tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlave Academy Ch. 07

Slave Academy Ch. 07


The Slavemaster's Report

Sales details on Lot 28467: to be sold in the fall auction

A healthy female slave, 20 years old, 5'4", 95 pounds, small-boned frame; 36C-23-33; green eyes; extremely fair-skinned, perfect complexion; strawberry-blonde hair, ass-length; never smoked, drank or did drugs.

Before her acquisition, this property was a college student with a very high grade point average, so obviously well educated enough to please buyers who require such skills in a slave, and she worked as a dancer in local bars and roadhouses, where she had a loyal following. Until she came into our hands, four men had used her in relationships, though none of them seemed to realize her full sexual potential, and neither did she.

Brand: as usual with all the merchandise we sell, she has been branded with our house brand, on her outer left thigh. An owner may add to the brand, as provenance for resale, or of course brand the property with his own separate personal mark.

Piercings: we have ringed the property's nose, nipples and navel with small stainless-steel rings. There is a bar and ball across her clit, and rings in her inner and outer pussy lips and across her slit entrance. These rings may be connected to chains to lace her closed at her owner's discretion, or to control her for punishment or use.

Collar: she is collared with the standard house collar, which of course will be replaced on purchase, and is accustomed to wear manacles on her wrists and ankles, linked by chains, as well as chains linking her piercing rings in various configurations. It has been observed that her collar, shackles and rings are a prime source of arousal for her, as well as an excellent means of control. She has also been trained to walk on a leash and correctly heel her master.

This merchandise comes with full documentation: provenance, certified description, license tag, details of acquisition, a performance report, receipt, sales certificate and transfer of ownership papers for private resale.

This quality lot was scouted and acquired by one of our skilled field teams, who had observed her for a month as she danced in a bar. Her appearance and movements suggested to our team that she would make a superior slave candidate, and she obviously enjoyed displaying herself almost naked to male bar customers, moving in such a way as to arouse them.

She was captured without difficulty and transported here immediately to be put into bondage and begin her training.

She was acquired with the help of one of our usual and most reliable suppliers. The standard arrangements were made to explain her absence to her family and friends: clothes and other possessions were removed, and letters were sent under her name from out of state, explaining that she had run away with a boyfriend and did not wish to be found.

No evidence of abduction was left, and there have been no inquiries or police involvement, beyond cursory initial investigation, connected with her disappearance, so bidders need not fear any difficulties.

The property was determined to be a natural slave in her first use tryout by one of our top evaluators. Since her capture, she has been used in the course of her training by all the slave captains, a dozen trainee male slaves, several female captains and slaves, and a number of favored clients.

She is multiorgasmic and has shown herself to be extremely responsive to all users, and now that she is fully broken, she is completely receptive of the idea that she is merely an animal, a piece of property for owners to do with as they please and dispose of as they choose.

Due to her extraordinary abilities, this slut has received the enhanced course of instruction as a pleasure slave, and is beautifully submissive, responding perfectly to bondage, punishment and restraint.

Our suggestion to whoever purchases her is to keep her in chains as much as possible, to reinforce the idea of her slavery, and also to enhance her beauty; or to keep her caged, which increases her responses. She does best when kept naked at all times and confined to a cage, a kennel or a master's bedroom.

When given the usual escape-test opportunity, she made the expected attempt and was recaptured after a good run. She put up a respectable fight before being taught a lesson by her captor, and was returned and subjected to severe punishment and intensive retraining. Since then, there have been no other incidents requiring her to be disciplined for cause, beyond the usual discipline required in the course of her being enjoyed and given further training.

This piece of merchandise is very well made: her body is fine-boned, slim and not muscled, with perfect skin, a soft belly, and well-shaped, firm, natural breasts, especially large for her size. Her mound is well formed and her pussy lips are on the large side, well suited for the piercings we gave them. Her ass is firm and well rounded, and both her holes are easily accessible. She has a rather small mouth, but experiences no difficulty in taking any but the very largest male members.

