tagErotic CouplingsSlippin' Under the Silk

Slippin' Under the Silk


Nothing like the feeling of a plane taking off, one's body pressed against the seat, feeling that awesome power as one starts to leave the earth. And no matter how many times I've flown, I can't quite get used to that feeling, it's as though every other thought is banished from my mind, only thinking about how incredible it is, hurtling through the air.

Things quickly get back to normal though, and my thoughts return to you, and to the delights of finally meeting you. Now I'm quite nervous, this is a moment I've thought about a lot, dreamed of, but never expected to really come true. As my plane approached your sunny paradise, my stomach was tumbling and turning, all my fears flinging themselves about my head...would you find me attractive, would you find me interesting, would I be able to speak... Shaking my head, clearing my thoughts, I reminded myself of the countless chats we have had already, no doubt real life talking would be easier and better. And of course you'll find me interesting and attractive, I'm a sweet guy, just right for a sweet girl like you. So it was with a head full of confidence that I walked into the airport, my stride hastened with the excitement that I felt in every fiber of my being.

Suddenly I came to a halt, there you were, standing in front of me. Did my mouth actually drop as my eyes took you in? Such a tiny beauty, dressed in a sheer and slinky silk summer dress, with thin straps on your shoulder and lots of smooth skin exposed, your hair cascading around your angelic face, your shining eyes shooting right into me. Your lips slowly turned into a beautiful smile, and your eyes started to really sparkle. We made our way to each other; it felt so natural to take you into my arms for a comforting hug, and our lips met for a very brief kiss. Pulling back, looking at you, am I really here? Suddenly words tumble from my mouth, "how are you" "you look great" "was traffic bad". Just nervous nothings, really, and I struggled for a moment to get control of my brain.

Walking towards your car, we share some nervous laughter, but soon fall into a comfortable banter. It's so easy to joke with you, and stories sprout from our lips. During the drive, your hand innocently grazes mine as you shift the gears, and each time the electrical current is undeniable. Before we know it, we're at the restaurant, sipping wine and swapping tales from our youth. My hand slowly reaches across the table, finds yours and holds it, your tiny hand so soft in mine, so warm to the touch. The charge is just as strong now, and we acknowledge it with a smiling glance, your fingers wiggling slightly in my grasp. You scoot next to me in our booth, my arm wraps around you as you settle in, feeling so natural and good. My fingers slowly dance along your shoulder, up under your hair and along your neck. Conversation seems to have come to a halt, your eyes are closed, you're soaking up the heat from my fingers. So sexy are you, glowing in the soft candlelight from the table, a low moan escaping from your lips as my hand rubs into your skin. That filmy silk dress of yours showing off your little breasts, I see your nipples stiffen, my hand moves around your shoulder and cups you, fingers trapping your tiny bullets. Your eyes open and your head turns to me, our lips meeting for our first real kiss. Your tongue reaching out, seeking mine, and finding it. I feel your teeth scraping me as you suck me into your mouth, our lips mashed together. My tongue pulls back, traces gently across your lips, then plunges right back in. Your hand creeps up my thigh, I like the path you've chosen.

Suddenly we hear a cough, it's the waiter with the check. We both just laugh, a slight blush rushes to our cheeks. Feeling just a little silly, but not really caring we pull apart, with an unspoken promise of another kiss to come.

Still having a few hours until my flight back, you decide to take me to a special spot you know. We drive for a bit, music singing in our ears. Not so much talking now, just a few words here and there as you point out interesting sights on the way out of town. The music is quite infectious, our heads bobbing, feet moving, and my hand finds it way to your leg. You glance over at me and smile, your gaze sending a jolt right to my heart. As the sun slides down and the sky turns a velvet black, my hand slides up your silky thigh, fingertips using the lightest pressure. Oh babe, your skin is so creamy smooth not even a blind man could find a blemish. My hand is now pushing the hem of your dress up, I can feel the heat pouring off of you. You move a little lower in your seat, and your legs seem to spread a little wider, inviting my hand to continue on it's erotic exploration.

We're out of town now, no buildings of any kind, and the sky is so clear, even in the darkness. As you turn off the road, hitting some bumps, the side of my hand brushes up against your panty....oh sweet Jesus the heat is incredible, and an audible moan slips out of your smiling face.

You stop the car, put your hand on mine, hold it up against the heat covered by your panties, turn to me and say "sweetie pie, are you ready to see the most beautiful sight in the world?"

"But aren't I already looking at it, baby" I answer with a smile.

You laugh, squeeze my hand and start to get out of the car. As I step into the darkness, my breath leaves me....stars everywhere, the moon rising over the peaks in the distance, and such a peaceful stillness, broken only by the calming rhythms of that most talented man.

You walk around to my side of the car, and we fall into a tight embrace, your body seemingly melting into mine. Our lips meet again, tongues tasting, twisting along our lips; it's like traveling along a path of pure pleasure. My hands roam up and down your back, I feel yours taking the same route, then they're on my ass, pulling me tightly against you. My palms cupping your tiny ass, mmmm...feels so damn good, the silk of your dress crinkling in my hands. Our mouths continue with their sensual invasion, tongues exploring the warm caverns behind our teeth. I push you up against the car, my hips pulled by your hands as you grind up against me, feeling just how excited I've become. The weeks and months of talking, dreaming and fantasizing have taken their toll; it's as though we've both caught the fever now, the cure found only in the depths of our souls.

