tagFetishSleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty


The sight that greeted me as I unlocked my front door and stepped into my front room was my sister in-law's arse, clad only in loose fitting pink night shorts, as she knelt in the corner of the room, rummaging through mine and my wife Rachel's DVD collection. She turned abruptly, obviously shocked and instantly blushing. 'Adam! Oh!' She exclaimed. 'I err... Rachel said you wouldn't be back until later.'

'Jenny, hey! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, the guys were heading into town and I couldn't be bothered to join them, so I just came straight home from the pub. What are you looking for down there?' Jenny had stood to her feet, turning to face me in the process. I couldn't help but notice she'd gotten dressed in her nightclothes and, in the process, removed her bra. Her nipples poked stiffly through the flimsy material of her nightshirt and her gargantuan breasts swayed freely as she turned. I fought to prevent a stiffening in my crotch, reminding myself that she was my sister in-law. Hell, we'd known each other so long; she might as well have been my real sister.

'Rachel went to bed early.' She answered, dodging the question. 'We've both had a few drinks and I think it hit her more than me. I went for a shower, came back down and she'd gone to bed. I was going to have a couple more drinks.' She motioned to the drink on the floor next to the sofa. 'I completely forgot you were coming home. Sorry.' I noticed she was slurring a few of her words, suggesting she was already on her way to getting drunk herself. I had known she was coming round tonight, her and Rachel had planned to go out for a run, and then have a few drinks. I figured Rachel had burned out early.

'I'll go check on Rach,' I said, 'then do you mind if I join you for a drink?'

'Sure, sure...' she replied, her pause told me she wanted to say something else.

'What's up?' I asked.

'Do you, umm... have any weed?' she managed to ask, before blurting out 'I've just been really, really fancying some all evening and Rachel said you had some, but I know she doesn't like smoking it, so I figured I wasn't going to have any, but now you've come in and...'

'Sure,' I laughed, 'wait right here.'

Ten minutes later we were sat on the sofa, watching some Spaced on DVD, I had rolled a nice fat joint and we were drinking some vodka. Rachel had indeed been passed out in bed, naked and on top of the sheets. I was almost tempted to just forget about Jenny and wake my slumbering woman up, but by the sounds of those snores I didn't think I could wake her if I tried.

'So anyway,' I said as I passed her the joint, 'you never told me what you were looking for when I came in. You looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car when I came in the house; like I'd caught you stealing or something.' Jenny visibly blushed as I spoke to her, dragging deep on the joint to avoid answering. 'Tell me...' I prompted, giggling.

'...' She looked so embarrassed, and, I have to admit, hot, as she squirmed in her seat. Her and Rachel looked quite similar facially, big eyes and cute little button noses, but it was the figure where they differed. Rachel had always been tall and athletic looking, with perky little B-cup tits and long, slender legs. Jenny was more glamour model-esque. A bit shorter, but fuller in figure, with huge, swaying tits and rounded, hourglass hips. That big old arse of hers firm and very fuckable. I had always fought against lustful feelings for her, being that I was married to her sister, but I must admit, sometimes my imagination ran away with me.

'Come on,' I prompted once again.

'Rachel had gone to bed and I wanted to watch a DVD.' She finally blurted out.

'That's it?'

'Well yeah, but you know, not just any DVD... I was looking in your collection to see if I could find any, you know, adult DVDs.'

'You mean like porn?' I said, laughing at her embarrassment.

'After a few drinks, I get... you know, urges.' She took a deep swig from her drink and flopped back on the sofa, the drink and weed clearly getting her as she became less inhibited about what she was saying. 'My God, I can't believe I just admitted that,' she said, then burst out giggling. Her nipples looked like they were about to burst out of the top she wore. I had to readjust myself to hide my now throbbing erection. We sat in silence for a while, drinking, smoking and watching the TV screen. Well, I pretended to watch the TV. In my head I was playing a fantasy where I'd arrived home just 10 minutes later and caught Jenny sat on my sofa, finger fucking her sweet little pussy.