She has been completely depilated below the neck, as is our practice, but the hair removal is not permanent, should her buyer wish her to regrow it. She is extremely supple and flexible, a result of her dance training, and can be used satisfactorily in any sexual position or configuration.

Her clitoris is well placed for maximum stimulation and enlargement during ordinary penetration, and she achieves wet arousal often before even being touched. Her cunt is well exercised and expandable, and is capable of taking penetration from a male organ of any width and length. She had never been used anally before her arrival here, but her ass too has been conditioned to respond to use, and she is very skilled at deep throating.

She has no difficulties reaching violent whole-body orgasm, though she can also hold back her orgasm until commanded by her user to come, and has been clocked as being capable of as many as eleven orgasms in one fuck, though of course she can be used past that by any number of men.

This slave is very vocal during use, and very active under the user, being an athletic ride who can keep her motion going under a man for many minutes; but if commanded to, she can maintain perfect silence and immobility while being fucked.

She very much enjoys being restrained: blindfolded, gagged, tied down in various positions on beds or other furniture, chained, or fastened to restraint frames. In the course of her training, she has been conditioned to respond to being whipped in all positions, with floggers, lashes, paddles, crops and other implements.

She responds well to use by two, three or even more men at once, and can handle them with ease and eagerness. Although relatively inexperienced when she was first acquired, she is by nature a very sexually talented slut, eager to be used as often as possible, by as many men as possible, and would make a fine addition to any whorehouse.

She is obedient, cheerful, acknowledges and follows commands promptly, and responds well to punishment or even mere displeasure. She prefers to be used by men, but though she is not a natural bisexual, she has been trained to pleasure women and performs well. She has also been particularly trained to please multiple male users and dominant couples. She enjoys being publicly fucked in front of an audience, and has been taken by as many as thirty users in a single session, so is well suited for party entertainment.

In our estimation, this lot would make a superb personal slave for one man, in a household where she is the only slave. She has a great deal of vitality and athleticism, and is constantly in or on the edge of a state of arousal. The property is well versed in slave positions and approaches, in serving techniques, and in perceiving and anticipating a master's wishes before he is aware of them himself.

We would also unhesitatingly recommend her for use in situations such as a corporate stable, an upscale brothel, a harem or a private household with other slaves, female or male. She is of even temperament and gets along well with other slaves.

We certify her training and her statistics as we have here set them down, and unconditionally guarantee her performance, as we do with all the merchandise we put up for sale. We retain the right of first refusal if her purchaser wishes to sell her again, with no time limit set on reacquisition, and her trade-in value is set at a fixed percentage of her block price, according to how long the buyer held title on her and dependent on a doctor's evaluation of her physical condition.

Although we prefer for merchandise to be sold back to us without restriction, we are also happy to accept consignment, or to assist the owner as a middleman in reselling his property. We maintain a want list for our clients, and will have no difficulty in finding an appropriate buyer at maximum financial advantage.

Should the purchaser wish to breed this property at any time, we can supply information on health issues if any, ethnic origins and any other pertinent data. We can also assist in the sale/adoption of any offspring she may produce.

If an interested client should wish to examine her personally and try her out himself, private arrangements can be made to do so before the auction. Inspections are open the day before the auction, but we regret that no personal use will be permitted at that time.

Absentee bids for lots in the fall sale will be accepted two weeks prior to auction, and offers for outright purchase will also be entertained.

To sum up, this is an extremely desirable, responsive and well trained slave, one of the best we've offered in years, and in our opinion she will make a fine acquisition and investment. Hot and eager to please, she was built to be fucked and enslaved, and will do well in bondage, providing years of enjoyment and obedience for the discerning master who chooses to purchase her and put his collar on her.

Bidding on this lot will open at $2,500. Estimated block price: $10,000. Good luck in acquiring and owning this prime piece of fuckmeat!

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