tagLoving WivesSleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty


Debbie and I have been married for a little over a year and a friend we both knew from school called one day. He was living out of town and was in town on business. We invite him to stay at our apartment instead of a hotel. He quickly accepts.

Debbie is happy to have him come and stay as she enjoys our old friends. As is customary, Debbie showers and gets dressed up when she knows company is coming. This particular day Debbie comes out of the bedroom wearing a simple spring dress that buttons down the front. She leaves the top couple buttons undone, which shows bare flesh almost to her navel. She is clearly not wearing a bra. The dress is quite short, stopping just a couple inches below her cheeks. I can tell she is taking this as an opportunity to show off her figure and be the tease she loves to be.

Troy arrives mid afternoon and he gives Debbie a nice firm hug and kiss. She turns a little red as I can tell she returns the kiss. Troy and I sit at the table as Debbie busies herself in the kitchen making supper. We can see her working away and I always like to watch her because in her bending, reaching or turning, her dress invariably climbs and shows more of her legs. I wait to see a glimpse of panties and I don't have to wait long. I can see that horny old Troy is also watching her movements very closely.

Debbie asks for my help with something and I go to her side and help. When I am done, I reach over and undo another button of her dress. Her dress is now open to her waist. She teasingly slaps my fingers but does not do it up. As she continues working around in the kitchen the dress falls away from her breasts giving a clear view of her complete breasts and nipples. As the meal is cooking she sits at the table beside us. After a few minutes, I reach down and casually undo the very bottom button to her dress. She pretends not to notice. After a couple more minutes, she gets up and continues in the kitchen. With only one button at her waist, one by her mound and her dress being so short, all her legs are showing and occasionally a patch of panties flashes us guys.

I know my cock is aching to get out and I can see quite a bulge in Troy's pants also. What a tease. Debbie sways from the table to the counter, to the fridge to the stove.

We finally sit down to eat. From Troy's angle, he can see all of Debbie's right breast and hard nipple. He watches it as much as he can and I know Debbie is teasing him by positioning her shoulders to afford him a perfect view.

Supper is great and all three of us clear the table and help with the clean up. It is interesting how often Debbie and Troy keep bumping into each other. I enjoy watching Troy accidentally drag his hand across Debbie's ass as he passes by her. Debbie "accidentally" turns and bumps her breast into Troy.

With the kitchen clean we go into the living room to chat. Debbie and I sit on the couch and Troy sits in the chair opposite. He has a perfect view up Debbie's dress. Troy gets up to use the washroom and while he is out, I pull Debbie to me and kiss her passionately. She opens her mouth and I push my tongue between her lips. While we are in the embrace I undo the very bottom button on her dress. She looks down at her exposure, looks at me and smiles.

"You aren't leaving much to the imagination." She knows her pale blue bikini panties are impossible to keep hidden from now on.

I reach in, cup her small breast and pinch the nipple. She moans as the nipple instantly becomes hard and protruding.

"Don't start something you can't finish." Debbie smiles.

Troy comes back and he notices the undone button right away. As he sits down his cock is making a huge imprint in the front of his pants. Debbie notices the huge size of his erection and she smiles that sexy smile. She twists and turns on the couch giving Troy many great views up her dress and of her complete breast as she repositions. This torment goes on for a couple hours and finally Debbie lays down on the couch and puts her head on my lap and pretends to doze off to sleep. Her dress, held by only one button, has fallen open enough to show all of her panties and her bare breast and nipple. I caress her exposed breast and nipple. I squeeze and play with the breast while Debbie's chest rises and falls. My hand wanders down across her flat stomach to gently rub her panties. I rub her mound through the tiny panties. My fingers slip down between her legs and I know Debbie is having a very hard time pretending to be asleep. She finally can't take it any more and sits up. She covers herself as best she can. It is time for bed.

It is agreed that Troy will sleep in the bedroom and Debbie and I will sleep on the couch that converts into a bed. Troy argues for a minute then agrees. Debbie gets our blankets and Troy helps us make our bed. As Debbie bends to pick up the blankets and to make the bed, her dress climbs right over her panties and we can see the waistband. What a beautiful ass view. Soon the bed is made and we say good night.

Troy goes into the bedroom and closes the door. I undo the one remaining button on Debbie's dress and slip it off her shoulders. It falls in a heap on the floor. I slip my fingers in the waist band of her panties and slip them down her legs. She stands completely naked and smiles "Now what if Troy were to walk out of the bedroom right now. He would see me naked."

"I think he would like that very much."

Debbie climbs into the bed and pulls a sheet over her naked body. I strip down and climb over Debbie to snuggle up behind her. I immediately start to caress her inner thighs. She responds by spreading her legs slightly. I slip my fingers ever so gently across her pussy lips and she lets out a low moan of pleasure. She spreads her legs further and her lips spread exposing her already swollen clit. She jerks as I brush the hard clit.

