Skydive Sky Clad


It was my turn to dig into his girl, so I bent and spread her cheeks. He kicked her feet apart and held her lower cheeks open for me. Her spotless asshole was bleached and her lovely labia waxed. As I spread them with my thumbs, they thickened and moistened almost immediately. Her scent was strong, musky and intoxicating. If not for safe sex concerns, I would have greedily licked and fucked that tempting twat.

Rob leaned over for a peek and a whiff. Since the boyfriend was still holding her down and smirking, I kept looking and stretching and commenting on how wet she was getting. As I snuck two fingers along her lips and into her moist box, he agreed with a big grin that she cums easily. She didn't pull away, so I twisted them up deeper and nudged her clit. She gasped and clamped on my fingers before shuddering gently. The prideful boyfriend said he knew she would orgasm at the slightest touch. He wanted to finger one of our women with his girl in exchange. I told him he had to wait for us to finish our exams first.

I asked everyone to step back while we initiated our novices. They were welcome to watch, but should not approach unless invited. Rob stepped behind Sue and I stepped behind Amanda. Lois looked a bit relieved at the respite. We lifted the girls' legs up to a freefall position - wide apart with bent knees. As I stared deep into Amanda's pouting pussy, I also visualized the lusty view Rob had looking into my wife's beautiful, swollen, wet and gaping pussy. As the roomful of jumpers watched, I shifted my stiff dick to align with her wet target and thrust! As I advanced and began pulsing into her young, welcoming love cave, I held her firm thighs on my hips and thrust deeply, yet slowly. When I paused, pressed firmly against her soft ass, I glanced at Sue and saw Rob was watching me and mimicking all I did inside my sweaty, grunting wife.

We began pumping faster, making the girls gasp rapidly. Matt had stripped nude and was fingering his girl while wanking himself. Others had exposed their dicks and were pulling them. Two women were clutching a wall naked and moaning from playing with their own tits and rubbing their clits. Soon several people were gasping.

Matt approached Amanda and offered her his unknown dick. She refused, as did the other novices. The girls watched the other jumpers watch them and were even more aroused by the voyeurs, as was I. Shortly, I heard loud grunting, mine, and felt an uncontrollable urge to bury all of me deep inside Amanda. She shrieked and shuddered as I pumped my seed into her young, steamy snatch. I dropped her legs and collapsed onto her back. As I pulled her nipples, I saw Rob had pumped his load onto Sue's back.

Sue was tempted to suck every cock in the hut and fill her bawdy belly with all their variant essences, but her good sense and need to set a 'good' example for her young cousin prevailed. "You two lovelies have passed and may clean up. You may want to watch how the other two survive the test." I gasped for a few minutes then moved behind Lois and between her shapely legs. I stared at her gaping, lovely labia and remarked quietly how they were thinner than her sister's, yet just as lusty. The lustful view helped me vividly recall how delicious she tastes.

While watching the next steps, Amanda helped her cousin cleanup. She gathered Rob's essence off Sue's back with her fingers. After vacillating between tissues or mouth, she licked her fingers and went back for more. She licked the last of the sticky snack off Sue's back then knelt before her cousin. Sue lifted one leg and moaned softly at the loving lingual labial licks as Amanda sucked Sue's syrup and trace residue from Rob.

Rob stood behind a very nervous Joe and lifted his legs. When he put his thighs on his hips, Joe twitched and tried to twist off the platform. Rob warned him "If you leave the platform, you fail the class. I'm not gay so I won't be poking your ass. Trust me. All I will do is lay my dick into your crack the way I will in the plane and during our dive. You may cover your dick or let it flap in the wind." That barely reassured Joe. Rob spread his cheeks and dropped his dick deeply between them then nested his balls against Joe's. After one full minute, he dropped Joe's legs and told him he passed. Joe grumbled under his breath.

As my stiff-again dick filled Lois' warm, thin chasm, persistent Matt moved in front of her while slathering a handful of sanitizer on his shaft. His girl, greatly annoyed, stared at him as he approached Lois uninvited. Lois nervously watched him swab all of his dick and balls. Though apparently tempted, she resisted. He begged her to take his sterilized dick into her throat, but she refused. He drew closer and pleaded for her just to warmly lick his aching staff. Conflicted, she took it in hand and slowly jerked it while waiting for the sanitizer to evaporate. He signaled for his girl to come closer and kissed her clumsily.

