Slightly, Once Ch. 10


She stopped and looked at him. "Dave, if we rolled over, would you make love to me the way you do to Kim? She has said that when you make love, slow and sweet, it's the best thing in the universe. I want to feel that. I want to feel you love me, not just fuck me. Will you do that?"

How could he possibly resist eyes as incredible as those? "I would like that," He said. He gently rolled them over. "Put your ankles behind my knees." She did, and with that, he began a gentle rocking, slowly moving his cock in and out of her, trying to be as tender and loving as he knew how. Trying to forget how fuckable she was and think instead of how sweet she was, and how loving he could be to that sweetness. It worked.

Kim disengaged and got up on all fours. "Brian, can you do me from behind? I want to feel that monster of your sliding into me, and your balls slapping against me. Fuck me again! Please! Fuck me!"

Brian moved behind her, and guided his tool into her kneeling form. Again, Kim started as his girth stretched her pussy, but she soon accommodated his size.

"Oh God! That's wonderful! I love how your cock fills me up! Fuck me now! Fuck me!" She started moving back against him, fucking him. He responded and started thrusting. Soon he was pounding into her, and she was screaming. He pounded and pounded, nowhere close to his own climax. Kim was getting the fucking of her life, and she knew it. She wanted it. Her body was on fire, heat and electricity radiating from her vagina to every organ, every extremity, fogging her brain in an overload of sexual feeling, sexual pleasure, sexual ecstasy. Climax after climax coursed through her. This was what she had fantasized about. This is what she craved. This was what she was born for. This was being a fuck slut, and she loved it. She loved to fuck. Brian's stupendous cock was fucking her without mercy. But she wanted more.

"Stop for a second," she panted. Brian paused.

"Brian," she asked. "Would you fuck me in the ass?"

Brian looked a little startled. "Are you sure we can fit?"

"I don't know," she said. "But I want to try it with you. I've never done it before."

"Me, neither. I have some Vaseline," Brian said, getting up and retrieving a jar from his desk. "Let's use some of this."

"And before that," Kim said wickedly, "How about some saliva?" She took him in her mouth and sucked his hard cock. Brian loved it, head back and eyes closed, as he savored Kim's lips stroking along his shaft, her tongue playing with his enormous helmet. She gave him magnificent head, and loved giving every lick, seeing him at her mercy, seeing him find bliss in her efforts to please him. But she wanted more, and wanted it now.

"OK," she said. "Vaseline." She took the jar, and applied plenty to his tool with her fingers, an excuse to luxuriously stroke its length. Satisfied, she climbed in front of him, wiggling her butt on all fours. "Put it in me!"

Brian took his member and aimed it at her rose petal. He could see her tighten up in anticipation. "This is all about you relaxing," he said. "If you don't I'll never make it in, and I'll really hurt you." He was so hard in anticipation it hurt.

"OK," Kim said, and tried to relax. Brian's member entered her hole a little, and she flinched.

"Is it painful?" Brian asked.

"No, it will be OK," Kim said, tightly. Brian pushed, and more of his head penetrated. Kim squirmed and grimaced. Brian pushed a little more, and suddenly his head was past her sphincter. She felt relief, and full. "That's it!" she cried. "You're in!" Brian sank all the way, every inch of his big dick inside Kim's lithe, lovely body, shoved up her beautiful ass.

"Oh, yes, Brian," she said, "Now fuck me!"

Brian started with slow strokes. Long strokes, as Kim got used to him up her backside. "Harder! Faster!" she urged. "Give it all to me!" She bucked against him, and away they went. Brian pummeled her ass with his girth and length. Kim groaned in pleasure to feel him deep within her. She couldn't believe how his cock felt up her backside. It was a totally different, yet somehow familiar feeling. She gave herself to him. They fucked, they butt-fucked, they ass-fucked. Kim loved it. Tits pressed to the mattress (Tits. She never liked that word. Until tonight), she gave her virgin ass, surrendering it to his mighty attack, and took all of him, over and over, inside. It was unbelievable, the way his cock made her feel, made her explode. She felt depraved, getting fucked in the ass. She loved it. Loved every stroke of it.

It was too much for Brian. "Kim, here I cum!" And he flooded her rectum with sperm, his big nuts releasing another huge load. Kim groaned with every spasm, as she felt his hot cum wash her. She arched her back and jammed back against him, cumming with every sinew and fiber.

