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Slow, Sweet Sex


We're laying in bed. He's laying on his back and my head is on his chest, and he's stroking my cheek ever so softly. We're watching a movie, but I am barely aware of it, enjoying the gentle, tender touch of his fingers brushing my cheek lightly. I am stirred deep inside, emotionally first, thinking how amazing he is, how lucky I am, how good it feels to be his. But then there is a stirring deep inside my body, wanting to be close to him, to touch him, to make the action of our bodies match the swelling of passion deep within.

I sit up. He looks at me quizzically, but I smile into his eyes, before leaning down to kiss him deeply, sucking gently, sucking his passion and desire into my body, becoming keenly aware of all that he is and all that he wants, and sensing strongly his need for me. We kiss, pressing our tongues against one another, feeling each other's soft lips, then pull back just a centimeter and let the tension between us build, our hot breath on each other's lips, teasing, drawing us closer, until...

We kiss again, more fervently, but still slowly, dragging it out, savoring it. Sometimes we are madly passionate and our lovemaking is energetic and ardent. But tonight, I want to slow down, to feel everything strongly.

I stroke his flat belly, my fingers tickled by the hair around his belly button. He is pulling me to him, kissing me hard and long, and slow, and his hand is sliding down toward my butt. He uses it to pull me toward him, pull me into him, breathing me in as I am breathing him in.

Almost unwittingly, my fingers explore just beneath the waistband of his boxers, feeling the soft skin between his hips interrupted by the curly hairs of his trail. I exlpore my way downward, downward, till my fingers are dancing in the crease where his thigh meets his torso. I tease him, moving my fingers all over him without actually touching the skin of his balls or his cock. I hear his breathing quicken, sense his need, and finally, I reach down and caress the soft, silky skin of his balls.

My body reacts instantaneously, and I feel a bit of moisture in my panties as I squeeze his balls gently. First one, then the other. Then I move my hand upward, glancing at him and seeing his eyes squeezed shut in longing, in needing, in waiting for my hand to close around his cock. It does, and I gasp at how hard he is. His seven inches is completely firm, like an iron rod wrapped in silky flesh, and I feel the familiar need inside strongly. I need his cock. I need him in me. I need him to stretch me and fill me and leave a bit of himself in me. I use my fingers to ease his boxers down, and he lifts his hips slightly so I can get them off. When they are off, he settles back in and I am treated to my first glimpse of his firm member. It is just the right size, just the right width, with a glistening drop of juice at its tiny hole. I kiss my way down his stomach and, with a feather light lick across his tip, I take the salty juice. I continue to lick the tip, licking the v beneath his prick, then circling, rubbing my tongue all over the tip just the way I know he likes it. Then I begin to suck just the head into my mouth. I squeeze my lips tightly around him, and slide forward, inch, by inch, by inch, slowly, maddeningly, until his pubic hair is tickling my nose. Then I hold my position and just suck, running my tongue up and down him and feeling how hard he is as the sensations inside me grow. He is breathing hard, wanting me to blow him, but I have other plans.

I sit up, and he sighs in momentary disappointment, and I reach behind and undo my bra as he watches. My breasts free, I look into his eyes and squeeze my right breast, then tweak my nipple until it hardens, letting him watch me enjoy the feeling, letting him know it is he who makes me so horny. I keep looking into his eyes, now droopy with lust and desire, and I reach down and massage my pussy through my lacy white thong. He is mesmerized, as I hoped he would be, and I keep tweaking one nipple and massaging my pussy as he reaches down and shyly begins to stroke his dick, looking at me the whole time.