Jenny snapped me out of my fantasy. 'It looks like I'm not the only one to have urges!' She said before bursting into a fit of giggles. Snapping my head down, I saw my throbbing tent-pole, bursting at the fabric of my jeans, almost twitching in my lap. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed as I grabbed a cushion in a vain attempt to hide myself from her. To add to my embarrassment, Jenny, without missing a beat, swung her feet up and plonked them onto the cushion, my throbbing erection straining at the touch. 'Relax,' she slurred; the effects of weed and booze clearly visible now on her flushed face. 'Besides, you've had a good few looks at my nipples so far, you naughty boy. Don't you know i'm basically your sister?'

'I... err...' Flustered by her straight talk, I couldn't even muster a response.

'I'm only teasing. So I saw your erection,' was that a subtle stroking of the foot I felt? 'It's not like you were fantasizing about me or anything.'

'Of course not' I managed, a blatant lie, but I wasn't going to admit that, was I?

'Well then. No problems. Besides, I know my sister's sexy, why would you lust over her older, saggier sister?' That was definitely a stroke of the foot! 'God i'm so drunk... and stoned.' She giggled and relaxed more on the sofa. Her legs flopped apart on, feet still together, forming a perfect frame for the outline of my cock, pushing through the cushion. Her pussy would be displayed open to me, were it not for the flimsy material of her cotton night shorts. 'Massage me please. It's ok; i'm your sister...' She managed to slur, although, to the untrained ear it would have likely sounded nonsense.

I knew it was probably a stupid thing to do, but, in my drunken, stoned, horny state, I took her dainty little left foot in my hands and begun to rub and stroke her beautiful little size 3. She must know i've got a foot fetish, I thought, sisters tell each other that kind of thing, right? She let out a soft moan as I expertly kneaded her beautiful, curved arches. My dick throbbed painfully against her right foot. Gently, but definitely perceptibly this time, she began to softly rub her right foot against my erection, while I massaged her left.

Throughout all this, she purred contentedly, her body writhing gently on the sofa next to me. She moved as though in the throes of passion, her right hand traced outlines of her nipples through her nightgown. I swapped feet and deftly, Jenny knocked the cushion from my lap. As I began to massage her right foot, she wasted no time in rubbing her toes up and down the outline of my cock through my jeans. The contact now was much more real and deliberate. We continued this illicit activity for the next five minutes or so, swapping feet occasionally. I'd not noticed the growing sluggishness of her stroking, nor the gradual deepening of her breaths; so it rather surprised me when I heard a soft snore escape her nose. She murmured something sounding like '... so wet...' but she was definitely asleep.

Not really knowing what to do, I continued to massage her foot. As I looked nervously down her body, I felt myself, almost against my will, raising her foot to my mouth and taking a tentative suck on her big toe. I froze as she gasped, but it sounded more like a contented mewing and then, more confidently, sucked again. As I finally dared myself to look between her legs it hit home that she had definitely just murmured that she was 'so wet.' The damp patch between her legs was clearly visible, soaking through the pink cotton of her shorts. This was so wrong. I decided in a moment of clarity, that I should get up and go to bed. Being as careful as possible I placed her feet behind me on the sofa and stood to my feet, which I found rather difficult, given the iron rod in my jeans, but I did my best.

Jenny didn't stir, but her lips pouted softly as though she had just been enjoying something which had suddenly stopped. I decided that I should get her a blanket, so shuffled stiffly from the room. By the time I had found a blanket, my dick had softened to a semi, so it was easier to walk. I crept back into the room to cover Jenny with the blanket and gasped at what I saw. While out of the room she must have wriggled a little to find a more comfortable sleeping position. In doing this though, her baggy nightgown had ridden up her stomach and stopped just below the swell of those huge tits.

I stopped short of the sofa, letting the blanket fall to my feet. If I just ease that top up a little more, I'll be able to see my sis's tits, I thought Feeling oh so naughty I reached down and began to tease the fabric up, my cock stiffened instantly as her huge, rock hard nipples were revealed. I'd never seen anything like it, her nipples were thick and long and hard. I just had to suck them. Fuck it, I thought, I was going to Hell anyway. I bent over, watching her face all the time for signs she was stirring. A soft whimper escaped her lips as I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked gently. There was something undeniably naughty about this whole experience and it drove me wild. She snored gently while i sucked and licked her huge tits. The way she laid on the sofa caused them to flop either side of her, God I wanted to fuck her from behind and reach around to squeeze those huge bangers.

