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Slave Auction


Helena stood in the very front of the line; she was to be next. She nervously regarded the small stairwell before her while deeply dreading what was awaiting her on the outdoor auction block to which the stairs led. Several women had already ascended these stairs; though some had to be dragged forcefully onto the stage by the bulky eunuchs who paid no heed to their tears. Three other female slaves were behind her waiting in the line. Two eunuchs stood close by; their swords wide, gleaming and ready to be used on any man who dared lay a finger upon the harem girls without a proper tribute to their owner.

The women were stunningly attractive as their pink veils wrapped each of their figures beautifully. One veil was tied tightly across the breasts, leaving the belly exposed while accentuating and pushing up the ample cleavage of each girl. Two more veils draped across their hips and could very easily be stripped away; fully displaying their naked beauty. Helena was even more stunning than any of the other women, hence one of the reasons she always seemed to draw the jealous wrath of Drusilla who stood immediately behind her.

Helena was just over five feet tall and had long black hair. She was dark skinned and possessed the loveliest brown eyes. The contours of her voluptuous yet toned body with her full hips and heavy breasts showed a perfection that made all the women envious and painfully reminded the eunuchs of what they could no longer have. Even though all of the women in the line were slaves, Drusilla was the high slave of them. She had been granted the authority to endlessly bark orders at them and lash their soft hides if they ever fell short of a task. When Helena had first been abducted into the Prince's harem four years ago Drusilla had hated her almost on sight. She seemed to take sadistic pleasure in ordering Helena to do the most menial of tasks and ordering almost incessant punishments upon her.


Long ago when she was once a free woman, Helena had been very much in love with a soldier named Aaron. They had a very special bond with each other and had married. It seemed as if their whole reason for being was to love and support the other and he was everything to her. She would never forget the day when he was shipped off to fight in a distant war and how she felt when she had learned that he had fallen. It was if the best part of herself had died with him, as if all the beauty in her life had crumbled and been replaced by a desolate wasteland. She was only allowed a brief time to mourn before her village was invaded by the rival armies. It was only her stunning beauty that kept her from being condemned to toiling in a slave pit with her fellow villagers. She had reaped a huge profit to the army that had slaughtered her husband when they had sold her off to the Prince's private harem.

For four years Helena had not known a man, as Drusilla, in her contempt, had always kept her hidden from the Prince's sight; depriving her of the pleasure that every one of the other girls had experienced. The Prince was actually quite kind and gentle to his girls and very skilled in the art of lovemaking; having a keen understanding of the Kama Sutra as well as other worldly techniques. She had heard the other girls speaking of him; how he had made them almost faint with passion as he satisfied them endlessly. Yet Drusilla would always keep Helena away from the Prince's sight whenever he was present in the palace and would occasionally come to call when he was feeling lonely; commanding a line up of his girls so he could choose one for the evening. Helena was secretly thankful for her dismissal from the Prince's possible consideration as she felt her body was only for one man.

She would spend her days being abused by Drusilla and her nights dreaming of Aaron; her natural desires frustratingly stifled from a chastity belt that she was rarely without. She slept in a large richly decorated room with the other girls; their plush, cushioned beds arranged in a circle around a beautiful indoor fountain. The heat of unquenched passion had been tormenting her for some time. During lonely nights she would fantasize about the bulging arms of her husband encircling her body; his strong hands stroking her many curves while she kissed his handsome face. The intensity of the pleasure he had once given her would make her shudder in ecstasy from the tips of her toes to the roots of her hair. However this fantasizing never satisfied her; it would only awaken more passionate desires inside of her; some delicious in their playfulness, others overwhelming in their intensity.

