tagLoving WivesSkye's One Big Mistake

Skye's One Big Mistake


Skye is my lovely wife. She is 26 years old and is a really wonderful person. She has the most open mind I have ever seen and she will converse on any topic without any embarrassment at all. She can discuss all sorts of personal problems and will tell anyone anything. She just doesn't believe in not telling the whole story when talking to people. Let me give you an example. We were with a group of friends - all about our ages (I am 28) - when the subject came up about another of our friends who is nursing a baby and has very sore nipples. Skye listened to what was said by the others, some of them were mothers, and then asked if any particular types of nipples get sorer than others. With that she pulled down the front of her dress and exposed her bare breast. Not content with that she paraded around amongst the women and some of the men showing them her nipple and asking if that is the type of nipple which gets sore when breast feeding.

None of the other women were prepared to expose their breasts but described what usually went wrong. Instead of putting her breast away, Skye kept on holding it and stroking her nipple until it became erect and hard and sticking well out from her breast. Then she said, "Hey, everyone, have a look at my nipple! It has got really hard just while I have been talking about breast feeding!" Everyone, particularly the men, came over for a look at her erect nipple and without any hesitation she held it out for anyone to feel its hardness. That wasn't the only thing which was hard in the room! I know my cock was very hard and judging by the other men's stance in the room they had hardons as well.

Skye has always been like that. She doesn't have any embarrassment at anything at all and never refuses to talk about things. She found a large pimple on her belly one morning and showed it to me at breakfast time. At the time she was only wearing her very short and thin dressing gown and it wasn't done up in the front anyway - she just likes to walk around wearing a minimum of clothing. Later that morning I overheard her talking to the man who cuts our lawn. She told him she had a pimple on her belly and immediately pulled apart her shirt and showed him her pimple. Of course she also showed him her breasts (or at least parts of them) and down to her belly button. She wasn't at all worried about what he was looking at.

Skye has embarrassed me on lots of occasions when she has said something which I would have thought private when in a group of people. She once told a group of our friends that I had fucked her twice that morning and she was a little sore but had really loved it all. That was definitely something I wouldn't have told our friends but it certainly didn't worry her.

Although she usually wore panties when she was away from the house - except when she was wanting to be sexy and daring - at home she usually didn't wear any underwear. She is delightfully slim and has a gorgeous figure and time hasn't caught up with her body yet. Her breasts are firm and she can almost run before they really start to bounce. Skye was the sort of girl who would sometimes let the hair grow under her arms for perhaps several months and then always showing her armpits to her friends to show how much it had grown since they last saw it. Others would never seem to do the things she did so easily. She was also very free and easy with sex but only with me. She would flirt outrageously with the men anywhere around her but always maintained a barrier if anyone attempted to go too far with her.

Now that you know about Skye let me tell you about an incident which happened a month ago. We were at a party with about 50 of our friends and everyone was having a good time. We were all drinking fairly steadily and although no one was drunk, some were a little under the weather. These parties, like most, tended to separate into men groups and women groups and although we all tended to wander between the groups they remained mostly single sex groups. The exception was usually changed when Skye was around. It seemed that all of the men and women wanted to be near her and she was always very popular. When we had first courted I was insanely jealous of the attention she gave to other men and particularly the attention they gave to her! She was always the life of the party but very early on I learned that she had declared herself my woman and nobody was likely to change that. I therefore relaxed a little and just watched in amazement as she wandered around and talked to everyone. Anyway, at this party, I lost Skye for quite a while. The home where the party was being held is very large and also has large grounds which contain a swimming pool and all mod cons. It is not unusual for me to lose Skye because she often drifted off in the company of others and would be content to sit for a while and discuss all sorts of things.

I hadn't seen Skye for about 1/2 an hour and I was a little concerned about her. She had been drinking just like the rest of us and I knew this tended to loosen her tongue just a little bit and she talked about all sorts of outrageous things - mostly personal.

After asking the hostess and several of our friends if they had seen her I decided I had better wander all over the house and see if I could see her. I covered all of the grounds and lower part of the house before I took the stairs to see if she had perhaps felt tired and looked for a bedroom to have a rest. I had looked in most of the bedrooms before I came to their main guest bedroom. This was a rather specially decorated room which they kept for visitors. The door was closed so I just opened the door a little and peeped inside. There was Skye but she had 7 young men in the room with her and, as her back was to the door, I couldn't see what was going on in the room. I was familiar with the layout of the house and knew there was an en-suite bathroom between the guest bedroom and the next room. I quietly closed the door to the guest bedroom and crept around to the door of the other room. It was an easy matter to quietly open the door between the en-suite and the guest bedroom just a crack and, because the room behind me was in darkness and the lights were all on in the guest bedroom I had a perfect view of the room.

Skye was now sitting on the edge of the bed and the men were gathered around in front of her. She was obviously a little tipsy all of the alcohol she had consumed but she certainly wasn't drunk. I listened to the conversations and it went something like this.

