tagGay MaleSleepover Ch. 02

Sleepover Ch. 02


By the time I wake up, Luke is already awake, still naked on my bed and slowly stroking his cock with an impish grin on his face.

"I can't stop thinking about last night," he says softly. I even woke up with a hard-on this morning."

Of course the situation is the same with me, even my cock is hard. He starts stroking it faster and I see precum drooling from his cockhead. He looks over at my hard cock, pointing up through the blanket and uncovers it.

"I see you are still hard from last night too," he says.

He licks his lips and leans down to suck on my foreskin. Then he pulls the skin back, revealing my swollen cockhead and I watch it disappear into his mouth. As he sucks my cockhead, one of his hands grips my shaft and gently strokes it. His other hand moves over my exposed thighs and starts tugging on my balls.

Luke bobs his head slowly up and down my cock, taking in a little bit more into his mouth with each slow plunge. By the time he has taken more than half of my cock into his mouth I grab his head with my hands. He grunts and starts sucking harder, moving his head a bit faster on my cock. When he stops suddenly, I start pumping with my hips, keeping my cock moving in and out of his mouth with the same rhythm as when he was in control. My hands clench tighter at his head and before I know it, I have two fistfuls of Luke's hair. I speed up a bit and start moving my cock faster and deeper into his mouth.

Luke's hands move toward my hip and then around behind my ass cheeks. I feel pressure from his hands, which make my cock sink a bit deeper into his mouth. He pulls with even more force and I feel my cock sink almost all the way down my friend's throat. At the same time, one of his fingers slip into the crack of my ass while a hand squeezes my balls. I inhale deeply as he starts pushing his fingers into my asshole. I thrust forward not sure about his finger going into my ass and as a result push deep into his throat. He gags and the feeling of his throat muscles spasming around my cockhead tips me over the edge.

My cock spews a load deep down his throat causing him to gag and cough, making it better for me. I let go of his head and he pulls back with a big gulp. My cock, still pumping cum out, plasters his face before he opens his mouth to take my cock back into his mouth.

When he finishes he looks up at me, wiping the cum from his face. He reaches down and smears it around his asshole and then rolls over to get onto his hands and knees with his ass pointing at me. He slips his hand behind and slips a finger into his asshole and starts to rapidly finger fuck himself. I stroke my cock, spreading his saliva and my cum all over my cockhead and shaft, readying myself for what is to come next.

Luke pulls his fingers from his asshole and reaches back with both hands, gripping his ass cheeks to pull them apart. I've fucked women in the ass before, but never another man and I can't lie to say that I am excited by the opportunity to do so now. I move up behind him, still stroking my cock. Then I feel Luke's hand, first on my balls then grabbing my hard cock. He gets a tight grip on my shaft and I feel him move his body around some before feeling some pressure against my cockhead. He pushes back against me as he wiggles his ass.

A second later, my hands are holding Luke's hips and I am pushing my hips forward. A second after that I feel an incredible tightness squeeze my cock. Luke is panting as I feel the constricting ring of heat begin to give and more of my cock being enveloped in the tight, squeezing softness of his ass.

"Oh fuck," Luke says stained. "Push more."

As he says those last two words, I do exactly that and he backs up. I feel a huge pop as my cock slips through fully. Luke lets out a grunt and I have never felt anything so incredible in my life. Not even any of the women I've fucked in the ass have felt this way. I can feel the ring of muscle clenching around my cock. It is hot and wet.

Luke takes a deep breath and pushes back again, taking more of my cock. I tighten my grip on his hips and as I pull him roughly back to me, I thrust my hips forward. We both moan loudly as I bury my cock deep into my friend's ass. Once I am fully in, I pull back and thrust forward. He backs up on my thrust and seems to take more of me into him. I can feel my cock being squeezed tighter than I thought possible. We both grunt each time I thrust my cock in deep.

"Oh fuck me!" Luke cries out. "Harder!"

I fuck him harder, giving him all I have. I am pounding my cock so hard and deep into him and he takes everything I dish out, even fucking back at me with as much force as I am into him. I can hear his excitement in her ragged breaths.

Then suddenly he shouts, "I'm going to cum!"

A moment later it is like his asshole has gotten hotter around my cock. I drive it deep, pushing as deep as I can and I feel his whole body go hard. My hands slide from his hips and around to his stomach. I pull him up and press his back tight against my stomach as I push my hips up against his ass, pulling his whole quivering body down on my cock. His asshole grips my cock like nothing before. I can feel his whole body twitching against me and then I feel a spurt of his cum on my arm and that is all it takes. My grunts are deep and loud. I try to shove my cock even deeper into Luke's ass as I start to shoot my load. My balls tighten up even more and I shoot a couple more big shots up his ass.

By the time I am finished, I realize that I have him pulled right up against me and I am kissing, licking ad even biting at his shoulders and neck. I stay there on my knees with Luke's body tight against me and my cock deep in his bowels. He turns his head so that we are face to face and he kisses me tenderly, using just his lips and tip of his tongue.

"That was awesome," Luke says to me between kisses and as he speaks I feel him squeeze his asshole around my still mostly hard cock.

Suddenly, my cock starts getting hard again and I start rocking my hips again, moving my cock around in him. Before I know it I am fucking him again. A couple seconds later Luke pulls off and lies on his back with his legs spread wide. My body is on top of his, with my cock pressed against his asshole.

"Fuck me again," he says.

I slip back in easily and start to slowly move my cock in and out of him. In this position, my cock doesn't get as deep as when I took him from behind. I shove my cock a bit harder and deeper into Luke's ass and he closes his eyes and grunts a bit. I grab his legs and push them up to his chest, which means I can drive my cock deeper into his body.

"Fuck me! Harder!" he yells.

Once again, Luke cums first. I can feel his eruption causing his whole body to squeeze my cock. Feeling the hot globs of cum on his stomach and my chest turn me on even more. It is only a second later that I am shooting my own load into him. I drive my cock as deep into his ass as I can and when I feel Luke's hands on my ass cheeks, trying to get me deeper inside him, I start spewing even more cum.

I collapse on top of him as I try to catch my breath. As I slump over him, his legs slip down and he wraps his arms around me. I can still feel his body tensing a bit around my cock as it finally starts to go soft. I then feel it slip out of Luke's dripping asshole and when it does, his arms tighten around me and he nuzzles his face into my neck.

"We're going to have to do this every weekend from now on," he whispers into my ear.

I can't disagree with him. Next weekend I wanted him in my ass.

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