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Sleeping with Anne


Nothing in this story actually happened, it's just a product of my over imaginative brain! Thank you guys in advance for any and all feedback you give!


Part 3- Falling for Anne? (sometimes in this world you take the bitter with the sweet)

All the twists in my life shouldn't surprise me. In fact, it's when my life goes as planned that I should be surprised. Nevertheless, this newest development had me reeling. Initially, I had joined this 'thing' for Adam. He was, after all, the object of many of my fantasies even before I met him. He was great all around. An amazing lover, sensitive, and he listened. I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to hurt him in any way. It just so happened that Anne was so very much like him that I couldn't ignore all the attributes that she had, as well. I knew that Anne realized my initial intentions, but she also knew what I had discovered since then.

With a deep sigh, I threw the covers off me and stepped out of my bed. I paused to look at myself in the full length mirror adjacent to my bed. I had a runner's body. Toned in all the right places, my abs were a testament to how hard I worked to maintain my body. My legs were equally toned, and my little 5'2" frame was full of power. No one could say that I looked weak. Even as I stood here praising myself for a job well done, I couldn't help but compare my body to that of my partner's. Anne's body was svelte, tight. Years of yoga had toned her body in ways that mine wasn't, and I envied her for that. She was tall at 5'11", leaving me the shortest out of the three of us. One thing I truly enjoyed was that Anne would run with me. When she traveled to New York, she would run with me every morning before I had to leave for work. Adam didn't run, so this was one thing in our 'relationship' that was just mine and Anne's.

I sighed again, and decided against my run this morning. Actually, I was contemplating not going into work at all. I had to remind myself that being an intern meant not getting days off, late nights, and little to no sleep. That I had time to run at all was actually surprising. I started off with a quick shower and threw on my scrubs before walking out the door. I took the train to Madison and Park near 103rd street, and walked south to the hospital. The day was kind of chilly, winter was definitely around the corner. I pulled the zipper shut on my sweater, and walked inside the hospital. I was greeted with the normal hello's from the nursing staff, and a stern look from my resident.

"You're late, Rachel." Her eyes narrowed at me, a look of disdain covering her face.

"Sorry," I smiled apologetically. I had the feeling that scut work was in my future, and I was right. I spent my day suturing and doing piles of paperwork. Being a couple minutes late was definitely frowned upon, and I took a mental note of this.

At the end of the day, I started my long trek home, thinking about how close to me Adam and Anne had come to be. It warmed me to think about it, because the two of them had become such an integral part of me. A heavy sigh escaped me for the thousandth time that day as I realized that I was going to be in bed alone. I had exited the train and was mere blocks away from my apartment. I fumbled for my keys, and finally found them. I let myself in my apartment and immediately went on high alert. Something wasn't right. Someone was in here and I didn't know who, or where they could possibly be hiding in here. I pressed my back against the wall and reached out for the light switch. It was then that a strong wave of perfume hit me and I relaxed.

"Christ, Anne. You scared the shit out of me," I flipped the light on and my eyes came to rest on her. She was covered in a sheer silk robe, her right leg crossed haphazardly over her left. Her blonde hair sat on her shoulder in soft curls. Those intense green eyes were trained on me, and a smile was plastered on her face.

"Sorry, I just wanted to surprise you," She said, "I was hoping you wouldn't notice me until you went to get into the shower."

She stood and her robe fell open. I tried to stay composed as I took her in. She wasn't wearing much of anything under the robe. Her toned stomach was accentuated by the cut of the lingerie, which was little more than bra and crotchless panties. I took a step towards her, my body aching for her touch. But something still wasn't right.

"Wait, where's Adam?" I asked.

"He's not here," She replied.

"Does he know you're here?" I asked, truly concerned. I didn't want anything to happen with this setup we had. I valued it entirely too much.

"Yes," she nodded her head, "He does."

I hadn't realized that I had tensed until my body relaxed. I continued walking over to her. But then I stopped. A quizzical look crossed her face, but all I really wanted to do was admire her. Take her in inch by inch. She stood there staring at me, a slightly annoyed yet amused look on her face. Anne placed a slender hand on her hip and shifted her weight onto her right leg. The movement caused her breasts to move ever so slightly, and that caused things low in my body to tighten. The bra she had on was probably custom made because those lovely mounds were perfectly rounded and fit in the bra cups just right. I tightened my hands into fists and forced myself to look up at her face. By now, she had a wide smile on her face, her bright white teeth showing. I took a step towards her, and she walked to me at the same time. I unclenched my fist, and reached out to capture her left hip in my hand. She dodged my move and smiled coyly.

