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Skirt, No Panties


"Do you want to play?" typed Steve

"I thought you couldn't this week?" typed back Carla

"How about I have a little lunch and leave you with a smile on your face?!" typed Steve.

Carla felt her loins tingling and a smile formed on her face as she typed back.

"Sure! 11am-ish, tomorrow?"

"That works for me! Wear a skirt with no panties, for easy access!" typed Steve.

With that remark, Carla really started to feel turned on, excited, and very naughty. She typed:

"Will do, see ya then!"

She logged off shortly after that, and made sure to clean her internet cookies, chat history, and regular history. The rest of the evening, Carla spent thinking and anticipating the next day. She began to think about her outfit. How was she going to wear a skirt on a cold March day without making her husband suspicious? She went to bed and tried not to think about being in a skirt with no panties.

She got up the next morning and realized how she could wear a skirt. She was going to stop at Steve's office, and then go to lunch with her friend. Thankfully, she and her friend always swapped clothes, so she had a bag of clothes to bring. She simply added the skirt to the bag to change into later. She could feel her heart began to beat faster in anticipation on the drive over. Her pussy was also starting to get wet from the anticipation. She texted Steve to let him know she was on her way up to his office. She decided to quickly change in the car once she parked. She pulled up her skirt over her jeans. Then, she unzipped her jeans and pulled them over her hips. Next she took off her red panties. She stuffed everything into the bag with the other clothes.

As soon as she got out of the car, she felt the cold wind blowing on her naked ass and pussy. She walked past some other people in the parking lot. She smiled and felt exhilarated by her secret nakedness beneath her skirt. She went in the building, and up to the 4th floor. She walked down the hall to Steve's office. He was waiting for her with the door cracked open. They hugged each other, and there was a slight awkwardness as she asked;

"So, where do you want me?"

"Lay on the desk right here" Steve replied, locking the office door.

Carla sat on the desk and took off her sweater. She used her sweater as a pillow and lay back on the desk. She put her legs on the edge of the desk. Steve knelt down between her legs. He began to lick her pussy, starting with her clit and working his way down, and then back up again, teasing her clit with his tongue. Carla felt warmth spread through her body as she grasped the edges of the desk. Steve pushed one and then two fingers in her wet pussy. He continued to lick and tease her pussy. Carla clenched her vaginal muscles against his fingers. Her nipples rose and hardened, without being touched. Her heart was pounding in chest. She could feel herself getting closer to orgasm. Carla could hear her pussy juices as Steve continued to finger fuck her pussy harder. She spread her knees further apart, and tightened her muscles against him as she came against his thrusting fingers. Since she was in an office, she had to be quiet. So she clenched her teeth and panted. He continued to finger her and lick her juices, which felt abundant. She panted,

"If you want me to stay quiet, you need to stop!"

With that, Steve pulled his fingers out of her pussy, and got up. Carla sat up on the desk and put her legs together. Steve helped her to her feet. Steve gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you, that was wonderful! Carla said, breathlessly.

Steve smirked and said,

"It gives a whole new meaning to finger licking good!"

With that, Carla laughed and hugged Steve.

"Bye!" she said, putting on her sweater.

"Bye, until next time!" said Steve, holding the door for her.

Carla walked down and out the door, once again feeling the cold air on her ass, and her soaking pussy.

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