"Yah, right there." She whispered, not wanting to make much noise as Troy was just beyond the door to the bedroom. "Feels good."

She starts to hump my fingers as I slip two into her very wet pussy. An orgasm is building and approaching eruption when suddenly the door to the bedroom opens and out walks Troy wearing only his boxer shorts.

"Just going to the bathroom." He says as he sees we are still awake.

The lone sheet covering Debbie and I shows Debbie's legs spread wide and my hand between her legs. Troy sees her dress and panties on the floor and he instantly stops to chat as he surveys the sight. Debbie's one leg had slipped out from under the sheet and is exposed up to her hip. My hand on her pussy is within a couple inches of being exposed. Debbie lay very still while Troy stands beside our bed. I continue to caress her clit and invade her pussy. Troy can see my hand moving between her legs so he knows what is happening under the sheet. The orgasm building in Debbie only eases for a moment and with the continued caressing her body wants release regardless of who is watching. Debbie's breathing is becoming heavy yet guarded. Being a teaser, she is enjoying her exhibition knowing that Troy knows what is happening under the thin sheet. How is she going to hide the orgasm which is nearing eruption? I am having no mercy on Debbie as I flick her very erect and hard clit.

She can no longer hold back. She takes a deep breath and holds it as the first wave of orgasm sweeps over her body. Her body goes stiff as she arches her back up off the mattress. A low groan comes from deep in her throat. Troy watches in disbelief as her hips lift up toward him. Deb watches Troy as wave after wave of orgasm flood her body. Nobody speaks as Debbie succumbs to the longest and most powerful orgasm of her life. Slowly and gradually her body settles back down onto the mattress.

Troy has a massive erection which holds his boxers straight out in front. "That was unbelievable" is all Troy can say.

Debbie smiles at him not knowing what to say.

After a minute Troy goes to the bathroom. When the door is closed Debbie says to me "Did you see the size of his cock? Do you think he will masturbate in the bathroom?"

"I don't think he has a choice. If he doesn't he will never be able to go to sleep tonight."

Deb reaches down and takes my very hard cock in her hands. "Exposing me to our friends seems to turn you on a lot." She wraps her tiny fingers around my swollen shaft and strokes its length.

A minute later Troy comes out of the washroom. Debbie makes no attempt to slow down or hide her manipulation of my cock. Troy's cock is still very swollen and he makes no attempt to hide it in his boxers. He stops to chat for a minute and Debbie stares at Troy's cock as she squeezes and pulls extra hard on my cock. Troy can see that Deb is staring at his erection. He pushes it out as best he can. He stands and tries to but conversation was hard to maintain.

After a long 5 -- 10 minutes Debbie reaches over and runs her hand along the length of Troy's cock and gives its head a tight squeeze. "You better put this guy to bed before he bursts a blood vein." Debbie smiles sexily.

Troy put his hand over Debbie's trapping her tiny fingers around his cock.

Debbie pulls her hand free and slides down under the sheet. "Quit teasing me Troy. I can only take care of one stud at a time."

Troy, not knowing if she is serious or not, walks to his bedroom.

She pulls me between her legs and my cock easily slips into her eager pussy. It doesn't take long and I am filling her pussy with my hot cum. We both snuggle and soon drift off to sleep.

It is near morning when a slight noise wakes me. Through the corner of my eye I see the bedroom door opening. Without moving I can see Troy standing in the doorway looking at us. Debbie is only covered by the sheet from the waist down. Troy can see her bare breasts rising and falling as Debbie is in a very sound sleep. I fake a repositioning in the bed and in doing so I pull the sheet a little more off Debbie. The sheet now just barely covers her pussy. When troy is convinced we are sleeping he steps through the doorway into the living room. He is naked. He has a very huge erect cock. It stands straight out in front of him. He slowly walks over and stands about a foot from Debbie's near exposed body. The sun is already up and the light coming in the window lights her body like that of an angel. Troy just stands beside our bed admiring the beauty of her soft dark flesh. After a minute he very slowly bends over and moves the sheet from her pussy. Deb never moves as Troy bends over, puts his nose to her pussy and inhales deeply. He is inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of her sex. His erect cock twitches as it is in obvious pain.

I watch as he very slowly and carefully inserts one finger between her pussy lips. He then put his finger to his nose then his mouth where he licks it hungrily. He reinserts his finger between her lips when she suddenly squirms. He has contacted her sensitive clit and awoken her sex. Troy quickly goes off the bathroom in fear that Debbie is awake. I know she was still in a very deep sleep so while Troy is in the bathroom I gently spread her legs further, remove a little more of the sheet and very gently rub the clit. I can feel it swell from my touch. It won't take much more and she will awaken in a very horny state.

