tagNonHumanSlayer's Wolf Ch. 04

Slayer's Wolf Ch. 04


Enjoy =) <3 pixxie


"Sky, you look lovely as usual."

I smiled up into the face of my ex-boyfriend Ron. We were still very close friends and occasionally fuck buddies. I dated him for a reason. Tall, handsome, amazing body, to-die-for smile, chocolatey eyes, tanned skin, and perfect teeth. His babies would be destined for good looks putting him as my top candidate for husband material.

"Ron long time no see. I thought you forgot about little ole me."

Ron smiled mischievously and wrapped his hand around my waist pulling me closer to him. I instantly got wet. Mm I can't wait to get him home tonight.

A growl sounded behind me and I turned to see Mr. Werewolf. Oh my god! How did he find me? Cloe and her damn cards jinxed me! His blue eyes were narrowed at me.

"Um Ron, give me a minute will you."

"Sure sexy." He leaned down brushing a kiss across my lips. This time instead of growling Wolfman came over and grabbed my arm yanking me out of Ron's grip.

"She belongs to me. If I see you touch her again I won't be responsible for my actions."

"And who the hell are you to tell me what I can't do with MY fucking girl."

"Yours!?" Wolfman stepped closer to Ron and I had to hurry and jump between them.

"Ron babe, please give me a minute."

He looked at me then Wolfman and smirked. He walked off and I sighed relief. I don't need another public confrontation or that's my ass. I looked over to see Cloe engaged in a what seemed to be wonderful conversation with a light brown haired hottie. I focused my attention back on Mr. Werewolf who still had a tight grip on my arm. I snatched away from him giving him the what-the-fuck face.

"Listen here buddy, I don't know who you think you---"

"Leon." He growled out stepping closer to me. "It's Leon and you'll never forget it."

Arrogant bastard! I should fucking kill him right now. But I left my weapons in the car. Shit

"Well listen here 'Leon' you don't come barging into a club making demands! If you've forgotten I can kill your ass in one strike."

"You wouldn't kill me."

"And why wouldn't I."

His eyes glittered with a predatory gleam and he stepped closer to me. His lips were an inch from my ear and the feel of his breath made me shiver.

"Because you're my mate. And if you won't accept it willingly, I'll just have to fuck you into submission."

I moved away from him and crossed my arms across my chest. Still with this mate crap. I'm a fucking slayer! Not a mutt's mate. He was really confused or was having some sort of mid-life crisis.

"Leon I'm not your mate. I never will be. In fact it's a huge feat to be standing here in front of my face throwing the fact that you're a werewolf into it knowing my status. I don't know what the hell is up with your hormones or whatever but this ends here. I'm warning you. Leave. Me. The. Hell. Alone!"

He crossed his arms and smirked at me. Arrogant motherfucker. I could have his ass six feet under now if I wanted to and he treats it like a game.

"You're only making this harder for yourself."

"Harder......HARDER! I'll show you fucking harder."

I turned on my heels and proceeded to make my way towards Ron. If he thought I was his mate, then seeing me with another man should kill him. Ron sat in a V.I.P section that was positioned in a spot that could view the entire club. These are the perks granted to the owner. I sashayed my way over making sure to put extra rhythm in my stride. Ron was watching and I knew Leon would be watching too. I approached Ron and bent over giving everyone a view of my ass while my breasts were in Ron's view.

"Who the hell is he?"

"He's no one. But you on the other hand." I hitched my skirt up and climbed onto Ron's lap feeling his already hard dick.

"He's watching us like a hawk. Just tell me the truth Sky."

"He's a fucking loony who can't take no for an answer."

My hips started gyrating of their own accord too familiar to this position. Ron grabbed my hips bringing my pussy into harder contact with his jeans.

"Mmmm I haven't had it in so long."

I stopped my hips from moving and stood up, glancing towards where Leon was. His jaw was tight and ticking like he was grinding his teeth. My insides started to feel like jello. The way he looked at me turned my slayer instincts on high gear but also called to my sex. Uh no, I shouldn't be turned on by Leon. I should want to kill him not fuck him.

"Let's go back to my room. I want to finish this around less people."


Ron stood and grabbed my hand. He pulled me to a side door and opened it revealing his personal office with a personal room for his 'personal encounters.' I was familiar with the setting and made my way towards the bedroom. I kicked off my heels stripped out of my sweater and skirt leaving a black lace bra, lace panties and my tights on.

