Skater's Waltz


"Good morning, Slapshot," she said with a playful look on her face. "I was afraid that you'd try to walk home."

"Well," he started. "I'm not too sure where I am right now. I haven't gotten as far as checking the GPS on my phone."

"Ooh. That kinda makes you my hostage," she said with a wicked grin.

"Well, seeing as you know where we are and how to get to my car, I guess you're right. I'm at your mercy," he replied.

She crossed the kitchen to the coffeemaker and poured him a cup. "Cream and sugar?" she asked.

"Nope," he said. "I'd drink it straight out of the pot if I wouldn't burn myself."

Trish handed him the cup, and in the same motion, grabbed the edge of the towel and tossed it to the floor.

"Hey!" he yelled, blushing madly as his cock leapt to attention. He was tempted to try to cover up, but instead forced himself to regain his composure. He relaxed with his legs slightly apart, leaned back against the kitchen counter, took a gulp of his coffee, and smiled.

"Oh my god you are sexy," Trish said in a low voice. "Please tell me that you don't have to rush off to work this morning."

Mark put his free hand on his erection, and began to stroke himself slowly as he took two small steps toward her. He was still painfully aware that he was the only naked person in the room, and he was hoping to turn the tables on his hostess and cause her to take her clothes off too.

She turned to the fridge to grab some half and half for her own coffee. She took a deep breath to steady herself before facing Mark again. She wondered how she had lost the upper hand when she was the one with her private parts covered.

She placed her coffee cup on the table and began to stir the cream.

"Take your shirt off," Mark said cockily. "I want to see your tits again."

His command startled her. She had felt so in-control up to this point. She looked over at him, watching him lazily jerk himself off. It was Trish's turn to blush.

"C'mon. Take your clothes off. I'm naked. Why should you have clothes on?" he teased.

"Right here? In the kitchen?" she stammered. "Can't we go in the bedroom?"

"Hey, you were the one that undressed me, remember? I was perfectly comfortable in that nice towel," he added.

Mark continued to stare into Trish's eyes, waiting expectantly. He only had to wait another moment before she started to strip off her clothes. She didn't stop until she too was completely nude.

She leaned back against the cold refrigerator, which caused her to shiver a bit. She recovered and dipped her fingertip into her coffee. She brought that finger to her mouth, and licked it clean, all the while watching Mark's hand as it worked its way up and down his shaft.

"Mmm...nice and warm," she purred.

Mark took one more swig of his coffee and placed the mug on the counter. He walked to Trish and waited while she took a last sip. He took her cup and placed it on the table, then slid his right hand into the cleft between her legs. She was very wet, and she closed her eyes and shivered again.

"Open your eyes," Mark commanded. "Look at me when I touch your pussy."

Trish obeyed, noting how much easier it was to hear him talk like that when she was protected by the darkness the night before in her bedroom.

He began to rub in smooth circles around her clit, arousing her even more. She was feeling weak in the knees, and she fought the urge to close her eyes. She could hear the sloppy wetness of her arousal as he continued to rub her clit.

"So Trish," Mark started. "I don't even know your last name." He rubbed a little harder and a little faster.

"It's Phillips," she replied, taking her hand and cupping his balls. She ran her fingertips behind his balls to the sensitive spot before his asshole. She was hoping to make him feel a little bit vulnerable as well. "What's yours?"

"Robbins. Mark Robbins," he replied. "Phillips, huh? Like my boss?"

"Yeah. He's my uncle. Phillip Phillips. Only I just call him Uncle Phil," she said.

"How long have you been working at Mickey's?" he asked. He removed his fingers from her pussy, and placed them in her mouth. "Lick my fingers," he commanded before she had a chance to answer his question. Instantly she felt the need to fill the void between her legs, and she placed her own fingers on her clit before she even realized what was happening.

She had tasted her own pussy before, but it was usually on a cock she was sucking or on a man's lips after he went down on her. She wasn't used to being ordered to lick her own pussy juices, and that just made it hotter.

She spoke as her tongue bathed his fingers. "About a year. I'm going back to school soon, as soon as I figure out what I want to be when I grow up."

He removed his fingers from her mouth, pushed her hand out of her pussy, and inserted his middle finger into her cunt. He finger-fucked her for a moment in silence then she asked him about his job.

