byAlex De Kok©

My sister had some nice friends, but tended not to bring them home, so I was surprised when Mom remarked one night that we would have a house guest for a while, starting Monday.

"Who? Anyone I know?"

"One of Sally's friends from college. Louise. Louise Trenay."

"And?" I said, grinning at Mom.

"Be nice to her," Mom said, with a stern look, but there was a twinkle in her eye.

"Hey," I protested, holding up my hands. "Which one? Sally or Louise?"

"Louise. Asking you to be nice to your sister is asking too much, I know."

She was kidding, and we both knew it. Sally and I fought, yes, but show me the brother and sister who don't. And we'd fought much less since first I started college, and a year later, Sally. I'd just graduated this summer, and Sally, and presumably Louise, would be graduating next year. I had a couple of job interviews lined up for the next week, but I was relaxing, enjoying the summer, pleased that I'd managed to get a good degree, a major in computer science, with a minor in electronics. I gave Mom a smile, and nodded.

"Sure thing, Mom. I'll be good."

Sally got onto me as well, when she got home the next day from college.

"Did Mom tell you?"

"Tell me what?" I said, although I had a good idea what she was on about.

"Louise. From college. She's staying with us for a couple of weeks, starting Monday. Her Dad has to go to Europe on a business trip, and he's taking Louise's mom, but couldn't swing it for Louise as well, so I suggested she stay with us. I want you to be nice to her."

"You think I won't?"

"No, Tom, I don't think that, not now. You're much nicer now than you were at high school." Sally grinned. "Much!"

"Thank you for nothing, sis. Yes, I will be nice to your friend." A thought struck me. "What's she like? Another fine art student like you?"

Sally grinned and shook her head. "No, we met on the fencing team. She's a computer science student. See, you'll have something to talk about." Sally sobered. "She's good-looking, too, so behave yourself."

I gave her a mock salute. "Yes, ma'am."

Good-looking, huh? Well, Sally was pretty good-looking in my judgment. Okay, I could be biased, after all, she's my sister, but she's dark-haired, like Mom, slender, and having seen her in her bikini in and around our pool, I knew she went in and out very nicely in all of the appropriate places. She was popular with the boys, too. Virgin? I didn't know, but I doubted it, somehow. After all, she'd been away at college for two years, but I had the feeling that her cherry had gone before then. I didn't know, I didn't care. That was Sally's business.

Me? I was between girlfriends. I'd had a great fuck-buddy relationship with a girl at college, Carla, but we both knew that fuck-buddy was exactly what it was and we'd parted friends. Yes, and we'd had some damned good sex that last night together, too. Special because we were parting? Maybe.

I'd almost forgotten that Louise was due when Sally asked me, after breakfast, if I'd drive her to the airport to collect her friend.

"You don't mind, do you, bro? You have the wheels, and I don't."

"No problem, Sal. What time?"

"Her flight's due in at ten. I rang the airport and they said it's on time, so I'd like to be there for ten, if that's okay?"

"Fine, sis. Let me finish my toast and we'll go."

We were waiting for Louise when she came through the gate. Sally ran forward and hugged her, while I got my emotions under control. 'Good-looking,' Sally had said of her friend. Understatement. Louise was gorgeous. Dark red hair, cut short, a light dusting of freckles across her straight nose, full lips, the most kissable mouth I'd seen for quite a while, and a figure that looked pretty damned good to me, wrapped as it was in a light summer jacket and snug white jeans.

With her arm around Louise's shoulders, Sally turned to me.

"Lou, this is my brother, Sam. Sam, my friend Louise."

"Hi," I said. "Nice to meet you at last."

"Hi, yourself." A broad smile, dimples, even white teeth. This girl was a grade-A knockout. A computing major? None like her in my year!

I remembered my manners. "Let me take your bag." She surrendered it with a token protest and we made our way to the car. The two girls sat together in the back and there was a constant hum of chatter and laughter as we drove home.

Mom was at work, so there were just the three of us at lunch. It was my turn, so I threw together a light pasta creation, heavy on tomatoes and fresh herbs, but no garlic, just in case. Both girls ate their portions with apparent relish, and there were no complaints, so I relaxed. After lunch Sally turned to me with the expression I'd learned to associate with a request. Dead right!

"Sam, can I borrow your car? I want to give Lou a trip around the neighborhood, show her the sights. Girl type things." She gave me her best appealing look, and I laughed.

"Okay, the keys are on the table in the hallway. Don't bend it."

