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Linda getting the volleyball scholarship was not a surprise to anyone who knew her. She was a big girl with big ambitions, so cutting ties and heading to the big city was a natural step. For Nina, she transitioned into full time work and used the extra income to move into an apartment of her own.

When spring rolled around, Nina was only too happy to welcome her back to town and let her crash with her during break. Naturally they'd kept in touch, both over the phone and online.

"How can you miss me if I never go away, right?"

"What are you talking about? It's been months," Nina protested. "You don't think I've missed seeing you every day?"

"Well, then give me a big ass hug!"

Nina wasn't an especially touchy-feely kind of person, but with Linda, she never felt the need to be shy. A rush of joy washed over her as she hugged her dear friend.

"This is going to be so much fun. It's not a problem having me stay with you while I'm on break, right?"

"I told you its fine," Nina reassured her, going into the kitchen to get them booth a drink. "I mean, I'll be stuck working most of the week, but at least we'll have this weekend to hang out."

"We'll find stuff to do during the evenings too, I m sure," Linda said, setting back on the couch. "You don't mind if I kick off my shoes, do you?"

"No, make yourself as comfortable as you want."

"That's good. The bummer about my roommates is that they're really prudish about everything. Can you guess what it's like after a game to not be able to strip down and get comfortable unless you're in the privacy of the bathroom?"

"Different people have different standards, I guess. Even now that I'm on my own, I still don't feel entirely comfortable just walking around nude."

"Oh, I can't wait to live out on my own," Linda sighed, taking a sip of beer. "It'd be nude-a-palooza around my place."

"Well, you're an athlete. You're just more comfortable with your body than other people."

"Is that the reason?" Linda asked, raising an eyebrow.

After a bit of catching up, the two decided to head into the bedroom, since that was where the television was. Nina felt guilty about not having any better plans on a Friday night, but most of the time Nina was too tired to do much of anything after the work week.

"I'm going to change into something more comfortable," Nina explained, going into the bathroom.

"Yeah, good idea. I'm gonna to change too."

Nina stripped out of her day clothes and put on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of cotton pajama bottoms. She put her glasses away and went back into the bedroom to rejoin her friend.

Linda had changed into a plain blue night shirt, sitting on Nina's bed while flicking through the messages on her phone.

"I'm sorry there isn't much room," Nina said, coming to sit beside her. "You're entitled to use the bed, and I'll take the living room sofa."

"There's enough room for two," Linda pointed out. "You aren't afraid of sleeping with me, are you?"

"No, of course not. It'll be fun."

Nina joined Linda, sitting cross legged on the bed beside her. It really wasn't all that late, but she realized she didn't have a whole lot to entertain her friend.

"It kinda sucks to be stuck in, but I don't know exactly what we should do."

"We never had a problem finding stuff to keep us occupied before," Linda reminded her.

"Yeah, but what did we do most of the time?"

"I seem to recall that most of our Friday nights were spent at each other's houses so we could talk about sex."

"Back when we didn't know anything about anything. Pretty funny to think about now."

"Yeah, but we didn't just talk," Linda enthused. "Remember how we used kiss, just to find out what it was like? I think we got to be pretty good at it."

"I remember," Nina admitted, not able to suppress a smile at the memory.

"It was a fun way to spend an evening. I bet you it would still be fun."

"What, for us to make out? We aren't kids anymore. It kinda has a different connotation now."

"Don't be like that. I'm willing to bet it'll be even better now that we've grown up. You sure you don't want to swap some spit with your best friend?"

It was hard to take Linda seriously at times like these, but the girl could be persistent.

"I don't know," Nina demurred, even as Linda pressed closer.

"Come here and kiss me, you fool."

Nina gave Linda an exasperated look, but nevertheless let Linda take her up in her arms and plant her lips on hers. Despite the years that had gone by since they experimented this way, they kissed with the same familiarity as if they were still in Nina's old bedroom. Linda's hand strayed to Nina's breast, and the rising intensity of her passion momentarily overwhelmed Nina that she had to break away.

"See, I told you it would be good."

"I guess," Nina replied uncertainly.

"Why did we ever stop this little game?"

"I think we just grew up," Nina said, shrugging. "You get to a point where it seems silly and juvenile, and you want to do more than just kiss your friends."

"Darn right you do," Linda chuckled, giving Nina's breast a playful squeeze.

"I meant with boys!"

"I don't know, seems like this could be a fun thing to practice with your friends too," Linda persisted, kissing her again while continuing to fondle Nina's breasts through her t-shirt.

"Don't be such a prev," Nina protested, trying to lift Linda's hand from her chest. This only gave Linda the chance to catch her into an even closer embrace, arm enclosing her waist.

Linda laughed as Nina struggled. She twisted around the face the other way, but Linda was too strong for her to successfully break free.

"Why are you being so annoying?"

"I'm not being annoying, I'm being amorous," Linda replied, brushing her lips across the skin of Nina's neck as she reestablished a hold on Nina's plump left breast.

"What will it take to make you stop molesting me," Nina sighed, her patience thinning.

