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Slave Girl


I have a slave girl.

My husband bought me one.

They delivered her today.

The doorbell rang. I had to sign a clipboard. She walked inside, eyes downcast.

She came with no instructions.

She wore no clothing.

(Apparently, that costs extra, the cheap bastard.)

She's quite young, medium height, slender, brunette, blue eyes.

Creamy white skin, more northern European than Mediterranean.

Hasn't all her curves, yet, but I can tell she will, eventually.

She knelt in a posture of obedience and awaited my instructions.

"What is your name?"

She looked up at me, frightened, and then looked down, saying nothing.

"So, it's okay if I make you a name?"

She nodded her assent, still looking at the floor at my feet.

Let's leave that a bit, shall we? Can you read and write?

She nodded, yes.

"Okay, slave girl, you're going to have to speak until I tell you to be silent, so answer me, verbally, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am," then, "I can read and write."

"Now, get up off the floor. I'll tell you when to kneel, otherwise, I want you to attend me, standing."

"Yes, ma'am." She stood, eyes downcast.

"There's a book of baby names over by the desk. Go get it and come back."

She walked over, found the book (she can read), and walked back.

"Follow me to the bathroom."

She walked behind me, hesitantly, until we found the hall water closet.

"You can use the bathroom, now, if you need to, or later, anytime. "

"Thank you, ma'am. It was a long ride."

"Very well, close the door while you're using it and when you're finished, return to the parlor."

"Yes, ma'am."

I heard her use the restroom and wash her hands. I went back to the parlor and waited her return. In a few minutes, she came in and stood before me, eyes downcast, again.

"You're going to ruin your posture always looking down. Please adopt a more natural pose. It's okay to look about you. I will speak to you when I want something."

Finally, her head came up and I got to look into her eyes.

"Now, go sit at the desk and read the book I gave you. I want you to select a name and tell me what it is. Take your time, I'm going to wait here for you to finish.

She moved over to the desk and sat. She looked back and me, then turned to study the book.

While she read, I studied her carefully. There were no marks that she'd been beaten or mistreated. She seemsd healthy and clean. She certainly acted intelligent and polite.

She was quite pretty and I looked forward to getting to know her. What to do with her?

My cell rang. It was my husband, "How do you like my gift?"

"Thank you so much. We're getting to know each other."

"Can I pick up something for you on the way home?"

"No, as a matter of fact, I'd like you to sleep out, tonight. I need the time to get to know her better before you come home."

"Sure, if that's what you want. I'll stay at ...."

"Don't bother with the details. Whatever you're going to do, I forgive you."

"Ha! I'll call before I come home tomorrow night."


I was sure despite my short answers he knew I was pleased with his offering. She was probably quite expensive. He wasn't forgiven, not completely, but it was okay for him to come home.


When I hung up, she was standing before me with the book. Her gaze met mine, thank goodness.

"Well, what did you decide?"

"Miss, with your permission, I'd like to be called 'Evelyn'".

"Well, Evelyn, that is your name. Always remember that you picked it out."

"Yes, ma'am."

"You'll need a last name, too. My mother's maiden name is Humboldt. You'll use that name until I tell you otherwise."

"Evelyn Humboldt, yes, ma'am, thank you very much."

"Now, Evelyn, tell me what you remember of your past."

"I was raised with a number of slave children in a group home. The staff treated us strictly, but kindly. We were trained that we could expect anything once we were sold."

"Come here." She walked over next to my chair.

I ran my hands over her body, which was soft and warm. She was ticklish in the spots you might expect to find that reaction. I spread her cheeks and looked at her bottom. It seemed quite normal.

I had her spread her legs and I inspected her sex. Again, everything appeared normal. I felt inside her and found the maidenhead was intact.

"Dear me, girl, has no one used you sexually?"

"No, ma'am, it was forbidden. We were taught that was the special property of our owner and you are my first owner."

I smiled and looked at her, tenderly, "As well it should be. Keep that in mind - your maidenhead is mine and will not be surrendered except with my permission."

"Yes, ma'am. Your permission." She curtseyed!

This did cost my husband a lot.


"Now, Evelyn, what training have you from your home?"

I was tutored as a general maid, personal assistant and body servant. I can help you with office work, assist you in bathing and dressing, provide personal grooming, give three disciplines of massage, and ..."

Smiling, "Yes, Evelyn?"

