tagGroup SexSlutty Teen Enjoys Cum Shower

Slutty Teen Enjoys Cum Shower


Beth dared me to grab Ronald Bergman's cock and tell him I wanted "the special treatment."

"Trust me," she said. "You'll love it."

I watched Ronald from across the dance floor and gnawed my lip. Even in his tux, I could tell he was built.

I'd wanted his cock inside me since sophomore year but never had the chance to coax him into bed. Beth had spent a night with him the previous summer. She refused to discuss the experience in detail, but it was obvious it had changed her life.

"What will he do to me?" I asked.

"You'd be horrified if I told you," she said. "But it'll be the greatest thing ever. Now, quit being such a wimp."

She shoved me toward him.

Beth and I had decided to go to our senior prom together. Neither of us had arrived with dates because we wanted options. We were, after all, the hottest, hornies 18-year-olds at Jefferson High. Ronald didn't appear to be with anyone either, except a couple of buddies.

"Fuck it," I said.

My heels clacked as I rushed across the gym floor. I almost ran because I knew I'd chicken out if I stalled.

Ronald was so involved in a conversation with a buddy, he never saw me coming. I grabbed his junk when his head was turned.

"I want the special treatment," I breathed in his ear.

Ronald looked me up and down. He was no doubt sizing up my tits, which were about to pop out of my tight, black cocktail dress.

"Very nice," Ronald said. "Meet us in the men's locker room in ten minutes."

I wondered what he meant by "us" as I made my way through the crowd.

"Screw it," I told myself. "You only live once."

The locker room was silent. I stripped myself naked, except for my high-heels, and leaned against a locker. The boys roared in a couple minutes later, whooping and yelling. I recognized many of them from the football team. They stopped when they saw me and focused like hungry lions.

"Oh yeah," Ronald said. "We're going to have some fun."

They tore their clothes off as I moved to the center of the floor and dropped to my knees.

The boys formed a circle around me. I counted 11 stiff cocks.

Ronald stepped forward first. He shoved his cock in my mouth. The rest of them started stroking themselves.

My tongue rubbed against Ronald's rod as he pumped my face. He gripped my head with both his hands and grunted on the down strokes.

I was raised to be a good girl. I never thought I'd do anything like this. But I was loving every second of it. My pussy oozed with ecstasy.

Pre-cum leaked from Ronald's dick as he slammed my face harder and faster. I wanted the whole load bad. My hand slid up his leg and jiggled his balls. He couldn't hold out anymore.

Ronald threw back his head. His cum flooded my mouth like a raging river.

"Ahhhhhh," he said.

It was beautiful. My mouth couldn't hold all his juice, no matter how hard I tried. Cum rivers flowed down my chin and slipped down my throat. Every time I thought it was over, he squeezed again and shot another warm, salty load. I must've had a gallon of jizz in my mouth by the time he pulled out.

"Show us all what a good girl you've been," Ronald said.

I tilted back my head and opened my mouth. I flipped my tongue to make Ronald's jizz spill over my lips. Cum streamed off my cheeks, down my neck and between my tits.

The other guys started stroking themselves faster. They breathed harder. Two stepped forward and aimed their cocks at me.

Grunting, they shot at the same time. One from the left. One from the right. Ronald must've noticed me smiling.

"Oooh, she likes it," he said.

My cum-covered face was too much for the others to handle. They surrounded me and blasted me from all sides. Cum splattered across my face, tits and hair. I shut my eyes and let it all ooze down my body.

Nothing can duplicate a cum fiesta. It was better than 10 orgasms at once.

I opened my eyes when the frenzy was over. Ronald smiled lovingly and knelt beside me. He plunged his tongue into my mouth and scooped cum from my mouth. I felt the others swarm me, lapping up jizz from the rest my body. Tongues caressed my tits, belly-button and back.

I've never felt so sexy, so beautiful, so wanted in my life.

When Ronald pulled away, the others followed. I was amazed I didn't have a single drop of jizz on my skin.

"Thank you," Ronald said. "You can have the special treatment anytime you want."


If high school is this fun, I can't wait to get to college.

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