Paul said, "But some girls do shave their pubic hair to please their husbands!" to which Skye said, "That may be the case, but I don't because Ted likes me au natural and so do I!" Pete said, "Hardly any girls have the same color pubic hair as the hair on their heads - Charlotte has almost blond hair but her pussy hair is quite black and that it why she shaves it so it won't show when she wears very light clothing!" I wasn't too sure where this conversation was going but I decided I would remain hidden and see what happened.

Next Jeff said, "My wife said you had let your hair grow under your arms. Is it the same color as your pussy hair?" Skye replied, "It is a little darker than my hair on my head but not much different. Would you like a look?" Skye was wearing a short sleeved shirt but the sleeves were just too tight for her to pull them up to look at her armpits. Without hesitation she began undoing the buttons on the shirt and when they were undone, she slipped her arm out of one sleeve and let the shirt drop down off her shoulder. She wasn't wearing a bra and so one of her breasts became open to view. She then lifted her arm up above her head and showed the men her armpit. The men, being men, then touched the hair under her arms and commented it was damp but smelled nice. She smiled at the compliment and then told them about the deodorant she uses. Of course with her breast completely exposed, and it seemed she wasn't taking any notice of it, one of the men reached forward and touched her nipple. She didn't pull away but just sat there and let the man handle her breast and nipple. Of course the others wanted a feel too and soon her other breast was bared and was also being handled. Skye didn't flinch but continued her conversation about the hair color under her arms.

At this stage I wanted to rush into the room and cover her up but I had to admit to myself it was something of a turn-on to watch her being handled by these men. The continual feeling up by these men seemed to be having a bit of and effect on Skye because she began breathing a little heavier and her conversation was halting as they played with her. My cock was quite hard at this stage and I could understand how the men's cocks must be feeling right now.

It was because Skye hadn't attempted to cover herself up that I just knew this was going further. Paul then slipped her other arm out of the shirt and now she was sitting on the edge of the bed naked to the waist with the men still pawing her breasts. Jeff was the person in the group who would try anything and so he said, "Skye, are you sure the hair on your pussy is the same color as the hair on your head? I thought you might have shaved it for Ted!" Skye's response was predictable - she said, "No, I don't shave my pussy hair - Ted prefers it unshaven and I do too!"

Jeff wasn't going to let her get away with that so he said, "I don't believe you have the same color hair on your pussy and anyway I bet you have shaved it but won't let on about it! You will just have to prove it!" I knew what he was trying to get Skye to do but I reckoned she would fob him off now. I was amazed when she said, "Okay, if you don't believe me I will just have to prove it to you and show you that you are wrong." With that said, she pulled her skirt up - it was rather short and didn't have to travel far - exposing her very tiny white panties. As soon as she had done this it was obvious to all of the men that her hair was the same color but they weren't going to give up on that. They continued to pass her drinks while they asked her if she had black lips on her pussy. She fell for it easily and said, "No, my lips are quite red although they don't stick out very far - I am blessed with very neat lips." Of course this was the lead they had been looking for. Jeff then said, "My wife's lips are very long and hang down. Let me see what you are talking about."

I just couldn't believe what happened next! Skye lifted up her bottom from the bed as she slipped her panties down her legs and then off altogether. Now, except for the bunched up skirt around her waist, she was naked in front of these 7 leering men. Jeff then took it to the next step. He asked Skye if her lips were hard or were they nice and soft. Skye said, "Of course my lips are soft - you can touch them if you wish!" Oh boy, did those men wish! Soon eager hands were touching her pussy lips and stroking her gently and I could see she was responding well to their ministrations. It didn't take long before one of the men had his fingers inside her pussy and another was stroking her clit. Of course her breasts and nipples were still being stroked and she was now in a state of full arousal. I badly wanted to rush in and rescue my lovely wife but I just couldn't bring myself to do that preferring to stroke my very hard cock with my hand.

The combination of the alcohol and the stroking by the men soon brought Skye to an orgasm. She shuddered, moaned loudly and blushed red all over her body. The man who was stroking her clit didn't stop and now she was going through raptures as they played with her body. After the third orgasm they let up a little and just played with her body very gently. By now she had spread her legs wide apart assisted by the men who were stroking her legs and thighs. It was only a moment later that I saw Jeff had his cock out of his pants and he was stroking it furiously. He then said to Skye, "Is my cock bigger than Ted's cock?" Skye looked at his cock through half-closed eyes and said, "No, it looks to be about the same size - here, let me feel it!" Well that was the turning point. She held his cock in her hand and was gently stroking it. One of the men had undone her skirt and was now lifting it over her head - she was now completely naked in front of these men and by now several had their hard cocks in their hands. Jeff gently pushed Skye over onto the bed, nodded to several of the men to hold her legs apart and then he began rubbing his cock head against her pussy.

By this time Skye was completely passed it! She would do anything now and I was going to see my lovely wife fucked by these men. The men distributed themselves around her body and soon she had a cock in each hand as well as Jeff's cock pushing up into her cunt. As soon as he was completely inside her he began to fuck her hard. She was in a state of complete bliss and didn't hesitate when one of the men pushed his cock into her mouth. She began sucking him straight away. My wife was being fucked in front of my eyes and I was enjoying everything without doing a thing to stop them.