Still, she craved more.

Cindy gave as tenderly as she took. She could make her body do amazing things while impaled on an erection, and she gave Dave the full treatment. In turn, he tried to be as loving as he could be, given that her ministrations inclined him to want to fuck her hard. But he didn't. They made love. Sweet, sweet love. Cindy was in heaven. Dave pushed up to watch, but she wouldn't let him.

"I need to hold you close," she said, pulling him down. "This is so beautiful, I want to melt with you." And she practically did, their bodies pressed together, where every pore found its mate. He kissed her neck, and she found his lips and attacked him with her tongue, but quietly, sensuously, with a sexiness he had never felt. This woman could make love. It was hard to believe she had never done it this way.

Cindy found that she needed to relax. She was trying too hard. When she relaxed, and focused on the gentle movements of him inside her, feelings started to well up from her vagina and spread to her heart. She felt him giving so tenderly, she could feel his emotion moving from him into her. Could she feel that he was, in fact, beginning to love her, and to show that love, as pure love, with his body? She wanted to cry, but felt it would destroy the moment. For now, she would lie back and just take. Well, not quite lie back. The habits of her adolescence wouldn't be tamed that easily, and she had to use her body. But she tried just to feel the emotion that accompanied the physicality of their making love. It was like nothing she had ever experienced, and it was way better than sex.

In their slowness, gentleness, the intensity built. Several times, Cindy had little, lightning-fast orgasms. These would cause her to intensify her loving of his cock with her pussy, tightening around it and increasing the movements of her vagina against his shaft and head. It was an incredible feeling for both of them.

They rocked and rocked, quietly. Finally, Dave could feel himself start to rise.

"Cindy, I need to cum inside you."

She looked at him with those eyes. Those pale grey eyes. Those beautiful eyes. They were enough to make him cum all by themselves. "Yes, please, David. Give me your love. All of it. Make love to me, David."

He smiled. "Here. Let me try something." He slowed his pace. Now his cock entered and exited painfully slowly. She moaned and moved against him with the same, agonizing intensity. His cum rose. It traveled up from his balls. He softly attacked her ear, sticking his tongue deep within it and kissing her, moaning softly, and telling her he loved her. He felt her goose bumps against his skin. She hugged him tight and her climax flowed through her. His first contraction jetted sperm into her pussy as he pushed his cock in all the way. They melted together in a mutual orgasm like nothing either had ever experienced. They held each other and came and came and came some more, in a state of bliss new to each of them, and which they shared, together, as one.

Cindy's mind was completely blown. She had always felt in control at the time of climax. Felt that she could shape the experience while still feeling the bloom as it coursed through her body. But not this time. The thick quilt of emotion that covered her being with its warmth as she climaxed was beyond any control. The earth moved? No way. The universe shook. Cindy's world was taken to a new dimension entirely. She felt her heart melt into a runny, loving mass as she felt his fluid fill her. It had never even remotely done that before. As her climax rolled through her, as she merged with this man, she fell in love.

Brian and Kim lay entangled, exhausted after their rambunctious session. Kim spooned against him, holding his hand to her breast. She was content...for the moment. But she wasn't done, she thought to herself. This was already a night to remember, and she didn't want to waste it.

She dozed a little. Then, quietly, she stole out of bed while Brian slept, put on his shorts and T-shirt and went to the bathroom, coming back with a damp towel. As he slept, she cleaned off his flaccid penis. To her surprise and delight, it started to grow hard. Putting the towel aside, she decided that he needed to awaken to her lips. She moved down and took it in her mouth. It was so big! She was getting used to it, a little bit. She tried taking a little more...and a little more... Brian awoke and groaned appreciably, running his hand through her hair. Kim's competitive spirit was fully engaged. Bracing herself, she looked up at Brian. "If Linda Lovelace can do it, I can," Kim went down on Brian and took the first six inches, then, she kept working to take more...and more...and more. Finally, her nose was in his pubic hair, having swallowed all of his incredible length. She choked a little and came off. "I did it!" She declared. She did it again, and again, and set up long strokes of her mouth taking Brian down her throat. This was the kind of slut she wanted to be tonight, and she loved it.

"Kim," Brian said, breathless. "I can't take much more!"

