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Slave Wife

byThe Hedonist©

Chapter 1: She Becomes my Slave

“I’ll do anything you want”

Those were her words as she begged me to let her return, we had been married 17 years and I had grown fed up with her jealous tantrums. The final straw had come the year before when, while at a beach, I had looked up at a woman clad in a bikini and my wife had flown into a rage and attempted to attack the woman, the result had been our divorce. Now she was standing before me, tears running down her face saying those words.

It had been a long year and bed partners had been few and far between, I was feeling horny and the word anything caused my cock to give a little jump there in my pants.

“Anything can mean a lot of things.” I said deliberately letting my eyes move over her body, resting pointedly on the V of her crotch for an extra minute before returning to her face.

She flushed under the look, “I mean it, whatever you want from me you can ask and I’ll do it.”

Again I looked her over, 5’3”, about 140 lbs, slightly chubby but with a nice 38D pair of tits and, as I well knew a warm, tight, cunt just made to be fucked. My cock stirred again, “remove your clothes.” I said.

She looked at the open window overlooking an adjacent apartment complex, “Here, someone might be looking and see me.”

“Anything I ask eh! But when I ask you whine. No, I don’t think so, you’ll have to go a lot farther than just strip in sight of an open window if you expect me to trust you again.” I walked over to her and gave her tits each a squeeze. “Too bad to, I wouldn’t mind keeping you around for fucking.”

“Is that all you want me for, don’t I mean anything to you anymore?” the tears had started to flow again and my hand tightened around her left tit.

“What else am I supposed to feel after all the troubles you caused me?” I stated, “The only good things you’ve left me with are the memories of using your tits and ass. If I allow you to come back to me it will be to use them for my pleasure,” My eyes went deep into hers and I added “and there won’t be any limits.”

She stood quietly her head bowed; only a few soft sobs as punctuation, for several minutes then slowly she began to remove her clothes. Inside my pants my cock now stood at full attention as I thought of the enjoyment she would be giving me. I had my slave and I intended to make full use of her.

Chapter 2: First Training

I sat back in my chair casually arranging the position of my hard on, letting her see what I was doing, letting her know what I was thinking. Finally she stood naked in the center of the pile of her clothing. “Pick them up and take them into your room, I want no reminders that you are anything but a naked slut waiting to be used.” I said, “And when you return I want you to bring me all your brassieres, panties, and any pants you have, including jeans and shorts.”

She was gone for 15 minutes before returning with an armload of clothing, “get a garbage bag and put the stuff into it, you will have no more use for that type of clothing.”

She went to the kitchen and squatted down to get the bags in a low cupboard. “No no,” I called, “you do not squat unless facing a male and then you make sure your knees are spread open. Whenever you are facing away from the male, then you bend over keeping your feet apart. Remember, your slit must always be accessible for viewing, playing, or fucking, whatever is wanted of you.”

She returned to where she had dumped her clothes and bending over began to put them in the bag. I stood and went to her. Grabbing her hanging tits I pulled them down to the floor, causing her to squeal in pain as she fell forward. “What did I just tell you slut? Why did you not squat when you were facing me?” My hand went between her legs, my finger slipping directly into her cunt hole, “This is what I want to see.” I roughly pulled her around by her hole then, ignoring her cries, spread her legs wide. “Everything you are is between your legs, you are a cunt, a pig to be played with, as long as you can get a male to empty his balls in you, you are worthwhile. You have no other purpose other than to hear a male grunt in pleasure as he cums in you. Do you understand me?”


“Good, now a short quiz. What are you?”

“A cunt.”

“And what else?”

“A pig.”

“What is your purpose in life?”

Her voice dropped even lower, “To be fucked by any male who want to use me.”

“Close,” I said “but before you are fucked you must ask my permission, and just to ensure that you will learn this very important lesson, from now on you will ask my permission before doing anything. Is that understood?”

Her answer came slowly and very softly but of course it was “yes”, the cunt was going to prove very easy to train.

“Now continue”, I said, “There are other rules, but we will discuss them after you are finished throwing out these clothes.”

Her eyes did not leave my face as she squatted in front of the pile, her knees well separated, the pink lips of her sex open and inviting, even a little moistened. At the smile on my face she too began to smile.

That bag and then a second were soon filled. She stood facing me, she had learned well for as she stood feet were placed wide enough apart to afford me a view of her wet gash even as she stood there. “What shall I do with these bags?”

“Take them to the incinerator in the hall.”

“Like this?” she looked down at her nakedness.

My look was her answer, she turned and went to the door, hesitating only briefly she moved swiftly down the corridor and as quickly as possible stuffed the bags down the chute. I smiled as I watched her breasts bounce as she hurried back to the relative safety of her apartment.

Chapter 3: The Rules

The next day I buzzed her apartment, I had spent the remainder of the previous evening using her various holes for my pleasure, her virgin ass giving me the tightest fuck I had had in a long time. She had squealed like a pig as I forced my cockhead into that unused opening but by taking my time and using lots of oil I soon had it buried to the balls, and she adjusted, her cries turning to moans, though not yet of pleasure, that would come.

She opened the door a bit hesitantly, but as told, naked and in full view of anyone who should be in the corridor. I took my time admiring her form, playing a bit with her breasts, running my fingers through her bush and down her crack, lodging a finger briefly in her hole. I smiled, “Good Cunt, you are doing well.” I held up a paper “I brought the rules you are to live by. Shall we go over them?”

We moved to the living room where I laid the list on the table, the title was simple. “My Rules.” Now I want you to read these carefully, then you will read them to me and, finally, sign it at the bottom to indicate you agree.

This was the list:

* * * * *


1. I will not question

2. I will do as I am told immediately

3. I will not wear panties or brassiere at any time

4. I will remain naked at all times while at home

5. I will remain naked while answering the door, while maintenance or other repairs are being conducted in the house or while dealing with salespersons or other itinerants who may come to my door

6. Unless otherwise ordered, I will dress in short skirts and blouses that will allow my attributes to be viewed on command

7. I am my Masters property, he and only he may permit my use. This means that if my wanton attire or nakedness is to attract the sexual attention of a male I will resist his advances unless my Master gives me permission to be raped

8. Although Master may give out permission to use me, this does not imply that I have permission to be used

9. If I am raped and Master is not satisfied that I did not resist, I will be punished

10. I will ask my Master’s permission to use my own body, whether to bathe, piss, or defecate

11. I will only masturbate in front of, and with permission from my Master

12. I will orgasm only with Master’s permission, and then only while his sperm is filling my womb

13. If Master chooses to lie between another Cunt’s legs and fill her box with his sperm I will assist him in any way he wishes to achieve his goal

14. I will take no precautions, if I am impregnated it is because I am a cunt and born to be bred

Punishments for failure to follow these rules will be meted out at Master’s pleasure

* * * * *

Because of her jealousy she had the most difficulty with rule 7 but I made it clear that among others I had had my eye on her snot nosed sister for some time and fully intended to fuck her, rape her if necessary, as well

I placed her in position for reading the document, kneeling, knees spread, shoulders back, informing her that that position was the one I would expect from her whenever she was awaiting orders, and she read the rules outlining her new position in life. Then she signed the document after which I buried my cock deep into her throat, holding her head tightly against my groin and letting the gagging reflex of her throat milk my cum out of me.

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