"It's boring, really," he started. "Now you can rub your clit again. I want to watch you masturbate."

Trish licked her fingers and replaced them between the folds of flesh surrounding her clit.

"I sell furniture," he continued. He took his finger out of her vagina and took several steps back to watch Trish getting herself off.

"I know," she replied. "You work for my uncle, remember?"

"Do you masturbate often?" he asked.

Trish was mortified, but the humiliation of masturbating in the kitchen while she made small with a guy she hardly knew made her hotter and bolder. She took her fingers out of her pussy and placed them on her tits. She gave both nipples a pinch as she approached Mark. She smiled and licked her lips, then reached up to kiss him. As the kiss intensified, she asked, "Do you have any pets?" without removing her lips from his.

Just as he began to tell her about his cat, Marvin, Trish grabbed his cock, and pulled him toward the kitchen table. She hopped up onto the table and pulled him into the chair. She lay back, resting her feet on the high back of the chair on both sides of his head. She let her knees fall all the way apart, exposing her pussy and her asshole. She cupped her tits, looked Mark in the eye, and quietly said, "Eat me out."

Mark finished his story of how he had rescued a kitten from certain death in the street with his lips against Trish's pussy lips. He stuck his middle finger into her vagina again, and poked it in and out, looking for the spot that would drive her over the edge. Her body shuddered, and she grabbed his head, and he knew he had found the spot.

"Shut up and lick my clit," was Trish's next demand.

Mark flicked his tongue back and forth over her clit while he rubbed her g-spot in small circles. He felt her hands guiding his head to just the right spot. He put his lips around her clit and began sucking gently.

"Oh my god," she moaned. "Don't stop. Please. Suck me until I cum in your mouth."

Mark didn't have to keep it up for long. He had one more trick in his bag.

He took the middle finger from his other hand and slid it into her cunt as well. His saliva paired with the juice dripping from her pussy gave him just enough slippery lubrication.

Her eyes were starting to close, and she was beginning to buck her hips a bit. He knew she would cum soon. He could feel her pussy lips and clit swelling against his lips and tongue.

"So good. Feels so good," she murmured.

"Open your eyes, Baby," he reminded her.

As she did, he took that other slippery finger and lined it up on her asshole. Her eyes widened in surprise, but he didn't wait for permission. He began poking his finger gently into her anus. He put just his fingertip inside her at first and pulled it almost all the way out. Her asshole clenched tightly on his finger, and she tried once again to close her eyes.

"Look at me, Trish," he demanded, more sternly this time. "Relax your asshole."

She looked confused and close to panicking, but she did what she was told. She moaned incoherently.

"Good girl," he cooed.

She was on the verge of cumming. He licked her clit in small, hard circles, rubbed her g-spot vigorously, and poked the length of his finger in and out, in and out of her ass. She struggled to keep her eyes open and fixed them on Mark's as her orgasm built. Her head was thrashing back and forth. Mark saw the flush on her face and across her chest, and knew she couldn't take much more.

"That's it. Keep rubbing those tits," he told her.

As she pinched her nipples, he asked, "Do you like being the main course? Having your pussy eaten on the kitchen table..."

That was it. Her pussy and asshole clenched Mark's fingers in waves of orgasmic spasm. She didn't cry out at first, but when she did, it was loud enough for the lady downstairs to hear.

"MOTHERFUCKER! I'm cumming. Holy shit. I'm cumming. Ohmygod! Ohmygod. Oh shit..."

Mark licked her through her orgasm, and then placed a gentle kiss on her clit. He slowly withdrew his fingers from her ass and pussy and smiled.

"That was way more delicious than pancakes, wasn't it?" he teased. "Now for the big question," he added. "Where do you live?"


Later that week, Mark was straightening the throw pillows on the couches at the furniture store when Mr. Phillips called across the floor, "Mark!"

He crossed the gallery toward Mr. Phillips. The store was empty except for employees.

"Here are the directions to my mother's place," he said, handing Mark a sheet of paper. "You'll take an access road through the woods to the pond, so you won't have to worry about ringing the bell or anything. Practice whenever you can. Your skating needs work," he added sternly. "Why don't you take the rest of the afternoon off. It's pretty slow, and you really need practice."

"Thanks, Boss," I said. "I'll do it. I'll head over now."