Jeff soon came in her cunt and pumped his load deep inside her. She screamed as he came and matched his orgasm with her own. He was soon replaced by another man whose cock seemed to be larger. He fucked her hard too as the man in her mouth came too. She swallowed every drop. From then on it just became a gang-bang or an orgy or whatever you want to call it! Skye was fucked over and over again. By this time, much of the cum in her cunt was beginning to flow out onto the bedcover and it was making quite a mess.

After every man had used her body in some form or other - many of them cumming more than once in or on my lovely wife, they began to dress and then left the room leaving her lying naked on the bed looking totally fucked out! By the time the last of them had left the room and closed the door, I rushed in to look closely at my wife. She was a total mess. She had cum oozing out of her cunt and running down her arse and pooling on the bed. She had cum all around her mouth where some of it had overflowed and she had cum all over her breasts and nipples as well as her belly button and in her lovely pubic hair. She was a mess - there was no other word to describe her.

Her legs were still well apart and I could look into her gaping cunt with the cum still oozing out. She was either asleep or had passed out! She looked so lovely lying there I couldn't wait any longer. I lined up my now bursting cock with her cunt and plunged into her. She was very sloppy and wet and there was no friction from her walls but never-the-less I fucked her as hard as I could!

During the time I was fucking her she slowly woke up and looked up at me. She said, in a rather foggy voice, "Hello Darling, I am so glad it is you making love to me - I somehow thought it was someone else and I knew that you wouldn't be very happy if it was. I must have been dreaming. I love you Darling!"

Her patently obvious innocence amazed me. She thought she must have been dreaming. Like hell she was dreaming - she had been fucked hard and fast by all of these men. I loved her more than ever and shot my load of cum deep into her sloppy cunt. I then hugged her and told her how much I loved her. I picked her up and gently carried her into the shower. When I had the water just right I carried her in under the water and let it run over our bodies. When I thought she was feeling a little better I stood her up in the shower and began washing her soiled body carefully. Cum was still running out of her cunt but I kept on washing her and felt she was now just about clear of their cum.

I dried her carefully and tended to her as gently as I could. She was still very tipsy and had some difficulty standing. I took her back into the bedroom and began dressing her. She didn't resist and soon I had her looking very respectable except for the very wet patch in the front of her panties where she was still dripping cum.

After telling her she was a little drunk and I had better take her home she agreed and said she didn't want to stay any longer. I just couldn't take her down through the main part of the house because I knew all of those men would be watching for her to come down. I was too embarrassed so I took her down the back stairs which led out to the garden. This was a little used set of stairs but I knew they were there. Once in the night air she revived a bit and was almost able to walk unaided but I kept a tight hold on her lovely body. We exited the garden through the garage and out onto the street not seeing a single person all the way. I helped her into our car and once I had the seatbelt done up properly I closed her door and went around to my side. By the time I opened the door, she was lying across my seat as well - sound asleep! We drove home and parked in the garage. I carried my lovely wife into the house and straight up to our bedroom. I laid her gently on the bed and began undressing her. Soon she was naked but her cunt was still leaking. I pushed her into the bed and, as it was a nice warm evening, I left her uncovered. I went down to the living room where I poured myself a nice stiff drink.

A million thought were racing around in my mind. I knew I should have stopped the rape. I knew it was my fault they had used my wife's body so much. I knew I still loved her - even more than before - and I was sure she loved me! Worst of all, I knew the men who had raped her. I knew they might talk about what they had done. I knew I had to look after my darling wife. I loved her so much.

Eventually I calmed down and decided I couldn't do anything about it so climbed into bed beside my sleeping, lovely wife. I kissed her but she didn't respond - she was completely asleep. Next morning when I awoke I turned to look at Skye. She was still lying in almost exactly the same position as when I put her to bed. I got up, went to the bathroom, and then returned some time after with her breakfast on a tray - all prettied up to show her I loved her!

When I woke her, it was almost 10am and she had been asleep for a long time. She opened her eyes and looked lovingly at me and then smiled. Her smiles would tame an angry bear! I leaned over and kissed her hard after telling her I loved her just so much. She asked how she had got to bed. I told her she had been very excited at the party and we had had sex there in the guest bedroom. She smiled at me and said, "You must have made very strong love to me Darling because my pussy is very sore this morning!" I could see she had no memory of what had happened last night so I decided I wouldn't tell her anything about it. Now I had to rely on the other 7 men to be sensible about it all and not start spreading stories around about my lovely wife. I knew that if they did speak out we would have to move to a different city as we couldn't live here if everyone knew about the gang-bang.

A whole month has passed and I haven't heard one word about the rape. I have made it my business to talk casually with every one of the 7 men but nobody said or even hinted a word about what went on in that bedroom. I can now only wait and see what happens in the future. I just know that if I allow any talk about my wife she will become a target for more men to have their way with her and I certainly don't want that! One occasion of my weakness is quite sufficient. I will watch her very carefully in the future to prevent any recurrence of her lapse into depravity!

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