I made my way over to the bed when I heard a loud 'thunk' sound and a struggle in the next room. Reaching under the bed I clicked a button that dropped out a small hand gun and then made my way to the door. I peered out looking both ways before sliding out further. The lights were out and my vision had yet to adjust.


No response. I walked further out. I peered around and couldn't see any silhouette. But I did smell something wild. I know he's in here.

"Leon this isn't fucking funny. This is trespassing."

I heard a chuckle come from behind me and before I could turn around I was tackled to the floor. Hard. The gun flew from my hands landing by the open bedroom door.

"Ow! Get off of me!"

"No, you brought this on yourself."

I felt hands slide down my side to hold me still. One slid to my ass and smacked it hard making me yelp.

"I told you this would be making it harder."

"Where's Ron?"

"Taking a nap."

His hand slid from my ass to the front of my lace panties. He easily slid a finger inside touching my wet lips.

"S-Stop! Leon I'm not you're mate. Don't force this."

I heard a growl and his fingers gripped harder digging into my side. He pushed his middle finger into me and my back arched involuntarily.

"You're wet for him."

"No I--"

"Did you come in here to fuck him?"

I didn't answer. Instead I kicked out my right leg connecting it to his shin. His grip loosened a fraction. Yanking out of his hands I rolled over to the door and came up with the gun in my hands. My eyes had fully adjusted to the darkness and I pointed the gun right at his chest.

He growled at me. Not the growl of a threat. More of a growl of a frustrated animal that couldn't finish off it's prey.

"I should put a bullet through your chest! How dare you come in here and nearly rape me. What part of I'm not your mate don't you understand."

"You won't shoot me."

Eye twitch. I pulled the trigger. Nothing. Fuck it's on safety. His eyes began to glow blue in the dark and I heard another growl.

"So is this how you're gonna act?"

I clicked the gun off safety and steadied my footing. If I wasn't afraid to pull the trigger then, what makes him think I would be afraid to now.

"The first one was a warning, the second shot will wound you horribly."

A small smile played across his lips. He was amused. Did he seriously believe I was a fucking toy? Like I would bluff and not shoot him. That's what I was made for!

"Alright then."

In blinding speed Leon had the gun in one hand and my waist in a tight grip. He threw the gun and now had a spray can in his hand.

"This should shut you up."

He sprayed one mist into my face and I felt my conscious going dark.

"Oh fu--"


She went limp into my arms. I didn't want to have to use it on her but she left me no choice. Her breathing steadied and she slumped heavily against me. My eyes began to wander and I noticed how her smooth peanut butter skin felt against mines. How her lace lingerie hugged her body wonderfully. Then I smelled her arousal. A visible shiver ran down my spine and my wolf reared its head.

"Take her now! She can't resist us."

"No. She needs to be awake and consenting. I will not take her like this."

"I will."

My body took on a mind of its own. What the hell? This never happened before. I could feel my wolf taking complete control. My senses began to get sharper. I could smell the scent of her even stronger. I laid her down on the floor gently. My wolf had total control now. I sniffed around her panties. That's where her arousal was so strong. I could feel my dick thickening. I pressed my nose into her crotch taking a deeper breath. My wolf growled in approval.

One nail sliced her panties away. This left me with a remarkable view of her pussy. Brown hair at the top and glistening lips. I took one long lick from her opening to her clit. My wolf rumbled with satisfaction and I calmed and relaxed enjoying the take over.

My wolf continued the licks and finally applied pressure entering her slightly. Liquid flooded my tongue and a soft moan escaped her lips.



My wolf licked up her stomach and to her neck. I could feel my canines lengthening. He couldn't do this. I began to fight through my foggy unconscious to gain back control. Fuck. He was trying to mate her. The fog cleared revealing my wolf at the forefront. My teeth grazed the skin where her neck connected with shoulder. She shuddered.

"I'm not going to allow you to do this."

I grabbed the wolf and pushed him towards the back of my mind. I could slowly feel power surge back into my limbs. I yanked away from her neck and sat back watching her and getting my breathing back on track. If I didn't mate her soon willingly, my wolf would try and take it forcefully.

"She's ours and whether she likes it or not we will have her."