Mark sat down on the bench to lace up his skates and looked around. He could tell from the footprints in the snow and the patterns scratched into the ice that a figure skater- a woman, judging from the size of the footprints, had been there recently.

He finished tying his skates and put his iPod on. With Metallica blaring in his ears, he started to skate hard and fast. He wondered whose turf he was encroaching on, but he quickly pushed that thought out of his head to focus on skating.

Front crossovers, back crossovers, stopping and starting... He was sweating and breathing hard, and he felt like a Titan. He sprinted at top speed to the far end of the ice and stopped abruptly creating a fountain of snow as his blades cut into the ice.

"FUCK, YEAH!" he yelled to the sky.

He saw the sun starting to sag to the tops of the trees, and realized it was getting late. He had his first real date with Trish that night, and he wanted to be on time.

Once again he noticed the delicate swirls and patterns, and he wondered who else might skate on this pond in the woods. For his cool down he tried to follow the lines in the ice. He tried spinning on two feet, but he didn't have even an ounce of grace. He fell hard on his ass and was grateful that no one was there to see.


Trish was waiting at the door when Mark arrived two minutes early.

"Punctual. I like that," she remarked.

"You like lasagna?" he asked. "Your uncle recommended this Italian place on Main Street. Said they have awesome lasagna."

"Sounds great," she replied.

"How did you get out of working tonight?" he asked her.

"Tuesday's my day off. How did you get out of hockey practice tonight?" she asked.

"No ice this week. Some high school team snatched it up. We just have to hope the other teams in the league didn't get ice either," he added.

At the restaurant they ordered a lasagna sampler platter for two and a bottle of Cabernet. Mark pretended to know what he was doing when the server poured a small taste into his glass. The waitress sensed his hesitancy, and asked, "Would you like to taste the wine before I pour?"

He blushed a little, and took a sip. He thought it tasted awful, but he didn't have a clue what it was supposed to taste like. He nodded and smiled at the server. She poured glasses for each, and left them alone.

"I usually drink beer," Trish said. "I hope I like this."

She took a drink and made a face. "Yuck," she declared. "This is disgusting."

"Thank goodness," he said, relieved that she agreed. "I was trying to impress you with the fancy-schmancy wine, but I guess it didn't work," Mark said.

Despite the wine choice, it was a pleasant dinner. Mark and Trish talked until well after the dessert was eaten and the bill was paid.

"This is kind of backwards," Mark commented. "Usually I have all this info exchanged before I have sex with a girl."

"I know, right?" Trish agreed. "It does take that element of surprise off the table though."

"What do you mean?" Mark asked.

"Well, I'm not sitting here wondering if you're going to kiss me goodnight," she explained.

"I'm counting on more than kissing, Little Lady," Mark teased.

"Hey! Don't assume anything!" Trish exclaimed with a defensive look on her face. She knew she had a reputation, but she had been hoping that Mark hadn't heard anything about her.

"Oh, really?" he asked with a smug look on his face. "I figured you were trying to decide if you could hold out long enough to let me kiss the lips on your face before I kiss the lips between..."

"Shh!" Trisha hissed as she clapped a hand over his mouth. "People can hear you!"

With a wicked twinkle in his eye, Mark poked his tongue out between his teeth and gently licked her palm.

She gasped, but she didn't pull her hand back right away.

"You think about that," he said when she finally put her hand back on the table. "Let's go get a real drink."


Trish brought a second pitcher of Sam's Winter to the table at Mickey's. She was still nursing her first glass, but Mark hardly noticed. She had just finished kicking his ass at darts.

"So how did you end up in Bentley?" she asked.

"I grew up in Middlefield," he explained. "After I graduated from high school, I got a job at the furniture store, so I moved here."

Bentley was a suburb of Middlefield, a small city which had seen its heyday when the textile mills were still churning at full capacity.

"It's a nice town," he added. "I wouldn't mind settling here for good."

"Well, I grew up here," Trish said. "It is nice, but I wouldn't mind getting the hell out of here. Everybody knows everybody else's business."

"What business of yours does everybody know?" Mark teased.

Trish panicked for a moment, before regaining her composure. She had figured that Mark had heard about her by that time, and she couldn't tell if he knew or not. She decided to distract him. She took him by the hand, and led him through a door at the back of the bar.

Mark wondered where the bartender was. There were a few patrons at the bar, but no one seemed to be waiting on them.

