tagIncest/TabooSleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangements


"Go ahead and put mom's bag in our room," my wife said to me. Then she turned to her mom. "Dave is going to sleep on the couch."

When we bought our house, Candy and I were faced with a decision: buy a huge house in burbs or a tiny place in town. We chose the latter, a 1200 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow. And since my office consumed one of the bedrooms, we really didn't have anywhere to put guests.

I really didn't mind sleeping on the couch, but I groaned in pretend protest anyway.

"Aww, poor baby," said my wife's mom, mockingly. "Such terrible sacrifices you have to make!"

"Hey now! You better watch out Linda or I'll just snuggle right in with you guys, turn you into a Linda sandwich."

Linda replied very breathily: "Mmmm, that sounds yummy."

There was something in the way she said it, maybe the timbre of her voice or the breathing or who knows what. Whatever it was, it caused us all to hesitate for a moment. I recovered first.

"Well, I wouldn't want to upset Candy's dad, so I'll be a good boy and just stay on the couch," I said, pretending to very sad.

"He's not here," Linda said without missing a beat. "I won't tell him if you don't!"

I knew we were just joking around, but for some reason my stomach was mad with flip flops.

"Mom!" Candy's voice feigned indignity, though she was smiling. Like me, Candy was weirded out by her mom.

"It would be fun honey," I said with a smile, then teased my wife: "But I know you have a hard time controlling your desires for me whenever we are in bed."

"Whatever," Candy answered with a laugh, cutting me off.

"I'm no prude! You two can go ahead and do whatever you normally do, don't worry about me. Just think of me as a big warm pillow in the middle."

"Anyway," Candy said loudly, closing the conversation. "Dave will sleep on the couch and..."

Life resumed normalcy, Candy and her mom went into the living room, I wandered off into the office. I could not stop thinking about sharing the bed with Candy and her mom. I had always secretly admired Linda, but I had never dared to think of her in a blatantly sexual way before.

Come to think of it, I wonder why I had not? Like mother, like daughter. And my wife is hot!

At 5'4" and 105 lbs, my wife at 32 is just as thin and tight as she was in high school. Though Candy has sandy blond hair and a beautiful smile, her best feature, by far, is an ass that just won't quit. In looking at my mother in law, I can see that the future is bright. Linda had aged quite nicely for a woman of 54. Yes, she had put on some weight, but, like her daughter, Linda has a delicious ass. She knows it, too. Like her daughter, she loves to wear tight jeans.

If you stood them up side by side, it would be clear Candy is her mother's daughter. They are roughly the same height and same proportions, from top to bottom. The only real difference is the age in Linda's face and the 30 or so extra pounds that Linda carries, mostly on her thighs and tummy. Sadly they both have the same smallish breasts.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in a bit of a haze. Clearly Linda was thinking about it too, she made cracks about it pretty much every time I came into the room. And, very much to my surprise, Candy also seemed to be enjoying this bed sharing "joke". She even tried to add in when her mom made off color comments.

At one point Linda and I had gone back and forth with innuendo for a few moments (Linda was talking about how she sleeps in the nude) when Candy laughed and piped in: "Excuse me, you guys act like you're going to be all alone. It's my room, I'm going to be in the bed, too."

"That's the BEST part of the whole thing," Linda said, breathing the word 'best' with great emphasis.

My mouth hung open wide, Candy's mouth did too. Linda had surprised even herself, she looked like a deer in headlights.

Time stretched out, the moment threatened to become even more awkward, eventually somebody had to say something, so I quipped: "Well, they say 'incest is best'!"

Everybody laughed, but the laugh was louder and lasted longer than seemed natural. Once again Linda had shocked us.

I sat on the love seat trying to read the paper as Candy and her mom sat on the couch going through coupons. Normally when the in-laws visit, I'm in the office or off trying to find some other way to occupy myself, but I was so excited I didn't want to leave the room. Sadly there would be no more sexual innuendo and the day dragged by.

When the next leading comment came, it originated with me. We were in the kitchen, finishing a cleanup after dinner. I overacted a fake yawn and stretch, looked at my watch, and said, "My look at the time! Who's ready to go pile in bed?"

"Oh good grief," Candy exclaimed. "It is not even seven o'clock! I thought we were over this little joke."