I hear the door to the bathroom open and I fake sleeping again. As Troy approaches our bed he has a perfect view up between Debbie's legs. Her pussy is wet and her outer lips are spread displaying the shiny pink at the mouth of her tunnel. Her clit is swollen and very protruding. Troy again stops to gaze upon this angelic body spread open before him. His cock is twitching as it desires to penetrate that pussy but he knows that isn't going to happen. He slowly bends over and puts his head between her legs. His nose is at her pussy lips. He inhales deeply. He straightens up and moves in close to the bed. His cock is directly over Debbie's body. Troy starts to stroke his cock. I am amazed. Is he going to cum on top of Debbie while she sleeps? What a risk that his hot cum might wake her up.

She stirs and Troy gets scared. He quickly backs up and quietly retreats into his bedroom. I take the opportunity to slide my hand down over her mound, across the clit and into her pussy. Debbie stirs awake and without opening her eyes, she places her hand over mine and rubs herself to a gentle orgasm.

"How did you know that hand was mine and not Troy's?" I ask as we lay waking up.

"I wouldn't have cared who it was." She smiles back.

"You just missed your chance a moment ago as Troy was here and he was naked."

"Was I covered?"

"By the look of his erection, I don't think so."

"Sorry I missed it. Maybe I could have helped him with his problem."

"Did you like the feel of his cock last night?"

"Oh yes, he has a very impressive love tool. I am sorry I missed it this morning. I would like to see his pole at full attention."

"Who knows, maybe if you ask Troy very nicely he would let you see it."

"Don't tease me like that."

"Why don't you go in there and see what happens."

"Are you serious?"

"I saw the way you liked his cock and I saw the way his cock liked you. Sure, go in there and have some fun."

"Do you want me to fuck him?"

"You do whatever you want."

Deb slowly slides out of bed and completely naked, she tip-toes to the door. She slowly opens the door and slips inside.

Troy is lying on top of the covers. His cock is hard and long. Deb sits on the edge of the bed. She takes his cock in her hand and starts to stroke and massage its length. Troy's eyes open with a start and he lay there motionless absorbing Deb's touch. She squeezes his shaft which causes his cock head to swell. He groans in pleasure. His hand slides up to her breast. Deb turns and positions herself to afford Troy easy access to her sensitive nipple. As Troy gently squeezes her nipple she lowers her mouth to his cock and easily engulfs his cock head in her mouth. From the other room I can hear the groan that comes from Troy.

Deb is a master at giving a blow job and by the sounds coming from Troy she is giving him the best. I imagine Deb sucking and stroking his cock with her mouth, rubbing her tongue around the sensitive spot just below the cock head. Troy is quickly going wild.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity to fuck a different cock, Deb slides her mouth off his cock, swings her leg over his torso and positions her pussy over his ready and willing cock. She guides his cock to her spread lips and lowered her hips onto his cock. Deb's favorite moment is when the invading cock first spreads her pussy lips and enters her vagina. Deb moans and I know his cock is parting her lips and sliding up her pink pussy.

"Uhhhh. Oh my God, you are so big." Troy is gripping her firm ass pulling her deeper onto his cock. He is being ridden hard and he is enjoying every stroke.

It is only a couple minutes before they both are nearing orgasm. Harder and faster the pace is quickening. Troy first grunts as he shoots his hot cum deep into Deb's pussy. Upon feeling his hot juiced filling her pussy, Deb also stiffens in a powerful orgasm only achievable from a first time new cock.

As they slow slightly, I head Deb whisper "You have to clean me up or he will know I was in here."

I smile as I know what she is doing. She loves to have her pussy licked clean after being fucked. She always has another orgasm as the juices are licked from her pussy. She walks up his torso on her knees until her pussy is at his mouth. I know when his tongue first splits her lips and brushes her clit. Her moan is very distinctive, a woman in lust and sexual desire. Troy does an excellent job of licking her clean as she orgasms two or three times before slowing down. Their sexual encounter is bold and unrepentant. After all the teasing he endured the night before, he is taking advantage of the opportunity to unload his raw sexual need on Deb. She knows she teased him to his limits so now she surrenders her pussy to him.

Troy is licking her spread pussy clean and her rock hard clit is tickled by his tongue. Deb quickly reaches another orgasm and doesn't bother trying to muffle her enjoyment. She moans out loud in sheer pleasure. Her clit is now to the point where it will continue to orgasm as long as it is manipulated. Again and again Deb climbs to another orgasm. Finally Deb collapses in shear exhaustion. She rolls off Troy and lay beside him. She twists her body around and pushes her face into Troy's cock and balls. She rubs her face from side to side while licking and kissing. She rubs Troy's juices all across her face and cheeks.

Finally she turns and whispers in Troy's ear "That was worth the wait. It will be our little secret." She kisses his ear, runs her tongue across his face and sticks it deep into his mouth. She rubs her breasts into his chest and enjoys one last deep open mouth kiss.

"I better get back before I am missed." With that Deb slowly gets up and tip toes out of the room.

She climbs back into bed with me, winks, smiled and snuggles close.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" I ask.

"Mmmm, very much."

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