tagBDSMSmack Ch. 02

Smack Ch. 02





** All characters portrayed are over 18 years of

** age.

** Story contains BDSM, FemDom, Anal and Spanking


Liz got off the bed and disappeared into the closet. When she came back she quickly slid a blindfold onto my head, covering my eyes and plunging me into immediate darkness. I was completely embarrassed. Not because I had been caught jerking off, but because I had been caught jerking off while sliding a butt plug in and out of my ass. That's a little personal and to be caught in the act is just unspeakable embarrassment.


She smacked my ass repeatable and jumped up on the bed next to my head. "How's my little butt boy doing now?" she whispered; as I tried to answer she shoved a pair of her dirty panties into my mouth so I couldn't speak. The brief aroma I go from them smelt heavenly.

"Shut-up, it was a rhetorical question butt boy. Spread your fucking legs, NOW!"

I spread my legs a little bit then she grabbed both legs and lewdly spread them so each leg was on each side of the bed with my feat hanging over. She grabbed my right leg and quickly cuffed it to the rail on the left side of the bed then quickly moved over to the right side of the bed and cuffed my left leg to the rail there. Spread eagle on my stomach with no defenses and blindfolded, she smacked the head of my cock and told me to lift my hips. As soon as I lifted my hips she slid what felt like a folded pillow covered by a towel under my hips and smacked my ass, pulling my cock and balls back behind me and between my legs. She said "Down!"

Smack! Smack!

The spankings were now beginning to really sting, but still my cock was oozing like mad. I had no idea what I was in store for but I was becoming very excited. With my ass lewdly displayed in the air and me being tied down, I had no control of the situation. I was at her mercy.

Forcefully, Liz pushed down on the middle of my back which pushed my ass even higher in the air as she swung a leg over my head and sat down on my shoulders. I could feel her bare pussy on me and the moisture that had developed as she was spanking my ass. She ran her hands up the small of my back and over my cheeks, firmly grasping each one and giving them a good squeeze. Slowly alternating between a sensual massage then spreading my cheeks fully to sharp smacks spread all over my already sore ass. She continued this torture for what seemed forever before she lowered herself to where her breasts were laying on my back and each time she would spread me she would blow a soft breeze across my rosebud, teasing me. Each time I felt her breath on my hole I would push my ass in the air hoping to make contact between her sweet lips and my hole. She knows how much I long to have her lick me there, but she has yet to give me that pleasure and now she is using my longing for her to lick me there to torture me.


"You pervert, do you really think I'm going to lick your asshole?!" she said as she once again pummeled my ass with spankings.

"I have other plans for that sweet ass of yours, you pervert."

Suddenly I heard a snap, like a rubber band and then felt a cool liquid hit the top of my rack and start to slowly slide down towards my asshole. Quickly you pushed your bare pussy against the back of my head and ran a finger down the crack of my ass pushing the lubricant deep into my ass with one quick and stunning thrust.

"Is that what you want pervert, for me to punish your ass? It don't matter, this ass is mine now!"

Shit that hurt and felt good.

I feel more lube fall directly onto my hole and you just as quickly push it into my ass, in and out, building speed until my ass willingly accepts your intrusion.


"You like that butt boy? By the time I'm done with you, you may not like it anymore!"

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