But Linda was faking a yawn even as Candy complained. "It HAS been a long day," Linda told her daughter with a big smile. Linda's eyebrows were raised with question. "Aren't you a little tired? I'm going to go put on my night gown."

"Fine," snapped Candy, sounding a bit relieved that her mom was not going to sleep in the nude as she had threatened earlier. Candy followed her mom out of the room.

I sat with deep anticipation as five minutes went by. I was rolling things over, trying to figure out how to turn the jokes into fantasy sex. It really seemed as though Linda actually wanted something to happen. Another five minutes passed, I started to become anxious. A few more minutes went by and I could no longer sit still. I crept down the hall towards my room.

In front of my door was a pile of pillows and a blanket! Shit!

Shit shit shit!

Now what am I supposed to do? I pressed my ear to the door and could hear a quiet conversation taking place.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

After a moment they answered: "Um, hello?"

"Everybody decent," I asked. "Can I stick my head in?"

"Sure, you can open the door."

I did. And I found both women laying in a neatly made bed, covers pulled all the way up to their shoulders. The reading light was on and they were smiling at me expectantly, eyes wide with innocence. I was a tad disappointed that they were not naked, instead I could see from the shoulders that both were wearing nighties.

"There seams to be some sort of mistake," I said. "I thought you guys were not going to make sleep out on that couch all by my lonesome."

"Come on in, honey," said Linda, lifting up the cover beside her.

"Wait, wait," Candy all but shouted. "Mom, are you serious? You really want him to sleep in here with us?"

As a joke, Candy seemed to have been more than a little turned on. But now this seemed to really be on the table and Candy was suddenly concerned.

"Candy, I'm totally fine with him sharing the bed with us, seriously. I know we were just joking earlier, but I honestly do not mind him being in bed with us. We are all adults, right?"

Linda did not wait for more protest from Candy, she pulled the covers further back. I was blown away to see the right half of my mother-in-law's body, revealed down to her foot. Linda's knee length green nighty had been pushed up almost to her butt as she slid in bed, revealing most of her dimpled upper thigh.

I scooped up a pillow, climbed in, and perched my body on a tiny sliver of bed as Linda smoothed the cover over me. I guess I had used up all my boldness inviting myself into the bed, because now I nervously avoided touching my mother in-law. Candy dimmed the light and we all lay there in silence.

Finally Linda broke the ice with a grumble: "What was all this talk of a snuggle fest? I might as well be in a bed by myself. I thought you guys were going to turn me into a 'Linda Sandwich'!"

She didn't have to ask twice. Candy and I both rolled on our sides facing in and snuggled in tightly.

"Wonderful! Now that's more like it," Linda said happily.

I reveled in joy of the touch. My whole body was pressed into the scantily clad body of my wife's mother. One of my arms was under Linda's pillow, the other was under the cover laying across Linda's chest and my wife's side, hand resting on Candy's back. Linda was not wearing a bra and the top of her nighty was very thin, cotton material. The inside of my bicep could feel the mushiness of a breast and the firmness of an erect nipple.

"So Mrs. Jones," I said quietly, trying to sound cool as a cucumber. "Do you mind if I give your daughter some good night kisses?"


"Please do," Linda answered cheerily, despite her daughter's irritation. "You two can have an all out make out session if you want! I'll just mind my own business."

Linda was laughing, but we knew she was dead serious. To test the water, I propped myself up a bit and leaned across to Candy. Her eyes were open and, as I leaned in to kiss her, she pursed her lips. Though she kissed back, her lips stayed sealed. Our mouths were not further than five inches from Linda's lips.

"Aw man," I started to complain... just as Candy's lips parted.

We made out, Candy and I, just as full on and dirty as you please... literally right in dear old mom's face. I could feel Linda's breath on my neck while I kissed her daughter. And I am certain Linda felt my erection grow to full mast, it was pressed right into her hip. The best part was that my wife was totally playing it up for her mom!

My right arm had been laying across Linda's chest, hand on Candy's back. Now my hand slowly and dramatically began migrating south. By dramatically, I mean I intentionally let my arm drag down Linda's chest and across her belly so that there was no denying that my hand was on it's way down to play with her daughter's ass.