"You could try molesting me instead," Linda suggested, pressing her chest against Nina's back.

"I love you a lot, you know that, but I don't think I'm as into you as you are into me, you know?"

"Mm, but you don't mind if I mess around with you anyway, though, right?"

"I think I kinda said that I did mind, but I get the feeling that fighting you on this is only going to encourage you, so just do what you want until you get bored and go to sleep."

"Why would I get bored when you have such an interesting body," Linda cooed, slipping her hand down to Nina's waist and pulling the shirt up to expose her smooth, slightly rounded belly.

Nina allowed Linda to have her way, even as she moved her attention from her naked belly to her breasts, caressing and squeezing each in turn. She could feel Linda's excited, beer-tinged breath against the back of her neck, though she tried to remain stoic herself against these ridiculous sexual advances. It seemed harmless enough, and with Linda's arm holding her firm, there wasn't a lot she could do to resist. When Linda's roving hand slipped down the front of her pajama pants, though, she visibly blushed.

"Isn't that going too far," she protested, grabbing onto Linda's wrist.

"What, you said I could do what I wanted until I got bored. Why would I stop before I got to the most interesting bits?"

Fingers clasped over Nina's naked pubis, Linda took every advantage to feel the naked shaved skin and press against her cuntal lips. There was no way Nina would tolerate this kind of treatment from anyone else, but she'd known Linda since they were in grade school. She had a competitive streak that, when combined with her physical stature, ensured that she was very used to getting her way.

Nina gritted her teeth in annoyance as Linda forced a stiff finger up inside her, roughly poking about her vagina like an overly eager teenage boy. With a greater degree of skill, Linda then set about strumming her fingers over the soft folds of her cunt. Her clit became the object of Linda's attention, and despite Nina's endurance, her body was beginning to respond of its own accord. The next time Linda pushed a finger into her, it slid fully inside in one go.

"Come on, that's enough," Nina protested, mortified by her body's willingness to respond to Linda's attentions. She made one last attempt to break free of Linda's grip, thrusting herself forward. She ended up face first on the bed, Linda hard above her, holding as tight as ever and at an even greater physical advantage.

"You can't pretend you don't like it," Linda taunted, breathing into her ear. "Look how wet you re getting."

It was true. Not very many minutes passed before Linda was able to slide her fingers across Nina's cunt with well lubricated ease.

"This isn't very fair," Nina moaned into the sheets. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because it's fun, I'm horny as hell and there isn't anyone else here. It's not like anything bad can happen, right?"

This was the bad thing, Nina thought to herself, realizing that she was powerless in this situation. She'd had to deal with a couple over-excited boys in the past, but they usually got the message that no meant no. She really didn't know what to do to dissuade Linda from keeping this up, other than to trust that she would eventually stop.

Holding up Linda's weight became too much, and Nina allowed herself go completely flat on the bed. Linda, without missing a beat, planted a lingering kiss on the back of Nina's neck as she held her in a gentler embrace. Nina's face burned red with embarrassment and humiliation, while her thighs opened wider in response to her growing arousal.

"I bet that feels really good," Linda breathed, fingertips zeroed in on Nina's clitoral hood, feeling the stiff little organ hidden beneath.

It did feel really good, Nina silently admitted, breathing harder now.

"Come on, kiss me," Linda said, pressing her lips to Nina's cheek.

Shifting slightly, Nina turned her head and allowed her friend to kiss her fully. Perhaps it was an admission of defeat. Nina felt all the fight in her drain away as Linda tasted her soft lips.

"You won't tell anyone about this, right?"

"Of course not," Linda said, giving her a smile.

This much Nina knew to be true. Linda had always been a good friend up to now, and had never betrayed any of her secrets. It wasn't as if this was all bad, and Linda was starting to turn her on to such a degree she wasn't sure she wanted it to stop anymore.

"You know what would be really fun," Linda whispered with barely suppressed excitement, "you should let me lick you out."

Nina blushed furiously, but Linda was already pulling down the pajama pants from her hips.

"This isn't right," Nina meekly complained, trying not to look her friend in the eye.

"I've always been curious to try it," Linda said, not overly concerned with Nina's reluctance. She'd pulled Nina's bottoms down past her knees, leaving her bare below the waist. "I bet you I'll be able to make you come."

Flat on her back, Nina crossed an arm across her face to cover her eyes, not wanting to see Linda's blonde head sneak down between her thighs. In the back of her mind she was curious, after having had a few guys try their fumbling best to lick and suck her, if a girl really could do better. It wasn't a fantasy she entertained very often, having never been attracted to women in that way, at least not seriously. As for Linda, she couldn't say, and it never occurred to her that any of the games and silliness they'd done together in the past was overtly sexual. Just what was Linda thinking?

Pulling Nina's pajama bottoms completely free of her legs, Linda crouched between her smooth naked thighs, soothing the warm skin with both hands. She examined the moist gash of Nina's cunt, leaving the helpless girl to wonder for a few breathless moments exactly when the oral assault would begin.

