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Have you ever wanted to sensually slip and slide together with your loved one or with a few close friends. Lavishing erotically in the wet slick feeling as everyone’s body is generously covered in a glistening slippery oil. All heaped together in one welded mass of gleaming flesh, slowly gyrating and thrusting in unison to achieve the ultimate orgasmic bliss.

The wholesome feeling of virtually no resistive friction, as your slippery rod slides with absolute ease, thrusting passionately into your partner’s glistening oily body. Enjoying the purest form of pleasure your union can provide. With a lubricity that practically eliminates any painful friction.

But what is available?

Adult supply stores carries several brands of oils, many are excellent, but are sold in small quantities and they all can incur a considerable cost when a large quantity is needed. Believe me I find nothing wrong with many of these brands, and have at times used quiet a few of them.

Then there are cheaper variations used by many to overcome the ever-increasing cost factor. Such as using vegetable oils or cooking grease, of course the taste leaves something to be desired. These products also do not offer the pure lubricity needed. Not to mention they make cleanup harder.

Or another idea would be a more fragrant and somewhat palatable versions, of the many types of baby oils available. Which does have a good scent but will absorb into the skin over a short time, leaving the body once again dry and prone to friction burn.

In my years of searching I believe I have developed an answer to the age-old question of delightful slippery sexual emancipation. With an easy to make product that not only is edible, but also has an excellent fragrance that can be altered to suit individual taste, with an excellent degree of long lasting lubricity for hours of sexual fulfillment. Of all the different recipes I have found this one seems to do just what is needed. Almost ten years of incredible orgasmic research had been done in modifying the recipe. I now feel I have a working version for all to enjoy within their individual sexual taste and preferences. And the cost factor has been considerably reduced as you can make almost a quart supply for only a few dollars. With such a quantity you can easily cover twenty people for hours of sexual fun, which will easily heighten your sexual awareness to a new plateau of ecstasy.

We have given our sensual massage oil the name “slick’em.” As this seems to be the only name capable of conveying the true benefits of the oil.

Note of the ingredients listed I have found that the generic products works just as good as the name brand products.

3 parts of paraffin wax

5 parts of Vaseline

20 parts of heavy mineral oil


Oil based food flavorings
Clove oil

Several empty clean containers with lids.

Now you have your ingredients, what do we do next? Well a word of safety would be prudent at this point, the ingredients are melted into a double broiler, which basically is a pot sitting inside of a pot of water. Be careful the ingredients are flammable when exposed to open flame in its liquid state. Wax and Vaseline will turn to its liquid state at approximately 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

With that being said I believe we are ready to begin. The ingredients are all added together in a container, which is placed into a larger container holding a few inches of water, and heated on low heat. Stir the mixture every few minute as it slowly melts. This does take some time and patience is needed here, I know the rewards outweigh the efforts. Once melted it will become a clear liquid.

Now comes the fun part. Once melted you can begin to add different oil based food flavoring until the desired taste and fragrance is achieved. I have always preferred six drops of spearmint flavoring. Please keep in mind these oil-based flavorings are in a concentrate form, therefore only a few drops are needed per batch. Do not use potpourri-scented oils they are not edible. Please make sure the oils you choose are of a food grade quality.

Now if you would like to add the feeling of heat when you blow on the skin like the popular name brands of “Motion Lotion.” You can easily create the effect by adding four drops of clove oil to your mixture. Be careful as adding too much will feel hot like Ben Gay and can be uncomfortable, but also useful if you need massage oil for sore muscles.

Once the mixture has the desired scent you want it is done. I would now recommend removing the container from the hot water. Using a towel wipe any water from the outside of the container. Carefully pour your mixture into the storage containers and let it cool to room temperature it will take several hours but it will harden to a soft consistency and take on a color of a subtle white cream, at this point your slick’em is now ready for use.

Be careful not to mix water or water-based food coloring or flavoring into the oil it will not blend and will ruin the batch.

Oil based food flavorings can be found at a gourmet supply shops. Home hobby shops sell small plastic containers with lids. Which makes excellent storage containers for your mixture, and the plastic construction of the containers offers a degree of safety when things get slippery.

Ok now you have your batch of slick’em what next. Well assuming you have your partner or partners ready for hours of non-stop fun. We have found that a full size shower curtain spread across the bed or floor works great. For those who still own a waterbed the plastic mattress also offers a surface that can be wiped off once the fun is over.

The stage is set we have the area setup and a supply of Slick’em now comes the fun part as everyone sits on the plastic surface facing each other, of if you wish each person faces the person to their right forming a circle. With the players in place a container of slick’em is placed in the middle for everyone to reach. Taking your time you slowly begin to cover each other’s body slowly massaging and exploring each other’s erogenous areas. Well I believe you know the rest. But an ample supply of paper towels close at hand will make clean up easier.

Cleanup is easy and you have the added bonus of showering together afterwards. Which gives yet another opportunity to enjoy each other’s sensual charms all over again, as you clean each other off.

Slick’em comes in handy for many situations, such as when you are in the mood but the body hasn’t enough lubrication. No worry just “slick it.”

Your partner needs a sensual massage and you don’t want to rub dry hands across the body, just “slick it.”

You are getting ready for a good old fashion gangbang but don’t want to hurt your partner, just “slick it.”

Feeling the need to experiment with anal sex and need a good lubricant, just “slick it.”

You are alone and feel the urge to play with yourself. Add to the excitement and just “slick it.”

We are sure you will find many other sensual uses and just “slick it.”

Of course there are many other uses such as a gift. With a satin ribbon and condoms decorating the container you now have a house-warming gift. As an example, for the new neighbor that has been sun bathing nude in their back yard. Or even a gift to hand out at the next swingers party. I am sure you can think of many other uses, keep an open mind and remember your imagination is your only limitation.

Health Note:

Always test a small amount on your skin to make sure there isn’t an allergic reaction. If you feel there might be a reaction please consult your doctor. This is basically a mild laxative based mix, so an overdose like ingesting a cupful will most assuredly be followed by a lengthy visit to your throne.

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