Candy was laying on her side, facing her mom, as I fondled the younger woman's ass. Since her legs were pressed together, I was frustrated in my attempts to slide my fingers between her legs. So I let my hand travel further down Candy's leg, almost to her knee. Abruptly I pulled her knee toward me and across her mom.

"Oh," Candy exclaimed, surprised to find herself spread across her mom. Candy jerked her leg back down, but I could feel Linda's hands working to pull her leg back.

"It's ok honey, I don't mind. It's a small bed, he's just trying to situate you so that you guys can mess around a bit. You guys are married, it's ok. I'm a big girl, I don't mind... really!"

In the process of pulling her daughter's knee back, Linda had achieved much more than I was trying. Candy's knee was now all the way up on my side of Linda's stomach, effectively spreading Candy wide open. And, way hotter than that, Candy's body had been pulled most of the way onto her mom. My wife was basically draped across her mom!

Reaching my hand back, I stroked Candy's ass. Linda was giving us her blessing, right... so why not? I pushed Candy's panties into her crack as my hand slid south, wandering between her legs with zero resistance. Her panties were drenched! I don't mean the inside, I mean that she was so aroused that even the outside of her panties were hot and moist. Holy shit, I can't remember the last time she was this turned on.

My hand pressed her lips through the panties as it slid south, stopping the downward decent only when I touched her mom's body. I retracted my hand back up, pressing into my wife on the way, then back down till I could feel her mom again. This time I let my hand stay down, exploring the hem of Linda's nighty, trying to figure out what I was feeling... thigh! I had been feeling cloth but suddenly my fingers were touching warm flesh.

I hooked my forefinger under Linda's nighty and retracted my had back up across Candy's ass and up her back. I'm not sure why I did it, but I pulled Linda's gown firmly and a bit roughly, bunching it up into Candy's business, causing her to let out a little groan. Letting the hem go, I came back down Candy's ass on top of her mom's nighty. I kneaded Candy's pussy again, this time through both the panties and her mom's dress. As my hand left her body and journeyed down. Candy's pelvis thrust around a bit, seeming to seek my hand involuntarily. I followed Linda's nighty down, basically sliding my hand up her skirt, until I felt the soft flesh of her belly... and the top of her panties.

I didn't know what to do, I was touching my mother-in-law's underwear! I had kind of frozen, then decided to retreat, but, even as I moved, Candy's hips pushed down seeking my hand, brushing me further south on her mom... who spread her legs!

"Oh my god," I gasped with surprise. "Your mom just spread her legs for me!"

"I did not! I just... I was trying to... ."

She wiggled a bit in a half hearted retreat to close her legs as her words trailed off.

I boldly palmed her crotch.

Reality check. I had boldly... PALMED HER CROTCH!

"I'm sorry, what were you saying," I asked. My face was so close to Linda that each time I spoke my lips brushed hers. "I think you were saying that you spread your legs because you want to have sex with your daughter and her husband?"

Linda tilted her hips and groaned, pressing herself more into my palm as she spread her legs very wide in a bold response, pulling her feet up and pushing her knees out. Since Candy had been draped across her mom with Linda's left leg in the middle, Linda now all but drove her thigh into her daughter's crotch. My hand was firmly wedged between Candy's left thigh and her mom's crotch as I began tracing slow circles through Linda's panties with the palm of my hand.

Candy could feel exactly what I was doing to her mom. I transitioned away from the gentle palming to boldly exploring with my fingers. Spread wide as she was, I had easy access to both sides of the panty line covering Linda's crotch. I pulled the material aside and began fingering my wife's mother. Linda, like her daughter, was drenched with fiery joy.

I leaned toward Candy and began kissing her.

I could feel Candy gently humping her mom's thigh as we kissed. Linda's breath was hot on my cheek. After a moment, I decided to try to kiss my wife's mom. I turned my face away from Candy by just a bit until I was nose to nose with Linda. The light was dim, but I could see clearly. Both women had their eyes closed.

I rested my lips on Linda's, she did not turn away. Her lips were full and relaxed, so I slowly nodded my head like I was saying yes, dragging my lips across hers. On the third pass, I used my lips to grasp her upper lip and pull it with me. Her lips parted and, when my mouth returned, we began to kiss very slowly.

