tagBDSMSlave's Submission

Slave's Submission


There are a lot of misconceptions about us slaves. We aren't all nymphos, though I do have a strong sexual appetite. We aren't all weak minded, or easily walked over. Ha! I wish someone would try to walk over me. My tongue has been known to cause pain as well as pleasure. We are male and female, we are strong even when we are weak, we may be submissive, but that does not mean we are pathetic!

I thought of all this as I sit at my computer desk disgusted at the "Masters" online. I know 95% of them are fakers trying to get off, but the things they think and voice are enough to make you pull out your hair.

I turn off the monitor and glance around the spotless house. Since I've stopped working a majority of my day is spent cleaning and taking care of my Master. My master has been sick and slowly getting worse over the last few months. I used to work, but he asked me to stop so I could be with him more. Afraid that he meant he was dying I immediately quit. He won't tell me what's wrong, but I suspect it's cancer.

As if he could hear my thoughts I hear the door open and I glance at it to see my Master silhouetted against the sunlight before he closes the door. I freeze waiting to hear if he needs me.


"Yes, Master," I ask as I stand to go to him.

He slowly makes his way to his chair and my heart breaks to see my once strong Master so humbled. As usual I try to help him ease into the chair and as always he shoos me away. I curl my lithe frame at his feet and rest my head on his knee looking up at him. I know some Masters demand that their slaves stay at their feet, but mine doesn't; probably because I would tell him where he could stuff it.

"Severen, my beautiful Severen." His hand tangles in my hair. "No interruptions."

I nod yes.

"I'm dying."

My eyes instantly swell with tears as I shake my head no.

"Yes, I can't stand to see the pity in your eyes when you look at me." He looks away.

Suddenly my heart sinks and I go cold. Is he throwing me out? Is he taking my collar? My hand unconsciously slides over the silver metal loop.

"No, my child I'm not casting you aside." I relax. "Come, get dress, we're going to a dinner party."

I blink slowly. "Is the discussion over?"


"NO! You can't tell me you're dying and that's it. We need to discuss this. Figure out ways to make you better. Plan!"

"You're only 25 years old," he shouts at me.

"What does that have to do with anything? That never crossed your mind when you were fucking me. Didn't even faze you when I was 18 and you had your cock shoved down my throat."

"Severen," he growls a warning at me. I had crossed the line, but he could punish me later. He slides his hand threw his peppered hair and sighs. "I've looked into cures and there's none that I'm willing to go through."

"Like what? Is it chemo? Are you afraid of losing your hair? Who cares?" I walk to him and press my body against his. "I don't."

"That's enough." He pulls me away from him reluctantly.

I clamp my mouth shut and straighten my back. [i]Fuck it![/i] "Fine, but know that the pity you see is all in your imagination. Don't confuse pity for love."

"Severen you forget your place."

"No, I know my place. It's by your side. It's caring about you and putting you first. It's about wanting what you want, needing what you need, and feeling what you feel. I AM your slave."

With a familiar growl my Master pushes himself to his feet towering over me. He grabs my forearms and pulls me to him hard. He reaches one hand up and twines it in my hair before pulling my head back at an almost awkward angle. He stares long into my eyes before he slams his lips against mine bruising them. He darts his tongue deep into my mouth and probes while I stand there with my breasts thrust forward and my hands on his arms steadying myself.

I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter as it has been some time since I've had any sexual pleasure. I could masturbate, but a vibrator doesn't bite and it doesn't make you yearn and I yearn. I press my lower half against my Master's groin and a whimper escapes my lips.

Suddenly my Master stops. I try to keep kissing him, but he holds me firmly back. "That's why I have to do this. It's not fair to you. I'm to protect you. You put my needs first and I put your needs first. That's how the relationship works. I can't put your needs first anymore. I can't pleasure you like you need to be pleasure. I can't take care of you anymore."

"Master, what are you talking about? Yes, you do and yes you can. I'm not some little girl. I'm your slave. I take care of you."

"And I take care of you," he interrupts me. "Now go get dress. It's going to be hard enough as it is."

"What will," I ask feeling something deep inside of me tense up.


I pull myself away from his warmth, his strength and walk slowly to my room. I open the huge closet and stare at my clothes. As his slave I should wear a dress that was slightly provocative and yet classy. As Severen, everyone could go fuck themselves as I pull down a black pants suit. Granted the pants had slits on the side from toe to hip. I grabbed the matching top that had a deep V neck, with long sleeves that also was slit all the way down.