"Slow down, Rae," her voice was low, "We have all night."

I grunted and reached for her again, but she did the same thing. Oh, this woman. Anne muttered something in rapid fire Russian. It was my turn to look confused. Anne laughed at me, it was an effortless sound coming from her mouth and she reached for my hand.

"I enjoy teasing you," She said. I had to smile at that.

Anne closed the gap between us and laid a slender hand on my shoulder. I put my hand on her waist waiting for her to initiate a kiss. I could tell that she was in control and she wasn't relinquishing her control any time soon. I stood there, pressed against her body feeling a little bit awkward. I'd be lying if I said her beauty didn't intimidate me a little bit. She was a pretty blonde supermodel and I was this average looking doctor. I shook the thought out of my head. That was not what I needed to be thinking of at this point. It was obvious that this relationship between the three of us was anything but normal, so who was I to question it? She reached around me and let my hair out of the pony tail. My black hair fell in waves around my faces and stopped just below my shoulders. Anne moved her hand to my face and gently caressed my cheek. I pulled her closer to me and tilted my head back so I could see her face. Anne leaned into me and closed the gap between our lips. She kissed me long and hard, her tongue venturing inside my mouth. I kissed her back, letting my tongue trace her teeth as I did so. I pressed our bodies together and moved the hand I had on Anne's hip to her back. I grunted as she pulled away.

"I've missed you," she whispered against my face. I nodded in agreement.

"I missed you, too." I said. "What brings you here so suddenly, though?" I was genuinely interested in her answer. I hadn't expected to see her again until Adam and his band came through New York again.

"Photo-shoot tomorrow." She stepped away from me and closed her robe. "I told Adam I was going to come and visit you while I was here. I'm actually surprised he didn't sell me out."

"He didn't do that," I assured her, and stepped over to the couch. She was right behind me.

"I'm glad you're here, though."

Anne sat down next to me. With a light touch, I placed my hand on her knee. Both of us settled back into the couch. Neither of us were in any particular hurry to do anything. We knew it would happen.

"Me too." the words rolled off her tongue lazily. She was utterly relaxed next to me. I ran my hand up her leg, but she stopped me before I got too far. I settled on her thigh, and just rubbed her leg.

"What have you two been up to?" I looked over to Anne. She looked like she was about to fall asleep. She let out a deep sigh.

"A little bit of nothing, we're so busy that we never get to see each other." she enclosed my hand in hers. "We do what we can."

"I'm sorry," I honestly didn't know what else to say.

"Nothing to be sorry about, when we are together it's like nothing else," She smiled at me, "Except for when we're with you."

"Oh, come on," I joked, "I'm not that special." Anne squeezed my hand.

"Yes you are. We didn't start this with you for any other reason," She made intense eye contact with me. "You're special to us."

I felt a blush creeping up my face, "I'm happy to know that, because you guys are special to me too."

I felt like this conversation was straight out of some cheesy romance novel. I appreciated that they appreciated me, but the way that it was playing out was just... well, like a romance novel. I had sat up on the couch a little before, and settled back against it once again.

"What have you been up to, Rachel?"

"Working, just working." I replied.

"Always, like you never get a day off?" she asked.

"No, I work almost all day every day." there were times when I regretted my career choice, but then I remembered where I lived and the job that kept me here. "It'll be like that for a while anyways."

"That's too much, hon." Anne wrapped her arm around my shoulders bringing me against her.

"Don't you work pretty much all the time, too?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I get breaks every now and then."

