon copy of his wife's.

He wanted to lunge for her but resisted leaving the next move up to her. He knew the sex would be better if she were in control even if it didn't happen for a few more days. Just then, he heard splashing. Looking down he saw the golden stream come out of her. She was actually pissing for him, "What is the matter daddy, I told you I had to take a leak."

"Oh fuck, honey, you sure did. My God, I guess you weren't lying." He watched every drop splash into the water below. Brenda knew it was time for the final step. Her father was hoping that it was.

"Daddy you can wipe my pee hole off with the toilet paper if you want to," she cooed. Dale was shocked, not even Pam had let him get this personal before. He grabbed a wad of tissue and brought between her thighs and gently dabbed her with it. Long after he had dabbed any trace of piss he continued to apply the tissue. Brenda was getting lost in the feeling but came to her senses and pushed the tissue into the bowl.

"Thank you daddy," she whispered and leaned toward his face and gave him a kiss. Dale sat there panties in hand not knowing what to do. Making sure she got the message across she put her arms around his neck and rammed her tongue into his mouth. Greedily he returned the passionate kiss.

"Oh my fucking God, Brenda; what is next for me?"

"Oh daddy, I need you to carry me to bed and rub those sexy panties all over my face and big tits. And then dear daddy I want to suck your big cock and have you eat my pussy before fucking every part of my body including my pussy, asshole, and titties." It couldn't have been put much plainer, so, Dale picked his daughter up right off of the toilet seat and carried her to her bed with her panties dangling from his wrist.

Excitedly Brenda watched as her father stripped off his clothing. Admiring her father's body she couldn't believe how buff he looked for a man in his forties. His muscles rippled from his arms and chest. Dale was practically drooling as he dropped his underpants to the floor. Bouncing on to the bed beside his daughter Dale reached behind her and unsnapped the latches on her white cotton bra, the last article of clothing between them.

"You are so fucking beautiful and your boobs are magnificent," he choked out as he pulled the bra from her chest. Immediately their tongues found each other as they kissed with a passion neither had experienced in recent memory. Gently they caressed each other's bodies. His little girl's skin was so damn soft that it felt like satin under his wandering fingers. He let out a moan as they kissed passionately once again.

"Oh daddy, don't forget the panties; make love to me with my panties," she urged. Reaching behind himself Dale picked up the garment and placed it on her tummy and felt a shiver go up his spine as he touched Brenda's boobs for the first time through her undies. Gently he ran them all over both of her massive orbs as her fingers found his cock and began tracing up and down its length.

Moving up her body his cloth covered hand finally reached her mouth and nose. He could hear her inhale the pungent aroma of her own cunt and saw her flick out her tongue to lick the material. Violently she pulled his mouth to hers and they kissed through the panties. After a couple of minutes Brenda moved the panties to her boobs positioning them so that a breast was poking out through each leg hole and the crotch was between her boobies. IN seconds Dale was sucking and kissing all over her chest.

As much as Brenda was enjoying his masterful job on her melons she could feel his prick poking her in the side and she had to have it. Dale was startled when Brenda suddenly pushed him off of her rolling him onto his back. His dismay did not last long as he was quickly rewarded with her pussy in his face and her hot breath on his member. A little nervous, as she wanted to give the perfect blow job to her father, Brenda flicked out her tongue a bit timidly at first.

She needn't have worried what her dad thought as he didn't notice her timid beginning to the blow job as he was totally enthralled with her beautiful pussy. Putting his arms around her thighs he cupped her ass cheeks gently pulling them apart revealing her deep ass crack. Then he dove in suckling licking and kissing every single part of her crotch concentrating on her hard little nub of a clit.

Already in heaven Brenda forgot about trying to be perfect and vacuumed his entire erection into her mouth causing her father to jump in pure delight. Brenda came countless times as she mouth fucked her daddy's cock. Suddenly, he pulled his mouth from her cunt and yelped, "Oh God, Brenda, I am going to cum!"

He was surprised when she began sucking even harder until he unleashed his first load into her throat. As he exploded he held tightly onto her ass as his face was soaked with his baby girl's cum. Licking off the head of his rod Brenda climbed off of him and swirled around and aimed his cock right for her hot twat as she now was straddling him. With the panties still hanging from her swollen melons she pushed his throbbing member inside of her cunt. Passionately she demanded, "Fuck me daddy; fuck the holy shit out of your slut of a daughter; come you incestuous bastard and fuck your baby girl."

Dale who now was more turned on than ever pounded his cock up to meet each of her downward thrusts. Harder and harder they slammed together. Dale reached up and tortured her boobies through and around their panty covering. They were now slamming together so hard that they could hear their bones collide. Beads of sweat poured from every part of their bodies as Dale's cock disappeared and reappeared rapidly from his hot daughter's cunt. Both fuckers were totally out of breath.

Feeling his balls tighten Dale had his only responsible thought of the entire interlude and tried to pull out before possibly impregnating his daughter but she just slammed down harder on his prick. Moaning loudly Dale let go a fury of spunk in her cunt shooting it far up inside of her. Not releasing him Brenda leaned down and kissed his mouth and licked her cunt juice from his face. Slowly his cock shriveled up and fell out of her.

They laid there arm in arm caressing and fondling each other when her daddy spoiled things by looking at the clock. Giving her a swat on her plump ass he told her they had better get up before Pam got home. Not wishing to screw up a good thing Brenda sat up and began dressing. As she stood up to find another skirt her naked ass was in her daddy's face.

The two large pillow like ass cheeks in his face were too much to take. Grabbing her by the hips Dale pulled her rear end against his face. Then, putting a hand on each cheek pried them apart as he gazed at her tiny rosebud. He had to do just one more thing in case this was a one time thing and told her, "Baby bend over and let me kiss your hot ass hole."

Brenda had never had anyone do this to her, but knew if anyone would make it wonderful it had to be her dad. Besides, her mom's finger had felt pretty good up there she reasoned. So, the girl bent about halfway from the waist pushing her ass further into her daddy's face. Instantly she felt his tongue licking and probing her anal opening. He swirled his tongue in circles around the tiny hole before pushing hard against her little rectum yielded to his attention. Before long he was jabbing his tongue in and out of her shit hole. His cock was half rigid again fueled in part by the fact that his daughter was panting and moaning as she lightly ground her butt in his face. In just a couple of minutes Brenda came and dripped her cunt honey onto her father's chin. Standing back up her father handed her the panties knowing there was no way they had time to butt fuck. Brenda took her sexy panties and wiped off his chin and her pussy before handing them back to him saying "Keep these until next time, daddy."

Gathering his clothes Dale hurried to his room while Brenda finished getting dressed. About five minutes later Brenda heard the door open and ran to greet her mother. They threw their arms around and kissed as if they hadn't seen each other in years. Pam spoke first, "Brenda, I want you; I want to make love with you. Where is your daddy?"

"Daddy is in your room changing his clothes. I want you, too, mommy." The ladies hungrily caressed each other as they thought about what to do.

"Well, we can wait until he is gone again; it won't be too long before I can suck your titties after all I have waited this long. Besides, I bought some things I want to show you that will make next time more fun." Both of them giggled as they squeezed the other's boobs. Then hearing the bedroom door open they let go of each other. Pam couldn't believe the passionate kiss Dale gave her in greeting as she walked toward the kitchen to fix a late supper.

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