"Do my best," said Sally.

"Thanks, Sam," said Louise, and I watched the neat tick-tock of her ass in the snug white jeans as she followed Sally out to the car. I waved as they pulled away, and went back indoors, acknowledging to myself that I would very much like to find Louise Trenay in my bed at night. And days. What to do? Well, for now, only one choice. I stripped naked, lay down on the bed, and jacked off.


Mom was home by the time the girls returned, and the four of us ate dinner together. We were on the ice-cream for dessert when Mom turned to me.

"Oh, Sam?"


"Do you have anything planned for tomorrow?"

I shook my head. "Nothing that can't be put off, Mom. Why?"

"That spare part we need for the pump on the pool filter? Jerry told me it's arrived, and he's sending Tony around to fit it. Sally might want to go out with Louise, so I'd be grateful if you would stay home. Okay, hon?"

I nodded. "Not a problem, Mom."

"Thanks, son."

"Yeah, thanks, bro," said Sally. "Um, can I borrow the car again?"

I laughed. "Yeah, okay, but you owe me."

We spent a quiet evening together, just chatting. Or, rather, the girls and Mom chatted, and I just listened, answered the occasional question and wondered if and how I might get Louise into bed. I didn't hold out much hope, though. Not at home. I jacked off again when I went to bed. I had to, just thinking about Louise made me horny.

Sally and Louise went off together about ten next morning, and at around ten-thirty Tony arrived to fix the pump. We'd been in high school together but Tony was one of those guys whose brain is in his hands. Give him anything mechanical to fix and he was a whizz, but he didn't do so well on the academic stuff. It didn't bother him and when we graduated from high school he had no problem in getting himself a job to suit his talents.

We chatted, and I fed him coffee and cookies while he worked. It only took about forty minutes and by the time he'd finished the pump was humming away more smoothly than it had when it was brand new.

"Tell your mom that Jerry will send the bill in the next few days, will you, Sam?" he said as he packed his tools away.

"Will do, Tony. You've done your usual excellent job."

"Thanks, Sam. Um, Jerry said to ask you if you had some spare time? He'd like to upgrade the computer system we have. I can use it, sure, but I can't fix it if it breaks, and since you sorted it out last time, we've had fewer problems. I think he wants your advice." Tony grinned. "He might cut you some slack on the pump repair." He winked. "Doesn't hurt to ask."

I laughed. "Tell him to give me a call. I have a couple of interviews scheduled for next week, but nothing else on my non-existent schedule."

"Will do," said Tony. He gestured towards the pump. "Give it twenty-four hours, and you'll be able to use the pool again."

"Great! Thanks, Tony. See you around."

It was another casual, easy evening chatting. The girls had arrived back at around four, and spent time in the kitchen together, Louise cooking, and Sally helping and generally getting in the way. I'd been chased away, and told I'd find out what I was eating when it was served! I caught up with some emails, checked out a couple of erotic story sites I'd found, and made my way to the table when I was called.

I have to say, Louise could cook. She'd done chicken breast in a pepper sauce, with zucchini fritters and baby roast potatoes, and roasted vegetables, and the four of us ate with relish. Mom had opened a bottle of wine, and we had a glass each, thoroughly enjoying the meal. Then Sally surprised us.

"Sam? Can you look after Louise tomorrow?"

"Huh? Why?" Berating myself, I flushed and gave Louise a sheepish smile. "Sorry. Of course, I'd be glad to. No problem." She made a dismissive gesture, kind of a 'no problem' half-wave.

Sally grinned. "As to the why. Jess Coleman at the gallery asked me to sit in for her tomorrow. I'd said I would before I knew Louise was coming, and I didn't want to wriggle out because Jess has three of my pictures on display." Sally grinned at her friend and winked. "I've persuaded Louise you're house-trained."

"Sally took me to the gallery and showed me around, and her pictures are good, even I can see that, but the art thing isn't me," said Louise. "I certainly don't mind spending the day with you, Sam."

"It will be around eight before I get home," said Sally, "and it's Mom's late evening as well."

"Tell you what," said Mom. "Why don't I pick up some Chinese food on my way home. Saves anyone having to cook. I should be home before nine, probably just after half-past eight, in fact."

"Sounds good to me, Mom," I said.

"You okay with Chinese, Louise?" said Mom.

Louise nodded. "I love it!"

"Anyone want anything in particular, or should I just get the selection for four?"

"Selection, Mom," said Sally, and Louise agreed.