Lois hesitantly touched her tongue to the hostile dick and stroked the girl's leg. As she stared into the unfamiliar and alluring pussy, she touched her finger to the begging clit and licked the prick's glans. The girl shuddered and came as Lois pried the stiff, pearly, pink clit into the open air. She complained that though the dick tasted a little minty, it was still soapy and pushed it away. That was a plausible excuse to reject a hostile prick!

Joe put his hand on the pretty girl's soft, shapely ass and wrapped his fingers around and into her twitching twat. He slathered her copious juices on his fingers and nudged Matt and her away. Lois watched him lick and swallow the stranger's pussy juices as his little dick stiffened and throbbed next to her face. She reached for her gasping husband's cock and licked it, bishop to balls, as Matt jealously watched. Joe groaned deeply. As I kept pumping into his wife's sopping pussy, she took his dick fully into her mouth. Matt groaned at the sight and spurted into his girl's throat while she quaked on the cock that fucked her from behind.

Lois began moaning indiscernible words around Joe's stubby and the vibrations set him off. As he unloaded into her throat, she climaxed and spasmed around my dick and caused me to empty my load into her vibrating pussy. What amazing progress - from an OCD prude to publicly fucking and cumming for two cocks! Breathing heavily, I collapsed onto her sweaty back and stayed deep in her convulsing body. Every time my overly sensitive dick shrank a bit, the motion triggered her snatch to spasm and squeeze me again to prevent my escape, which made me spasm too. I have to teach Amanda to do that! Joe fell back on his ass and admired his beautiful wife. "Y-y-you passed, you fucking sexy beast!" I gushed and dropped her shaky legs. Several walked behind Lois and watched her swollen, reddened, gorgeous cunt oozing my cream.

Joe commented that he hadn't had a turn with Amanda and he was anxious to be inside a young twat again. In the resulting deadly, awkward silence, he said he was HAPPY to wait until later. Meanwhile, Sue took all her time wiping herself, one foot on the pedestal so her gaping cunt shamelessly stared back at her admirers. Amanda shook her head in awe. Sue kept happily twitching and wiping her beautiful pussy with her fingers long after it was spermless.

Amanda moved to Lois and sucked my rich deposit from her flushed quim. When she lifted Lois' legs for deeper access and fingered her G-spot, Lois shuddered in another climax. She felt driven to reciprocate and put Amanda on the platform. She braced herself, then recalled it was my familiar sperm overflowing Amanda's tempting twat. She lifted Amanda's legs onto her shoulder and leaned in. After a tentative lick to savor Amanda, she licked all my cream from ass to clit and dug in deeper. Amanda groaned and, when Lois teased her G, quickly flushed my juice with her own spurts that coated Lois' tongue. We regrouped in awe as the others reluctantly left the hut.

====== ready to jump ==========

"There should be enough time for four more jumps today." I said. With two jump masters there was only room for eight solo divers in the plane. Since Sue and Lois wanted to be in the first jump, Joe and Amanda, still stark naked, went to the picnic tables near the big -X- landing spot and started their lunch. She teased him by skipping and rebounding her girls all around him. His dick was stiff again before he left the hut.

Rob addressed the other jumpers and suggested they dive nude also. "Though you may strip on ground or in plane, your clothes will probably be blown out of the plane up there and be lost. You chickens may keep your clothes on and use the jumpsuits. All aboard!" Actually, the pilot had a net sack for all the clothes. Rob and I boarded first, since we would be the last to jump, and clipped Lois to me and Sue to him. We put our backs to the bulkhead and the photographer squeezed between us. Three nervous girls stripped naked, except for shoes, and climbed in. The other men all dared each other to jump naked and then stripped.

As we taxied near the picnic area, we all saw Amanda on her back on the table and Joe on his knees, between her widespread legs. He was eagerly slurping his desert first! Though we couldn't hear their cacophony, the look of pained arousal on her face painted thought bubbles over her head that boldly screamed the symphony of ecstasy. We looked at Lois for a reaction. She shrugged "At least she's clean and it's not that sweet girl with Matt. Who knows what disease he gave her!"