"In due time, but you need to leave it to me so that she submits."

My wolf finally settled down replaying the images and taste of our mate. This brought my growing erection into attention. I went into the bedroom and retrieved my mate's skirt and sweater. I slid her skirt onto her legs pausing when my knuckles brushed her sex. I then pulled her sweater on.

I picked her up and put her over my shoulder exiting the room back into the club. The atmosphere seemed to take on a more hectic vibe. Bodies gyrating onto each other. Sex, weed, and sweat filled the air. A fucking orgy.

I made my way towards the bar where Alex was all over his mate. The sight made me slightly angry. His mate seemed perfectly fine and accepting of him while mines tried to kill me every chance she got. I approached them with my mate on my shoulder. Alex's mate watched and her eyes lit up in laughter.

"So I see you had to knock out Sky to get her to come with you."

"Yes, She's not really the understanding one."

Alex's mate laughed and began digging around in her purse. She pulled out keys.

"These are her car keys and the key with the purple holder is the house key. Have fun."

She smiled and then winked at me. I gave her an understanding nod and glanced at Alex who was completely entranced by her. I proceeded out of the club bypassing many drunks. I found her car and laid her down in the backseat. I then got into the driver's seat and made my way to her apartment.

Once there I carried her into her house and sniffed to where her sent was the strongest finding her room. I laid her gently on the bed and proceeded to undress her ignoring my body's reaction to her nakedness. Rummaging through her dresser I found a lace brown nightgown putting it on her. It blended beautifully with her skin making her still appear naked. She sighed and cuddled deeper into her pillow. Climbing in I wrapped my arms around her possessively. Whether she liked it or not she would be mines. I smiled and then dozed off beside her.


Something was tickling my back. I giggled and scooted away from it assuming it was Cloe or Ron messing with me. Then I felt a long wet tongue slide across my cheek. My eyes sprang open and I stared into the blue eyes of a black wolf. I shrieked and jumped up landing on my ass onto the floor.

"Oh my god! How did you get in here!?"

I jumped up and saw the wolf looked frightened. Its ears were pulled back and tail between its legs. It whimpered. I lowered my voice and scolded myself for yelling at it. It didn't know any better.

"I'm sorry boy. You just surprised me is all. Are you hungry?"

The wolf's tail started wagging as if he understood me. I made my way to the kitchen opening up my freezer. I found two large steaks and put them in the sink with hot water so that they could thaw. The wolf followed my every move. I turned to face him. He looked so familiar. Where did I recognize him from? I started to think really hard. Maybe he wasn't a wolf but someone's dog that I saw around the neighborhood.

"Let's let your food thaw out. I'm gonna take a shower."

I went back to my room and stripped walking into the bathroom. The dog followed and sat down by my shower watching me intently. I turned the water on hot and began singing a little tune as I brushed my teeth and thought on my night. I tried really hard to remember what happened. Everything get's fuzzy.

I jumped into the shower almost yelling out at how freaking hot I made the water. I added some cold water and began to use my coconut body gel singing louder. Where is Cloe? Did I sleep with Ron? Then the memories rushed inside my head. I never slept with Ron because Leon stopped in and made me unconscious!


I turned my water out and slammed out of the shower startling the dog again. "Oh I'm sorry boy. It's just an asshole messed up my night."

I grabbed a towel and went back into my room drying off furiously. How dare he put me unconscious! I should expect this from a mangy, stupid, crazy mutt! My little tyrant continued on when I heard a knock at my door.

The dog's ears pricked then I heard him growl. I threw on a dress and ran to the door. Looking out the peephole I saw Ron. I opened up the door and gave him a smile. A growl sounded behind me. I looked to see the wolf giving Ron a death glare.

"When did you get a dog?"

"Uuhh he's the neighborhood dog. Come in."

I ran to the kitchen grabbing the two steaks and putting them in a large pan. I put it on the floor and the dog began eating. I walked into my living room where I saw Ron sitting relaxed. He patted the cushion beside him and I sat down.

"Listen Ron before you start I just want to let you know I'm sorry about last night and it will never happen again."

"That's okay really. I had another question in mind for you though."

"What's that?"


I followed his eyes to where he was looking and saw the dog sitting nearby. He continued to have his eyes trained on Ron. I turned back to Ron to see his face scrunched as if he smelled something bad.

