tagBDSMSmack! A Valentine's Day Proposal

Smack! A Valentine's Day Proposal


"Honey I'm home." he grimaces as he reads the words scribbled on the page. Frowning, crumpling the paper and tossing it into the waste basket beside his desk. His brow creases as he concentrates, holding the tip of the pencil to his tongue, he ponders. Hastily he writes, "Daddy's here!" His groan so loud it startles him; crumple, toss.

He takes off his glasses and places them on the desk, on top of the blank page and leans back in his chair. He closes his eyes, and lets his mind think of her. His girlfriend, his lover, the reason he wakes up each morning, and definitely the reason he looks forward to going to bed each night.

Sighing aloud, letting his mind sink deeper, he wonders what exactly his best approach will be. He reaches into his pocket to toy with the ring. Carrying it in his pocket for three weeks, trying to think of exactly the right words to say. He thinks of the dozens, no hundreds of greeting cards he has read, each one lacking the right sentiment.

How does one explain with words alone how the heart feels?

He jumps as the phone rings and he opens his eyes reaching for it. "Hello." The only sound a dull buzzing of the dial tone. He wonders if maybe he had imagined the peal of the phone, so lost in thought, his mind playing tricks on him.

He checks the caller ID and sure enough, there had been a call. The number strange, not anyone he would know, and not many had the number for his private line. He buzzes his secretary, asking if she had put a call through. "Not me Sir, is there a problem?"

He mumbles something into the phone and then hangs up.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" he smiles as he reads his scribbles, and that's when the idea hits him. He will ask her to marry him on Valentine's Day. The most romantic day of the year and he hasn't started to read all of those cards yet, there must be the perfect one out there somewhere, he has 8 days to find it.

He picks up his glasses and perches them on his nose, smiling as that particular dilemma seems to be solved, he can concentrate on work.

The day passes quickly and as he shrugs into his jacket, he decides to call his lovely lady and invite her out to dinner. No cooking no, dishes tonight. He hits the call button and after three rings a voice answers, "Leather for Lovers, how may I help you?"

Holding his breath and taking the phone from his ear, he stares at it as if he has discovered an alien artifact. He hears a voice repeating loudly, "Hello, hello is anyone there?" He puts the phone back to his ear and the words tumble out, "Sorry, I dialled the wrong number."

"That's alright Sir, it happens sometimes, have a great evening." Still holding the phone to his ear, he can envision the smiling face of the girl on the phone. She probably thought that he had chickened out of talking to her. Leather for Lovers, he can just imagine the things they sell there. Shaking his head, he decides to grab some take out on his way home and have an evening in front of the fire.

He walks to his car, the snow falling softly, giving the world a just scrubbed look, pretty sparkles dancing on every surface where the light touches.

He pulls into the Chinese Food Restaurants parking lot and sees a flashing neon light in his rear view mirror. He turns in his seat and stares, open mouthed at the sign in the store window across the street. It says:

'Leather for Lovers,' when you just can't find the right card, give them something a little more personal.

The flashing neon light states OPEN and it almost seems to beckon him. He starts the car and parks across the street, this is serendipitous at the very least and he must have a peek inside the store.

He enters the store, shaking the snow off the collar of his jacket and standing still letting his eyes adjust to the dim lighting. Well not quite dim, but not bright either, a soft balance of something in between.

He looks around and smiles, this is not exactly as he had imagined, but it does stir his interest. He walks among the shelves, running a finger over soft fabrics, reading the spines of the many books, and finally finds himself standing at the counter where a voice seemingly from nowhere asks, "May I help you?"

He looks around and when he turns back the clerk rises from behind the counter where she had been bent over. Her green eyes flashing at him, her white teeth bright as she smiles.

His mouth is dry so he licks his lips and before he realizes it, he is pouring out his heart and his dilemma to this strange woman.

"So, as you can see, I want the proposal to be special, meaningful, something she will remember and smile about as we celebrate every anniversary."

She smiles, and holds his hand in hers, her long painted nails tracing circles in his palm, "I think I have just the right idea...don't move, let me gather everything you will need."

