tagLoving WivesSloppy Seconds Ch. 01

Sloppy Seconds Ch. 01


Special appreciation to "meatmywife" of Literotica authordom, his stories inspired me to stop wanting to write and got me onto the keyboard and into production! Thank you for hot stories...and that photo of your lovely wife! ;-)

This narrative is a true story, as always--with the names changed to protect the funseekers! It goes back a bit to the late seventies through early eighties. The good old days! Before deadly diseases and inordinate numbers of STD's abounded. And before the need for Viagra! :-(

CHAPTER ONE: Sounds Like A Plan.

I'm into sloppy seconds, both literally with my cock, and gorging on them as they ooze from a freshly-fucked, hot pussy. That pussy, by the way, is usually my wife's, and the cum is usually my good pal's, he who was Best Man at our wedding, Paul.

How does one become interested in such a "fetish"? Who can say? One day this brilliant idea forms in your head and then you get to work trying to make it reality, getting the wife to go for it, and the friend!

I think that the three of us being so familiar with one another and such good friends made the situation perfect to develop into my fantasy sex. We were all comfortable with one another and enjoyed each other's company all the time. My wife, Erin, and I lived in an apartment complex when we first married, and Paul still lived at home nearby with his parents. We were all young then, in our early twenties. Paul was not a dater, had no girlfriends, and there were times I suspected he might even enjoy sexual attention from his mother, but I never learned if I was right.

One evening the stars aligned and I broke the idea to Erin while we were locked in sexual combat in our bed.

Erin was small, only five-three, and maybe one hundred and five pounds, and she had 36-D breasts, blonde hair, and firey blue eyes. When we fucked, she was physically hot, tremendously animated and vocal, and multi-orgasmic; cumming perhaps five or six times before I would have to let go at last. When she came, she exploded, literally! She'd build up to it with louder and louder gasps and moans and then let out with a loud growl and her pussy would pulse in orgasm so hard that air trapped within it would blast forth and "ejaculate" her cum, and mine, all over us and the bed in a gullywasher. Though I'm only endowed with an average cock, about six and a half inches, it's fat and gets the job done very successfully! And because Erin is small-framed, I usually bottom-out during sex, bashing into her cervix on the in-stroke and receiving a loud moan and gushing woman juice over my balls.

Anyway, as we were making nice, slow, passionate love, I began to "talk dirty" to Erin as I had her pinned to the mattress beneath me, slowling and steadily pile-driving her pussy. As usual she was on fire and moaning in bliss and encouraging me with, "Oh God, oh yeah, ohhhh...fuck me!" and I could feel the cumhole in my cock grinding against her inner cervix door.

Inspiration struck me. I told Erin how hot she was, how great her pussy felt as it swallowed and sucked my cock buried deep in her belly. "Ever do two guys at once, Irish? Together or within a short time?" I asked.

Erin stopped moving and stared up at me, "Huh!? What!? Why ask me that now?" she said in a shocked tone.

"You know," I went on, "fucking two different guys at the same time." I continued to slowly drill my wife's pussy, gyrating my hips on the in-stroke to jazz her clit a little, which drew a gasp and moan from her lips.

"Of course not!" she nearly spat. "I'm not a whore!" And she began to move to my thrusts once again, closing her eyes.

"It would be cool though, don't you think?" I asked. "Two guys giving you pleasure, making it last longer. Someone to lend me a hand controlling your fire!" I laughed.

"Are you nuts!?" she asked, stopping her lovemaking again. "I don't need two guys, I have you and you're plenty, and you don't need any help! If I wanted to fuck a bunch of guys I wouldn't have gotten married!"

Ahh yes, there was that fire in her eyes...she had drawn her sword for battle.

What is it with women? We have what we figure is the HOTTEST woman alive who can't be outdone in the sex department, and a few of us figure we want to share that great treasure with another lucky soul or two. But when we bring the subject up, the woman immediately feels something's wrong with her, or that we, the husband/lover/significant other, have lost our feelings or love for the woman and thus want to farm her out. Damn! It's WE who gamble here...it's a guy thing to worry over whether or not your cock will measure up in a competition with another or more! You have to be extremely confident with yourself and your lover and know that this is sex play, not lovemaking. And realizing how hot the wife is, and how great in the sack she is, we want to share this with other men, friends or otherwise, and basically do as all guys do with a trophy...show off! It's not sexism or making the woman an object, it's plain, unadulterated pride in having chosen perfection in a mate, and wanting to allow her to expand her experiences also. Any female who tells you that your cock is all she wants, needs or craves IS LYING! And many times yours IS NOT the only one she's getting, and she'll lie about that too. So why not join and enjoy!?