I squeezed them together, confidence growing now that she wasn't going to wake up. I even unzipped my fly and allowed my grateful cock to spring free, precum oozing from its tip. I wanked mere centimetres away from her nipple, daring myself to take that final plunge, when the sight of her open mouth, a little run of drool starting to form at the side, caught my attention. No way, I thought, I cannot do that... Can I? I took a step back and observed her sleeping for a few moments, steadily stroking myself as I looked at her body. She was definitely sleeping. I stepped back in slowly, quietly, positioning my swollen cock so close to her open mouth I could feel her hot breath. Gently I pushed into her mouth, feeling her jaw open slightly, with no resistance, as I pushed first my head and then, the first couple of inches, into her mouth.

I repeated this steady progress; fuck knows how I managed not to blow my load, until I had worked my head to the back of her throat. I leant down and began to massage her tits as I slowly fucked her mouth, her soft snores sending pleasurable vibrations down my shaft. I had to have more! Regretfully, I slowly worked my cock from her mouth, fetching with it a long strand of my precum and her saliva. When it snapped back it slapped against her cheek, leaving a nice looking drool trail down her cheek.

Being as gentle as possible in my drunken fog, I lifted her left leg and gently brought her foot to the floor beside the sofa. She didn't even stir. Heart thumping in my chest, I teased the damp material hiding her pussy to one side and leant in close to admire the view. God, she was completely shaven and, completely open. Her pussy was dripping and flushed full pink. Mesmerised I leant in and inhaled her, rubbing her ankles and foot with my right hand, stroking my throbbing cock with my left. Cautiously I took a lick, tasting her sweet muskiness. There was no response. Bolder I pressed my tongue flat against her opening and licked her like an ice cream cone. She emitted a soft, low moan from deep down. I licked again, and again. She writhed gently, but showed no signs of waking; even as I grew in confidence and began to push my tongue inside her velvety soft folds, sucking up all I could along the way. I was in heaven and began to tongue fuck Jenny in earnest. Loving how deeply she slept, even as I stopped rubbing her foot and began to squeeze and grab those tits, mauling them while I attacked her clit.

Lost to my lust I now brought my fingers to her pussy and slid them deep into her slickness. Quickly I began to work her G-spot, my tongue still relentlessly attacking her clit. I felt her body tensing and worried she may wake. Her moaning gradually became more audible and her breath more shallow. I should stop, I thought as I pulled my face away, watching her lick her lips, eyes scrunched slightly; but I was way, way too far into this to stop now. I continued to rub her G-spot as she tensed and tensed some more; sensing this I picked up the pace of my fingering. She came! I couldn't believe it, but she came and she stayed asleep. Her mouth pursed in a perfect 'O' and she soaked my hand and the sofa with her fluid. Yet still she slept. I continued to softly slide my fingers in and out of her now relaxed pussy, while she let out a series of soft whimpers in her sleep.

Finally withdrawing my fingers from her opening, I raised my index to her parted lips and gently smeared them with her cum. Like the sugar on a doughnut, she couldn't resist herself; she flicked her tongue out and licked her cream like a cat.

Stop now! Stop now! I told myself, before you go too far. I knew I should just go to bed, wake Rachel up and fuck her with my throbbing cock. But I couldn't make myself leave the front room. I had already crossed so many lines. I had Fucked her mouth and tongue fucked her pussy. I had to finish the job, didn't I? I stepped back and slid my trousers all the way down and off, naked from the waist down now I moved in close to Jenny again and began to gently work her body round so that she sat slumped in the middle of the sofa, her bare feet flat on the carpeted floor. Other than a soft snuffling, she did not stir.

Now for her shorts; I had to get in real close and work my hands under her big firm arse to grab a hold of the elasticated waist band. In order to do this my face had to lean in really close to hers. As I lifted her gently from her sitting position I could feel her warm breath on my cheek. It was so fucking hot.

'You're so fucking hot' I whispered into her ear as I worked her shorts down, lifting each foot out in turn. I raised the shorts to my nose and inhaled deeply, loving her scent. My cock throbbed with anticipation as I got myself into position between her legs. I had to raise both of them to my shoulder to get a good angle for penetration and I loved the feel of her warm soles pressed against either side of my face.

I looked down and watched as I placed my head at her opening; her pink lips parted and beaded with her wetness. Slowly I inched myself in, gasping at her tightness. Her pussy seemed to suck me in. To say she was a few years older than Rachel, her pussy was so fucking tight, and wet! Fuck me was she wet.