Then, before he can get too close to cumming, I, completely turned on by seeing him stroke himself, turn so that my butt is toward him, kneel on all fours, and then use one hand to slide my thong off, allowing him to see the thin strip of silky lace slide out between my cheeks, then downard, to reveal my wet pussy and tight ass to him. He reaches up and squeezes, and I am shaken by the feeling of his hand on me. He then takes one hand, and presses it gently, first one finger, then two, then three, a very tight and slightly painful fit, into my waiting pussy. I contract my muscles a couple of times, allowing him to feel me grip his hand, letting him know how bad I want him, and feeling him begin to push into me firmly but slowly, just wanting me to feel him.

He pulls his hand out of me and I turn around. I take my thong from around my legs and toss it out of the way. I lean forward toward his hand, now wet with my juices, and look directly into his eyes. I am about to do something he has never seen me do before. His eyes widen and he takes gasping breaths as he watches me take his fingers, one at a time, into my mouth. I suck and lick the first one clean, then the second, then the third, slowly and sensually, without breaking eye contact. He moans as he watches, barely able to take my taunting any more. I climb on top of him, straddling him, still looking into his eyes, and slowly, lightly, barely touching him, rub my pussy from the base of his cock to the tip.

I then grab his cock firmly, and it takes all my self control not to throw myself on it. Instead, I slide just the head in, and squeeze it with my pussy. Then I release and slide it in another inch, and squeeze again. Then another inch, as my breath quickens and my eyes squeeze shut, and my pussy squeezes him again. Then, finally, the rest of the way, slowly but firmly. When he is lodged firmly inside me, I wait, and am driven completely crazy by the feel of his hard, throbbing cock filling me, swelling against the pink soft flesh of me, pushing the boundaries of my inner walls.

His hips move beneath me, in little circles and I feel his cock circling inside me.

He speaks, his voice intense, and breathy, and very, very sexy. "How does that feel, baby?"

I answer, barely above a whisper, barely able to speak. "It feels so good, baby. I love your cock inside me."

He pulls out a little, and then firmly pushes into me. "Oh yeah, baby. Do you like that?"

"Yes," I breathe.

He takes his cue, and, looking into my eyes, pulls back out again, before tensing up, and slamming roughly into me. I moan as I feel his cock plow into my g-spot. He presses against my pussy, filling me deepy, and making me gasp in ecstasy.

Usually, when we make love, I am vocal, moaning, grunting, shouting, but this time, I just breathe. I just breathe as we settle into a rocking motion, my pussy gratifying itself by sliding back and forth upon his warm, hard cock, his cock answering with firm thrusts. We are getting slightly quicker, slightly more intense, when he flips me over and settles between my legs, his cock never leaving my body. He presses my thighs back and thrusts into me over, and over again.

"Katie, " he whispers. "You're mine, baby. I'm making you mine. Right now. I am taking you and making you mine, Katie. You are mine. I am owning you"

To hear my sweet, tender-hearted boyfriend getly dominating me is more of a turn on than I can explain. All I can do is moan as I feel my orgasm approaching

"Take me inside you, Katie. I love you, baby. Tell me you love me."

"I love you, " I respond breathlessly.

"Tell me I'm the only one, baby. I know how you like it," he says, slamming into me more insistently now.

"You're the only one, " I say. "No one else can make me cum like you."

I am having a hard time holding back my orgasm now, but I want to wait so that we can cum together.

"I'm waiting for you, baby," I whisper to him. "I need you to cum in me, baby."

He thrusts in a few more times, then looks straight at me and whispers, "I'm about to cum, baby"

We thrust violently until I feel the first pulse of his cock, then he thrusts in and holds himself inside me. We cum in that position, looking into each others eyes as we shake violently, with my pussy squeezing and releasing uncontrollably, meeting each pulse of his cock with a contraction, squeezing every last drop of cum out of him, my orgasm made more intense by seeing the intensity and passion on his face and the sweat on his forehead as his eyessqueeze into little slits.

When it is over, we relax,and he falls on top of me, breathing into my shoulder, holding me close.

"I love you," he says.

"I love you too, I say." We stay like that, him on top of me with his soft cock still inside me, as we drift off to sleep.

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