"I can provide pleasure to men and to women." This, blushing. It made her skin radiant across her face, neck, and chest.

"Do you mean sexual pleasure?" I just wanted that blush to go on and on.

"Yes, ma'am." Another curtsey.

"Let's go upstairs, Evelyn, and we'll see what you mean."

She followed me upstairs to my bedroom. This was my private place, I never let him in there even when we were sleeping together. It was a decidedly feminine place, decorated professionally by a firm that provided similar services to royalty, persons-of-note, and some exclusive .... well, places.

"There's the bathroom. Draw me a bath using the lavender colored bath oils. I like the water quite hot."

She went directly to perform her duties, thankfully not ma'am-ing me or curtseying again. I stood by the bed until she returned, following the sound of water running gently into the tub and the enchanting odor from the bathroom.

"Evelyn, if you're going to bathe me, you'll have to undress me, first."

She reaches around my neck and unfastens my necklace, then realizes she doesn't know what to do with it. She looks at me quizzically.

"Arrange it on the bedspread next to you."

She re-fastens the clasp, then artfully lays the necklace on the bed.

She removes my bracelets and places them next to the necklace, then removes my earrings and places them carefully down.

Her deft fingers unbutton my cuffs, then my blouse buttons and she steps behind me to remove it. She folds it carefully and places it on the chair next to the bed.

Her gaze lingers on my emerald camisole, taking in the details of the lace and noting the swell of my breasts, the nipples making the slightest indentation under the lace.

She unfastens the clasp and unzips the skirt, then slides it down for me to step out of, revealing the matching slip, contrasting against my nude hose. She folds the skirt and places it next to the blouse.

She grasps the straps of the camisole and pulls it up as I raise my arms to let her remove it completely. She folds it carefully, trying not to let me see her staring at my breasts.

"It's okay, dear, we've not been naked together before now. Take your time and inspect me carefully, after all, "

The girl looks at my face, seeking a hint of my reaction to her interest, then returns her attention to my body. Her desire is tangible in the room and I let it linger, then tell her, "If you don't turn off the water, there won't be room for both of us."

She cries softly, then turns and runs into the bathroom. The water stops and she returns to find me standing in panties, thigh-highs, and heels, patiently awaiting her to finish her first service to me.

She moves to remove the stockings but I stop her and indicate she is to remove the panties, first. She catches the waistband in her fingers and pulls them down so I can step out of them. She places them panties on the chair and I turn to face her.

"Smell my sex, Evelyn."

She kneels,, closes her eyes, and raises her face toward me. I place my hand at the back of her head and push her nose into my bush. I rub her against me, enjoying the sensation of the touch of her face. She makes no move to caress me, orally, sensing that is not the purpose of this attention.

"Yes, dear, this is an introduction. Meet your new Mistress, who expects your devotion and love. She has a secret name which I will tell you, later, but you are to address her as 'Mistress'. Respond."

"Yes, ma'am."

"No, you are to address her when she is present. Tell her you are glad to meet her." I continue rubbing against her nose and lips, my fingers caressing her hair and the back of her neck.

"I am pleased to meet you, my Mistress. I promise to love you and to devote myself to your happiness and pleasure. It is my honor to serve you."

"Very good, Evelyn. Mistress awaits your more intimate attentions, but first you must bathe her, and me."

While kneeling, Evelyn slips off my heels and rolls down my hose and folds them carefully, looking up at me.

"Take my hand and let's go to the bath."

We hold hands and she steadies me as I step into the fragrant water. She's found the matches and lit the candles, the thoughtful, imaginative girl.

Once I'm comfortable in the bath, she kneels beside the tub. She finds the soap and sponges and begins a luxurious bathing of her new owner. She washes me carefully here, there, everywhere, her ministrations deft and careful, touching me roughly enough to clean, softly enough to avoid irritating my skin.

Finally, she pauses, looks into my eyes questioningly.

"Yes, dear, it's almost time for you to bathe your new Mistress. First, I'd think it would be fun for you to jump in here with me."

Her eyes widen.

"No, we won't do this every time, but this is our first time together and I think a special treat is in order."

The water was still quite hot as she climbed in, facing me.

"Here, dear, place your legs over mine and come up close so that we can cuddle."

She moved up next to me and I held her in my arms. She lay her head on my shoulder and I patted it.