I watched her as I began to slide myself in and out of her, she murmured something in her sleep, and oh my God it was hot. Feeling brave I picked up the pace slightly, the whole deviant activity made my cock throb inside of her. I licked and kissed her beautiful feet as I fucked her. She began to softly moan in her sleep, I looked down and saw that she was so wet, that the patch of sofa directly below her pussy was damp with her juices.

'Mmmmmmmmmmmm' she purred as I rubbed her clit gently while I fucked her, now at a more steady rate, my balls slapping gently against her arse with every thrust.

She began writhing below me, her moans gradually growing shallower. Her right hand moved to her breast and she began to softly massage it as we fucked. I panicked, thinking I may have gone too far; but I was way too close to cumming to stop now.

If anything, the thought that I may get caught only increased my arousal and I felt the stirrings of my climax building deep in my bowels. She was panting now, gripping her tits as she came closer and closer to her climax and, possibly, closer and closer to waking.

I fucked her in earnest, sucking hard on her big toe to stifle my own grunts and moans. Her pussy clamped down tight on my cock and she started to shake and quiver below me. Her orgasm hit with force. As it did her eyes flew open and she stared right into my own as she came. Too late! I came like a freight train as we stared at each other, her eyes revealing nothing but pure pleasure as her pussy milked my cock. I shot my load deep into my wife's sister, screwing my own eyes shut as I emptied myself into her.

'Fuck, FUCK FUCK!' I screamed silently to myself as I felt my cock softening inside of Jenny. I still had my eyes shut, afraid to face the consequences of what I had just done. Sure, she had been rubbing my cock when she was awake and sure, she had been dripping wet. But she had been pissed and stoned and, most importantly, asleep for the most part.

Cautiously, I opened my eyes, preparing to meet the accusing stare of Jenny. I breathed the hugest sigh of relief when I looked down and saw she was sleeping, peacefully! Fuck, had she just cum and gone back to sleep? I wondered if she would have any memory of this in the morning. There hadn't been any kind of acknowledgement when she'd woken up. She'd just stared at me as she came. Maybe she'd thought it was all a dream, I thought.

Without ceremony I positioned her back on the sofa and covered her with the blanket. Too scared to risk waking her by attempting to put her shorts back on, I guiltily stuffed them under the blanket with her. I picked up my jeans and crept upstairs. Fortunately, Rachel was still in pretty much the exact same state as she had been before. I crawled under the covers next to her and fell straight to sleep. The paranoid thoughts of a stoned, sleep rapist haunted my dreams.

The next morning I awoke alone in bed. From downstairs I heard the familiar chatter of my wife and her sister. Within the first instant of waking, all the events of the previous night came flooding back to me. I groaned into my pillow as I remembered what I had done. I pulled the blanket up over my head to try and block the reality out. I worried that Jenny was telling Rachel everything and that they were calling the police right now; but the chat seemed relaxed though from what I could hear. But still, I thought, she must have woken up naked from the waist down, her pussy dripping with my cum? Surely she knew.

'Adam...' A shout came from downstairs. 'Wake up sleepy head, breakfast is ready.' I shouted out a response, autopilot somehow kicking in. In a trance I got up and slipped on my dressing gown before padding cautiously downstairs in my slippers.

In the kitchen Jenny and rachel were already seated at the table. The first thing I noticed were that they were both showered and dressed and both had a plate of scrambled eggs and a coffee in hand. My plate was opposite Jenny.

I sat down, unable to meet her gaze, I knew I must look guilty, but I didn't know how else to be.

'I didn't hear you come in last night honey. Sorry, I was so drunk; I was in bed real early.' Rachel spoke as I sat down.

Before I could respond Jenny piped up. 'It's ok, I was still up. We sat and had a chat for a while. Didn't we Adam?'

'Umm... Yeah.' I replied as I tried to swallow down some breakfast.

'I must apologise though,' she turned to Rachel, 'I totally fell asleep on him. But he's so cute; he got me a blanket to sleep under, didn't you?'

'Yep.' I managed to respond, finally daring to meet her gaze. Her eyes were twinkling mischievously.

'I was just telling Rach about my dreams last night, wasn't I sis?'

Rachel laughed, 'Jenny, you don't want to repeat those kind of things in front of Adam do you?'

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