"With extra barbecued ribs, I suppose?" said Mom, raising her brow to me.

"Please, Mom. You know my tastes!"

"Carnivorous barbarian?" said Sally and Louise laughed with her.

"Only occasionally, sis, as you well know," I said, trying to look dignified, which of course set Sally off in hoots of laughter. Louise didn't join in, though, which pleased me. She did look thoughtful, and what she said next surprised me. Surprised us all, I think.

"Look, I've only been here a couple of days, but what I've noticed is that you take turns to prepare the meals. Okay, tomorrow evening excepted, but am I right?"

I nodded. "Yes, you are. Sally and I started doing it because Mom was working, we were on summer break, and it didn't seem fair for her to come in from work and then start cooking for us when we'd had all day to get something."

"Well, I cooked tonight because I wanted to, but can I be included in the rota while I'm here? It seems only fair."

"Are you sure, Louise?" said Mom. "You're a guest."

"You've all made me feel more like family, so please, include me, and then I'll feel even more like family."

"Okay," said Sally. "You're in." She grinned. "Sister."

"Yes, if that's what you want, Louise, you're in," said Mom, laughing. "Starting day after tomorrow. Sam, you'll look after Louise during the day, tomorrow, won't you?"

"Mom! You need to ask?"

"Sorry, Sam, of course not."

"I won't need much looking after, Sam, I promise you," Louise said with a smile for me.

"I'll hold you to that!"

"Let's get these dishes in the dishwasher," said Mom, "and then we'll see if there's anything worth watching on TV."

"Doubtful," said Sally. "Anyone for Scrabble?"

It turned out that all four of us were more interested in a game of Scrabble than TV, and we had a pleasant evening playing. I won a game, just, and Sally and Mom each won one, but Louise was the surprise, with three wins. For a self-confessed computer geek, she had a damned good vocabulary. Mom opened another bottle of wine as we played and when we'd finished we all took to our beds cheerful and mellow.

Breakfast next morning was peaceful, and by nine o'clock there were only Louise and me left in the house.

"Anywhere you'd like to go, anything you'd like to do?" I asked her as we put the breakfast dishes away. She propped herself against the bench and smiled at me. Easy to look at, Louise Trenay, especially today, dressed as she was in red shorts and a pale blue tank top. Judging by the absence of straps and the slight press of her nipples against the tank top, no bra, and no discernible droop, either!

"Nowhere special, nothing in mind," she said. "You?"

I shrugged. "Nothing planned except checking out the pool. Tony said it should be usable today, probably after lunch."

"I want to write a couple of letters. Mom and Dad left their address, so I'll tell them how nice you've all been, and I usually write to my Grandma once a month, so I'll tell her, too. By the time I've written those, you'll probably have the pool checked, and we can see if either of us have come up with any ideas. That okay?"

"Sounds good to me, Louise. See you in a while."

The pool pump was humming away, the filter was clean when I checked it, there were no leaves floating in the pool. I bent and checked the temperature. Just right. In fact, I thought Tony's estimate had been ultra-conservative, as the pool was ready now. I went back in, just in time for Louise to come down from her room carrying her two letters.

"Where do I post these, Sam?"

"Are they urgent?"

"No, not urgent at all."

"Mom could post them tomorrow, if you like?"

"That'll do fine."

"Put them on the hall table, beside my car keys. We'll tell Mom tonight. For the moment, any ideas on what to do?"

"How's the pool?"

"Ready now, I think. Why? Want to swim?"

"I'd love to."

"No time like the present. We'll get changed, have a swim, then have something light for lunch. After we've eaten, we can either have another swim, or maybe go for a drive, or something."

She gave me a happy smile. "I'll get changed. See you in the pool?"

"See you in the pool. I don't know how you feel about being watched, but no-one can see in from outside, and the only view of the pool is from the house."

"I'm not that shy, but I don't mind seclusion. See you in a minute."

It didn't take me long to change, and in honor of our houseguest, I donned my new Speedos. I grabbed a towel and went out to the pool. No sign of Louise yet, so I dropped my towel on a lounger and took myself off into the pool, relishing the feel of the cool water against my skin. It had been a while since I'd been in the pool, while we were waiting for the part, and I put in a few hard laps, purely for the pleasure of the effort.

As I turned at the far end of the pool, I became aware of Louise waiting at the pool side, still dressed in her shorts and tank top. I swam along to her and hauled myself out of the water.

"Not getting changed?" I said.