Standing in the mirror I observe my appearance and decide that pulling my hair up in a sloppy bun would make the look complete. I put on a pair of cotton socks and slide my feet into knee high 2-inch heeled boots.

I walk out the room 30 minutes later to see my Master also wearing black slacks and a white polo shirt that compliments his deep tan perfectly. I lock eyes with him staring into the bluest eyes I have ever seen. At 57 he was still a man to reckon with.

He pushes himself to his feet and smiles down at me. "You look beautiful."

"As do you. Is this a vanilla party or ones that are in the know, lifestyle?"

"In the know," he sighs. "Come let's go."

We get in the SUV and drive off. I can't help thinking that something is seriously wrong. What could make my Master so afraid that he doesn't want to do the cure? How can I help him? Why won't he let me help him?"

"Severen, baby, we're here."

I look up at a beautiful white small mansion. That's all I could think of. It was too big to be a regular house and not quite big enough to be a mansion. It looked like a baby mansion. I cock an eyebrow trying to think who we knew lives here.

My Master pulls me close to his side and knocks on the door. The door opens and a very scantily clad slave opens the door. "Master Stone." She greets my Master respectfully while nodding at me until he addresses her.

"Slave. This is my slave Severen."

"I'm Slave Too."

I thought duh, but she steps back and ushers my Master and myself into the house. I glance around as my Master walks through the home as though he has been here many times. I wonder when.

We enter into a huge grand dining room with two other men seated at the table. My Master pulls me forward. "Ronaldo this is my slave, Severen."

"Hello, Master Ronaldo," I say respectfully.

"Why Michael," Ronaldo purrs at my Master. "I didn't know your girl was black and with that caramel complexion, hazel eyes, and that hair. How do you get such reddish brown tones?"

"Naturally," I reply. Ronaldo frowns that I've answered for my Master. I could already tell we weren't going to get along. My Master turns me to the other gentleman at the table.

"Erik, this is my slave Severen."

"Hello, Master Eric."

"It's Erik, love. Air-reek." He smiles devilishly at me and I can't help, but smile back.

"These are my girls," Master Ronaldo states. "Number 1." A pretty redhead steps forward. She frowns at me before turning back to her duties. "Number 2." The Asian girl who answered the door smiles shyly at me. "Number 3." The blond girl only glances up. "Number 4." The other blond girl, but whose breasts weren't as perky flips her hair and lick her lips at my Master. I step forward, but my Master holds me still. "Number 5." The girl with brown hair and huge bashful eyes tilts her head studying me. "Number 6." A very large bosomed woman turns and sizes me up before turning back to whatever she was doing before. "Number 7." A small very petite girl wiggles two fingers at me.

"What are their names," I ask.

"What," Ronaldo looks at me.

"What. Are. Their. Names."

"Is she always allowed to just talk out? She wasn't being spoken to."

That got my panties in a twist. "I find it demeaning that you call them numbers. They aren't things, they are humans. And don't you dare think that I can't have an opinion or think whatever the hell it is I want, just because I may be submissive to this man."

"Severen, go cool off."

I glare at Ronaldo before I turn sharply and walk towards where I assume would be the kitchen. I push open the door and step through. My assumptions were correct. It was the kitchen with a table in the middle of it. I slammed my fist down on it when I heard the door open behind me.

Thinking it was my Master I put my head down on my arm. "Can we please leave now?"

"It's not my choice," Master Arik replies.

Click here!

I spin around and stare at him. "I apologize I thought you were my Master."

"No need. I came to ... check up on you."

"Why ... Master Arik. I just need to calm down is all. Rough day."

"I like you. You're not like those robots out there. You have spunk, fire, feisty. Michael is a very luck Master."

I blush and watch him leave the room. Feeling much better I walk out after him. My Master is seated at the table as well as Ronaldo and Master Arik. The girls are sitting on various cushions in the room at the far wall. I go over to a chair besides my Master and sit.

Ronaldo quirks an eyebrow and I dare him to say more. He smiles at me, but the smile unsettles me. It's like he knows something that I don't and what he knows I won't like.

"I'll take her," Ronaldo says.