"What were you saying Ron?"

"Well I should probably do this in the traditional way."

He stood making me stand then got down on one knee. My heart stopped then started then stopped again.

"R-Ron, what are you doing?"

"Sky Kyan McNeal will you marry me?"

He opened a black box revealing a gold band with a sparkling white diamond in the middle. My head felt light and I stumbled before he caught me.


"No Sky, listen. You and me are close. We've been off and on for years and when we were together you were the best relationship I ever had. You know everything about me and I know everything about you. I want to be with you and I'm not afraid to admit it anymore but I love you."

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. I stood frozen. What was I supposed to say? Oh right yes or no. Oh God why me!

"I'll give you some time to think on it because I know it's sudden."

"You're right it is sudden. I-I'm kind of at a lost for words." He smiled and stood up giving me a huge hug and a soft kiss. The dog growled louder.

"Well I'll be leaving. I have a meeting to attend. Don't keep me waiting Sky."

He handed me the ring and left the house. I was rooted to the spot. If it wasn't a werewolf claiming I was his mate it was an ex wanting to get married.

I turned to see the dog looked pretty angry. If that's possible.

"What's wrong boy?"

The dog looked at me with sorrowful eyes and whimpered. I walked over and rubbed it's head. That seemed to cheer it up. Walking into the kitchen I began washing dishes many thoughts were whirling through my head. But one kept coming back full force. Leon.

"Stupid no good son of a......ahh! If only I would of slept with Ron last night he would not be proposing to me now!"

I looked over at the dog. It watched me in amusement. It's eyes reminded me of Leon. The stupid no good piece of----

Realization hit. And it hit pretty fucking hard. I stopped washing dishes and glared at the dog. It's amusement never left it's face and it's tail began to wag.

"That's why you look familiar! You aren't a neighborhood dog. You're Leon!"

Suddenly the wolf shimmered and in it's place was a naked Leon who looked smug.

"Surprised you didn't catch on before."

"Well whatever was in that spray can that knocked me out took some of my memory too."

I chose to ignore him and finish up the dishes. He leaned against my wall watching me.

"Can you leave? Like now."


I began wiping counters and table tops. He continued to watch.

"You're not marrying him."

I stopped then looked at him. His muscles seemed to bulge even more since his arms were crossed. And every inch of him seemed to ooze power and sex. I hurried and looked away as I felt my skin heating up.

"Who are you to tell me who I will and will not marry? My father? I think not."

I had my back turned towards him and he came and pressed behind me. He was naked and all I had on was a flimsy dress. I could feel every inch of him and my body flushed. I could feel his breath on my neck as he kissed my shoulder.

"Well I wouldn't mind if you wanted to call me daddy."

I laughed and turned in his arms so that I was facing him. I'd never been this close to him without the aching urge to slay him. Instead I was aching in other places I wouldn't mind him--- No bad thoughts Sky. What would it look like you a Slayer fucking a werewolf? Not a good look. I pushed against his chest but he wouldn't budge.


He leaned down and covered my lips with his. His lips were soft and persistent. He pushed his tongue into my mouth invading my taste buds with the taste of wild berries. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. Our tongues danced together erotically giving me a heady high. We both fought for dominance but eventually he won out. I succumbed to the kiss letting him delve deeper into me.

My nipples were rock hard and the contact his chest made had me craving for more. He flicked one of my nipples and I moaned deeper. Standing on my toes I tried to get more leverage but he lifted me up onto the counter. I could feel his hardness rubbing against my pussy. It drove me insane. I needed him to fuck me now. He kissed down my neck and pulled the dress down allowing my breast to bounce free.

He grinned at me and I tried to cover myself.

"Stop babe, you're beautiful."

I let my arms fall to my side and he continued to cover my breasts in wet kisses. My pussy got slick and I began rubbing my legs together trying to relieve the ache. He slid a hand up my thigh and to my pussy playing at my entrance.



"Stop playing with me."

He chuckled deeply and bit down hard on my left nipple. I let out a startled yelp.

"Ask nicely."

"Please Leon."

"Please what?"

"Please make me cum."

He smiled and kissed me his tongue entered my mouth and then I felt his fingers enter me. I moaned into his mouth and lifted my hips causing him to go in deeper. He grabbed my hips keeping me still and began finger fucking me at a slow pace.

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