She lets his hand flow from her touch, it lands on the counter silently and he wonders what exactly she has in mind. Maybe she has just the right card for him, it will certainly save him hours of reading.

He listens to the soft music in the background, a sweet romantic tune, playing wordlessly and finds himself humming along as she comes back with a basket, a full basket in hand.

She lays the items out, one by one, the last a drawing of the proposed custom made 'card.' Well not exactly a card but a substitution for one, the words written are simple, but effective. She tells him that there is just enough time to make this happen by Valentine's Day. He nods, grinning, and agrees to every suggestion, pulling a credit card from his wallet and handing over the ring.

His pocket feels lighter, empty without the ring he has been carrying around, but his heart feels lighter too. The decision made, he thanks her for her time and the wonderful idea.

Crossing the road again, to order the food and take it home, the grin never leaving his face.

A lovely evening with his wife to be, at least he hopes she will say yes, a movie and then...to bed, his favourite place to spend time with his angel.

The week passes uneventfully, and finally the thirteenth. He leaves work early and arrives at the store, having to wait behind the line of men picking up their own special Valentine's gifts.

Finally, he stands and stares at the arrangement of items, licking his lips, a little nervous, not sure all of a sudden if this is really such a good idea...but...too late. She packs the things in a plain black bag with a single red heart on it and wishes him luck. She winks as he gulps noisily, leaning across the counter and stroking his cheek, "It will be fine, she will say yes, and she will love you forever. I could tell the moment I touched your hand that she is yours already."

He pulls away, stumbling over his words, he thanks her again. "See you soon." she calls to him as the door closes. The vision of her dark hair floating around her face and her haunting green eyes accompany him on the drive home.

Tucking the bag in the closet, tossing a spare blanket over it, he whistles as he prepares dinner. She arrives and snuggles up behind him as he stirs the sauce, rubbing her breasts on his back. He feels her stiff nipples through his shirt and turns to find her naked. "I'm not hungry yet, at least not for food." her eyes twinkling as she walks away, looking over her shoulder, she gives him that come hither look, that she is so good at and he drops the spoon and follows, watching the swaying of her hips, the jiggling of her bare ass.

An hour later, sitting staring at each other across the table, eating the dinner, sharing a bottle of wine and sharing the details of the day. He can't share all the details of his day with her, but tomorrow he will share with her in a most intimate way.

He prepares for work early, kissing her still sleeping mouth, tasting her lips and stroking her cheek before walking out of the bedroom. He drives to work, and spends a nervous day, he jumps at each jangle of the phone, each time the intercom buzzes. Two hours earlier than normal, he advises his secretary that he is leaving for the day.

He stops at the florist on the way home, buying a dozen red roses and then picks up the take out food, Chinese again, it's her favourite. He puts the food in the fridge and rushes upstairs. He gets the bag from the closet and empties the contents on the bed, sorting through, looking at the neatly typed list of instructions.

He laughs, he really does need the instructions, some of these items are foreign to him. He makes a mental note to watch more porn on the TV.

Stripping the bed and tossing it in the hamper, he puts the new sheets on the bed. He smooths the wrinkles and covers the pillows with the matching slips, fluffing them. He folds the comforter and puts it on a nearby chair for later.

He lays the red leather paddles on the nightstand, gets the camera and checks the batteries placing it too on the stand. He finds a vase and places the roses next to her side of the bed, they lend a pleasant fragrance to the room. He puts the candles around the room, a lighter near them. The red blindfold gets draped over the pillow and the soft leather cuffs, four of them, one placed at each corner of the bed. He tucks the ring in its pretty heart shaped box in the drawer..out of sight, just in case she says no.

And as he surveys the bed, she might say no when she sees all this.

He hears her open the front door and he turns out the lights and rushes to greet her. He kisses her, passionately inside the front door, she leans into his body, her arms circling his neck, the cold outdoor air clinging to her, helping to calm him as it seeps through his shirt.

"Welcome home love, I bought Chinese."

They eat in comfortable silence, each watching the other one. As she clears the table, she places a piece of his favourite cheesecake in front of him and lays a card beside his elbow.

She sits opposite him, watching as he calmly and slowly eats, she groans aloud and he looks up at her.