"Then give it to me!" Kim said, and she sucked hungrily on his helmet, licking the length of his shaft, feeling his balls with her fingers. He went rigid, she took his huge helmet in her lips, and he watched while his mammoth tool twitched as he emptied himself into Kim's mouth. Try as she might, she couldn't take his entire load, and it dribbled out the sides of her mouth. That made her laugh. "Wow," she said. "Too much man for me!" But she thought: I did it! I'm a cum slut, with jism dripping down my face! She was secretly thrilled.

"No," Brian said, pulling her up to him and kissing her. "You're too much woman for me." She smiled and kissed him back. He didn't seem to mind the sperm all over her face, or the taste of it on her tongue. So, then, neither did she. This was just the best, she thought.

"I never knew sex could be like this. I never knew I would love a big cock like yours, and what you do to me with it. I never want this to end." She stripped off the shorts and shirt she'd borrowed, snuggled into his chest, and they lay together.

Cindy and Dave dozed after their tender lovemaking. They awoke after an hour or so. She looked at him with those killer eyes, but they had a new softness, and appeal, that he hadn't before seen. "Do you think we could make love again?" The two words rolled thickly off her tongue: Make Love. They had a rich new meaning for her. "Like the last time, with you loving me as beautifully as you did? That was just the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I want to feel your love again." The softness in those grey eyes melted Dave's heart. He was falling. He could feel himself giving his heart to her.

He nodded, slightly, once, and pulled her delightful form on top. He felt his dick rub the length of her pussy lips, getting harder. They rubbed that way for a while. He loved the feel of her wet lips gliding along the length of his cock. Feelings swelled his heart. Cindy went to heaven, sensing his emotion along with his hardness. She knew she was winning him. Her own attitude changed, grew. Now, it became all about giving to him. Giving herself to him completely, body and soul. Especially soul. She was learning from him how to fall in love. How to truly love. It made her heart rich and full. It made her want to devour him. But she really wanted to Make Love, with all that those words now meant.

Soon, Dave was fully hard, and with a slight adjustment of his hips, he sank to the hilt on a forward stroke. Cindy exhaled as she felt him enter her. She had never felt ecstasy when a guy first penetrated her. Until now.

"Oh, yes, Dave, that feels so good to have you fill me up. Now love me, please, Dave, love me. Make love to me." The words tasted so good on her lips. She hugged him tight and they slowly rocked, his cock gently moving in and out. She sat up, and rocked her hips looking down at him with those incredible eyes. She was so beautiful. So sexy. So passionate and full of love. So...innocent. Dave had seen Cindy be many things, but never innocent. It stoked the fire of his affection. He wanted to give everything he had to her. Wanted to protect her, keep her, love her, rescue her from her loneliness. He recognized his image of being the Knight in Shining Armor, rescuing beautiful damsels from their loneliness. It had been that way with Kim. He loved it, and saw his path now. Cindy needed rescue, and he was just the man to do it, by giving her his love. He set about doing so with his body.

And in turn, she wanted him to take her spirit completely, to hold it in his gentle hands and caress it as he caressed her pussy with his cock. She wanted to melt and merge with him, to become one being with two entwined souls. She needed him to love her, and give all her love to him. She wanted to be rescued.

"Do you love me, Dave?" She asked. Her face was soft, and incredibly lovely.

He felt himself intensify his strokes without speeding up. He nodded, slightly, once. But no words would come. She looked at him questioningly, and then saw what he was now too shy to say. But he had said it the first time, into her ear, quietly, secretly. She knew. She saw it now in his face, felt it in his body, rejoiced the way his cock confirmed it. They rocked, and Dave had to hold back, wanting to do more, harder, faster. Cindy, too, had to resist the incredible urge to fuck him hard in pure joy. But they both relaxed, and took their time, enjoying each other's bodies. Dave used his hands to feel every curve as her butt rocked on top of him. He liked just putting his hands on either side of her hips, and just letting them stay there and feel her soft motions.

With that newfound love, in slow time, came his climax. Different this time. "Cindy, I'm going to cum now. I'm going to show you how much I love you." He said it! Tears ran down her face.