My mouth moves lower still, placing wet kisses along your jaw, over to your ear. Whispering huskily "I want you baby, I've waited for so long", my voice cracking with raw need. I drag my tongue along your neck, resting for a moment in the dip of your collarbone. My fingers push down the strap of your dress, baring your shoulder, and the dress falls further...your magnificant breast comes into view. Now it's my turn to gasp, so beautifully proud and firm, a perfect speciman, nipple standing out, begging to be kissed. Each tiny titty fits in my hand, fingers flicking your hardened nips just as my lips grasp them, my tongue a warm and wet soothing blanket. My teeth gently bite down, stretching and pulling, then releasing, only to capture you once again in the soft warmth of my lips.

My thirst for you hardly quenched, I reach down and grab the bottom of your dress, pulling it up and around your raised arms. You look surprised when I bind your wrists, trapping the material in the car door up above your head. Oh my fucking god...you look so divine, arms raised above that gorgeous face, hips thrust out, your petite body on display for me, lit up by the moon and a million stars.

I drop to my knees, my lips traveling down your belly as my hands move up your legs. As they reach your ass, my fingers slip inside your panties just as my mouth hovers above them in the front. You can feel my breath, ragged as it is, and if it were not for the firm grasp on your ass, you'd be grinding your mound against my mouth.

But oh no, baby, this could take some time. My tongue sticks out, I lick each thigh so slowly, until I'm at that juncture, that crease that you love to have licked. It's a magical spot, it makes you legs gap open, your hips moving more and more, as my nose finds itself buried in your hot, wet slit, the sopping silk of your panties the only barrier between our flesh. Breathing deeply, inhaling that wonderful scent, forget the stinking rose, it's the seductive stink of your desire that fuels my appetite. I finally peel those panties off, sliding them into my pocket. You're on your tiptoes now, back arched and hips thrusting forward, your sweet little pussy pleading for the wetness of my kiss...and here it is....mmmm....my tongue deep inside you, my lips against yours, your nectar flooding my mouth. Oh baby, I could feast at this oasis forever, your energy is being transferred right into me as I drink from your heavenly puss.

Suddenly I hear a grunt, and feel your stomach strain as you lift your feet off the ground and throw them over my shoulder, trapping my head between your thighs, though it's not like I want to leave that spot anyway. With your legs wrapped around me like that, you're more in control, and it's so much easier for you now to grind up against my mouth. The muscles in your arms flexing as you pull yourself up mirroring the flexing in your thighs as you close your legs around me, your body sweating even in the cool night air.

My fingers join my tongue in the teasing of your twat...you gasp as one slides inside you. Damn your pussy is sooo fucking hot, clenching me tightly. My tongue caressing your clit as my fingers plunge in and out...but you crave more...you want to feel me deep inside you.

"Oh baby take me please" you cry out. I free your arms and push you up against the car, your ass so pert and sassy, sticking out...I can't help but smack it...slap!

My jeans fall in a pile around my feet as I line up in between your legs, my cock thick with lust. Your head turns towards mine and our mouths meet again for yet another wonderful kiss, this time punctuated by the feeling of my hardened rod slowly piercing you...mmmmm...sliding in so smoothly, both of us moaning.

Oh god it feels so right...I'm hardly huge but I fill you up, feeling like I just slid into the perfect holster, lined with smooth velvet. I can't move for a moment, just stand there deep inside you, your pussy clenching around me, I can hardly believe that I'm really here with you, my dreams finally realized.

But soon your pussy is pulling me deeper, and my hips begin to move right along with yours. You push back into me as I dig deep inside, bumping up against you, over and over again. One hand of yours pushing against the car, the other reaching between your legs, sometimes stroking your own clit, other times cupping my balls, feeling them as they seem to expand, getting ready to burst.

The sweat running down your back glistens in the moonlight, my hand reaches up and grabs a fistful of your hair, tugging your head back so I can take another taste of your luscious mouth. Hard to kiss now, our bodies in constant motion, bumping against each other, bumping against the car, sweating, chests heaving. Our moans have turned to howls, quieting all other creatures in the night. It's obvious to all that I'm the king tonight, serving my queen's pleasure, and everything else steers clear.

What started out as a long slow kiss has turned into something primal and fierce, our bodies consumed with urgent need. It's only now that our deepest desires are being satisfied, as we surrender ourselves to each other.

My cock is throbbing inside your burning bush, I'm so close to cumming, I only hope you're with me. I try to last a little longer, but your pussy surrounds me with her love, and I can't hold out. I feel you start to quiver just as I begin to spill my seed inside you. I bite your shoulder as I cum, my cock buried inside you completely, feeling your pussy grasping and pulsing. My fingers pinching a nipple as your ass pounds against me and a wail sounds from deep inside your throat.

I'm spurting again and again, feeling you shake and move with each thrust and then I collapse myself around you, arms closing around yours, my mouth sucking at your neck. You're in my embrace completely now, I feel your heart pounding against my bare chest, hear you wheezing to catch your breath. My cock totally spent, yet still thick and hard, feeling so damn good inside you. I don't want to move, can't move really, just standing there together.

Finally we pull apart, the sounds of the night slowly returning. I'm sitting against the car now, with you resting on my lap, snuggling in my grasp, my skin warm even in the cool breeze. We kiss slowly once again, more familiar now, I've taken you someplace special, and I know I'll take you there again. It's the kiss of lovers, comforting, yet exciting, a kiss that speaks of lust and passion yet to come.

You laugh as you pull your dress, tangled and torn, back over your head. "You know, babe, it's a good think you missed your flight home, I think you owe me a trip to the dress shop tomorrow!"

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