I sighed and didn't respond. A break would be nice. A trip out to Los Angeles to see them instead of them always coming here would also be nice. I didn't suppose that would be happening any time soon, because time off was so hard to get, and when you got it, it was usually only for a day at a time. I reached up and grabbed Anne's other hand and settled it on my shoulder. It felt so good to be held by someone who cared about me. It was definitely weird without Adam around, though. I almost felt like we were going behind his back because he wasn't around. It was a quick and fleeting thought, though. He knew we would never go behind his back, and we knew he didn't mind us having sex without him. We had never done it before, but I had slept with him without Anne around plenty of times. She didn't mind, but somehow with it just being me and her, it felt like a huge betrayal of Adam's trust. Maybe it was because I was closer to Adam in a way. I still wasn't completely comfortable sleeping with Anne, but it was a wonderful experience. If anything happened between us tonight, it would be the first time we'd slept together alone. Truthfully, it was a scary thought.

"Anne, are you a little bit nervous about this?" I asked. She looked to me.

"A little, but we'll be okay." she squeezed my hand.

"I hope so. I feel like.." I trailed the thought off. She knew what I meant.

"He doesn't think we're betraying him. Besides, you've slept with him without me. This isn't any different, hon." She smiled softly at me. I was glad to know that she wasn't angry at me for sleeping with Adam, but it still wasn't much of a consolation.

"I know, it just feels different somehow. I want you, but maybe I'm still just a little nervous." I sighed.

"It will be okay, Rae. I'll take care of you."

She pulled me against her. I nuzzled my head against her neck, and laid a soft kiss over her carotid. It beat softly against my lips, and I kissed her again a little harder this time. She let go of my hand and gripped my shoulder. I made the next kiss a little fuller, more intense, more passionate, and she moaned under my touch. I moved her hand and swung my left leg over her body, mounting her. I took her face in my hands and tilted her head back to give me better access to her neck. I moved my kisses up to just under her ear, and sucked lightly. I didn't want to leave a hickey because of her photo-shoot, but the temptation was ever so great. I grunted up against her neck, and pushed one of my knees between her legs to force her to unfold them. I moved one of my hands from her face to untie her robe. I wanted to see her boobs in that wonderful bra again. I wanted to take the bra off with my teeth, work my way down her body. I grunted at the thought. I tried to work my hand inside the robe, but she stopped me again.

"Slow down, Rachel. Just kiss me." Anne moaned.

I looked up at her from her neck, absolutely drunk with the taste of her skin. My wondering hand moved back up to her face. I let my lips wonder around her neck, eventually making my way around her neck. She moved her hands to my hips and held me against her. I lifted my head up, and started kissing her jaw. The foreplay got me going more than the sex did, and Anne knew that. I had a feeling she knew that a little too well. She, very much like Adam, liked to tease me. As much as I wanted to, I didn't have the control to tease her back. So I continued being my sloppy sexual self, and my journey went up to Anne's mouth. I kissed her deeply, my tongue explored her mouth. She kissed me back enthusiastically, her tongue meeting mine and rolling around my mouth. Her grip on my hips tightened, and she slid her hands down my scrubs. I wanted so badly to grasp her supple breasts in my hands, but I knew she wouldn't let that happen quite yet. I broke the kiss and backed up off of Anne. My pants had to come off. There was no other way for this to happen.

"Rachel, chill honey. I'll take them off when I want them off."

She captured my hand and pulled me back into her, "We have all night, Rachel."

That might have been true, but dammit, I was horny now. I groaned in frustration. While Anne was here before I thought she would be, it had still been a few weeks since she and Adam had been here last. Masturbation can only get a person so far, and my poor vibrator was just a bit over used. I clashed back against her. I straightened my back out so my boobs pressed against hers when I was back on top of her. Anne kept my hands above her waist, so I wove my fingers through that lush blonde hair. I pulled her face roughly against mine, but pulled back just before she could kiss me. Her green eyes lit up, a little fire in them. She moved her hands off my fingers and locked them around my face. She pulled me roughly against her and locked me into a kiss. The kissing was getting a little redundant, and I wanted more. So much more. I moved one of my hands from her hair back to where I had opened her robe.

"Don't you dare tell me no," I whispered into her mouth. Her lips curled into a smile.

"As you say," she whispered back.

I leaned away from her and opened her robe to unveil what I wanted to see. Her boobs were still perfectly rounded atop the cups of the bra. I greedily grabbed at one of her boobs, leaving the bra where it was. Her head tilted back onto the couch and her hands fell from my shoulders onto the cushion beside her. I kneaded her breasts and proceeded to work my way to the back to unclasp her bra. As soon as I got it unclasped, those beautiful boobs were unveiled. A low moan came out of my mouth. I reached my hands out to her bare breasts, and rolled her nipples between my fingers.