Men are very visual beings, wanting the lights on when we have sex, watching videos, movies, looking at skin mags and reading erotic literature in print or on sites such as Literotica.com. Some guys have enjoyed sexual encounters with buddies and women during college, or at stag parties and the like. We like to watch a woman get fucked. Most guys, once attached or married, would never consider sharing sexual play with their spouse or significant other, but wouldn't hesitate at joining pals fucking some "neutral" female. Some of us, however, have enough confidence and trust in our wives to get into the lifestyle and share our experiences with one another simultaneously. Getting the female to that point is not often easy, at least not back in the day when this takes place. I believe it's somewhat more readily attainable in contemporary times as women have become more liberal and tossed off the false morals and etiquette forced on them by older times. Women are as sexual as men and want it just as much and as often, and just as frequently with some twist or fetish, and always for enjoyment, not "duty."

Erin rolled me off her and then turned onto her side and huffed, sulking.

I snuggled-up to her back, spooning. "Listen, I didn't mean to upset you, insult you or piss you off," I said. "I just thought I'd let you know that I had thought of trying something different with you; something I thought perhaps you'd enjoy with me, and find exciting, and fulfilling." I nuzzled Erin's neck and rubbed her belly softly with the tips of the fingers of one hand.

"You wouldn't like to experience two cocks poking you at the same time, maybe one in your pussy, the other in your mouth?" I asked.

"You'd let another guy stick his dick in me!?" she almost shouted.

"Not 'stick his dick in you,' " I said. "Join us in some fun and fuck you, get you off while I watch. Then when he cums deep inside your belly and pulls out, I'd crawl in between your thighs and push all your combined love juices deep up inside you with my tongue!" I said, feeling my heartbeat increase a couple just imagining it.

"You'd let him cum IN ME!? Without a rubber!?" Erin shrieked, incredulous.

"Of course, that's the best part! You get to feel more than one guy cum and I can finally have my fantasy of sloppy seconds come true...WITH YOU!" I explained.

"Just picture it," I went on, "we're together someplace and there's this good looking, strong guy with us. We undress you and kiss and lick you all over, taking turns eating yourpussy and kissing you, and then he gets on top of you and sinks his huge cock into your drooling pussy and fucks you until you almost can't cum anymore, and they he dumps his load deep up inside you. He gets off and I go down and start licking your pussy and then take his place and fuck you hard until I blow my load in you too."

Erin was picturing it, for I felt her temperature going back up again and could feel her making ever so slight humping motions with her hips, bumping her beautiful round ass against my swelling cock, that was also now drooling precum in the crack of Erin's ass.

Erin rolled over and looked into my face, and I noticed she was getting flushed nad her eyes was becoming lust-glazed.

"You wouldn't change your mind and throw me out or divorce me if another guy fucked me and came in me?" she quietly inquired.

"Hell no!" I said loud and firm. "It would be the hottest time of my life and I'd be enjoying a long desired fantasy, and with the woman I love instead of some stranger."

Erin was still making little humping movements and my cock was now pressed into the cleft of her pussy and drooling hotly all over her mons and clit. As she humped, my cockhead rubbed slickly up and down her gash, stimulating her clit. Erin's color increased more to almost strawberry and her breath was getting hot and quick.

"You'd enjoy seeing another man's cock in my pussy...are you sure?"

"There is nothing else I would want to see more, or enjoy more, than that!" I said. "Watching you receiving pleasure from some guy, and seeing his fat cock sliding in and out of your pussy, all covered in your oil. Watching your face as you were pleasured, and listening to your little noises, and hearing you yell 'I'm cumming!!!!' as your pussy blew around his fat meat stick. And then hear him groan and watch as he jammed himself as deep into you as he could as he next yelled 'Here it comes!' and he drains all his semen into you."

Erin was on fire again. "Oh God," she said. She grabbed my cock and rolled me onto my back holding my dick pointed at the ceiling. In one, quick motion she mounted me like a professional cowboy climbing onto his favorite steed. She jammed me into her flaming hot hole and dropped down with a "splat" on my groin, my cock buried to the balls in what felt like boiling water. I grabbed both her pendulous breasts and squeezed them. "Oh my goddddd!!!" Erin cried as she bounced up and down with great force just a couple of times before her pussy clenched my impaling cock with the strength of a vise and then volcanically exploded Erin's cum in a huge waterfall all over my cock, balls and upper thighs, flooding the area between my thighs, soaking the bed, and leaving rivulets of boiling oil running across my lower belly and down my side. The force of her cum, the grip on my cock, and her yell set me off and I fired off deep inside her womb with the force of a canon, blasting my load so hard I feared it would shoot out her ears.

Panting like sprinter, Erin flopped forward onto me and ran her fingers through my hair a few times and planted little soft kisses all about my face, chin, and lips. Then she began to lean over and I rolled with her and we both collapsed in exhausted slumber.

My final waking thought was, "Oh yeah! Got her! Sloppy seconds here I come! I wonder if Paul is up for the experience of a lifetime?" I smiled to myself and passed out.

To be continued.

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by Anonymous09/04/17

Obviously Written by a Virgin!

So the cervix is lined up on the same axis as the vaginal canal?
And when his penis hits her cervix, she enjoys that?
And he can feel the opening at the end of his urethra (his piss hole) knocking intomore...

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by Anonymous07/09/17

Great Story !

As a seconds lover myself, you nailed it !

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