"Yes, please, Dave, give me your love!" She cried, and snugged down tight against his chest, and seemed to flow into every cell of his body, so that when he came moments later, it was a purely giving thing. He was giving his love, with the most gentle climax he could offer, to every cell of her body. It felt like a complete entwining of souls. Cindy felt him begin the end, and huge, almost painful feelings of love spread from her heart. Her climax came from the heart, not the genitals, in a way she had never imagined. She filled with love for this sweet man, who was filling, and fulfilling her, as she had never believed possible, but for which she longed. The feelings reached her vagina, which gave that love to Dave's embedded, spurting penis. She was outside of time, outside of the universe. She thought the first time they had made love was incredible. It was nothing compared to this. The Cosmic Orgasm. They merged, she felt them become one. She knew he loved her, and she him. Complete. They stayed merged for a long time. Rescue was a beautiful thing.

After dozing a little, Cindy woke him, eyes even softer and more full of love. "Three down," she whispered in his ear. "The last was so lovely, my sweet, that this time it's all for you. Except that I like to do it." She laughed a sexy little laugh, and moved down to engulf him in her mouth. She proceeded to give him the best head of his life. He couldn't really explain it, but it was full-body head. While it was her mouth that swallowed him, somehow her entire body was engaged. It was sexy beyond belief, and in no time he thought he might gag her with his ejaculation, it was so powerful. She took it all, and with lips and stroking hand milked every last drop. For her part, she had needed a break. If they had tried to make love again like they had, she might have been the one not to survive. Instead, she could give him the gift of her oral talent. But this was new, trying to express love with her mouth. All the times before had been mere blowjobs. This was oral lovemaking, and she took it seriously. And succeeded, she felt. It wasn't lovemaking like before, but it was well worth it, and it felt good to give that way to her new man. New Man. She'd never really had a Man, capital "M," before. Certainly not like this, with feelings of love from her heart and her pussy competing, and heart winning. She liked the idea of them as a couple, especially if they could make love every night. Maybe several times a night.

She looked at him seductively. "A tie! Next time sets the record!" She moved up and snuggled in. Her petite body fit so well tucked into his, and she did that melty-thing to bring them close. Dave was in heaven cuddling this beautiful woman. She was there with him in the clouds. They slept.

Brian awoke from a short nap. He felt the warm body next to him, stroked the long blonde hair. It was the wee hours of the morning. Kim awoke, and took him by the chin, kissing him tenderly. "This has been so wonderful! I don't want it to end."

She felt him. He was hard. She looked at him with blazing blue eyes. "Can you fuck me one more time tonight? Hard? Really hard?" He nodded.

She spread her lovely, long, legs. Brian moved on top of her, and she had a good view of eleven inches of iron-hard prick aimed at her. The sight was an incredible turn-on. "Yes, Brian! Put it in me! I want to feel your big cock! I want to fuck you like you've never been fucked! Give it to me!" Brian entered her in one motion, stretching her and filling her with hard meat. She watched it penetrate, felt it, and it brought her to an immediate climax. She shuddered, grabbed him and held him close. "I love it! I love to feel your cock in me." She looked at him. Her eyes smoldered. Her look serious.

"Now fuck me."

Brian set up a motion where he would withdraw until only his head was inside her, and then in one quick move, ram his steel rod in as far as he could go. Back out slowly, hold and tease. She begged him to put it in, and he rammed in hard. Repeat. And again. Each time he rammed, Kim came. Every stroke brought her to orgasm as she felt herself filled completely by a huge penis, rock solid, only for her. He stroked, she came. They went on and on. Kim was in total ecstasy fucking Brian. She thrashed beneath him, out of control as she had never thought she could be. Ram. Climax. Repeat. Ram. Climax. Repeat. She could remember, only barely through the erotic haze, that she had wanted to make him lose control, not the other way around. Oh well. She loved it. She had surrendered, completely, to his dick.

Dave awoke to Cindy's hand caressing his chest, as she snuggled under his arm. It was getting a little light out. Her hand ranged down, and found his cock, already starting to lengthen. She took it firmly and slid her hand up and down the shaft, and he immediately came to full length.

"Umm," she said as she stroked him and kissed his neck. "So nice!'

"Yes," Dave breathed. "You make me feel so good."

"And you, sir, have made love to me as I could never have imagined it. So tender. So gentle, so loving. It has been the most wonderful night of my life, and I never want it to end. I love you, David."

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