She would roll about in her bed while wearing the chastity belt. Her hips, thighs and full breasts burned with the longing to be caressed. The thought of Aaron only seemed to fan her desires and make them burn even hotter. From time to time one of the girls who had been trusted by Drusilla would sneak-in the keys to their belts. During long nights certain girls would find comfort in one another; indulging in the pleasures of the flesh while the other girls watched or listened. Helena herself had declined the repeated invitations using her memory of her late husband to fight the temptations. She had wished her husband had never left her as she often dreamt of how they could now be building a life together and raising a family. Over the past years she had often wondered how things would have been if their love hadn't been crushed by a war; Aaron tortured to death in an enemy prison camp, herself sold into slavery.

Inevitably the word had come that the Prince had finally taken a bride and at his bride's insistence he had reluctantly decided to sell his girls. That morning the women had all been released from their chastity belts; their armpits and intimacies were shaved. They were then bathed, perfumed and given fresh veils that were tied about them making their cleavage obvious and the curves of their hips easily noticeable. All of the women were quite depressed as they knew whoever purchased them would more than likely not be as kind and handsome as their Prince; to Helena it made little difference. After they had been veiled, they were collared, chained and taken to the auction blocks in the middle of the local village. There were many auctions selling everything from grain, to horses to even the children of other slaves. The women had been lined up behind one of the blocks when a short, thin, foul looking man began to speak to them in an effeminate voice.

"A female slave is worth great profit if she conducts herself appropriately." He said. "You have all been instructed on what is required of you. However should you choose to be difficult may I present some final motivation."

Helena didn't feel this was necessary, she had already heard stories of enraged women cursing at the bidders from the auction block and some of the ghastly punishments given to them. However what she had already learned long ago was that her feelings were now meaningless. Two eunuchs came forward; placing two long wooden caskets in front of the women. Each one was sturdy and more than ample for someone to lie down inside of; manacles were anchored in its interior for just that purpose. One of the eunuchs carried forth a crate. He unfastened the lid and slowly poured the contents into the casket. The girls gasped as a plethora of tarantulas and beetles were poured inside. They filled every inch of the casket, wallowing and crawling among themselves. The short, ugly man picked up one of the tarantulas and held it very closely to some of the girls as they moved back in disgust. Another eunuch opened another crate and poured the contents into the second wooden casket. Some of the women screamed as hundreds of baby snakes began to ooze out; slithering and hissing at each other. The eunuch returned and dropped a wooden lid next to each casket along with a hammer and some nails. Since becoming a slave, Helena had never been ceased to be surprised by the utter cruelty that certain human beings were capable of.

"After you spend a duration in the company of our little friends here, if you still refuse to behave." The thin man pulled a white sheet off a table that sat towards the side of the girls. Helena shuddered as she stared at the devices that were exposed to her. She wondered how men could create such horrible things. The freshly polished and shiny instruments stood upon the table menacingly, their only purpose, to mutilate and inflict agony. The eunuchs withdrew some of the instruments and brought them forth for all the women to view very closely. Helena cringed upon seeing the shiny metal of the spikes, razors, screws, and hooks. Many of the women were in tears as whatever courageous resolves some of them had previously made to themselves they now knew were futile. Even Drusilla was taken aback by the terrible devices and what they could do to the soft, pampered skin of a female slave.

"And if you still refuse to obey, in the end, there's always the lion's pit," the man said calmly with his feminine voice. "Now," he said, "I believe we understand one another. You will each present yourselves appropriately; you will smile and behave yourselves before our buyers. They will be allowed to put their hands upon you if they so choose and you will permit them complete access to your persons without the slightest protest. If they should ask you any questions or make any remarks that you consider obscene you are expected to answer with the utmost manners and politeness." He turned to the eunuchs in a flirtatious manner, "Unchain them and remove their collars."


Helena obediently waited in the line as she would soon ascend the stage and be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

"Stand straight!" Drusilla snapped at her. "I'm sure you'll fetch from the buyers as much as a horse or one of the Prince's dogs," she said arrogantly. Helena was unable to reply for if she showed any insubordination Drusilla had the authority to have her lashed and she had proven that authority to Helena repeatedly; the worst session occurring after a failed escape attempt a year before.