Just as the pace began to quicken, I pulled back a bit, turned my head slightly, continuing the kiss with my wife instead. Candy kissed me with hunger. After only a few moments, I began to slowly withdraw, making Candy have to chase my face to continue the embrace. I turned away and resumed kissing her mother, whose face was now much closer. I did the same thing to Linda, withdrawing slowly causing Linda's head to turn toward her daughter in order to continue kissing. Now I could feel my wife's lips resting on my cheek as I made out with her mother. All I had to do was tilt my head and I could switch partners.

We continued this steamy make out session for a while. It was even more hot because they both had to know I was intentionally maneuvering their mouths closer and closer together. Yet they played along and neither pulled away. Very quickly we were all so close that Linda simply continued kissing the left side of my lips while I kissed her daughter.

Eventually I was not really kissing one or the other, rather both. It became a crowded group kiss, everyone's tongue going everywhere. It was not nearly as awkward as I would have imagined, a three way kiss. Strangely unfocused kissing, engaging two tongues at once. Then focusing on one for a moment, then both, then the other. Did it seem like...

It did! And not a 'seem like', it was actually happening. They were doing the same thing, alternating between focusing on me and then each other! They were... they were kissing each other? They were!!

I was the buffer that kept a sexy but weird event from being blatantly what it was... something extremely perverted, an incestuous kiss between a mother and her daughter. My presence made that fact blurry. It was not really 'incest', not really lesbian, because I was in the middle. So I decided to ease back, slowly.

I began focusing on the side of my mother-in-law's mouth, the kissing continued. Then I moved to Linda's cheek, the kissing continued. Then Linda's neck as she continued making out with her daughter.

Then I just leaned back on my elbow and watched. Candy had dimmed her reading light, but Linda's was still on, giving plenty of light for detail. I felt like I was having an out of body experience, listening to their heavy breathing, the little wet, smacking sounds as they probed each other's mouths with their tongues.

Then I eased completely out of the bed. The two seemed oblivious that I was no longer in bed with them, rather I was standing above and watching.

Like every guy on the planet, I had seen plenty of women kissing in movies. Candy would occasionally let me put in the porn Where the Boys Aren't while we had sex. So I had seen plenty of girl-on-girl action in movies, too. But I had never actually seen two real women making out.

A mother kissing her own daughter, no less!

I found myself pretty twisted up about it. Their kissing was passionate and super hot, don't get me wrong. There was a lot of groaning as they dry humped each other like teenagers. But the kissing became slow and strangely romantic at times with Linda running her fingers through her daughter's hair and massaging Candy's shoulders.

It seemed even more perverse to me than it should have, if that makes sense? It was like Candy's mom was hyper aware of what she was doing. Gestures like massaging shoulders and scalp, those are the things you do when you're making love to someone... not when you're in the heat of the moment, being wild and crazy, probably doing something foolish that you will regret later. Not the kind of thing that you do when you're just fucking around.

No, it really seemed to me that Linda was making love to her own daughter and deeply enjoying the fact that it *was* her own daughter she was kissing. Maybe I was imagining things?

Not knowing what else to do, leaned over the bed and pulled the covers all the way back, revealing two bodies twisted together in a sexual stir. My wife's ass was in the air, right cheek exposed because her pink cotton panties had bunched up and been tugged into the crack of her ass. She was awkwardly humping her mother's upper thigh. Linda's legs were spread wide as she gently rocked her butt back to front, softly but firmly rubbing her crotch against her daughter's thigh.

I climbed onto the foot of the bed and leaned forward to begin kissing my wife's exposed cheek. As I worked my way down, I noticed my wife's panties had come to life. I was shocked to realize my mother-in-law had managed to get her hand inside my wife's undies. Linda was fingering her own daughter!

I joined in, kissing Linda's fingers thru the material that formed the narrow crotch of Candy's panties. Using the index of my right hand, I pushed the panties aside and my tongue joined Linda's fingers in pleasuring Candy. It took me a moment to catch Linda's rhythm, but soon we achieved a sort of symbiosis, my tongue collaborating with my mother-in-law's two fingers to give her little girl carnal bliss.

As this continued, my right hand traveled down Candy's thigh where I found Candy's hand already inside her mother's underwear. After a moment of helping Candy kneed her mother's pussy, I pushed my hand further into the older woman's underwear, sliding three fingers deep into her pussy.

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