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Slip-n-Slide Bride


When Chet and Trisha got married, he thought their wedding night would be a night to remember! They booked the most expensive suite at the fanciest hotel on the most romantic island in the Caribbean.

Little did he know that the big, black priest at the wedding was Luke Powers, a black stud his fiancée had been fucking behind his back since they got engaged! And little did he know that Trisha has invited Luke along on the honeymoon!

After being forced to watch for four hours as Luke fucked his beautiful newlywed bride in every conceivable position (his pure, innocent wife doing the nastiest things and swearing like a sailor and having multiple, multiple soul-shattering orgasms), Trisha called Chet over.

Chet thought this would be his turn, at last, though he wasn't sure how Trisha would even feel his own, modestly-endowed penis after taking Luke's member so deeply and so roughly.

But Trisha had other plans. She straddled Luke's still-hard monster cock (which was still dripping with the juices from her various holes) and rubbed her slit all along it, grinding her clit. In a husky, bestial voice, she commanded Chet to suck "her" big, black cock! Chet couldn't help but laugh. Surely she was joking.

But Trisha was dead serious. She grabbed Chet by the hair as roughly and firmly as she could and yanked him forward, impaling his mouth on the filthy black prick.

Chet barely noticed the taste of his wife's cunt and shit on the cock. He was too shocked to think about anything but the fact that he was being forced by his own wife to suck the cock of the black man who had cuckolded him to brutally for the past four hours!

Chet struggled and gagged, but he couldn't wiggle free. And he wanted to do whatever he could to please Trisha. He loved her, after all, and they were husband and wife, now. It was his duty as a loving husband to please her and she seemed to be really turned on right now. He had always been a pushover to her more domineering, demanding personality. Whatever she wanted, she got. He actually felt proud that he was able to turn her on in this way. So he fought, but not too hard.

Trisha moaned, groaned and cursed up a endless torrent of insults, slurs and profanities at Chet as she made him deep throat "her" cock. "Suck it, faggot!" "Choke on it, you fucking sissy wimp!" "You know you want it, you worthless piece of shit!" "Rub your little boy-clit, fag-boy!" (which he obediently did) "You like big, black cock, don't you, you fucking little white bitch!" "I'm going to shoot my load down your faggot mouth-cunt, you dirty slut!!!"... and so on. Chet had to admire her creativity!

Chet, himself was impressed when he felt the tickle of Trisha's pubic hairs up his nostrils! He had deep-throated "her"! He was too busy trying not to suffocate to count how many inches of black meat was down his throat, but it must have been about a foot! He was faintly aware of Luke grunting, then felt the massive tool lodged in his throat start pulsating. Luke was cumming right down gullet, shooting his jizz right into his stomach!

Trisha felt the dick-spasms, too and knew what was happening. She immediately came harder than she had all night - harder than she ever had in her life! Her sopping-wet, engorged red pussy spurted with juices as her whole body was racked violently by intense waves of pure, perverse ecstasy. "YEAH! DRINK MY NIGGER SPUNK, YOU WHITE TRASH WHORE!!!" she screamed. Even Luke had to laugh at that one.

Chet could feel the warmth of Luke's semen shooting into him, filling him up. It was an obscene, but oddly intimate feeling. He wouldn't notice until Trisha gleefully pointed it out later - but Chet, too, had cum. Little droplets of his own meager jizz speckled his thigh.

Trisha held Chet there for 10 more minutes as she kissed Luke passionately and told him how much she loved him and how she'd never let anyone but him and his black friends fuck her. Chet felt like a third wheel as his wife and her black stud enjoyed their post-coital bliss, but Trisha held his head firm.

Eventually, Trisha got that evil grin on her face that always made Chet nervous. She whispered something in Luke's ear and the black man smiled. Suddenly, Chet felt the warmth inside, again. Like being filled with Luke's jizz, but only... more... MUCH more. Then he realized, horrified, that it wasn't jizz, this time. It was piss. Hot, nasty, rank man-piss forcing its way directly into his gut and bloating his belly! He groaned as he accepted his role and watched enviously as Trisha and Luke French-kissed passionately while he served as their black master's human urinal.

At least he felt useful.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/13/18


Your thoughts and mine are locked on the same frequency. I would love to be able to chat with you. I've got nobody to talk with about stuff like this.

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by Anonymous11/07/17

I love scatwoman!

Good stuff. I've never read a bad Luke Powers story. Wish he would have been on my wedding guest list.

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