"There, there, my love, you've done such a good job so far. I'm very proud of you and you are a credit to your training."

She looked up at me and I smiled a broad smile. Just the hint of a smile came to her pretty little face.

I took a sponge and dressed it with soap and began washing her off. She was delivered quite clean and fresh smelling, but this was an opportunity for me to bond her to me. I cleaned her quickly, all over, and pulled her back against me. She settled in comfortable in my arms, the fragrance wafting around us adding to the candlelight combining in a romantic atmosphere.

I moved from stroking her hair to pushing her face back for a kiss. I brought my lips to hers and felt hers part for my tongue. Our kiss had a top and that was me, it had a bottom and that was her and she submitted to my demands, opening and allowing me access to her without reserve. Her hands folded against my chest and mine found her breasts, rubbing and squeezing, the cute little nipples begging for squeezes and receiving them. I kneaded the soft flesh there, finding her youthful firmness warming to my touch and her nipples blooming at my touch.

I pulled her up and had her kneel before me, then bend over so that I could suckle first one breast, then the other. The little tease, she squealed her delight and pulled away, then brought the rosebuds closer for more attention.

"That's quite enough for now, Evelyn," I reprimanded her, "Get out and help me dry off."

She hung her head and climbed out of the tub. I would have to remember she was young and inexperienced and not used to me, yet. She gathered up a soft terry robe for me and a fluffy white towel.

To the credit of her training, she'd made no move to dry herself, foregoing that simple act to respond to my command, first.

Dripping, she dried me carefully and thoroughly and helped me into the robe.

"Dry yourself off, dear, use a fresh towel, that's okay. When you're done, there's a mop in the closet. Dry the floor and then attend me in the bedroom."

I moved into the bedroom and traded the fluffy robe for a silk robe in a dramatic floral print. I sat on the edge of the bed and crossed my legs, waiting.

A chastened Evelyn, her face dewy from the exertion of mopping the bathroom, presented herself to me beside the bed, her eyes downcast, again. She was nude, again.

"You must moisturize me, dear, before my skin dries completely. Kneel and do my legs and feet, first."

She complied, rubbing cream all over and about my feet and toes, her fingers seemingly loving the attention she gave me. She followed up by rubbing my calves and knees, then my thighs. This wasn't quite a massage, but quite stimulating. I enjoyed watching her breasts bounce as she exerted herself on my behalf.

"Now, dearest, sit on the edge of the bed and spread your legs."

She complied, throwing her arms above her head in surrender. I turned around and pulled some long scarves, already fastened to the bed corners, up and bound her wrists, then her ankles. I pulled another scarf out and tied it around her head as a blindfold.

"Now dear, raise your hips."

She struggled to do this, squirming at the bonds I'd placed. I slipped a towel under her.

She had to be wondering what I was doing.

"Your bush is lovely, dear, but I prefer you keep it shaved, completely. This one time I'l remove it as a symbol of my ownership, but from now on, you must maintain it unless I tell you otherwise."

"Yes, ma'am," her voice quivering.

I wiped the hair with a hot washcloth, wetting her thoroughly. I rubbed in some shave cream and began trimming away the hair from her pussy.

She was frozen in terror, silly thing. That was part of my treatment, but I didn't want her shivering in fear while I held a straight razor.

"Evelyn, you simply must relax. If you quiver, I'll do you some serious damage and have to punish you, as well."

She froze as I deftly shaved her clean as a whistle. I wiped off the rest of the cream and dried her, then applied some emollient to soothe the virgin flesh, not exposed since puberty.

I could feel her relax under my hand, the tension melting away. I stroked her vaginal lips, rubbing and squeezing each side, letting my finger run between them, up, down, about to her anus, teasing and rimming that opening.

"Let's see what flavor I picked."

I moved my lips down to kiss the smooth flesh, my tongue exploring the crevices and circling her clitoris. I began a rapid fanning motion over her sensitive little bud.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned in pleasure.

"Yes, dear, relax, let yourself go."

I took it in my lips and suckled her tiny head, then began rubbing it with my tongue.

"Mmmmmm", she responded, bucking her hips up toward me, straining against the scarves.

I untied them and told her, "Roll over."

She was frustrated but she complied, her beautiful little ass up in the air, her cute little waist so slender. She really is a cute little thing.

I reached a scarf around her head and tied it in her mouth.