As the plane climbed, Rob and I instructed the girls that we'd need help before we jumped. I explained that the cold was already shriveling our once proud peckers. They needed to keep them warm and stiff with their hands until we jumped so we could use them to cork their holes. More for safety than the whistling problem! Sue elbowed me hard! "OK. With the roll up exit door locked, we can detach three of the four clips so you may use your hot mouths on us. When we reach altitude and open the door, you have to be back on all four clips. Your hands will have to do the rest."

One of the other naked women asked how they'd get THEIR whistles plugged. "I suggest you plan a position now and pick a man to help you." As we made our first loop around the dirt strip, we passed over our picnickers. Amanda's legs were on Joe's shoulders and he was slamming into her welcoming pussy as hard as he could. Her big aureolas were still visible and wildly bouncing from her navel to her mouth. "Looks like Joe is achieving re-entry over and over and..."

Lois seemed slightly annoyed, but unclipped the three rings I identified and rotated on the last hip level ring to her knees. She kissed me warmly then bent and engulfed my semi. Sue did the same to Rob. We twisted and pinched their nipples. As Lois bobbed on my stiffening cock, she lurched at the feel of foreign fingers pushing into her exposed pussy. When she saw it was one of the women fingering her, she looked to me and saw me catch the sanitizer bottle. She smiled around my dick.

The woman lifted her hand to show me her index finger was separate from the others and aimed a bit higher. I understood she was pushing three fingers into Lois' well-used pussy and the other into her ass. Between the sanitizer and the anal lessons I had given her, she relaxed and allowed the multi hole invasion. It wasn't long before she was gasping around my stiff dick. I asked the woman to let Lois cum since I wanted her to climax before freefall this time.

One of the men was fingering my wife and jerking himself. He heard my request and agreed. I could see his fingers were already deep into Sue's ass and pussy. He twisted his fingers and she began to moan. After several loops over the strip, we were at altitude and the warning buzzer went off. The two spouse finger fuckers quickly stepped up their attacks until Lois and Sue collapsed into shuddering puddles on our laps. We hooked our novices fully into their harnesses and someone opened the door. The hundred-thirty miles per hour wind made hearing difficult.

The eight divers jumped out one by one and ten seconds apart. Lois and Sue slowly pumped our dicks to keep them warm and stiff. Lois asked if we had had any unusual divers. "Sure. I've tandem jumped with amputees, paraplegics, a nonagenarian and a blind woman, you can guess why she couldn't jump solo. We usually don't let the deaf jump solo either. It scares the dogs!" She stared at me a second then elbowed me just like her sister does! Apparently, she was not too distracted to form the image of a spread eagle guide dog falling on a leash.

The photographer moved to the far side of the door as I plugged my stiff dick into my still dazed sister-in-law and ass-shimmied to the exit. As we put our legs outside the plane, I shouted "I don't want to distract you too much from the beauty of the dive so I'm not going to make you cum this time. Just let the warmth and presence of my dick add to your pleasure. NEXT dive, I promise I will fuck you til you cum! Maybe twice- in freefall and while on the chute! Here we go!" With a little help from our cameraman, we pushed away from the perfectly good plane and fellllllllllllllllllll. Rob and Sue were right behind us and were followed quickly by Nick, the photographer.

I endured Lois' primeval bellow "YYEEEEEEOOWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww" and her sister's identical scream. I hope Nick caught her non-scream on video! That's when it occurred to me that Rob had caught up with us and was close enough to see Sue's pussy clutch and stretch around his penetrating weapon. Though I managed to keep my semi inside Lois' warm box, I doubted she was even aware of it. She would soon be since there was so much more to cum!

[Disclaimer: Though I have taken two skydive classes, I have never jumped. Don't take any of my ramblings as gospel and risk your limbs on them. Though I have researched fees, the class and jump details are from memory. You've been warned.]


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Seminal image 7/25/12: wife in tandem naked jump after instructor persuades girls to tandem jump nude and 'plugged in'

[g ck 9/5/12] 20 hrs to 0030 9/5/12
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[9/7/12 corrected typos and revised to restore missing text and a disclaimer]

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