Louise grimaced. "When I checked what I'd packed, I realized I'd forgotten to pack my bikini."

"Oops. I can get dried, drive you down to the mall to get one, or couldn't you borrow one of Sally's?"

"Maybe, but I don't know if you've noticed. Your sister is a good two or three inches bigger in the bust than I am. I'd be lost in her top. That or slip out," she said, laughing. She paused. "Sam?" she said, sudden color in her cheeks.


"You said no-one can see in?"

"That's right. Trees on that side, and the hillside falling away on the other two, means the pool can only be seen from the house." I laughed. "Or a helicopter." I glanced at her. "Something on your mind?"

She took a deep breath. "I'm prepared to skinny-dip, if you will."

I stared at her for a moment, slightly stunned, I think, and she moved, her color deepening. I rallied my scattered senses, and found it in me to actually answer her.

"I'd be honored," I said, my voice soft.

"Now," she said, "before I lose my nerve." Next thing I knew, she was stripping the tank top off over her head. Dropping it on the lounger beside my towel, she grinned at me. "Get them off, Sam."

I laughed, and pushed down my Speedos, praying my prick wouldn't opt for immediate lift-off. My wish was only half granted as Louise pushed down her shorts, and the sin-red thong that was her only remaining garment. She dropped them beside her top, and I dropped my Speedos on the ground beside the lounger. Taking a deep breath, I straightened.

Without any doubt whatsoever, Louise Trenay naked was a gorgeous sight. Beautifully shaped breasts, with erect nipples in goose-bumped, half-dollar sized areolae, shaved mons, and a deep cleft leading to the promised land. And not a trace of a tan line. I raised my eyes to hers and she smiled, warm.

I laughed. "You've done this before, haven't you?"

She nodded. "There's a nude beach at home. Mom and Dad go, and I've been going since I was about twelve." She winked at me. "I have my bikini, but I thought it might be more fun this way. I'm always looking for converts to the cause."

I laughed. "Minx." I reached for her hand. "You might just convert me, but for now, come on, swim!" And please God, don't let my erection betray me!

And swim we did, for an hour or so, then went into the kitchen while I made some lemonade. It was when I had finished, I reached for the jug just as Louise did, and we collided. We'd both been standing as we hadn't bothered to get dried when we came in, and wanted to keep the seats dry. My greater weight knocked her off balance and I grabbed at her to stop her falling. The next thing I knew she was in my arms, her face two inches away, as we stared into each other's eyes. I saw the smile come into hers, and the journey my lips had to make to hers was halved as she moved into the kiss. A warm kiss, a long kiss, and there was a keen sense of disappointment in me as Louise broke it. But she didn't move away and her arms stayed around my neck. She smiled at me, soft, warm.

"I've wanted to do that since about half an hour after we met."

"And I've wanted to kiss you since about half a minute after we met!"

"Just kiss?" Her eyes held mine, and there was a spot of color on each cheekbone. Yes, and something more in her eyes.

I shook my head and took a chance. "More, much more."

A faint smile turned the corners of her mouth, and there was a silent plea in her eyes. "At the risk of you thinking I'm a slut, Sam, I have to tell you something. I'm not a virgin, I like sex, and I haven't been fucked in months. I like you, and I think you'd be good."

I shook my head, and her face fell, but brightened as I went on. "Not a slut, Louise. An honest woman. One who likes sex and isn't afraid to admit it. You're rare, and all the more desirable because of it."

"Does that mean you want me?"

I laughed, and pressed against her. "Can't you tell?"

She giggled. "I'll take that as a yes. Now?"

"Do you want me?"

"Sam, I'm soaking, and it's not from the pool. When I saw you naked, I knew I'd like to feel that lovely weapon of yours in me, so yes, I want you, but I have to ask, have you got any rubbers? I'm not on the pill, and I don't take chances."

I nodded. "I have. A box of a dozen with eight or nine left. At college, a girl called Carla and I, well we had what I suppose you'd call a fuck-buddy relationship. We liked each other, didn't love each other, except as friends, and we both liked sex. We were good together, had a fantastic last night in bed, and parted as friends, knowing we'd probably never see each other again."

"No regrets?"

"A few. I wondered what would happen if we'd gotten serious, I mean emotionally, but I'm really glad we had what we did, and even more pleased that we parted as very good friends."

"She sounds nice."

"She is, but she's not here. You are, you're naked in my arms, and you just told me you want me. Goodbye Carla, hello Louise!"

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