"How I'll miss you Helena," she whispered. "I'll make sure the high slave of whatever master purchases you will know what a trouble maker you are and how you need to be routinely and fiercely disciplined."

Helena stood silently; a feeling of helplessness engulfing her. It was as if her life always seemed to be in the cruel hands of someone else. For years Drusilla had lashed and switched her at whim, and treated her harshly and now despite the faith and hope that she had tried to keep in her heart, it seemed things would only become worse.

She knew the buyers would probably be sheiks and sultans. However she had heard that in addition one of the bravest and wealthiest mercenaries in the country was to attend as well. He was a mysterious man who frequently attended these types of sales. She continued to stand in line while she heard the lust crazed cheers as the girl currently on stage was being sold away into a life of misery.

"Next girl!" shouted a guard.

Drusilla pushed Helena from behind to the ground. "That's you lazy girl!" she exclaimed. "Hurry, there is a very special buyer out there that has expressed interest in you."

"Who?" asked Helena.

Drusilla quickly slapped her across the face for speaking without first asking permission. Helena held her face in pain.

"After all these years you still haven't learned who is in charge and who is superior here; stupid girl," laughed Drusilla. As Helena was taken up the stairs by one of the eunuchs Drusilla began to chuckle. "The buyer's is none other than the Sultan Salim."

Helena looked at the giggling Drusilla in horror. The Sultan Salim was well known amongst harem women for his riches but much more so for his ugliness, obesity, foul manners, veracious sexual appetites, as well as the horrible way he treated his female slaves. He was rumored to value his pet dogs more than his girls; even going so far as to brand them as if they were animals.

"I personally put in a good word for you to him," said Drusilla.

Helena was brought onto the auction block before the many buyers. There was immediate cheering and heckling as she was the most stunning woman that had been put up for sale that day. The block was spacious and well illuminated. A eunuch with a large bullwhip in hand stood to her right; the auctioneer to her left as he spoke in a language that was foreign to her ears. She looked out and saw at least thirty men, mostly sheiks. Up front she quickly noticed the ferocious stare of the Sultan Salim; he was indeed as disgusting as she had heard. He looked to be in his late 40's; morbidly obese, and hideously ugly with long greasy hair and a filthy beard. He was sweating profusely and she could smell his foul stench from the stage.

The auctioneer pounded his gavel to indicate that bidding could begin. Many bids were immediately shouted out in various tongues. The Sultan Salim was by far the wealthiest and could easily outbid any of the others. He was said to carry an insatiable sexual appetite and would force his women to fully submit to him in every perverted way he could think of including some of the most awful sadomasochistic ways Helena had ever heard. The only thing more unquenchable than the sultan's sexual appetite was his appetite for food. He continuously stuffed dates into his mouth as he shouted out bid after bid, which far exceeded the other buyer's attempts to try and purchase her. Three young slave girls stood around him as he sat. Helena regarded them and noticed that they seemed just barely 18 years of age. One of them had a black eye and the other two had several bruises on select parts of their bodies; their eyes sad and empty of hope.

As the bids were shouted out, the eunuch motioned for Helena to turn about to fully display herself to the sultans and sheiks. There was much shouting and jeering. The eunuch placed his large hand around her arm and loosened her top veil. Helena watched as it gently floated to the floor exposing her from the waste up. She felt the many eyes leering at her as her fine, shapely breasts shone with health. Every fiber of her being wanted to place her arms across her body to cover herself, though she would not dare to. Instead, as she had been instructed, she angrily pulled her shoulders back to accentuate her figure and forced a partial smile on her face as was also required. The men cheered as her beautiful, full breasts thrust towards them without concealment. A fine sweat broke upon her skin further amplifying her beauty. She blushed scarlet as her nipples grew erect in her embarrassment.