"WHAT?!" I shout.

"Severen," My master starts. He reaches up and slides his hands over my neck. I nuzzle into him waiting for him to finish when I hear a small click and then the weight of my collar falls away. I grab it to stop it from falling, but it wasn't falling. It was in my Master's hands.

"I ... you... the cure would be to cut my manhood. Not a part, but all. I can't live like that. I found you someone who can satisfy your needs."

"You do satisfy my needs."

"All your needs."

A tear slips from my eye, but I hold the rest back. I'm too angry to be sad. I can't believe what's happening. He stands up and I rise, but he pushes me back down.

"Her things will be delivered tomorrow." My master, no Master Stone looks at me. "I love you Severen." He walks away.

"No," I yell trying to go after him. I didn't make it 2 steps when I'm dragged from behind. I look over to see Number 1 and whoever grabbing me. "Let me go!"

They shake their heads. "We can't. Don't fight it. It'll be that much worse."

Ronaldo walks over and stands in front of me. "You're mine. All the fire, spirit in you will die. I'm going to enjoy breaking you." He reaches forward with his own collar and I pull back and spat in his face.

"Bitch!" He rears back and smacks me in the face. "Take her, have her, and hurt her."

Number 1 smiles gleefully, "Thank you Master." She grabs a handful of my hair and drags me back screaming to the other girls. The other one wraps her arms around my legs and carries me off the floor. It's obvious they've done this before.

They throw me on the pillows and I stare at the girls one by one seeing who was going to attack first. I should have known better, they all attacked at once. One ripped my shirt off, another pulled my pants down, in no time I was completely naked and there were hands everywhere. I tried to fight, but it was too much for me.

"Good you learn fast," said number 3 or was it 6?

"What do you want? Humility," I ask hopefully.

"No, we have enough of that. We want you."

I shake my head and my hair flies around my face. Someone has undone my bun. I feel a hand tangle in it and pull my head back sharply. My body betrays me and my nipples instantly harden as my pussy floods.

"She likes it," I hear someone say.

I squeeze my eyes tights. How can I fight 14 hands, 7 bodies? I feel my legs force open and a tongue slide between my thighs. Unintentionally, I moan and that starts the hands grabbing harder. I open my eyes to see a pussy over my face. It's number 2, the Asian girl, and since I like her I reach up and pull her closer so I can slide my tongue into her.

She arches her back, throws back her head and moans deeply. She rocks her pussy over my face as I grip her hips and suck like a vacuum over her soaking cunt. I dart my tongue in her slit like a piston as I fuck her with my mouth.

Out the corner of my eyes I see other girls who are fucking, eating each other, and I realize I'm part of an all girl orgy. I don't want to know what Ronaldo expects or wants so I put all my focus and energy into eating this juicy pussy.

I feel a finger slide deep into me added by another one. It feels so good and I can't help thrusting my hips forward as I try to pump myself on those fingers. It has been so long and it feels so good. I almost loose my mind with the intense feelings. I impel myself harder and faster onto those two fingers trying to drive myself over the edge.

I slid my hand over until I can slide one finger into number 2's hot snatch. As I pump my finger adding another and another I slither over and suck on her clit letting my tongue curl over and around it. I could feel her tightening her muscles, could feel her so close, just needing that extra push over the edge. I bit down on her clit just enough for her to feel pleasurable pressure and not pain. Immediately, she jumps and cums all over my face. Her juices run down my face, but I don't stop. I keep sucking, thrusting, licking until she was hot again.

"Oh you eat pussy good," she cried squeezing her nipples between her fingers as she grounds her pussy against me.

I couldn't answer as I could feel my own muscles tightening. I felt someone nip at my nipples and that was all I needed. I started writhing and thrusting as I felt my own version of pure bliss. As the last tremors left me I sat still breathing hard and giving tiny licks to the greedy pussy in my face.

"That's enough," I heard Ronaldo cry.

All the girls get up and move to the walls. I start to follow, but number 2 shakes her head. I look at Ronaldo and realize his gaze is on me.


"Yes," he states. I didn't even realize I had spoken aloud. I look past him and am surprise to see Master Arik still here. He raises his drink to me. I glare at him, which makes Ronaldo turn around to see what has caught my attention instead of him. Ronaldo turns back angry and grabs my legs. I kick his grip off.