"Now, Evelyn, it's time for you to learn better self-control. You became quite aroused in the bath, didn't you, my lovely?"

She nodded, squirming. It was not the first time she'd been punished from behind.

"Be still, little one. I'm going to spank you carefully. If you're still, it will not mark you more than just a red bottom. If you wiggle, there might be a bruise, which will displease me. Your complexion is lovely, but you must learn to control yourself even when I excite you sexually."

She quieted and nodded her understanding.

I kneaded her cheeks, one, then the other, feeling the warm softness so perfect and firm.

Suddenly I slapped the left cheek as hard as I could, careful to keep the hand flat as it struck. The resounding slap was followed by her cry of humiliation and pain, muffled by the gag.

"There, now, my lovely, that's not so bad, is it?" Tears soaked the mattress. I noted my handprint reddening on her white flesh.

"It's a lot of change in one day, isn't it sweetie? You've done so well, so far, I'm very pleased with you so far. You've a lot to learn, but I look forward to working with you and watching you develop under my care and yes, even to loving you." I untied the gag, releasing one last sob before she regained her composure.

I removed the bonds on her wrists and ankles.

"Now, get up and kneel before me. Look me in the eye."

"Yes, ma'am."

"I require now that you maintain eye contact with me."

"Yes, ma'am."

Now, without looking away, reach down and feel your soft flesh where I shaved you. That's right, feel it all over."

I watched as she moved her hand to her crotch and she carefully inspected the strange texture of familiar territory. She felt all over, feeling the lips, the folds, the sensitive little bump now hiding since her punishment. It must have seemed quite different from the way it felt with all that hair.

"Keep rubbing, dear, I want you to rub yourself to orgasm while I watch."

Her curiosity soon became arousal and her fingers found a pleasing rhythm. Her other hand reached up and caressed her breasts, pinching her nipples, rubbing, moving down to press her tummy. The primary hand never faltered, however and I watched as her eyes slitted, her head moved back, exposing her neck to me, her eyes closed and she knew only her own center of pleasure.

"Yes, dear, thank me, thank me for the spanking. If it really feels good to rub yourself, thank me and I'll help you."

"Thank you, ma'am, thank you for the spanking." The rubbing was quite frantic. She had both hands down there, now, indicating the intensity of her pleasure. Her left hand caressed and rubbed the outside, working into her slit while her right kept two fingers vibrating over her clitoris. She made little moans of pleasure, little cries over and over.

"Now dear, without stopping, rise and lean over the bed. Don't stop rubbing or I'll be cross."

Somehow she accomplished this feat, never quite stopping while she bent over the bed. I knelt behind her and began licking her cheek where my handprint remained.

"Oh, Miss, oh, please, yes..."

My kisses moved to between her cheeks and I felt her frantic rubbing with my lips over her anus.

High pitched, now, "Ayyyyy, ohhhh, yessss..."

My tongue found the little hole and darted within, the penetration must have seemed amazing to her. I frenched her, in and out,, in and out, rapidly and it took her over the edge. She screamed and bucked her ass back against my face frantically seeking even deeper intimate contact. I felt her spasms of completion go on and on and on.

When I sensed the intensity begin to lessen, I backed up and slapped the other cheek as hard as I could. Her initial orgasm was matched by another and I watched as her fingers darted inside herself uncontrollably, finding the internal center of her pleasure, enjoying the contractions around her fingers.

I sat beside her supine form and began rubbing the gentle emollient into her skin.

"Yes, dear, that's right, the life of a slave girl is pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain...."

"Oh, that feels good, thank you, ma'am." I felt her back muscles relax under my rubbing."

"You haven't forgotten anything, have you, my sweet Evelyn?"

I felt her tense, "Oh, no, ma'am, oh no? What have I forgotten?"

"Turn over dear, and I'll show you."

She rolled over, her eyes on mine. I knelt over her chest, her breasts against my legs.

"Your Mistress requires your special attention. Perhaps you'd like to kiss her?"

Her lips found my pussy, already quite warm from observing her pleasure, and she began kissing it all over. Her arms grasped my legs and pulled me closer so that she could demonstrate the skills she'd been taught with her lips and her tongue. I let the pleasure wash over me, dominating this pretty little thing with my body, my pussy her special mistress. She kissed and kissed, sucked and sucked, licked and licked, again.

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