The auctioneer continued to speak. She could only guess from his tone that he was appraising her assets. The eunuch with the whip doubled in his hand placed it on her belly and slowly ran it across her breasts causing them to bounce slightly. There were more lust filled jeers. With all her effort she kept a grin on her face despite the turmoil brewing inside of her. Far in the background she could see other auction blocks where horses were being bid upon. Many of the peasants from those auctions were now turning to regard her from afar; pointing and gawking. She became terrified as she could see that the Sultan Salim was already inflamed with lust over her and had the ferocious expression of a ravenous animal.

Helena knew these men cared nothing of what was in her heart and soul. Couldn't they understand that she was a human being with feelings and not just property? The men continued to yell bids, but the Sultan Salim always interrupted with a higher amount as he would bid and continuously eat. All the men were in awe of Helena's beauty and in desperate need to own her; to see this perfect body become a plaything for their desires.

One of the veils from around her hips was then removed; exposing the ampleness and firmness of her backside. She was ordered to turn about again to fully display herself to which there was more heckling. The eunuch with the whip doubled in his hand gave Helena a quick strike on her rear; not enough to inflict visible injury but just enough to cause a sudden searing pain to make her jump and yelp to which she obliged. The room erupted in immature laughter. The sultan's awful cackle came to Helena's ear as she tried desperately to keep her composure while fighting her growing discomfort and anger.

She was then required to walk back and forth upon the edge of the block for the buyers to further gawk at. She held her head high and looked straight; trying to hold back her tears. The bids continued to be called out in the various tongues. This was a true woman the buyers thought as they drooled; the kind that men dreamed about when they were boys. After what seemed to be an eternity of walking and turning she was motioned back to the eunuch. Finally she was ordered to remove her last veil that draped around the front of her pelvis. She paused in shock as she felt the intimacies of a woman were only for the eyes of her soul-mate. Helena held her breath and untied the veil from her hip; released it and watched devastated as it floated to the floor. She stood completely naked and utterly humiliated; noticeably blushing before the buyers.

The eunuch then signaled her to perform one of the many types of harem dances she had learned, specifically; "the dance of the pollinated flower." Helena groaned deeply inside. She knew this lewd and obnoxious dance well and had prayed that she would never have to perform it publicly. It was a special one that was rather common on the auctions blocks; they were intent on getting as much money for her as possible. The eunuch handed her one of her discarded veils which she would need for her performance. Helena thought back to her mother who had taught her many forms of the Raqs Sharqi which were tasteful, beautiful and dignified forms of female dance. The dances she had learned in the harem were abominations of the traditional dances she had learned as a child and "the dance of the pollinated flower" was easily one of the worst.

Music began to play from the rear of the block. She initially paused unable to bring herself to begin performing the lascivious movements before the sea of eyes that were already glaring upon every exposed inch of her. She looked to the eunuch with a stare of passionate protest. The eunuch with his huge forearm raised his whip high and lashed it to the ground inches from her feet. The sound was like thunder echoing loudly making her jump in fear; the heaviness of her breasts bounced enticingly to which the audience of buyers laughed. She instantly began to move her body and slowly danced before the men gracefully and sensuously using the veil to add elegance to her movements.

Helena performed her dance as it had been instructed to her. It was designed to begin slowly with the female slave being required to draw attention to her curves and the firmness of her attributes to the buyers. While performing she was also required to perform certain movements with her tongue, hands and body; incorporating the simulation of sinful, pleasurable acts into the dance. Helena twisted with the veil, floating it in the air about her while swaying her hips back and forth. She danced in the abandonment of her superb nakedness; the bright outdoor light on the auction block made her sensual, undulating movements well illuminated.

The eunuch from time to time struck the whip loudly at her feet to single her to increase the pace as the tempo of the music increased and to maintain her smile and composure; something that was growing more and more difficult for her to do. She turned her back to the audience placing her arms over her head, palms together and began to rapidly shake her hips; her long hair cascading to the small of her back just above her wiggling backside. Helena could only understand a small portion of the heckling from the peasants. She burned with anger as she knew enough to understand that the remarks were very obscene. She wondered if there was even a shred of compassion or decency left in the world.

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