"I'm warning you. Touch me again and I will hurt you." Four girls start to surround me.

"Ronaldo, please tell me that you don't have to rape one of your own girls, do you?" Master Arik's voice was full of appall and amusement.

"No, get back," he yells immediately halting the slave's progress. Ronaldo reaches forward and I pull back. He lunges at my body, but I twist out of the way. "Stop, fighting!"


Master Arik's laughter only made Ronaldo angrier. He grabs my wrist and twists. I clench my teeth at the pain and bring my elbow forward and up. I hear a small crack and see Ronaldo grabbing his nose as it spews blood from between his fingers.

All the girls rush him and I slowly stand. "Stop her." Ronaldo's words are muffled. I laugh evilly. "Take her upstairs and lock her in a room. I'll deal with her in 3 days. No food or water." He turns abruptly and runs to the kitchen with 3 girls trailing him.

I salute Master Arik and let the others guide me up the stairs and to a room. It's obviously someone's room as it's furnished, but there's no bathroom and considering that I miss dinner I could see a problem here.

I rummage through the drawers and find a pair of jeans and a shirt. The jeans were a little big. All the shirts in the drawers looked either way too big and would show too much or too small and would show too much. I opted for a button down sweater. I looked through the closet, but whoever lives here loves heels, 4 inch heels. I'll take my chances walking barefoot.

I open the widow and stare down. It's a long way down, but there's a smaller roof under the window and then a small drop. If you call dropping 8 feet down small. I ease out onto the lower roof and creep my way to the edge. I push myself over hanging just by my arms when I notice a drain pipe. I swing one arm onto it and then the other and cling for dear life. Luckily, it holds my weight and I slide down it with small bumps where the pipes fit inside of another as my only discomfort.

My feet reach the ground and my joy is short live as I feel a clasp go around my neck and a click. I look down to see a strange collar and then up into Master Arik's eyes.

"Impressive," he comments.

I didn't get a chance to answer before Ronaldo is outside and staring at me. "What the hell are you doing out here?"

I look at Master Arik as if that same question was also on my mind, but it was being applied to him.

Click here!

"Not Master Arik, Number 8, you!"

"She's not Number 8. She's Severen, my girl," Master Arik replies.

"No, she's Number 8."

"You didn't collar her. I did and unless you want to fight over it," Master Arik trails off with a shrug.

"She's more trouble than she's worth," Ronaldo says with venom dripping in his voice. "I don't know how Michael kept her for so long. I now see why he was eager to get rid of her."

My eyes damn me and I stiffen. It's true. I was trouble and I had no where to go. My home wasn't my home anymore. If I went back Master Stone would just take me back here.

"Some trouble is worth it," Master Arik states looking at me. He reaches up and cups my face. Ronaldo slams the door shut as he leaves.

"You're choice Severen. You can take me to be your Master. Or I can drive you over to Michael's house, get your belongings, and let you free. You can try to find another one on your own, but you have to make this decision right now."

Finding a Master is hard and as much as I hate myself sometimes, I do need a Master. "You already forced collared me."

Master Arik reaches up and unclasps the collar. My heart falters and I could feel sorrow fill me. I felt protected and safe with a collar. Master Arik holds the collar in his hand and crosses his arms. I can feel eyes watching me and I knew I was at a cross roads in my life.

I slowly lower my frame until my bottom hits the heel of my feet. I lowered my head looking respectfully at the ground. I reach behind me and bent my arms until they rest at the middle of my back thrusting my breasts forward. I slid my thighs apart until they were open enough for a man's hand to bridge the gap between them.

"Master Arik, I humbly beg to be your slave."

I feel him move my hair aside and replace the collar. "Come we are going to Santaria." Master Arik starts walking down the long driveway and I follow beside him.


"My home. A small city that is based loosely off of the book Gor. I understand your Master was Gorean."

"Yes as I know a few things. Gor was too harsh for me."

"Gor is too harsh for everyone, but we base our principles on that. You don't need to know the name of the food or drinks nor do you need to know the positions. You do need to know your place and what we expect."

"I won't change me for anyone."

"I don't want to change you. I like you the way you are. I'm telling you this, because someone else might want you and, unlike Ronaldo, won't hold back to hurt you to have you. Always in this city keep your collar shown. Don't tuck it away as you have done here."

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