"Ohhhh," Anne pulled herself up, and was moving away from my fingers. I moved my left hand and yanked her back against my body. There was no way she was leaving me now.

"Stay," I commanded. Anne resisted me, but I won. I resisted the urge to take her in my mouth at that moment, and settled with just touching her. I didn't quite know what else I could do to her with just my hands, so I continued feeling her up.

"Ahhh, right there," She mumbled as I continued kneading at her, "Please don't stop."

I did as she wished, and continued fondling her as I kissed a line down her stomach. I was too determined not to give her the pleasure of my mouth to give in to my urges right now, but all I really wanted was to roll my tongue around her nipples. She laid one of her hands over mine, and squeezed. I grunted against her stomach and looked up the line of her body to her face.

"What is it, Annie?" I asked. I traced a lazy circle around her nipple, and saw the pleasure run through her face. "Do you want more than this?" I pinched her to emphasize my point.

"Oh yes, god yes." she muttered. Her legs spread a little further apart. I adjusted my position on top of her to accommodate. I pressed my knee up against her hot sex, and felt exactly how turned on she was. She grunted. "Please..." her voice trailed off as I brought my lips to her nipples.

I sucked on them, lavished the texture in my mouth. Gently, I bit them, pulling them up just a tad with a slight smirk on my face. Anne's back arched as I flicked my tongue around one of her nipples, and the other I continued playing with. I took turns with both of these lavish breasts, and finally abandoned them to go to better things. I spread myself out along the length of her, and kissed her full on the mouth as I plunged my fingers deep inside her. Oh, god she was wet. Anne let out a sharp moan into my mouth. I pressed my thumb against her throbbing clit and forced her to keep her mouth on mine.

Anne grabbed my hips again, and dug her fingers in deep. I gasped at the pressure, but welcomed it. I rocked gently against my hand, which was between us, and let that set the pace for my fingers. I felt her start to tighten around my fingers and pulled out of her.

"Not yet, Anne." I said. I brought my hand up in between us, and licked her juices off of my fingers. She laid back against the couch again, and started untying my scrub pants. I let her, and slid off her so she could finish the job. Soon my pants were history, and Anne was showing much less control than normal. She reached frantically for my panties after, and I happily let her take them off. Anne wasn't taking her time this go around. Was she that horny? I was willing to bet that she was. She ripped my underwear off and looked up at me with a hunger in her eyes I hadn't seen in anyone in a long time. This woman wanted me as much as I wanted her.

Anne cut right to the chase. No teasing foreplay. I spread my legs as she leaned against my stomach, and her tongue made contact with me. The sudden contact made my spine bow, and I dug my fingers into her hair to help steady myself. She was quick and nimble, her tongue flicking just across my clit and her fingers driving in and out of me in an almost mechanical way that was driving me absolutely crazy.

"Oh, yes, Anne," I groaned as I threw my head back. I moved to lay down, but she held me in position with her other hand. Anne dropped to her knees in front of me, and let my hip go. With the newly freed hand, she opened my pussy lips and gave herself better access to me. "ANNIE!"

I could hear her as she lapped me up, sucking all my juices and drinking them enthusiastically. I dug my fingers into her scalp as I came on her. "Good god!" I moaned. She pulled her fingers out of me slowly, and looked up at me.

"Now who's in control?" A playful look crossed her face, and she came up to kiss me. I melted in her arms, and started my journey to what she had to offer. I began again at her mouth, and began pushing her back onto the couch. This time instead of a sitting position, I laid her out. I kissed down her stomach, my fingers already ahead of me. I took her engorged clit in between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it. Anne moaned. It was the most satisfying sound I had heard in a while. I continued that and finally got my mouth down to where I wanted it. I didn't go straight for her pussy, though. I spread her legs wide and started licking her thighs. She trembled at my touch, and it encouraged me to go on. I slid my index and middle fingers inside of her, and felt her grind against them. I used my free arm to steady her, and lock her in a position I wanted her in. Slowly, I removed my fingers from her and replaced them with my tongue. She bucked wildly against my face, and her hands moved to those lovely boobs, and she started fondling herself. I moaned against her pussy and reached my other arm around her hip to start playing with her clit.

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