"Just open the card!" she says. "Happy Valentine's Day!"

"Oops, I didn't get you a card, I'm so sorry." he replies as he rips open the card, reading the lovely words, a declaration of undying love, and two plane tickets to Hawaii. He stares at her, and she says, "We need to get out of the cold for a bit, the trip is three weeks away, I can't wait."

His cheesecake forgotten, he leaps up and folds her into his arms, kissing her, running his hands all over her, pulling her tight to him. He pulls back at last and says, "Thank you, I love you so much."

"Now come with me." He leads her to the bathroom and undresses her, slowly removing each article of clothing, letting her garments puddle on the floor at their feet. He quickly shucks his own clothes and starts the shower, he guides her in and they add a little steam of their own to the mist rising from the pounding water.

Turning the water off, he wraps her in a towel and says, "Wait right here, I'll be right back."

Rushing to light the candles, he douses all the other lights, then leads her into the bedroom. She stands wide eyed, looking at the roses, the candles, the new sheet on the bed. The black sheet, covered with red hearts. She turns to look at him and grins, "So you forgot to buy a card?"

"No card, but Happy Valentine's Day!" With that he pulls the towel from her and embraces her whispering, "I have a surprise for you."

He grabs the blindfold and places it over her eyes, fastening it behind her head. She shivers, he has never done this before, and she finds her body getting aroused, excited, her breathing comes faster.

The response of her body exciting him as well, he kisses her, runs his hands along her back, raking his nails over her bottom. He guides her to the bed, pushing her forward and helping her to find the middle. Slipping the soft cuffs on first her wrists, he secures them to the headboard. She groans, "What are you doing?"

He doesn't answer, just repeats the process with her ankles. His cock fairly leaps to attention as he gazes down at the expanse of her neck, the soft lines of her back and her oh so lovely ass cheeks dancing as she wriggles. He starts at her feet and kisses up one leg and down the other, stopping briefly to press his fingers to her swollen pussy lips, dipping inside, he sucks in a ragged breath as he feels how wet she is.

His cock twitches, aching with the need to be stroked. He growls as he kisses her back, his fingers blazing a heated trail, his tongue following until he has licked and stroked almost every inch of her. He wishes he could just enter her right now, fuck this woman that quivers and moans, hear her screams, but he must ask the question first, he needs to know. He leans up and kisses her, letting his tongue linger on those swollen lips. He tears himself away, standing beside the bed, he grabs the first paddle, giving it a test swing through the air.

She sucks in a deep breath, unsure of what he is doing, just the feel of helplessness is making her pussy drip, she can feel the river pouring out of her. She grinds her pussy to the bed, letting her clit scrape over the new sheet.

He watches her writhing and before he can back out, he brings his arm back and lets the paddle come down hard and fast, targeting her right ass cheek.

She screams his name, her body literally lifting off the bed, crashing back down, she yanks at the ties that bind her, her breath fast and loud. He looks at her ass cheek, sees the raised welt, grabs the second paddle and with a whoosh of air, strikes her left cheek even harder. As her scream fills the room, he rubs her ass, feeling the welts, then lets his fingers drop to rub her pussy lips, slipping a couple of fingers into the warm wetness of her.

He is amazed at how wet she is, dripping, he rubs her clit and she comes almost instantly soaking his hand. Her cries now of passion, of pleasure and of release. He drops a kiss on each reddened half of her buttocks and then 'click' takes a picture.

He turns on a light, removes her blindfold and says, "I didn't get you a card, but I want you to read this." He shows her the picture he just took, she sucks in a deep breath as she reads the words emblazoned on her ass.

Her white right cheek, red, with the words BE MINE and her left cheek, as she reads, she forgets to breathe, her heart pounding so fast she is afraid it might explode. It says, MARRY ME.

She looks into his eyes, sees the worry in them and she finally finds her voice and says, "Yes."

He grabs the box, opens it in front of her and slips it over her left ring finger. He leans in to kiss her, murmuring words of love into her mouth. He pulls back and starts to undo the cuffs, and she tells him, "Please don't. Make love to me like this"

And he does.

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