Not very long was the answer. Linda pressed her face close to Nina's fragrant slit and began to taste the soft tender flesh. Nina let out a long breath, unaware she'd been holding it in this whole time. The feeling was electric, and while she'd die if anyone ever found out she'd let her best friend eat her out, she couldn't deny how wonderful this was.

Linda was unrelenting, taking perverse pleasure in the effect her tongue was having. Vagina slick and pouting, Linda's fingers slipped inside with no resistance. Nina didn't want to let Linda know how much she was enjoying this, but every tremor of her body and every broken gasp told the tale of her approaching orgasm.

"I don't hear you complaining anymore," Linda laughed, momentarily lifting her head.

"Don't tease," Nina groaned. She never enjoyed any kind of talk during sex, and most certainly didn't want to now.

Linda grinned, then resumed scraping her tongue with precision across the top of Nina's clit. Nina, her knees lifting into the air, felt the hot pressure begin to build in her pelvis, a prelude to the inevitable. Silently, she begged for Linda not to stop, but refused to give Linda the satisfaction of knowing how much she'd won her over. It was an academic point anyway; within moments her body went stiff and the first waves of climax washed over her.

Linda could feel Nina's orgasmic spasms on her probing fingers. She waited until the ecstatic storm had passed before pulling them out, and giving her spent pussy one last kiss, crawled up the bed to take Nina back into her arms.

"That was such an underhanded trick to play on me," Nina complained, self consciously closing her legs again.

"You can't lie to me, you know you enjoyed it."

That much was true, but Nina felt she should be very angry regardless. Linda was not an easy person to stay mad at, though, and when she leaned in for another deep soulful kiss, Nina didn't turn away.

Taking Nina's hand, Linda guided it to her own sopping cunt. Nina instinctively pulled her hand back, but once again, Linda was determined to have her way.

"See how wet I am? Making you come turned me on so much."

With Linda's hand forcibly guiding her own, Nina felt the damp curls of her friend's pubic hair, and the thick folds of her engorged labia. Nina had never touched another girl down there before, but once the initial shock and revulsion faded away, she began to explore Linda's intimacy of her own volition.

"Mmm, that's it, don't be shy," Linda encouraged her, settling onto her back to open her muscular thighs wider.

Nina could feel Linda's stiff little organ beneath her fingertips, and as she strummed over the spot, Linda's breath grew deeper and more labored. Nina bit her lip, watching the rise of Linda's arousal under her inexpert rubbing. It was a strangely exciting feeling, not unlike the first time she'd stroked a boy's cock, but even better, exactly because it was Linda.

"Ooh, that's it, please don't stop," Linda breathed, closing her eyes and sinking back into the bed.

Fingers slick with Linda's seeping juices, Nina stroked back and forth over the spot with vigorous persistence. Heart racing, she found herself eager to witness the moment her friend would be tipped over the edge. She had no idea how far along Linda was; all she could do was keep pressing and rubbing, and watch as Linda's pale skin turned flush and her muscles tensed and relaxed with the tide of her arousal.

"Oh, fuck," Linda suddenly cursed, hips rising off the bed.

Nina's throat went dry as she watched her friend endure the first waves of climax, an orgasm triggered by her uncertain hand. She looked so beautiful in that breathless state of bliss.

Nina didn't know what to say, withdrawing her hand from Linda's fragrant cunt and settling back on the bed. Linda, rolling on top of her, planted a long, appreciative kiss on Nina's lips.

"You're the best," Linda told her, brushing Nina's dark hair from her face.

"I think I'm still mad at you a little," Nina told her. "If you weren't my friend, what you did would have been really over the line. I mean, that wasn't really a game."

"No, maybe not a game, but it was fun. I mean, who needs a date on a Friday night when we have each other?"

"Somehow I don't think I m getting through to you," Nina sighed. "It's alright, though. I was thinking, when you were going down on me, that no guy had ever been able to do that and get me off. In fact, I've never gotten off with anyone before at all, which means you're the very first person to ever make me come."

"The reason for that is easy," Linda explained. "You've never been with you really cared for, and who cared for you as well."

"Yeah, I guess that's true."

It was funny to think of in that way, especially since she'd never thought of Linda romantically.

"So we can be each other's weekend dates," Nina laughed, taken with the mental image of them hitting a club together, buying each other drinks and kissing in public.

"Hell yeah; at least while I'm here. And just think how nice it will be to come home after work with me here waiting to take care of you, mm?"

"What, you mean you're going to massage my feet and have dinner ready for me?"

"No, I mean I'm going to attack you as soon as you get in the door and make you come for me again."

Nina blushed hotly, the image of Linda physically taking her to the ground, pulling up her skirt and having her way with her a bit too easy to conjure.

"So, um, I guess I should go turn out the lights so we can get to sleep."

At this point, it seemed pretty silly to worry about night clothes, so when Nina returned to bed, the two lay together naked under the sheets.

"Have a good sleep."

"Mm, I definitely will now," Linda purred, cuddling up to her friend.

Nina let herself be held in Linda's arms as the two fell asleep. As it turned out, this night was only the beginning of their adventures together.

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