tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlaves of the Desert Compound 04

Slaves of the Desert Compound 04


Rain came the next day to the compound, an infrequent event. Philip sat in an alcove and watched the downpour; he had successfully avoided being assigned to household tasks, and for the time being his special talents were not required. The rain recalled his previous life in his mountain village, which had been ravaged by a contagious fever. Philip's parents, along with most of the village's inhabitants, had died in the epidemic; and his uncle, a grasping, hard-hearted fellow, had promptly sold Philip to a passing slave trader, who was happy to pay the wretched uncle a handful of gold and silver coins in exchange for the young man, whose handsome, albeit girlish, looks were most striking.

The slave trader's tastes must not have been inclined to his own sex, since he did not use Philip at all on the weeks' journey to the principal city of the land. He did however employ the mouths and sometimes the behinds of each of the young women he had purchased. Philip did have to suffer an occasional blow from a cane or whip when dilatory, of course. Once arrived in the city, the slaves were displayed for sale in the central marketplace. Philip still recalled with embarrassment being compelled to stand naked with hands bound on the slave platform, while prospective buyers thrust their intrusive fingers into his mouth to check his teeth, cupped his genitals, or probed his rear end to ascertain its narrowness. At least I sold for a considerable sum, he thought.

Purchased by a desert noble, he had been conveyed to the compound where he had spent the last several years. That first evening, he was brought before the steward, looked over, and sent to spend the night in one of the slave quarters; a slim, willowy, well proportioned young man, with a sweet and pretty face and soft hair. He was told to bathe and rest; his work would be assigned on the next day. The heavy wooden door was closed and a bar placed on the outside. Philip was surprised to see steam emanating from the adjoining closet; looking in he saw a well appointed bathroom, with stone floors and heated water. A far cry from the cold clear streams of his mountain home; though his tribe had traditionally always washed regularly.

A tall figure wearing only a rough towel emerged from the wreaths of steam. This man, broad shouldered, black haired, with the muscles and scars of a soldier and regular features, smiled briefly at Philip and beckoned him towards the bathroom. Philip apprehensively entered; but soon discovered the pleasure of warm water and soft soap. Thoroughly cleansed, glowing from the bath, he found another towel and went back into the main room. The soldier – evidently also a slave – was seated on the one large sleeping platform that filled the center of the room; he remained clad only in his towel. Philip stopped nervously, hesitant to join the big man on the sleeping platform, but afraid of giving offense. His apprehension was solved quickly; the soldier reached out a long arm and gathered the younger slave towards him; whisking away the towel, he sat Philip sideways on his lap, and looked him over, clearly pleased by his new companion. Philip's naked bottom rested on the other's rough thighs; in embarrassment he tried to cover his slender, well shaped phallus and testes, but the other brusquely smacked his hands away, easily holding both of Philip's wrists with just a few of his powerful fingers. Smiling in a friendly manner, he used his other hand to grasp Philip's penis, which he began to fondle gently and steadily, so that it sprang to life in his hand.

Philip's sexual experience thus far had been limited in the extreme; his had been a very strict society. Despite his uneasiness and feelings of helplessness, he could not help but enjoy the delightful sensations conveyed by the other's slow manipulation. After a few minutes of this new pleasure, the other then spoke, in a dialect that was close enough to comprehend:

"Kneel, young one."

When Philip was slow to obey, the other promptly lifted him off his lap and pressed him into position, so that his face was directly on the level of the other's groin; the latter's growing tumescence announced that he too was excited. He took Philip's small hand and placed the fingers around his cock, indicating that Philip should caress him as he had been caressed. The young man complied, enjoying the heated sensation of the smooth, thick flesh that he grasped, feeling it stiffen into its full, considerable length.

"Kiss it and lick it."

Philip complied, bestowing an innocent but open mouthed kiss on the head, where a clear liquid had begun to collect. Then he stuck out his pink tongue and licked; somehow sensing the sensitivity of the area just below the head.

"Now put it in your mouth."

Philip opened his soft mouth and took the phallus into it. Licking and sucking, albeit somewhat inexpertly, he continued to fondle the length while taking more of the rigid member in. When he inadvertently scraped the shaft with his sharp little white teeth, he received a mock-serious cuff from the massive hand of his partner; admonished, he endeavored to deliver only the softest of oral caresses. His partner began to move with Philip's sucking; both began to breathe faster. Suddenly, without warning, a jet of fluid shot out of the cock in the young slave's mouth, to hit the back of his throat. Taken by surprise, he jerked his head back, and the fountain of come splashed on his face. The quantity was large, and his skin dripped; he hid his face in embarrassment and fear of having offended his formidable lover. But the other – evidently good natured – simply patted Philip's face in a friendly fashion, then collected the come with his fingers and pressed it into Philip's mouth, making sure that he swallowed all of it.

Both slaves lay down on the bed after their labors. But only a few minutes passed before the older man guided the younger's head back to his semi-hard shaft. The younger turned to face his lover's feet, and began obediently kissing, licking and sucking him; it was not long at all before he restored him to full firmness. Meanwhile, Philip's sweet bottom faced up, and the soldier squeezed and fondled his buttocks, sliding his fingers along the crack and exploring the pink bud of the entrance. Dipping his hand into a clay jar of soft soap, he began to massage the younger's narrow anal entrance, sliding in first one finger, then a second. Philip gasped, his mouth filled, but did not pull away; the intrusion became deeper, and his throat began to relax to take in more of the cock's length. After a few more minute of this delightful intercourse, the soldier sat up; he easily lifted Philip to place him straddling his groin, facing away. Philip leaned forward; the other slid two fingers back into his ass, and positioned Philip's delicate bud over his erect cock. Grasping the other's shoulder with one hand, he removed his fingers from Philip's anus and substituted the head of his cock at the entrance, which did not immediately close. A gentle push, a gasp from the young slave, and the cock was in his rear, gripped by the smooth sphincter.

Philip crouched motionless, his knees on either side of the other's thighs. His entrance was impaled and there was a silent O on his face. The soldier gently encouraged him to move back, so his cock would penetrate deeper; Philip obliged, but gasped in sudden pain as his narrow rectum protested this rapid invasion. The other began a series of small movements, an inch in, an inch back; gradually Philip's anus relaxed and he was able to lower himself back further onto the upright rod. The soldier grasped Philip's own rigid cock from behind, and played with it; stimulated thus, Philip's bottom commenced a similar sequence of movements, each one bringing a little more cock inside himself. He leaned his head back and offered his soft mouth to his lover; they kissed deeply and caressed tongues. Philip commenced to move his ass carefully up and down; waves of pleasure were spreading through his body, front and back. Suddenly a sensation more intense than any he had experienced flooded him; his cock and balls seemed electrified, and he was in the throes of the most astounding orgasm of his life. Simultaneously the other reached his climax in the younger man's ass; they were frozen in motionless ecstasy for what seemed an age, before collapsing onto each other. The soldier stretched out, and drew Philip close toward him; Philip's head fell on to his chest, while his hand cupped Philip's newly ravaged buttocks. Together they fell quickly asleep.

When Philip awakened in the cool light of dawn, he knew to burrow beneath the sheet to his companion's groin, and to begin licking and teasing him with his newly educated lips and tongue. This time, he thought as he gently flicked the frenulum with the tip of his tongue, I'll swallow every drop.

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