Trish led him to the small, dimly-lit stockroom. He looked around, expecting dust and spiders, but saw only bar supplies. Before he could ask why they were in the stockroom, Trish pushed him back against the shelves holding cases of napkins and plastic cups, and began to unbutton the first button on his shirt.

"Right here?" he questioned.

"Shh..." she whispered, as she moved down, exposing his chest. When his shirt was completely open, she started on his belt. He watched as she unfastened his pants and removed his already-stiffening cock. She gave his pants a tug, and in one motion, they were down around his knees.

"Ooh," he cooed as she dropped to her knees. He placed his hands on her head and ruffled her hair as she went to work on his hard-on.

This blowjob seemed even hotter than the first one she had given him in her bed. Mark supposed that the thrill of getting blown in public probably had something to do with that, but honestly, he didn't think about it much as Trish's tongue lapped up and down his cock.

He thrust his cock to the very back of her mouth while he held her head in place with his hands. She started to gag a little bit, then recovered and took as much of him in as she could. Her pussy was on fire, and she placed her hand between her thighs and gave herself a gentle rub.

Neither Mark nor Trish was aware that they were not alone in the stockroom. The bartender had gone to the stockroom to get a bag of chips, and was now trapped watching Trish, his co-worker, giving this guy a blow job. He felt his own cock stirring, and felt a little ashamed. He wondered how long they could possibly last in there.

When the stockroom door opened, all three heard it creak. Mark and the bartender froze, mortified. Trish just kept on sucking Mark's cock.

"Neil?" a woman's voice called. "Neil? Are you in here?"

Neil, the bartender, didn't move a muscle.

The door closed again, and Mark relaxed, figuring that the woman had gone back into the bar. Trish continued to suck his dick as if nothing had happened.

Neil could see the woman from where he was standing so he knew that she hadn't gone. It was Sherry, one of his regulars. Sherry was the girl that would dance topless on the bar, if someone kept buying the drinks. He could see her gazing at Mark's bare chest and the back of Trish's head. Sherry was tall and slim, and now she was pulling up her short skirt, exposing her panties in the dim light of the stockroom. Neil stifled a moan.

Neil watched Sherry for a moment before looking back at Mark and Trish. He saw the Sherry's panties fall around her ankles and watched her hand disappear under her skirt. Trish was putting on quite a show. Neil had heard the rumors about Trish, but was still surprised by what a skilled cocksucker she was. He couldn't help but unzip his own fly and take out his cock. He began to stroke slowly and quietly, hoping not to be seen.

Mark was beginning to lose control. His hands pulled at Trish's hair as he looked down to see his cock sliding in and out of Trish's mouth. She pulled gently on his balls for a moment before stopping abruptly and standing up.

"My turn," she announced, just loudly enough for the onlookers to hear. She pulled Mark by the hands and took his spot against the boxes. She was wearing a skirt, so she was able to take off her panties quickly. She lifted her skirt high enough for Neil to see her pubic hair, and pushed Mark to his knees before her.

Neil was less successful in stifling his moan this time. Trish and Mark looked around like startled deer, but they were standing in the dim light, making it difficult to see into the shadows.

Sherry was still unaware that Neil was in the stockroom watching her. She brought her fingers to her lips and stuck them into her mouth. It was hardly necessary because her pussy was already so wet, but when she brought her fingers to her pussy, she slid them all the way in with no resistance at all.

Mark placed his fingers gently on Trish's outer lips, pulling them apart and exposing her clitoris. He stuck his tongue out and very lightly licked her inner lips before brushing her clit. At the first slight contact, Trish shuddered and moaned out loud.

Sherry finger-fucked herself for a moment, and then began rubbing her clit in small circles. She could see only the back of Mark's head between Trish's long legs, and she silently willed Trish to take off her sweater. She didn't have to wait long.

"Take your top off, Trish," Mark commanded without removing his lips from her pussy.

She complied without a word and removed her bra before waiting to be instructed. Her hands reached for her tits and pinched her nipples, making them even harder than before.

Neil had a much better view of the action than Sherry did. He was watching from the side, and he was close enough to see Mark's tongue probing between Trish's legs. He could see her hips bucking as her orgasm approached. Trish's palms slid slowly over her hard nipples, making Mark, Neil and Sherry moan a little bit.

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